Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Winner Is

Hello Friends

The time has come to reveal the winner of "Name My Gorilla."  So gather around friends
Are we all here?

WOWZERS!  We had 38 entries.  

"OK MOM we are ready for the high tech random drawing machine.

I know friends... we spared no expense in obtaining this technological thingy to help with picking a winner.  

Going in.

Mixing them up.  I told you this was high tech.

And the winner is..... drum roll please.  huh, what?  Oh, sorry we don't have any drums.  We blew all our green papers on the high tech drawing machine.  OK OK, the winner is....

RUBY!!!!!!  Wooo Hooo to the Hooo Woooo.

Friends I would like you to meet, CLYDE.

Thank you to everyone for participating.  This was a swinging good time (get it "swinging".  He is a monkey...errr I mean gorilla).

Ruby my sweet friend please send me your addy to pastormichelle13(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send out your fabulous prize.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mmmmm Mmmmm Monday

Hello Friends.

Oh Dog Oh Dog am I one hap happy Goose.  MOM came home Sunday evening from church and she said that her dear friend Jenni gave her something for me.  {remember Jenni is the one who calls me Gooseberry.  I blush every time she does}.  

I was so excited I could not even wait for MOM to take off my collar I when we got home.  Come on MOM unwrap it!!

Oh my oh my!  Would you just look at that giant T-Bone.  

Enough waiting.  Give it.  Give it.  I can't wait to chow down on this.

Butt first things first.  I must give thanks for this most scrumptious gift.  "Oh Holy One, thank you for this delicious meaty bone and the generosity of the giver.  Shower Miss Jenni with abundant and beautiful blessings, for her kind and caring spirit has always brought many smiles to me and my MOM and to countless others.  As I chow down on this bone help me be mindful of all those pups and kit kats who do not have a decent morsel to eat.  May the strength this meal gives me help me to make a difference in their lives in whatever way I can.  Amen."

Is it good?

Oh yea, is it GOOOOOD.

It's so good I have to smile while I chew.  Can't help myself.

I feel like you all are watching me.

Savoring every bite.  This is heaven I tell you.

Friends this is one lip smacking good good T-Bone.  Made all the better because my friend Jenni gave it to me.  Love you Jenni.  Big licks and drools to you!

Don't forget to come back on Wednesday when I will announce the winner of Name My Gorilla contest.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monkying Around

Hello Friends

Yesterday MOM picked me up from Bert's on her way home from St. Anne's Homeless Shelter.  I was happy happy to see her.  This week I have not spent as much time as I think I should have with her.  I couldn't wait for us to get home and spend some time together.  You know, belly rubs, hugs, walking in the grass, ear scratches, just hanging out together, just me and her.  Imagine my surprise when we got home and this guy was hanging out in my yard.

WHAT?  There's a monkey hanging in my tree.

"Hey Mr. Monkey."
"I'm a gorilla."

"You smell like a monkey to me."

This crazy monkey...err... gorilla kept swinging from tree to tree.
He's a handsome guy with his bow tie and he is holding a rose and sometimes he just starts singing "Wild thing, you make my heart sing."  

He started to sing and I started to dance.

"Hey singing gorilla ya want to join me on my patio for a cool drink?  You must be way thirsty after hanging out in my trees all day."

"Hey MOM do we have any bananas?" 

While MOM checked on the bananas another monkey joined us.

Then this one showed up.  At least he brought his own banana.

Oh my goodness!  Cheeto is here too.  There is a whole lot of money business going on around my house.  Beginning with, "Why is there a gorilla hanging in my tree?"

I was thinking.  If this gorilla is going to stay at my house I better find a name for him.  But what to call him?  Hummmmm.  Tell you what, leave me a comment as to what you think I should name this singing gorilla by Sunday evening 10 pm (mountain standard time) and I will put all the suggestions in a high tech name holding device and then we will pull one out and that will be the gorilla's name.  AND whoever's name we pull out will get a fabulous prize!!  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bobbing for Apples

Hello Friends

Come along with me and I will show you how I "bob for apples."  As some of you know MOM and I water our yard by flood irrigation.  It's way cool.  It's like my own private pond.  My pond even has an apple tree.  And when you combine water and apples you get tons of fun fun fun.

"OK MOM I'm ready.  Let the fun begin.

Gotta stay focused on the apple or you might be wearing apple sauce on your face.

Of course having water jets on your paws help you leap in the air to grab a tasty apple.

Oh yum yum.  Lip smacking good.

Apple down!  No worries I'm on it.

I may be over 13 years old, but I still got the moves.

This is my chipmunk impersonation.  How many apples can you stuff in your cheeks?

Come to Goosie delicious apple.  

Hope ya all enjoyed our time together bobbing for apples.  I'm headed to the patio for some dinner.

"Come on MOM lets throw some fish on the grill."  Not much better than fish stuffed with fresh from the tree apples.  I'll save a seat for all of you.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Scary Mischief

Hello Friends

I love my yard.  So much room for me to play in.

I romp in my yard, and roll in the grass, and take naps.  It's great!

I love the cherry trees in my yard too.  They are way old, like decades and decades and decades old.  And NO this is not the mischief.  You might think that me taking a nibble on the old cherry tree would be the mischief.  But there is something far more sinister happening.  Want to see?

Warning: The faint of heart and the young pups may want to look away.

Last Warning.

Here is the real mischief maker in my yard.

That's right a snake.  Well actually there were 3.  One that was black and two that looked like this.  There may have been more lurking about.  This one MOM chased onto our compost pile.  As MOM was mowing the yard one skirted out from in front of the mower.  Yea it startled her a bit.  Then when she made another pass there was ANOTHER one!  

I went over to take a look and to see why MOM had stopped mowing.  But she told me to stay back, and she used that "stern mom" voice, so I knew she was serious.

It may look like I am hiding behind my cherry tree.  But really I was just making sure MOM was OK.  "Don't worry MOM I've got your back."

"Grrrrrrrrrrr, HEY snakes I'm watching you!  Touch my MOM and you'll be sorry.  Have you seen what I can do to a stick?  Well you Mr. Snakes are nothing more than a squishy stick and are no match for me.  You are just lucky this tree is in my way."

MOM says she is no longer going to mow the yard barefoot.  hehehe.  She thought avoiding some of my hidden poop was scary.  I think stepping on a snake with her bare feet beats that.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sensible Advice

Hello Friends

Trust me friends this sensible advice will take you far.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Strawberry 101

Hello Friends

Welcome to today's class.  Today I will be demonstrating how to obtain and properly eat a strawberry.  Are we ready?  Pay close attention, there may be a quiz in the future.  Let's begin.

First you must locate the yummy goodness known as strawberries.  Yep, there is a nice cluster right here.

Next make sure your peep knows the strawberries are ready for picking.
"MOM are you seeing this?  These here strawberries are ripe for picking.  These here strawberries NEED to be picked."

 Now inspect the picked strawberries.
"These are beautiful MOM.  Let's see, one for you, one for me, and one to share."

Here my friends is where you might have to humor your peeps by waiting for the magic word, "OK".  It is perfectly fine to have bubble drool from your lips as I am demonstrating here.

Now this is very important:  Gently take the strawberry from your peeps hand.  I know it may seem that I am moving very fast to get the strawberry, and you would be right.  BUTT, I have been doing this for a very long time and have perfected the art of moving at lightning speed to get the strawberry and not my MOM's fingers.  Don't try this right away.  You must practice often to get to the level I have achieved.  Butt if you keep at it I know you will be a pro in no time.

See, I have obtained the desire of my tummy all the while leaving MOM's fingers intact.

Well class I hope you have learned something today.  As you can see when done properly eating yummy strawberries will always leave you with a smile on your face.

PS- MOM and I would like to remind all of you of the dangers of hiking and even walking with your peeps.  The danger being snakes, specifically Rattlesnakes.  I mention this for two reasons.  One with the hot and dryer weather many of us are experiencing snakes are moving more and more into "our" area.  They are doing this to find a cooler place, water, and they are following their food source (rodents and such) who are also trying to find water and cooler place.  The second reason I want to remind you all to be careful and for your peeps to keep their eyes and ears open and alert because  my buddy Bert has had a terrible loss in his family do to a Rattlesnake bite.  Bert's Vickie's mom has a dog named KC.  KC was a fun loving, butterfly chasing kind of pup.  On Wednesday evening Bert's grandma took her dog KC to a local park in the city called Beau's Pond.  This is a place that has a pond where ducks and geese swim, other birds enjoy the many feeders in the trees, peeps and pups can sit on benches and take in all the beauty that surrounds them. It is a popular play for people to come with their dogs and with there children and grandchildren.  There is also a playground area where the little peeps can play.  It was a mire 20 feet from the playground that KC was bit by a Rattlesnake.  The span of the fang marks was about 1 and 3/4 inches apart, so this was a HUGE snake.  Being that KC was a small dog and the snake was so big, he really did not have a chance.  My butterfly chasing friend past over the Rainbow Bridge.  I sure will miss that little guy and watching the joy he had and shared while chasing butterflies.  Here is one of my favorite video's of KC and his friend Bert as Bert takes him for a walk.