Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blogville We Have Rock


Blogville we have rock!!!!  Late afternoon on Thursday Bert passed the rocks.  He will NOT have surgery.   WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO.

I stopped by Bert's place to see how he was doing.

I gave thanks for a successful out come.

Bert however seemed to be concerned about one thing.....
He wanted me to play ball with him.  He acts like nothing ever happened. 
I guess there is a lesson in that.  For Bert life goes on even after he spent days miserable and in pain.  Miserable and in pain because of his own actions.  Yet he dusts himself off and says "Hey lets play ball!"  Of course we all hope he has learned his lesson and lays off the rocks.

"Hey everyone THANK YOU from me and My Vickie.  I just know all the POTP, prayers and good vibes you sent helped.   I know that it sure helped My Vickie feel better and much cared about.  I am going to do my very best to leave the rocks where they lay."


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Rocky Road


Looks like it is going to be a rocky road for Gooses buddy Bert.  As some of you know just about 3 weeks ago Bert had to have surgery, AGAIN, to remove a rock from his stomach.  That was Bert's 4th surgery to remove a rock (and once a tennis ball). 

On Wednesday morning he did it AGAIN!!!!  He ate a big rock and several pebbles.  He is at Dr. Eddies right now.  The big rock has moved between his small intestines and stomach.  This may be good IF he passes the rock.  If he does not then on Thursday Dr. Eddie will have to do surgery not on his stomach but cut open his intestines.  Please keep Bert and His Vickie in your prayers.

I went to visit Bert at Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Eddie.  He did look better than I expected.  I sat on the grass with him and he put his paw in my hand and looked at me as if to say, "Oh Michelle how are you?  Are you doing OK?"  He is always the therapy dog even if he is the one needing therapy.

Vickie talking to Bert about rocks and how they are beautiful to look at but NOT to eat.
"Now Bert listen to me...."

"Oh hey look over there.  Michelle is here.  HI Michelle, how's it going?  Are you doing OK?  Did you bring my ball with you."

"HUH.... Oh yea, what were you saying?"
  Listen, this is very important.  You can not keep eating rocks.  Rocks are not food.  They are not treats.  Rocks make you very sick.  I'm worried sick about you.  There are going to be changes in your life that will be for your own good.  Are you listening to me?"

"Oh My Vickie, don't worry.  I'll be alright.  Dr. Eddie will fix me up.  He had a LONG talk with me while he took pictures of my insides.  OH hey look over there, there's a rock."

You heard Vickie tell Bert he will have some big changes in his life.  Vickie is getting bids to have someone cement her front area where Bert and his siblings play.  All rocks will be removed and cement will be laid down.  Bert will also have to wear a muzzle when he can not be watched carefully.  So this means that on walks where he is off leash, when he is outside alone, etc.  The only time he won't where a muzzle is when he is at my house, or when he is doing his therapy work at the hospital and when he is working at the airport.  Trust me he is not going to like this and it will be a great adjustment for him.

Please send POTP, prayers, and good vibes to Bert and to His Vickie.  I will keep you posted how things are going.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thank You

Gooses Friends.

I find it hard to express my thanks to each of you, there just are not words to truly express my deep gratitude for the overwhelming outpouring of love you have shared with me.  Each comment, email, card, plant, flowers, and donations made in Gooses memory to St. Anne's Homeless Shelter has meant so much and touched me deeply.
I miss him so much, but your outpouring of love for him has and is helping me heal.  There are days that I feel so lost but all I have to do is breathe deeply and look at all the cards I have received, smell the fragrance of the flowers and touch the sticks many of you have sent him over the years and my heart smiles.  A friend shared this saying with me from Winne the Poo: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard".  It's true, I was so lucky and beyond blessed to have shared my life with Goose and for him to share his life with me.  He will forever be my song.
I still feel him with me and I will share with you what happened the other night.  As some of you know Goose was very in tune with me.  Without training he would know when I was slipping in to a coma like state.  Sometimes he would warn me well in advance.  Sometimes when I would not respond to his warnings he would do whatever he could to get my attention or to wake me up.  Including barking, pulling at my hand, put his paws on my chest and push up and down.  He would do anything to get me to respond.  Several nights ago when Bert was staying over my house I was trying to sleep.  I remember dreaming.  I recall seeing Goose, romping, saving sticks, smiling at me.  Then he stopped and came real close to me with that concerned look on his face.  It was then I felt a thump on my chest.  I sort of came to.  The thump on my chest was Bert dropping his ball on me.  Then I realized that my levels were dangerously low, 41 when normal range is 80 to 120.  I was able to drag my self to the kitchen and take some meds and soon my levels returned to normal.  While I know some may find it silly, but I really felt that Goose was still looking out for me and maybe through my dream and his ball crazed buddy, Bert , Goose helped me that night.
Thank you again to each of you.  I am not sure what the future holds as far as Gooses blog, but I do know that I will continue to cruise through Blogville to see what you all are up to.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Until We Meet Again.

Hello My Dear Friends.

Well my friends my time has come.  At 1PM Monday I made my journey over the Rainbow Bridge.  My MOM was there to help be make this last journey.  Miss Vickie was there too and my MOM’s dear friend Cindy.  I was surrounded by lots and lots of love.

There are now words to express how much each of you have meant to me.  You shared your lives with me and I was a much better dog because of it.  What a journey we have had, am I right?

My parting words to you is this: Live each day to the fullest, for it is a gift.  Love often, growl less.  Take time to smell the roses.  Let those who surround you know they are loved.  Life is beautiful my friends, so see it, share it, create it.  Oh and this one last thing, STICKS!!!!  If you see a stick in need do me a favor, help it out.

To my buddy Bert: Bert I am counting on you to help take care of my MOM.  She is going to need a fluffy Golden boy like you to hold on to for a little bit.

To my MOM: MOM I have loved you from the moment you walked past me trying not to notice me.  It was fate, God’s will that we were meant to be together.  For 15 years you have been my everything.  No doggie could have asked for a more loved, blessed and beautiful life.  I will miss you dearly, butt know I will be watching over you for as long as you walk this earth until that day we are reunited.  I love you MOM with everything I am.

Until we meet again my friends.
Such a heart felt thank you to each of you.  I will miss Goose with every fiber of my being.  At this moment I am so lost without him.  I am not sure what I will do without him.  Tears just keep falling.  Yes they are tears, lots of tears. But they are not just tears of sadness but tears of overwhelming joy for all the beautiful years we had together.  Thank you gain for all your love and support.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Hello Friends.

Today is the day that we celebrate mothers.  I celebrate my MOM everyday. 

I love you MOM. 

My buddy Bert wants to wish his Vickie a happy happy Mother's Day too.

I could not have wished or hoped for a better mom and I know Bert feels the same way about his Vickie.
Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there.  Give your mom a kiss for me.

Friday, May 8, 2015


Hello Friends.

Thank you so much for all the POTP for my buddy Bert.  When I went to his place on Friday I was expecting to see him.  Butt he was not there.  He was still in the hospital.  He came through the surgery OK, butt because of his previous stomach surgeries Dr. Eddie really wanted to keep him longer.  Bert has a fair amount of scar tissue on his tummy.  He just needed to be watch a while longer.  Miss Vickie was all kinds of sad about not having her Bert home.  I stayed with Miss Vickie and did my best to comfort her.  MOM came back around 1PM and Bert was still not home.  THEN Bert's momma seemed to be sick.  So my MOM stayed at Bert's place to watch over all the doggies while Miss Vickie took momma dog to Dr. Eddie.  After a while Miss Vickie's worker came and so me and MOM went to Dr. Eddie's to check on Bert, Momma, and Miss Vickie.  Momma dog has an upset tummy (she was probably worried about Bert).  Butt the best part is Dr. Eddie let Bert go home!!  We were all so happy.

I give you this WARNING the first photo may not be for young pups eyes.

That is where they opened my buddy up to remove the rock and pebbles.  Dr. Eddie gave Miss Vickie the rock as a souvenir.

I have taken it upon myself to watch over Bert.  There will be NO rock eating on my watch.

While I am at his place I am going to stick to him like honey on your furs. 

Because Bert is not suppose to romp and play, or get wet, or run, or play ball and is to remain CALM for a few weeks Miss Vickie has made Bert his own Golden Dog Cave.  It's cool and all, complete with a comfy bed, and chair where Miss Vickie or my MOM can sit with him.  He has a nice outdoor patio area with a decent view.  Butt lets face it, Bert is a very social dog and he is sad when he is in there.  I can't have my Golden Buddy being sad so when I am at his place I will keep him company in his Golden Dog Cave.

And when I am not there I have posted a guard, Willa, at the entry to Bert's new pad.  I am confident she will not fall asleep at her post.

Bert sends each and everyone of you a Golden smile of thanks for all your good vibes, prayers, and POTP.  And he has promised me that he will never get "stoned" again.  Let this be a lesson to all you young pups, just say NO to rocks.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

See Beautiful

Hello Friends.

Oh it sure has been a See Beautiful month.  Sure there have been times of worry, scary stuff, and even sadness.  Butt even in these moments there is beauty.  MOM and I experienced a lot of that beautiful stuff from you my friends.  Our hearts overflow because of you.  Before I get to my "This Moment See Beautiful" blog hop hosted by SUGAR ,I have a message from my buddy Bert.

My buddy comes home from the hospital Friday.  I sure love that guy.  Wherever Bert goes beautiful surrounds him and I know that is because beautiful flows from him. 

Sure hope you all found some beautiful in my little video.  No matter what stage of life you are in there is ALWAYS beautiful to be seen.  I for one will never stop seeing it, sharing it, and creating it. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Hello Friends.

First let me again say a BIG thank you for all the POTP you all have been sending me.  I am still hanging in there, and doing for the most part OK.  Living each day, each moment as full as I can.

Butt I come to you today asking for POTP for my buddy.

That's him right there at the tip of my nose.  My buddy Bert.

Seems my buddy Bert spent Wednesday at the Dogtor.  Why?

Well, Bert ate a ROCK!  Not a pebble, a rock.  Oh he was very sick.  He kept throwing up.  So Miss Vickie took him to the Dogtor.  On the positive side Bert and I share the same Dr. Eddie, and he is wonderful.  Dr. Eddie kept Bert all day rehydrating him and he took pictures of Bert's insides (just like he did with me).  And what he saw was a ROCK and a couple of pebbles.

When Bert came back home I asked him why he ate a rock.  He really could not give me an answer other than it was big and round and he may have thought it was a ball. 

So my friends please send my Buddy Bert all the POTP you can.  On Thursday morning he will have surgery to remove the rock and pebbles.  Dr. Eddie and Miss Vickie say he will be just fine.  After all this is not Bert's first rodeo.  He has had two or three other surgeries to remove rocks AND once a tennis ball (this is the reason you will never see my MOM throw a tennis ball for Bert).  I am sure that Doc Eddie and Miss Vickie are right, he will be fine.  But POTP can only help.
One other thing, on Sunday is Bert's 7th birthday.  In addition Miss Vickie is leaving on the 13th for a vacation.  I told her that I would do my very best to keep an eye on Bert and make sure he does EVERYTHING Dr. Eddie says.  Believe me he will not be eating any more rocks on my watch.

Friday, May 1, 2015

What Does A Miracle Look Like

Hello Friends.

Do you believe in miracles?  MOM and I do.  So what does a miracle look like?  I think so many think that a miracle is this "BIG" thing.  But you know what, I think miracles can, and do, look like this....

Beautiful flowers pushing up through rocky ground.  I also include Dandelions in that.  I mean how miraculous is it that those yellow flowers push up through concrete?!!!

The miracle of snow capped mountains that quench a worlds thirst miles and miles away.

Or how about the miracle of a smile.  Like the beautiful smile from my gal pal Belle.  A smile received can turn your day around.  A smile given can warm your heart.

Of course there are those "big" miracles like my buddy Bert walking on water. 

Miracles surround us everyday, just like beauty surrounds us.  Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and open your heart to see it. 
Tuesday and Wednesday I was back to not eating, not even eggs.  But Thursday night MOM fixed me some ground turkey and I ATE it.  In fact I had two helpings.  MOM was thrilled.  So a decision was made.

This is what MOM calls "Gooses Rock".  I love this rock.  I love where God has placed this rock.  It has become, over the years, me and MOM's special place.  So what does a miracle look like??

It looks like this. 
This was me and my MOM on Friday.  Kicked back at my rock, soaking up all the beautiful that surrounded us.  But wait, how does a miracle get even more beautiful?

This is how, I brought my gal pal, Belle with me. 
Belle is just a couple years younger than me and she is having a hard time getting around too.  Butt boy oh boy does my Belle love the outdoors just like me.  This girl has hiked more miles than any dog I know.  She even hiked Kings Peak!!  That is the highest peak in our state at 13, 528 feet.  And it is NOT easy.  I guess you could say that could qualify as a miracle, especially since when they reached the peak they had to endure a BLIZZARED in August! 
But wait there is more to this miracle story.  And here it is...

My buddy Bert was with us too. 
After all I never would have know about "Gooses Rock" if it had not been for him. 
I never thought I would see this place again.  Butt by the grace of God and good friends and a MOM who would move heaven and earth for me (and carry me now and again) I was able to see my favorite spot on earth with the ones I love.  Miracle?  I think it qualifies.  After all I apparently have a heart that is to small for me and with that tumor restricting my blood flow I am going to put this day in the win and miracle column.

In the coming days I will show you more of this miracle story (MOM only took 740 pictures).  Until then my friends I need to rest.  Needless to say I am moving even slower.