Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hey All.

So there I was this weekend just chillin'.  It was a very busy, long weekend for my momma with Thanksgiving and all.  You know feeding all those hungry people who came the homeless shelter.

When I heard a rumbling.  It was my tummy.  So I went and got my treat ball.  But to the horror of my rumblin' tummy......

My treat ball was empty.  "Please momma can you fill my treat ball?"

A full tummy is a happy tummy.
Ahhh life is good.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lending a Helping Paw

Hey All.

I think my momma works hard.  Sometimes I think she works to much.  Luckily she has me to make sure she knows when enough is enough.

After momma works at the homeless shelter she often has to do her church type work.  I like that she gets to do some of that at home....but.....  Sometimes a Buddy has to let his momma know she needs to stop and rub a belly. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hey All.

Yesterday I told you about my new friend Atticus.  He is a great guy.  A few weeks ago I was invited to go to therapy dog training.  Now I am not a therapy dog, although momma says I'm her therapy.  And I am not really training to be a therapy dog.  But my best bud, Bert, is a therapy dog (among other things).  And I have other therapy dog friends.  They meet on most Saturday morning for training.  Even though they are already therapy dogs they still have to train to keep sharp.  Like I said they invited me to join them.  I train right along with them.  Some of the other doggies mommies say I would make a great therapy dog.  Momma says maybe someday when there are more hours in a day, but for now I just train along side these amazing dogs.  Anyway after the training we all get to just be dogs, we run, play, chase, play ball, just have a great time.  It is so much FUN!  While Bert is still my best bud there is another dog, Atticus, who I just love playing with.  What joy it is to run and play with him.  He is new to therapy and he is a natural.  I put together a little video of all of us playing.  The first photo is all the therapy dogs (they had to have their picture taken for the hospitals Christmas publications.  While they did that I drove Bert nuts standing behind him playing with a ball. hehehhehe)  Hope you enjoy my little video.

Is that great or what.  I LOVE MY LIFE!

When I got home this is how I spent the next few hours, helping momma finish writing her sermon for Sunday.  Did I mention how much I LOVE MY LIFE?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My New Friend

Hey All.

I have a new friend.

His name is Atticus.  And we have the best time together.

He's a bright spot in my life.  I will tell you more about him soon.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hide and Seek

Hey All.

Hahahhaa.  So last night I had a little fun with my momma.  Hehehehe.  We went outside and my momma had to go into the garage.  When she came out she could not see me.  She call me and called me.  But I was nowhere to be found, or so she thought.  She went in the house and called me again.  Nope I was not in the bedroom or kitchen.  Where could I be.

Hehhehhe, I was cleverly hiding on the couch in the living room.

Shhhhhhhhhh don't tell her where I am.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Helping Paw

Hey All.

Living here in Blogville it is very hard for me to understand what humans do to each other out there in the big world.  I am so saddened by the recent events in France, that is where my brother EASY lives.  My heart hurts for him and for all those affected by those mean, crazy people.  See us dogs are not like that.  Sure we may disagree about stuff.  Like I just can't see how Bert loves water so much, does not make since to me.  And he does not understand why I like climbing trees like a cat.  But that's OK.  But when one of us hurts we are there for each other.  We stand together and try to help each other.  Know what I mean.  Let me give you a recent example.  Yesterday Bert invited me to come to a therapy dog training session.  I'm not a therapy dog, but my friend Bert thought I might like it.  So I said "sure, lets see what this therapy stuff is about and what it takes to be a therapy dog."

There I am with all my therapy dog friends.  They are an impressive group.  They let me join right in with them practicing sit/stays, walk byes, weaving in and out of the dogs and handlers and all sorts of stuff.  They sure do have to work hard at being a good therapy dog.  Bert told me that was just some of the stuff they have to do perfect every time. I tip my ear to each and everyone of them.  After we were done training it was time for play.

Unfortunately for my friend Bert he had to put his cone back on after training.  See Bert has an ouchy on his hip that he needs to leave alone.  It's very sad. 
Momma said all we needed to do is add a giant olive and Bert would be a Golden Martini.  hehehhe.

While Bert just sat there I made a new friend.  This is Atikas.

Oh boy did we have fun.

We ran around in circles over and over and over again.  He is very fast.  He is also the latest therapy dog in the group.

I wanted him to feel welcome, so I played with him a lot.  I remember what it's like to be the new kid on the block.  Ya know, wondering if anyone will like you.  We all like Atikas.

Then I noticed my friend Bert.  Oh he was one sad looking pup with that cone on his head.
There he was like an Ostrich with his head stuck in the sand.

So I found a ball and took it to him.  But he could not see I had a ball.  So my momma had to tell me that if she had the ball she could hold it up so Bert could see it.  But Bert wanted to do more than see the ball, he wanted to chase the ball.  Have you ever tried to chase a ball with a big cone on your head?  It is not a pretty sight.  Oh sad sad broken hearted Bert.  But I had a plan to help my pal Bert after everyone left.

I grabbed my Frisbee and gave it to him.  But still it was so hard for him to play with it with that cone of shame.

So I decided to take matters into my own paws and help my pal out.

I grab ahold of the cone that was causing my friend so much grief and gave it a pull.
I almost got it.  Bert was so happy I was trying to free him.  "Come on Buddy give it one more try!"

"OK Bert, if I pull and you pull then I think we can do this together.  PULLLLLLLLL!"

Wooooooooo Hooooooooooo I got it off!  Oh Bert was so happy.  Sure I could have just jumped in the car and headed home to play with all my cool stuff and romp in my yard.  But my friend was in need.  I just had to help.  That's what we do for one another, we help, we care, we love, we sacrifice.  When one hurts we help however we can.  When one feels joy we rejoice with them.  That's the way it should be.  Are you listening world?  And I have to say I have seen and heard some beautiful things that have come out of this horrific tragedy in Paris.  People coming together, from around the world even, to care for one another, and support one another, to strengthen one another.  That gives me hope. 
(side note: momma says I must have an inner elephant within me if my shadow is any indicator.)

My hope is that the world will one day be like the Pit Bull and the Golden sitting together with the device of shame laying on the ground replaced with the Frisbee of friendship.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

See Beautiful

Hey All.

Guess what?  It's time for "This Moment See Beautiful" hosted by the beautiful SUGAR.  I have quickly learned all about this See Beautiful stuff.  Isn't it wonderful?  You can join in this beautiful blog hop too!  Just post how you saw, created, shared, and felt all that beautiful that surrounds you and is in you.  Life is beautiful indeed.  I have even learned that there is beautiful in everything, even in those things that we might not see beautiful in.  Yep it's true.  Sure it might be hard to see on some days, but it's there and when you see it your life becomes more beautiful.  Trust me on this, I know what I am talking about.  I had my momma help me put together a little video of the beautiful in my life.  When I first helped momma put together the video it was like 2 hours long.  She said we needed to cut it down.  So here is just a wee bit of all the beautiful in my life.

WOW Right?  Yep just beautiful.  And did you notice at the end of my video that my momma got a new tattoo?  Yep she did.  My momma believes so much in Seeing Beautiful that it is tattooed on her, SEE BEAUTIFUL ALWAYS.  That photo was taken the day she got it so it has mellowed out a bit.  I love the colors (it's like a sunset), more than that I like the message it conveys.  We all really need to See Beautiful Always.  Just think what this world would be like if everyone did.
Beautiful Blessings to each of you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wanta Play?

Hey All.

I'm thinking of trying out for a sports team.  I hear Blogville has a soccer team, is that true? 

This is one of my defensive moves as my momma tries to kick a goal.

Ok, maybe I should be on offence as she did score on me. 

She didn't get this one past me.  HaHA!

Practice makes perfect.  I've got the moves down and momma was not able to score against me again.

This is the classic head bump shot.

Whewwwww playing ball takes a lot of practice and naps.  Anyone want to play with me?


Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Swing Tire

Hey All.

While my momma was blowing bubbles at me, to see if I would like chasing them (I am uninterested in bubbles), I discovered a tire hanging from my tree in the backyard.  Now THIS looked like fun!!

And is WAS fun.  More fun than bubbles.


ps- My friend Bert is doing just fine.  In fact when momma and I stopped by to see him on Saturday he greeted my momma with his red ball in his mouth wanting her to play ball with him. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Swim Lessons

Hey All.

A couple of weeks ago Bert decided it was time for me to begin my swimming lessons.  I am not to sure about water.  In fact I am hesitant to get in.  But my friend Bert is so excited about the wet stuff, and I will admit he does make it look like fun, and again he is SOOOOO excited about water I thought OK let the lessons begin.

There he is, The Giant Golden Otter, better known as Bert, showing me how fun swimming is.

There's me watching from the shore.  I can taste the fun, but I don't know.

"You'll be with me right Bert?"
"Yea kid, I'll be there."

Oooooo I am so scared.  "How about if you show me one more time Bert?"

WHAT??!!!  No one said anything about diving!  Shouldn't I learn to swim before moving on to diving?

"See Bud there is nothing to it.  Now lets go back to shore and start again."

"OK OK Bert I think I am ready.  I'll race ya back to solid ground."

"What ya doing there Bert?  Are you looking for somethin'?"
Oh no he didn't!  This is apart of swimming???? 
NO WAAAAY!  I am out of here.  It is not natural for a k-9 to stick his head under water, and NO WAY is it natural to be under water for more than 40 seconds!  Was his momma a fish or what?

He just kept doing it, over and over. 
"Buddddddy yooou woooon't beeelieeeve wwwwhat I founnnnd undddddder Herrrrre." 

"What?  What Bert, what did you find?  Is it sunken treasure?  Is it Elvis?  OH is it the lost city of Atlantis?"  "What, what did you find Bert?"

It's a rock ya all.  He found a rock.  Somethin' just not right with that boy.

And another rock.  He just kept swimming, diving and bring back rocks.  My momma told me once he found a six pack of beer under the water.  I tell ya what I would rather have a six pack of beer than a rock.

Well that was my swimming lesson for that day.  I will say I am not as scared of the water anymore.  But I don't think I will ever truly love it as much as The Giant Golden Otter, Bert. 

So I raced off to do what I do best, what I love, like Bert likes water.

Find me a good stick.

Yea that's it. 
Ya know we all have our special ways, our own unique stuff we like, we are different.  And you know what?  That's OK, cuz if we all liked pulling rocks off the river bottom then who would save the sticks, and if we all saved sticks who would feed the hungry, and we all fed the hungry who would foster animals in need.  Ya see where I am going with this?   Oh sure we all can do several thing, and even do them well, but ALL of us need to find at least that one thing that we are really passionate about and give it our all.  I LOVE sticks, but I am finding a new appreciation for water and swimming (NOT DIVING).

PS from my momma: I am a little sick today.  You see on Monday I broke Bert.  I BROKE him!  Buddy, Bert, myself and Bert's Vickie were in the mountains and Bert was showing Buddy once again how cool water and swimming is.  I was throwing sticks and rocks in the water for Bert (which he loves more than life it's self).  Well it seems I underestimated how fast and how far Bert can leap.  In throwing a small rock AWAY from Bert into the water Bert leaped I'd say about 87 feet like a rocked.  You could hear the sound of the rock hitting his mouth as it echo across the pond.  I BROKE HIM.  But it was like he thought nothing happened and could not understand why all the action stopped and everyone was lifting up his lips.  He just stood there wanting me to throw a stick or something as blood trickled down his chin.  Today Bert had to have a root canal.  I feel so so bad.  Bert's Vickie said that I have broke him once, she has broken him twice (once with a ball and once with a rock), and there is one other time that he got broke but no one knows how it happened.  Bert is doing fine after his root canal and he also had a growth thing removed from his back.  He is just chillin now as the happy meds are wearing off.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015