Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not the Backpack

Hello Friends,
Looks like the garage sale is getting more stuff.  I can hardly stand the thought of all this stuff going somewhere else.  I guess if it brings happiness to someone else, even if it brings a fraction of happiness to someone else as it has to me it will be OK.  But the latest addition to the garage sale pile almost made me cry.
 I think I am going to be sick.  Can you see the sick feeling I have on my face? 
MOM has now added the backpack and our backpacking tent to the garage sale pile.

I can't take it.  I gotta get out of here.  "MOM I'm going outside.  I can't watch this"
"Watch what Goosie?  Is Cat in the Hat on TV?"
"NO! I can't watch all this stuff you are putting out for the garage sale, it's just to painful."
"Garage sale?  Who is having a garage sale and why are we putting stuff out for their garage sale?"
"I thought we were.  You keep piling all our fun adventure stuff up but we haven't gone on one so I thought this was all going in a garage sale."
"You are the poster dog for the definition of 'Silly Goose'.  We are not having a garage sale.  We are going backpacking for several days in the middle of nowhere Idaho."
"Really, really."


"So we are really going?"
"Yep.  And you know what else?"
"You can bring a friend."
"I can?  Oh which friend to bring?  It will be hard to decide.  Sneaky or Cheeto, Rex or the Squirrel with no name.  I don't know which one."
"I know which one.  I have already sent the invitation."
"Who is it?"
"Your gal pal Belle."

"Belle?!!!!!!!  (That's me leaping for joy).  Belle gets to come with us!  You are the best MOM in the whole world!  Well, you were before, but now you are just over the top, tails and shoulders above the rest, the BEST mom!"
"I don't know about that.  What I do know is I love you and we are going to have a beautiful adventure togoether."
"What about your knee?"
It's still attached right?"
"Well that is good enough for me."
Well Friends I am one hap hap happy Goose.  I do get to go backpacking with my MOM and my gal pal Belle gets to come with me.  What more could a Goose ask for?
Oh yea, my very own headlamp.

I'll be gone for a while.  If you don't hear from me by Tuesday send Bert to come find us.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trekking Poles

Hello Friends.
I just know something is a foot, and it's not just the hiking boots.  Take a look.

These are MOM's trekking poles.  First the hiking boots and now the poles.  What is going on?  I think we might be going on a really good hike.  MOM does not get these things out unless there is something major about to happen, by major I mean a big tough hike.  See over the many, many and one more, many years of my MOM sliding into 2nd base and home plate (for some strange reason she has never slid into 3rd only had to dive back).  And all those years of climbing mountians, have taken a toll on her left knee.  Here are the words of one of her doctors, "Now I don't want to tell you to stop hiking or taking stairs but..."  My MOM said, "That's not going to happen, I will continue to do those things."  Doctor, "Well then aside from surgery all I can say is use a stick or something when you hike to help your knee and put ten drops on each side of your knee 3 times a day of this stuff."  So that's what she has done.  Then MOM's wonderful friends gave her these trekking poles for her birthday this year.

(Excuse the quality of the next photos MOM turned off the flash.)
I am so excited it must mean we are going somewhere good.
"MOM, are we going hiking today?"
"No Goosie, why do you ask?"

Why do I ask she says.  "Well becasue now the trekking poles have joined the hiking boots, so I thought..."
"You thought what Bubba Goo?"
"I thought it means we are going on a hike, maybe a real good hike that requires poles."
"Not today Goose.  But how about we go for a walk."
"Yea OK, but a hike would be even funner."
"I'm sure it would, but for now a walk will have to do."

See friends this is what I call a good hike.  It took several hours to get to this point.  We hiked up this big mountian, so high that the trees could not grow on top.  Then we started a descent into this beautiful area.  And you know what was just around at the bottem to the left?

THIS!  Doesn't this look way better than just a walk?

Maybe my MOM is getting to old to do the "good" hikes anymore.  Maybe she is getting all this suff out to sell in a garage sale.  Well you know what?  That is just fine with me.  I would rather go on just a walk with my MOM than be anywhere else without her.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hiking Boots

Hello Friends. 
So there I was going about my normal stuff. Rolling in the grass, chewing a stick, laying in the shade, walking my property, finding sticks, barking at the horses going by the front of the house, chasing dragon flies, and chewing sticks.  You know normal Goose stuff.  I went into the house.  I think I could smell them even before I entered the room.  And then I saw them.

What are MOM's hiking boots doing out?
"Hey Cheeto do you know why MOM's hiking boots are out?  Oh Dog do you think we are going hiking????  Could it be?"
Oh the beautiful smell of adventure!
"Mom are we going hiking?"
"Then why are your hiking boots out?  I think it would be a great idea to go for a hike."
"Are they out?" 
"Yes!  Yes, they are right here!  Since they are out already maybe we should go for a hike."
"Oh Gooie I don't think so.  Maybe some other time."
"But MOOOOOOOM!  Why would you put your hiking boots out here if we are not going hiking?"
"I guess you will just have to wait and see."
"Awwwww I don't want to wait!"  {{Sob}}
"Wonderfully beautiful things can happen if we just give it time."
"Yea I know........ How much time?"
Stay tuned friends and think good happy hiking thoughts for me.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Home Again

Hello Friends.  I am back from Camp Bert.  Miss Vickie came home from her trip, so it was time for me and MOM to go back to our homestead.  

But before I left I gave Allred one more chance to cough up the ring.

No go.  He was not saying a thing.  Just look at that smug look on his face.

I'm so happy to be home I could cry.  Don't get me wrong I love hanging out at Bert's place.  But there is nothing like being home, rolling in my own grass.

And taking a snooze in my grass.  Note to MOM: "Don't ya think it's time to cut the grass?"  I'm breathing in the stuff.  Don't worry friends I did not inhale."  hehhehe

And I get to pick my own tomatoes from my own plant that MOM planted just for me.

I think I will take this one right here to go with my dinner.

I did have a wonderful time at Bert's Place, but I am still a little tired.

And how cool is this squirrel?  Miss Vickie brought it back for me from her trip.  She didn't bring Bert back anything, well except herself, and that is better than a squirrel any day.  But I love my squirrel Miss Vickie.  Thank You!!  And Bert buddy thanks for all the good times we had.  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Busy Day

Hello Friends.  It was another action packed day at Camp Bert.  MOM had to be at church a lot today, it was Sunday after all.  But she came back to Bert's place several times to check on us and give us kisses and hugs and belly rubs.  Bert and I held down the fort.  But I am so tired I think I will let the pictures do most of the talking about our action packed day.

Wait there is more.  We had to switch it up.  We actually had to get up and move.

Exhausting I know.  I'm tired just looking back at the pictures.  We did do one one thing, as if all the above was not enough.

I took it upon myself to interrogate Allred about where he took MOM's ring.  He was trying to look all innocent.  

I brought Bert in so we could be Good Dog Cop/Bad Dog Cop.  But Bert was more interested in MOM playing ball with him.  See the red ball there on the floor?  And that "Please play ball with me" look on his face.

Miss Vickie commented that she forgot to tell us that Allred is a kleptomaniac and likes to take "trinkets".  MOM's Mark told her "at least the bracelet was found, and the ring can always be replaced".  He's right, and besides we all have had fun searching for it.  It's been an adventure.  And it could of been worse,  Allred could have carried me away instead.  
Miss Vickie will come home Monday and I know Bert and all the others will be oh so happy to see her, well all except Allred maybe.  He is going to be in soooo much trouble.  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back At Camp Bert

Hello Friends.  Day three at camp Bert.  All is going well.  Well, except for one thing.  More on that later.  I am having a great time here at Bert's helping him take care of all the doggies that are boarded here while Miss Vickie is gone.  We all have played and played.  Today there was a little less playing and a little more napping.  Let me show you around at some of the guest here.

Raj and Mystery (Cooling off in the covered area of their play area)

Lilly and Liby (they just met and became fast friends)

Mocha and Sam 

Toby and Sammy (their brother Charlie is here to, a black lab, but he was shy)

MOOSE (he was Always up for a good play)

Sam again, he just LOVES being in the pool

Monte and Mable, Sunny and Snowball


Duke and Winston






Pepsi and Lilly

Me and Lilly.  "Nope Goose your breath smells good to me."

I bet Lilly sleeps for like 87 hours when she gets home.  She is getting a head start before her mom and dad come and get her.

Like I said all is going so great except for one thing.  Last night before MOM went to bed she took off her See Beautiful bracelet and her ring.  She placed them on a table next to the computer.  As she was checking on the guest one last time and shutting off the lights she heard something.  There was Allred batting around her bracelet and ring.  To not startle the Devil Cat she approached slowly.  It half worked.  He dropped the bracelet but took off with MOM's ring.  Oh No!  She followed him in and out of rooms, but could not see if he dropped it.  Then he went outside.  We are not sure if he hid it, ate it, or pawned it for NIP money.  Or maybe he is going to give it to Nellie over at Cat from Hell.  
So Mark if you are reading this and you have not heard yet about the ring, sorry dude.  

I am talking to Bert about putting his search ability to work and see what we come up with.    

In other news: The sleeping arrangements are getting a little tight.

Not fully pictured two more dogs, Abby and Josie.  Abby will be up here soon.  Josie likes to sleep on the dog bed.
"Hey MOM there is a spot right up there in the upper left hand corner next to your PJ's.  Or maybe Josie will share her dog bed with you, but don't count on that."
Have a beautiful Sunday.