Sunday, July 31, 2016

Crime Scene

Hey All.

My friends there has been a crime committed at my pal Bert's place.  The crime scene is quite gruesome, so I warn you the photo are graphic.  I would also like to say I have been cleared as a suspect as I did not spend any time at Bert's this weekend.  However someone we know and love is on the suspect or at least a dog of interest in the case.

The Crime Scene
Oh the horror that must of happened here.
Miss Vickie called in the local police dog to begin the investigation.
My pal Bert did all he could to help the investigation offering Officer Bear his skills in search and rescue to aid in the case.

But soon Officer Bear grew suspicious of Bert.
I have no idea why the good officer would even consider my pal Bert. 

I mean Bert has dedicated his life to helping, not hurting.  And would the adorable Willa get this close to a killer?  I think not.

When Officer Bear asked Bert if he did it Bert replied "PFTTTT".
Words of an innocent dog.

Bert was incredibly hurt by the accusation that he could even possibly be considered a suspect in this brutal crime.

Please dear friends if anyone knows of a good lawyer let me know.  Officer Bear said the case is all but wrapped up and he has caught the guilty party. 

I told Bert not to worry I would take care of everything to keep him out of the slammer.  Even as I write this I have Bert working on cleaning up the crime scene and I will work on cleaning up his WRONGLY tarnished reputations. 




Thursday, July 28, 2016

Just Call Me "The Otter"

Hey All.

OK my beautiful friends I promised to show you my adventure I had yesterday.  I went with Bert and his Vickie and my momma to Gooses Rock.  And you will never guess what I did.  Take a look.

That's right, I can swim!!  No splash or panic at all.  You all know that my pal Bert is also know as The Giant Golden Beaver, well just like Batman has Robin, The Giant Golden Beaver has The Otter, that's me.  And now a few words from my momma.


Almost a year ago I flew to Atlanta to find my joy-Buddy. And he is just that, My Joy. I knew the life I lead and enjoy involves the outdoors. Which means hiking, camping, backpacking and adventures. Apart of that involves water, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. I had no idea if Bud would like water or even if he could swim. Turned out his first week with me we went on a walk with his pal Bert to The Pond. Bert of course just leaps head first into the water and Buddy followed.... and SANK. I thought I was going to lose him. After that Buddy was cautious about water. But seeing how much Bert enjoyed it he kept trying. There were times that all you saw was water splashing everywhere and there were even times when I had to run into the water to grab him for fear he was drowning. Even after I bought him a life jacket there was panic in his attempt to swim. But still he tried. And now, now I have a swimmer. I have to give credit where credit is do and that is to his best pal Bert.  Bert really showed him the way. I know it might sound silly but Bert really did help, when Bud would get out in deep water Bert would let Buddy put his paws on Bert's back and Bert would help him back to the shallow part only to do it over and over again. And now with a lot of love, help from a friend and a never say die attitude, Buddy is a graceful, smooth and confident swimmer. It's even hard to get him to come out of the water. And like Bud said like Batman has Robin, The Golden Beaver now has The Otter.

Headed on and Adventure

Hey All.

OH MY GOODNESS!!  Momma and I went on an amazing adventure yesterday.  You won't believe what happened.  Tomorrow I'll tell ya all about it.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Little Mischief

Hey All.

On the weekend momma took me on a stroll along the river.  It was so much fun and I really focused on stick rescue, but at one point momma stopped the rescue operation and wanted me to pose for a photo.  So I decided to have a little fun with my momma.

"Hey Bud how about you sit down and I take a nice photo of you?"
"What?  Now?  But I'm looking for sticks in need of rescue."
"Buddy-bo it will only take a moment and then you can go back to looking for sticks.  Please?"

"OK.  How's this?"
"Seriously?  I was hoping for something more distinguished."
"Really momma?  Distinguished?  My butt is sitting in mud, I don't think distinguished is associated with mud."
"OK, how about just serious?"

"What's so funny?"
"Hehehehe, Guess who I am?"
"Who you are?"
"Yea, who do I look like?"
"I have no idea."
"I'm Bert trying poop out a ball he just ate.  Hahahhahhaaaaaa"
"Buddy that's not funny."
"Is too.  Just wait until my friends read about this, they will laugh their tails off."
"Come on Bud give me a serious look."

"How's this for serious?"
"Ummmm, well, not quite what I was looking for."

"What ya talkin about momma?"  {snicker snicker}
"Funny Buddy, very funny."

"OK, OK.  How's this?"
"Well, it's better, but you're holding your breath."
{muffled} "No I'm not"
"Are too, I can see your cheeks puffed out.  Do you want to get back to saving sticks like that one right over there floating down the river?"

"STICK!!!  Where?" 

So there ya have it my beautiful friends, a little mischief fun with the momma."


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Imitating Bert

Hey All.

I've been watching Bert for months now.  He does this crazy thing where he sticks his head under water.  AND he keeps it there for a LOOOOOONG time.  So I decided to see what all the fun is about.

OK I admit my whole head isn't under water, but the water is up to my eyeballs. 

{cough cough, sneeze, sneeze} How does he breathe in water??!!!  I swear he is a Golden Retriever Fish. 


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sound Asleep

Hey All.

Sleep, it's something we all need, yet it is something that we all do differently in many ways.  Some get a lot, some a little, some can sleep through anything, others wake up when a leaf falls on the grass, some snore, and others you're not sure they are even breathing.  Momma says I am the most relaxed sleeper she has ever known.  I get so relaxed that I have been known to fall right off the couch or bed and not even wake up.  Let me show you.

Here I am all relaxed and stretched out.

And yes sometimes I snore.

Yep I am sleeping still.

This is where the momma says, "Buddy you're going to fall."  But I can't hear her I am asleep.

And she is right, I do fall.  But guess what????  I am still asleep.  Momma can't understand how I do this.  It's simple, it's a gift, a talent.
My momma on the other paw, well let's just say we are not a like in this area.  My momma get between 4 and 5 hours of sleep a day, and if she were to fall off the couch or bed she would for sure wake up.  But lately momma is getting less sleep and that has an effect on my blogging.  See something is going on the inside of my momma.  She is having excruciating pain in her kidney area.  In fact this past week she had to go to the hospital twice it was so bad.  Momma has a high pain tolerance so it must be real bad for her to spend time in the hospital.  The crazy thing is they can not find what is causing the pain (for those who are wondering they have ruled out kidney stones). 

But never fear Dr. Buddy is on the case.  "Just stare deeply into my eyes momma, you are getting sleepy, you're getting sleepy." 

I am just in training in getting my doctors license.  So far I have only put myself to sleep.  But momma say it helps her anyway when I snuggle up to her and fall asleep.  She says petting my soft furs helps lessen the pain.  Don't worry dear friends I am doing my best in helping my momma, but if I am not blogging much just know that I am busy takin' care of her.


Monday, July 4, 2016


Hey All.

My momma is overwhelmed.  On reading that you might be thinking, "oh know!."  But it's not like that, let me tell you a story, a true story.  I think most of you know that in addition to my momma working at our church she works at The Lantern House Homeless Shelter.  My momma is the kitchen manager and main cooking chef woman.  About 2 years ago a guy named Mike lived at the shelter.  Momma says Mike was a nice guy, as many of the people are at the shelter.  One day Mike said he wanted to give my momma a gift, a thank you for what she did/does not only for him but for all the people who come to the shelter.  My momma said "thank you, but employees are not allow to accept gifts from clients/residents."  Time went on and Mike left the shelter, he would come back every once in a while to have lunch, always making sure to say hi to my momma.  Then on Monday momma got a call at work, it was Mike and he asked if she could meet him outside of his apartment, he had something for her.  Momma met Mike and another former resident of the shelter and Mike handed her this:

It's my angel brother Goose.  But wait there is more to this story.  See Mike started working on this gift while he lived at the shelter, TWO YEARS ago.  For all this time he has been working on it.  A few months ago Mike was hit by a car and now he is in a wheelchair.  As he was healing he continued to work on this gift.  So what is it?  Is it a drawing?  Is it a painting?  Is it a sketch?  Nope.  It is a piece of glass.  Mike took a piece of glass and etched Gooses likeness on the glass!!!!  Using whatever pointy instrument at hand.  In fact this is the 3rd attempt Mike made in making this gift.  The previous 2 broke, one when it was almost complete.  But Mike picked up another piece of glass and started again. 

I wish you could run your paws across the glass and feel the peak and valleys of this etched, scratched out work of art.  It looks just like Goose.  My momma was so overwhelmed that tears started to fall from her eyes.  If ya know my momma you know she doesn't shed tears often, even when she wants to she holds them back.  But she could not hold back the tears when Mike gave this to her.  Mike wrote a long note to my momma on the back of the frame and I want to share with you a small part of what he wrote,  "Thank you for seeing me as a real person while I was at the shelter, not many could or would.  Often people would just look past me and others like me, you didn't, always greeting with a smile and how are you.  Thank you......"

I share a little of what Mike wrote because I believe it is important.  No matter if someone is homeless or lives in a mansion, is wealthy or poor, is thin or fat, is old or young, or smells bad or like they just stepped out of a spa,  my friends it doesn't matter, no one is worth more than another.  We all walk this earth together, we all have feelings, hopes, dreams.  The beautiful thing to do is treat each other with dignity and respect.  Know what happens when we do that?  The world just gets more and more beautiful.


Here is a photo of Goose so you can see how much Mike captured him.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Modeling for a Cause

Hey All.

I was asked if I would like to be a model for an ad that will be in magazines for a new dog collar.  I said sure, but the biggest reason I said yes was because they said I could ask my little sweet friend, Violet, to join me in the photo shoot.  See it maybe an ad for a dog collar but I liked the idea of the subtle message they would send through the ad about us Pit Bulls, that we are sweet, lovable, kissy face pups who love children.  AND an added bonus they are using our favorite photographer Dr. Liz!!  So on Friday Violet and I met  up with Dr. Liz at The Pond for our photo shoot.  We have not seen all the great photos she took but here are a couple.  

I just love this girl and she loves me.

She is the bestest hugger.  And you see that pink box?  Violet brought her caterpillar with her.
Then we headed over to The Fort to meet up with Bert, the Golden Boy.  I mean who better to share this moment with than my best pal.  Yep Bert is going to be in an ad too.  I wonder if the collar company will like the Golden Boy Bert.?
Or the super fun, I "love the mud" Bert.  My vote is for the Mudder Bert.