Friday, November 30, 2012

MOM, Wolves, and Beautiful

Hello Friends.

Yesterday when my MOM picked me up from Bert's she just had to go and play with the wolves.  Take a look.

There's my MOM with one of the wolves.  She's a beauty isn't she.

This guys name is Kaos.  I will admit I was a little afraid for my MOM here.  I was on the other side of the fence.  I'm not allowed in with the wolves, none of us doggies are.

 But he really is a sweetie.

He just wanted to give my MOM some kisses.

Kaos then gets a real good belly rub.  He likes my MOM a lot.

My MOM would like to say that she does not believe that wolves should be pets.  They are wild animals after all.  But since wolves are my MOM's favorite animal (next to me of course) given this opportunity the last two weeks she just can't pass up petting them and rubbing their bellies.

Now for something very important.  Something that is VERY close to our hearts.  You may know that my MOM serves on the board of St. Anne's Homeless Center and she volunteers there a lot too.  You may also know that we are in the middle of building a new facility that will be called Lantern House.  Well for the month of December  St. Anne's/Lantern House PET AREA is the non-profit of the month at SEE BEAUTIFUL.  We are so humbled and honored.  Please Please visit SEE BEAUTIFUL NON-PROFIT of the MONTH to read all about it AND what you can do to help.  In addition to what you will read there, you can also during the month of December, send a photo of how you see beautiful to  For every photo they receive they will donate $1 up to $1000!  How cool is that?  WAY cool, that's how cool.  All monies raised from the sent in photos and 20% of the sales (not proceeds but the WHOLE sale) of the few products See Beautiful offers will all go to the PET AREA that is being built at the shelter!!  
You all have seen me wearing my See Beautiful dog tag and my MOM wears a See Beautiful bracelet and necklace that she just loves.  I know that this is a little long, but it is so important to me and MOM for this PET AREA to be built so that when someone or a family becomes homeless they are able to keep the whole family together at the shelter including the families pets.

And now for the card count.
Goose 29- MOM-1


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Card Count

Hello Friends.

WOW are the cards ever rolling in.  Each day the mail person pulls up and unloads another batch.

 Check out all those cards behind me.

And the card count is...... 21 cards for me and 1 for MOM.

"No seriously MOM, I will share all these with you but we do seem to have a little problem.  It seems we are running out of room on the card holder thingy you made.  So......"

"I got out the supplies you'll need to make another one.  I got the ribbon, Gorilla glue, glitter, Xacto knife set, scissors, and the wood, paint and jig saw are in the garage."  

There she goes again with the raised eyebrow.  

"So MOM, while you make another card holder thingy we can talk about getting a tree.... MOM, MOM?"

She just walked away.  Huh, I guess she is going to the garage.  Well we can talk when she gets back.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hello Friends.

Remember back in October I told you about Grace?  If not you can read about her Here, just scroll down past me eating tacos and you will see the story.  In short she was attacked by 2 street dogs outside St. Anne's.  Her companion lived at St. Anne's Homeless Center.  Grace received some pretty bad, life threatening injuries, but her companion could not afford to take her to the vet.  I ask for help from you and your response was overwhelming and she was able to have the surgery. 

Here she is right before her surgery.

 And here she is after her surgery.  It has been a long road of recovery.

Wednesday night my MOM had a board meeting at St. Anne's.  When it was over she was leaving and walking through the lobby.  And then she stopped short and who should she see sitting so pretty eating a Milk Bone?  GRACE!

Isn't she beautiful.  And she is all better now.  And most of her furs have grown back where she had to be shaved.  My MOM dropped to her knees and just hugged and loved on her.  She is just the sweetest pup you'd ever want to meet.  She is happy and healthy and did I mention she is sweet sweet Sweet.  

I know this photo is blurry.  MOM took it with her phone and the lobby was packed with people who where checking in for the night.

Friends I want to thank each and every one of you.  Many of you sent green papers to help pay for Grace's vet bills and all of you said a prayer and sent the Power of the Paw for her.  And just look at the beautiful results.  She was even wearing the collar I gave her and attached to the collar was the See Beautiful tag that Buddy, Lilly and Lydia sent to her.  And friends that is what I see, BEAUTIFUL.  Grace is beautiful, and each and everyone of you is beautiful for how much you cared to help save her life.   You will most likely never meet Grace but each of you are apart of her and her companion's life, and they are so very much thankful.  And me and MOM are thankful, grateful and blessed to be a part of a community that does not hesitate to do such a beautiful thing.  It means a lot to us.

Monday, November 26, 2012

It's a Christmas Miricle

Hello Friends.

I can hardly believe it happened.  Let me set the stage for you.  For the last day or three I have been getting Christmas cards in the mail and also via email.  It has been ever so cool.

I received this envelope from Great Britian.

It was a great card from my friend Stormy.  That's when I realized that MOM had not put up the other cards I have received   So I asked her what the deal was.  She said that she was not sure where she was going to put all the cards that were coming in for me.  So I suggested that we use one of those card holding hanging thingys.  Just get it out of the boxes that hold all our Christmas decorations.  That's when MOM gave me the raised eyebrow look.  You see friends we do not have any boxes that hold Christmas decorations.  Why you ask.  Well, that I do not know.  What I do know is for longer than I have been around we have never put up a tree or lights or decorations.  Yes we put Christmas cards on the entertainment center.  

But now that like 8700 Christmas cards are starting to come in for me we needed to do something.  MOM could not argue with logic like that.  And here is where the miracle comes in.  We headed off to buy a card holder thingy to hang on the wall.  My MOM actually went up and down the Christmas isles searching for the card thingy.  She even went down them more than once, more than four times.  But she could not find one.  So you know what she did?  She bought Christmas stuff and (hold on to your furs) she made her own Christmas Card hanging holder thingy!!!!  "Only for you Goosie" she said.  And now I present our Christmas decoration.....

I think it is Great!!!

The only down side is while she was walking up and down those Christmas isles she saw these antlers that have lights in them and they blink.  But hey that's OK cuz now I get to hang my cards and look at them and we have a Christmas decoration.  Yes friends it is a Christmas miracle.  

Who knows, maybe next we will get a tree like my friend Jenni's tree behind me.  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meet Miss Sophie

Hello Friends.

Saturday a few of us went to take a walk and our new friend Miss Sophie came along. 

Isn't she a cutie?

She loves to romp and play.

Annie and Miss Sophie

Miss Sophie is not sure about water yet.  But if Bert has his say she will be swimming in no time.

Miss Sophie and Belle.

That's Paulette, Miss Sophie's mom.  She was Murphy's mom before he went to the Bridge.

I'm showing Miss Sophie how to sniff out stuff on the trail.

She just want's to follow and be a big dog too.  Soon she will be.

Back in May my MOM took this picture of Paulette and my buddy Murphy on this log at the Fort.

Saturday MOM to this picture of Paulette with Miss Sophie on that same log.

"Hey Uncle Goose can we come here to play again?"
"I promise pup we will have many more romps and play days here."


Black and White Sunday

Goose & Belle

Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Adventure

Hello Friends.

Oh Dog did MOM, Belle and I have a great adventure.  We left Thursday early afternoon for the mountains to do some hiking and camping.  The rain stopped and it was a beautiful clear day Thursday and Friday.  We hiked and hiked.  MOM said it was like 87 miles, but really I think it was only like 8 or 7 or so for her, but for Belle and I it was 87.  I put together a little video for you to watch then I'll tell you more afterwards.

We really did have a wonderful time.  But it sure was cold at night. It was so cold that in the evening and early morning MOM's camera didn't work.  When MOM looked at the thermometer at around 1AM it said it was 19 degrees (that's -7 Celsius).  But MOM build a small fire and we warmed our paws before we laid our heads down to sleep.  And Belle and I made sure we kept MOM warm in the tent.  When we got home Friday afternoon we were very tired and MOM did something she rarely does... she turned the heat up to 65 degrees!  
While we were there we saw some amazing and beautiful sights and critters of all kinds.  We ran and hiked, romped and played.  We sang and hummed, reflected and pondered.  We breathed in deep and exhaled slowly.  And even though silly MOM left her trekking poles in the Blazer and her knee is a little tweaked and swollen, we were (and are) thankful and blessed.  
Now I am even more excited for Christmas day when we get to do it again.
Have a beautifully blessed weekend friends.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Good Times

Hello Friends.

I'm still up in the mountains but I asked MOM to do a post before we left and hopefully she did it right and you are seeing this.  She has never done a post and post dated it.  But I have confidence in her.

This past Wednesday I met up with some of my friends at the Fort for some good times.  Let's see what we did shall we.

Bert chasin' down Logan.  Logan beat him to the ball.  Hard to believe, I know.

Lovely Annie was there.  She just came from the spa.

Rompin' and playin'

That's Miss Sophie talkin' with Annie.  You may know who Sophie is.  She is Paulette's new puppy.  Murphy was Paulette's dog.   Sophie is well on her way to being a great therapy dog just like her brother Murphy.

Miss Sophie takin' it all in.

Of course my gal pal Belle was there.

Miss Sophie just loves Bert.

You may wonder why I am not in these photos.  I am sticking like glue to my MOM's side.  A couple of months ago when we were all at the Fort with a lot of other dogs, a dog bit me on the eye.  It was not real serious, but ever since that day I do not like to be in the ball field at the Fort.  When we get out of the Blazer I do not want to go in the field and I shake a little.  But as soon as we all start to walk along the river and through the woods I am just fine and lead the way.

Bert brought me back a real nice stick from the pond.

Here fishy fishy!!

Sweet Belle even brought me a stick.

I found a great stick.  I think this one weighed about 40lbs.

I love chasin' Belle through the woods.  She always lets me catch her, eventually.

Baci and Logan love chain' each other too.

Belle is on the hunt for a squirrel.

I blend in so well.  Sometimes MOM say, "Where is Goose?"  And I am right in front of her.

I am so happy I think I could fly!

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll be telling you about me and MOM's and Belle's adventure on Thanksgiving and Friday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Friends and Happy Thanksgiving.

For many, Thanksgiving will be spent like this...

And I think that is great.  I also think the little girl has much wisdom.  But not all traditions look like this.  Want to see me and MOM's tradition?  

We go to a place where people are waiting outside, some with their pups, to get a Thanksgiving meal.

Inside the hungry are fed and they are thankful.

Can you guess what we do next?  I have given you several hints in this photo.

That's right, hiking, camping and hopefully fishing.  Although we will not have this much snow this time (in fact it is raining right now, I hope it stops cuz you know I am not a fan of being in the rain).  Anyway it is still a great tradition, one I have enjoyed for many years and I am thankful for a MOM who takes me on such grand adventures.  But truth be told if we just plant our butts on the couch, have some chicken wings and watch football that would be perfect too.  

To you my friends I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and I hope you are surrounded by the ones you love.  MOM and I are thankful for each and everyone of you, you have enriched our lives.