Friday, August 24, 2012

You can't Take Bert Anywhere

Hello Friends.  Goose coming to you from Camp Bert.  It really is like camp without the bon fire, but hey there is still time.  Yesterday I showed you pics of Bert and his family, you know the ones that live at Bert's place.  But there is more than just family members staying here.  In all there are about 25 of us dogs with more coming tomorrow. I'll take you on a tour tomorrow.  But for now I am going to tell you about part of my day.  MOM took me and Bert with her to work.  

Here we are outside my church.  

MOM played ball with us.  Bert has his eye on it.  Doesn't he look like that crazy squirrel from Ice Age?

He's got it.  He is a super jumper.  And NO he is not wearing socks.  He found the muddy retention pond.

Bert could play ball ALL day.

Here's one for all you ladies out there.  But rumor has it that he is taken.

Bert may have beat me out there.

But I beat him back.

Then we went inside to help MOM fix up the altar for Sunday.

You may be wondering why I am laying outside MOM's office.  Let me show you.

When we went inside Bert first dropped the ball in my water dish.  Then he dived in after it, and I do mean dived.  Then he got his ball out AND THEN he tried to lay in the water dish.  No joke.  As you can see MOM's office is a little wet.  The guy will try to swim in anything.

As MOM was cleaning it up, Bert comes over with the ball and lays on the wet towel and carpet.  He would not move.  There should be no question EVER as to if Bert like the wet stuff.  Was MOM mad? Nope, she just laughed.  Got the ball away from Bert and threw it for him through the narthex and down the hall.  And that is why I was laying outside the office.

And now are you ready for some SUPER cuteness?  OK here it comes:

This is Lilly, she is 10 weeks old.  And she loves to play with Bert's Kong.

Lilly is so cute that Bert just waits for her to finish or until something else catches her eye.

Lilly played so hard today that she just curled up in my MOM's lap and went to sleep.  I didn't mind.  I get my MOM's lap anytime I want and it is nice to share.

And what of Allred?  See for yourself.

This IS NOT Photo Shopped.  Allred hopped up right on the bed with me.  I am not kidding.  MOM said ignore the messy bed.  She is sleeping with four other dogs besides myself.  So she say's "why bother".  Looks like we might add one kitty to the sleeping arrangement's.  MOM just might have to sleep on the porch swing. hehhehhe

Whispering in Allred's ear, "I know you are not all bad.  Truth is I think we can be friends."  You know what?  I think he smelled like chicken.... yummmm chicken.


  1. I think Bert must be part duck (he's no Goose:) LOL Looks like you boys had a fun day at work with your MOM, glad to see you and Allred are getting along. That Lilly is adorable.

  2. Goose-
    Your BFF is crazy. Why do retrievers retrieve so much? and soaking wet? BOL


    your cat scares me...just sayin'

  3. From My Vickie
    I just had to check in to see how today went and have laughed until I cried. This was just what I needed to see before I went to bed. Goose, you are a wonderful guy and you and Michelle are so wonderful to take care of the place while I am gone.
    I feel so happy when I see the posts and I feel like I am there. Boy am I homesick and boy is it hot here and I have not see one dog or kitty for two days now.
    Goose, I am very impressed with how you are handling Allred. You are very clever and very wise. (But still, watch your back, your side, your eyes, your nose,,,, you never know what Allred is thinking.)
    Good night my friends and thank you thank you for taking such good care of things.
    My Vickie

  4. Bert sounds like Monty! We have a flood in here all the time!


  5. What a great day. The altar looks beautiful. (we don't know if it's your Mom's handiwork, the beautiful boys flanking each side, or both) That Lilly is just precious! Our Mommy squealed so loud when she saw her, it hurt our ears! Have a great Caturday. (we know you will!)

  6. What a great day you all had! It looks like it brought out the best in everybody!


  7. What a fun day for you boys. That Bert is crazy about water. What kind of pup is Miss Lilly? She is such a cutie.


  8. Looks like an awesome day at work. You think peeps do that kind of fun stuff every day while they are at work??

  9. Whoa, you had such an exciting day with your Mom and Bert! You two must get into so much trouble together! ;-) Lilly is absolutely adorable!!

  10. Thanks for sharing me these wonderful pictures! Yesterday I asked Nellie to send good thoughts to Allred - because I wanted my darling Bert safe! As I see now - it worked - and Mr. Goose you are a brave friend - a real heroe! Thinking of sleeping arrangements with Allred - WOW.
    And those rumors...
    Kisses Charlotte

  11. Woof! Woof! so jealous ... wish I can join you. Bert is such a Golden, LOVES to jump, ball, water n swim. It's on Friday and your mom is setting the church for Sunday ... LOVE it! I told you that Allred likes you. Golden Kisses to your mom. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. Great pictures! Wonder how much mess you can do with one bowl of water, Bert is a genius...

  13. Bert cracks me up, he does love water. I hope he didn't find the baptismal font, if you have one there or that could really be a mess. Goose, I am impressed with Allred, but also a little suspicious, please be careful.

    Loveys Sasha

  14. Oh Goose, Bert is soo funny, I'd give him a run for his paw's wiff that ball..BOL..and what a cutie Lilly is...I fink Allred is feelin a bit left out, wiff youz all havin such fun. Youz did a great job wiff the Altar, looks Luvly..
    Have a great day xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  15. Goose you and Allred are friends? I don't believe it! We wait with baited breath ........ as to what happens next with the evil one. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. Bert looks like he is a ton of fun! Beware of Allred, I think it's a trick.

  17. That Bert sure does love his water - what a crazy guy. And my dogness - isn't that Lilly just the darn cutest ever - but you had better be careful of that Allred - you know how he suddenly turn nasty - he might be lulling you into a false sense of security

  18. Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goose you let "HIM" get that close to you????? SCARY fur sure.

    Guess what??? Ernie does that with his toys and the water bowl. Sometimes he just puts his paw in there too!!!

  19. We LOVE story time with Goose! You have such cool adventures. Bert really had us laughing this morning with his little water incident! and that Lilly, what a beauty. Of course, anyone named Lilly is pawsome in my book!

    Glad to see that you and Allred were doing OK together. Let's keep that up now.

    Lily Belle

  20. Goose, Thank you for sharing your days with us; I love seeing you and Bert playing and hearing how your mom is so relaxed with little swimming adventures go wrong. What a sweet little thing(for now, I'm thinking she's a bloodhound?)-looks like such a love. Glad Allred is behaving himself.
    Have a pawsome day!
    Noreen & Hunter

  21. We're glad you are having fun at Bert's place but we knew you would cuz you have lots of fun there all the time! But we have to tell you to stay on your paws with Allred. He might be luring you into a false sense of security!!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  22. Thanks for the tour of your church and yard! What a lot of fun you and Bert and the gang are having! We are jealous and wish we could be there with you! Happy Saturday to you!

  23. Hi Goose
    It is our observation that Bert is miss named. His name should either be Mud, Water or Ball!! Goodness me he does know have to have a grand time and you two are lucky to be friends.
    Anytime Allred refuses to listen to Goose Whispers call me I'll gladly replace him. Is Lily a Bloodhound?
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  24. A sure sign that Bert felt right at home at Mom's office - BOL - he really does love his water:)

    Now seriously, Goose, are you sure you want to sleep all night that close to Allred???

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  25. Me is so happy that my nightly communications to Allred has been working! Me thinks me will dream with him tonight!

  26. Hi Y'all,

    Thanks so much for stoppin' by for a visit. I'm so glad y'all could make it!

    Maybe Allreds afraid I put ideas in the families heads and y'all will get together and drown him for real. The other possibility is that the cat that came back just looks like Allred and is really an imposter.

    Be careful Goose, I still wouldn't trust him. He's probably just suckering you in so he can get close enough to really give you a claw in the face!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  27. OMD, what got into Allred?? You must be a very special doggie indeed!

  28. I had all these clever comments to make - then I saw ALLRED on the bed with you!!!! And you're whispering in his EAR!!! I ... just ... I ... uhh ...
    My train of thought is in the tank, buddy. Woo.
    PS: Little Lilly sure is a cute pup - and that Bert! He just cracks us up.
    PPS: You ... Allred ... on the bed ... together ... almost touching ... THUNK.

  29. Way to "break in" the office carpet Bert! :)

  30. Bert is funny about water. Lily is so cute. Allred scares us bad, we cannot believe you were whispering to him, we would usually chase a
    C A T but We'd run from him.

    The silvers and more

  31. Lilly and the Kong...I have lost it. That is beyond precious! Goose and Allred sleeping together... I have seen it all. Bert diving into the water bowl... Classic. The "Take One" from the See Beautiful... huge smile to carry through the day. Thank you for that!!!