Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Flood

Hey All.

I saw something I have never seen before.  I was a little frighten at first. 

I called my Pal Bert.  I knew that Bert would know what to do.  He is an expert in matters like this.  He is the most water loving dog I know and I had a real problem in my yard.  Bert said he had seen this before and he knew just what to do.  He even said he would bring back up.  The following is a video of how my pal Bert help me understand what was going on and how to deal with it.  Bert was very excited to come and help.

Bert told me that he use to come to my house to play in the water with my angel brother Goose.  He said that once a week my momma opens a gate and all this water comes in to water my yard.  Oh Dog did we all have fun.  Momma even had a little fun by putting a life vest on me.  Oh haha.  She said she wanted to see if I would like to wear it.  Pfffttttt.  OK it was fine, but really, none of the other doggies were wearing a life vest.  Then at the end did ya see it?  Bert, the wonder Golden Boy, wanted to grill up a snack for us.  What a super fun, fantastic, frolicking time we all had.  I can't wait until the next time.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Never Walk Alone

Hey All.

Momma got a new shirt and it says "Never Walk Alone."  And it has foot prints and paw prints on it.  I never let my momma walk alone and I said "Momma lets take a walk and lets ask my friend Violet and her pup Ponyo to walk with us."  I mean if it says it on a shirt it is true and we must do it, right?  Come on a long on our walk with us, the more the merrier.

This is the Kingfisher trail and I am going to show my friends some cool stuff.
Right over here are some great woods to run through.
"Come on Violet follow me there is this really cool watch tower up here that we can climb and see the marsh."
"Come on Ponyo, the tower is just right up here."
Of course momma had to take a picture of us on the plank bridge.  The lovely Miss Violet loves flowers.  We picked some on the way and she even put some in her hair.  You know the great thing about kids?  See those yellow flowers in her hand?  Those are what adults call weeds.  But not kids and us dogs, we know they are beautiful no matter what some may call them.  They are every bit beautiful as my friend Violet.  To bad that sometimes when little peeps grow up they are taught that we put things, flowers, people, dogs, etc into classes of what is a "weed" and what is a flower.
Violet handed my momma two Rollie-Pollies she found on the trail.  She picked them up so no one would step on them.  She named the big one Flower.  See what I mean about kids.
Here we are at the tower.  Ponyo was a bit to scared to come up so I took Violet.
She loved looking out over the marsh.
Then I took them over to the river.  There is this little spot that is not swift and has lots of plants in the water where we got to see TONS of little baby fish swimming around.
Violet wanted to feed the fish some of her flowers.  She is so thoughtful like that.
Watching fishes is the best with a friend.
Then a little further up the trail we saw some turtles warming up in the sun.  Last time momma and I saw these turtles they were just little.
Then we took a picture next to some wild Iris's.

Of course I found a big stick for us all to take a rest on.

Yep great walk.  And momma's shirt is right "Never Walk Alone".  When you share the beauty that surrounds you and that is in you, you spread and create more beautiful in the world.... And that my friends is a beautiful thing.



Monday, May 23, 2016

On Top of Old Stick

Hey All

Momma and I took a break from our walk just to sit and take it all in.

And what better place to park our butts than on top of a stick.

Come on sing it with me,
"On top of old sticky, all covered in bark.  I sit with my momma, fully content in my heart."

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Hey All


A friend can add focus and color to your life.



Friday, May 20, 2016

Hey All.

On Thursday momma was asked if I would like to meet her friends dog and little girl.  Of course I would those are two of my favorite things, dogs and kids. 
We told them to meet us at The Pond.

I liked Pnoyo right away.  She is sweet and loves to take walks.

This is Ponyo's little human Violet.  Violet is SUPER sweet.  She loves all kinds of animals.  Every time we saw an ant, worm, bug and snail Violet would stop to talk to it.  She even likes to pet snails.  Ya all are looking at our future champion and support of all animals and their rights.

Violet is an expert dog walker. 

Violet even packed her own little backpack and in it she made sure Pnoyo and I had water and treats. 

Here I am protecting Violet from the cows across the river.  You never know if one of those cows will fly over the overflowing river and tip her over. 

Violet and her pup Ponyo.  Violet was ready with a treat incase either Pnoyo or I needed a snack.  This is one thoughtful kid.

Lately people have been referring to me as "The Kissing Bandit".  Hey I just want to let Violet know how much I like her and to let her know that next week I will take her to a place called Kingfisher Trail.  I can hardly wait.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Posing with Posies

Hey All.

Momma decided that she would give her camera a little workout.  The subject.... me of course.

It started like this.  A nice little snooze in the cool grass.  Momma saw me and grabbed her camera.

"You want me to what?"
"Pose with the posies."
"A what?"
"The flowers behind you."

"Like this?"
"Well, it's a start.  But maybe you can not be covered up by them."

"How about this?"

"What about this?"
"You are so handsome Bud."

"It's the cross I must bear."  Hehhehehhe.  What is the standard modeling fee. 
"You name your price Buddy-boo."

"I love you momma."



Hey All

Momma went to the store on Saturday afternoon and she brought home a little gift for me.

WOW!  I think it is called a Kong Rambler, or something like that.

Ooooo it's so much fun.

It has this tennis ball in it that rolls around in the pink part.


I was able to get the tennis ball out in like 87 seconds. 

Then I asked my momma why she got me this super fun toy.  And she told me that she was leaving me for the evening and would not see me until Sunday afternoon.  So she felt bad so she thought she would get me a toy to make up for the fact that she was leaving me.  She was LEAVING me!  I was so shocked that I flattened out like a pancake.

But while momma has a sleepover with her youth at the church I will have a sleepover with my pal Bert.
While momma gets no sleep at her sleepover.

Me and Bert will be all snug and bunnies in a bunny den.  (Incase you are wondering, Bert is as soft as a bunny).

Momma all night long with these teenagers and a few more.

Me sleeping away.  It's called a sleepover after all.  But momma says a "Sleepover" to teenagers means the opposite.   Teenagers are weird.


Friday, May 13, 2016

See Beautiful

Hey All.

It's This Moment See Beautiful Friday!!!!!

I hope it goes without saying that I SEE BEAUTIFUL in my relationship with my momma.  I love her without limits.  My momma is a busy person.  But she ALWAYS makes time, has time for me.  Even when she might be to busy to put together a See Beautiful video on this day she always has time to love me, care for me, play with me, take me on hikes and walks and makes sure I know I am loved and that I am her joy.  Recently Miss Dr. Liz came to our house to say hi to me and she captured just a glimpse of me and my momma doing what I love....playing and giving kisses.  Below is a link that you can see for yourself just one of the MANY moments of BEAUTIFUL in my life.

I hope you enjoyed my See Beautiful moment.


Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hey All

"Momma Momma, Guess what?"
"Ooooooffffff, what Buddy Boo?"
"Happy Momma's Day!!!!!!  Now give me a kiss."

"And guess what also momma?"
"I love ya momma that's what!"
"I love you too Bud."
"It's not love without sealing it with a kiss."  hehehheh

"One more, guess what momma. I have a Momma's Day gift for ya?"
"I can't imagine what it is."
"It's a KISSSSSS!  Pucker up."