Sunday, February 28, 2016

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Hey All.

Dog oh Dog did I have a super fantastic hike with my momma this weekend.  I know normally on Saturdays I help the therapy dogs, but this weekend we stopped by and said hi to them and then momma and I went off for my Barkday hike. 

Here I am surveying the land below. 

There was this crazy steep hill.

"Come on momma!  Come on, let's race down the hill."

"weeeeeeee, this is so much fun!"
And then ya know what you do when you get to the bottom?  YOU RACE BACK UP!

Then you race across the side of the hill.

Then you turn around and zoom back across.


Then you turn on a dime.

Make a tight turn around the tree.

And go full stream ahead to the momma.

"Come on momma, I've been up and down this hill like 87 times and you have yet to make it down once.  Come on, lets race!"

Here I come again.

Woo Hoo that was fun fun fun.  "Now come here momma so I can give you a BIG kiss."


Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Hey All.

Hummmmmm where to begin.  It turns out that yesterday February 24th was my Barkday!  Momma said all day at working she kept feeling that it was a special day.  The more she thought about it the more she thought of me, her Buddy.  In the evening momma picked me up at Bert's place and when we got home momma rushed into her office and got out my adoption papers.  And there it was, February 24th 2014, my barkday.  Right there in black and white, my Georgia family (Bullseye Rescue) wrote down the day they thought I was born, February 24th.  Momma felt so so so bad.  She hugged me and kissed me and hugged me and gave me a treat and hugged me.  I told her it was OK, she shouldn't feel bad.  We hugged some more.  Then momma opened the door for me to go outside and you know what was sitting on the front step??????

I got a BULLYMAKE BOX!!!!!  It is a box of goodness made just for pups like me.  You know Pitties that are strong chewers.

I dug right in.  And what's the first thing I pulled out?

A BALL!!!  Bert would be so proud of me.  It's a great ball and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Oh there was other stuffs in there too.  THREE different kinds of treats.

AND a super tough white bone.  I really liked that too.  I chewed and chewed on it like for 87 hours and it is still holding strong.

See momma you didn't forget my Barkday.  Something inside you knew and you ordered this #Bullymake Box and it came on my barkday.  I love ya momma, everyday with you is like my barkday.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Good For the Soul

Hey All.

You know what's good for the soul?  Just letting lose, romping with friends, and getting a bit dirty in the process.

That's what my pal Bert has taught me. 
"Right Bert?"
"You got that right little Buddy."

Even though I was helping Bert and the other therapy dogs with their training, Bert said that even though their work and training is important every dog must take time to "be a dog" and let lose to just enjoy life.
"Will this involve all this mud Bert?"
"Oh you know it Buddy.  Let's get this party started!"

While Bert tested the consistency of the mud I called the therapy dogs over.

We had great games of chase.

Chase is even more fun with Penny, aka Chewbacca.

We played leap dog too.

And charrrrrrrge!

Oh the fun we had.

Hahahhaha I ran right under Penny while my new friend Mazie cheered me on.

This is a little game where you have to run between to other pups without sliding into the dugout.

Oh the fun you can have on a muddy baseball field.  Some might see a muddy field and think, "the game has been rain out."  But oh no my friends.  A muddy field is an invitation to set your soul free and run with abandon. 

Even momma's can have fun in a muddy playground. 
"Right momma?"
"Your right Budders.  Nothing like chasing happy dogs through mud puddles to set your soul free and chase your cares away."


Friday, February 19, 2016


Hey All

Just chillin' with the momma.

Sometimes ya just gotta put your paws up and relax.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Don't Always

Hey All.

I don't always have a monkey on my back.

But when I do I make it look good.
Stay silly my friends.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

New Friends are Something

Hey All.

Saturday I spent part of my day with my friends, my therapy friends.  Most Saturdays the therapy dogs, led by my pal Bert, meet to brush up on their training to keep sharp.  Why am I there you ask.  Well I play an important role.  In a therapy dogs life they will encounter the unexpected, and that's what I am, "the unexpected".  Oh I behave really well (mostly) but momma and I will do unexpected things among the therapy dogs with the hope that they will respond in the proper way.  I can tell you this: I work with the most professional K-9's on the planet!  In the process I also learn a thing or two.  This past Saturday there was a new dog named Mazie who is a therapy dog in training, working towards her certificate.  Oh My Goodness we hit it off right away.  After training we romped and ran and played together.  She was mostly always by my side and we had so so much fun together.

Isn't she sweet?  New friends are something indeed.  And it is the one thing you can never have to many of.


Celebrate Love

Hey All.

Today is the day, I would say is A day we celebrate LOVE.  We should celebrate love everyday.  Blogville is celebrating in a big way with a "Celebrate Love" parade hosted by the Crabby Girls at Sarge's place.  Go over and check out all the festivities.

Here is me and Bert at the parade.  Woooo Hoooo for love!!

But ya know my friends, it is my opinion that this Valentine's thing is not just for "romance".  No no.  Love is so much bigger than that.  Want to see what one of the ways love looks like?

Here is my pal Bert looking at the river from this bridge.  The thing about this is I am to short to put my paws up on the bridge to see over.

Oh sure I can run under Bert, and that is kind of fun, but I really wanted to see what Bert was seeing.  What is a Buddy to do?  I'll tell ya what.

Bert saw that I was having a hard time and that I really wanted to see the river below, so he let me lean on him.  That's love.  And you know what we saw? 

Ducks!!!!  Thanks Bert you are one selfless class act and I love ya dog.