Sunday, August 28, 2016

No Match for Us

Hey All.

On Saturday I had a backyard pool party at my house.  You know when I get to flood my yard so the grass grows green.  I called up Bert and asked him to come over and to bring his siblings.  I swear he was over to my house before I hung up the phone.  When he got there I told him my momma had a surprise for us, for me and him.

And here it is a GIANT tennis ball!!!!! 

For those of you who know my pal Bert know that he is not allowed to have tennis balls, something about swallowing them and then having to have surgery (like 87 times now).  So the only ball Bert can play with is this red ball.  He can't break it open and swallow it.  Oh but how my pal LOVES tennis balls (me too).  So momma found this big old tennis ball that the advertisement said was "Indestructible".  'Perfect' she thought. 

I gave it a good shake.  So far so good.

Momma tossed the ball out into my backyard pool and Bert and I would chase it.  So so so much fun!

It even floats in water.

Then 87 seconds later we put a hole in Wilson.  Giant tennis ball was no match for us.

Yep 87 seconds, one of the best 87 seconds of our lives.  And you know what????  Flat tennis ball is almost as fun as a tennis ball with out a hole in it.

Flat tennis ball is almost as fun as a tennis ball with out a hole in it.


Last time I told you about my back yard pool and how momma and I flood our yard every 7 1/2 days someone asked "WHAT?"  I forgot to answer that question.  So here is the answer.  We use flood irrigation to water our yard.  That means there is a ditch (ours is covered and is a big pipe under ground).  At the back of the yard we have a gate that we open up and the water flows into my yard.  Several of our neighbors do the same thing.  Each person pays for shares and depending on how many shares you pay for determines how long you get the water on you day.  We get 5 hours and 15 minutes.  Depending on water flow momma can get our yard flooded in about 2 to 3 hours.  When we are done we close our gate and open the main gate to flow down to our neighbor to use.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Flyin' Friday

Hey All.

Hey is a little video for your viewing pleasure.


Gal Pal

Hey All

Many of Ya All know my Angel Brother Gooses gal pal Belle.

Goose and Belle were the bestest of friends.  They had so many adventures together hiking and backpacking through the mountains of Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

One of their favorite places was Gooses Rock.

Here ya see Goose walking his gal pal Belle to Gooses Rock in May of 2015.  This was the last adventure they took together.

On Saturday I had the honor of escorting the beautiful Belle to brother Gooses rock.

We had a grand time together.

Like my best pal Bert she is a great swimmer.  I have learned so much from my Golden Pals. 

And like my brother Goose she always Sees Beautiful and she spreads beautiful wherever she goes.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hard Work Has It's Rewards

Hey All.

Normally on a Saturday momma and I go on a hike, but this past Saturday momma had to get some yard work done.  So Belle and I decided we could help out.

"Momma ya got to slow down and pace yourself, we've got a lot of work to do."

"Ya know from this angle there does not seem to be as much work."


I think Belle and I did a real nice job on this part of the flower bed.

Friends this yard work stuff is hard work.  It's important to take a break every now and then.


After all our hard work momma rewarded us with BIG MilkBones!! And she helped herself to a beverage.

"Ummm momma your drink is flowing from the top."

"Bud that's for momma not you."

"But it smells tasty....sniff sniff sniff..."

"What is this?  It says Boont.  Why does it have a picture of a bear with antlers on the bottle?  If it has animals on it then it must be for animals, right?  I'm an animal momma.  And just like taking breaks during hard work it is equally important to keep hydrated."

"Let's see.... I think there is enough in there to share.  You said it is important to share momma.  Yea there is defiantly enough in there to share."

"Burrrrrrrp."  Friends I recommend Boont beer with MilkBones.  They pair very nicely together.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

You Give the Title

Hey All.

I know it's Wordless Wednesday so I'll let you give the Title of the following.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

See Beautiful

Hey All,

It's This Moment See Beautiful hosted by SUGAR!!  Oh Dog have I had a ton of See Beautiful moments since we last showed you all the See Beautifulness last month.  My life is just full full full of Beautiful.  And yesterday my dog bowl just overflowed with Beautiful.  Momma picked me up from Bert's and a half hour after we go home momma put me in her office and closed the door.  WHAT????!!!!!  I didn't understand why.  But I was a good boy and just laid down.  Then a few minuets she opened the door and my nose went CRAZY.  I was sniffing all over the living room, and my nose led me through the kitchen, then the bedroom and out the back door and what did I come face to face with?

It was my angel brother Gooses gal pal Belle!!!!
Oh I just love her.  I love her so much I share my sticks with her.

It was the best kind of beautiful, hanging with a good friend.

Then what momma told me next just knocked me over..... Belle is staying with me for almost TWO WEEKS!!!!  Two weeks with the beautiful Belle.  Know what that spells?  Beautiful, that's what.
I was so excited when I heard this that I stole a kiss.  Hehehhe  Kisses are beautiful too.

Don't worry angel brother Goose, I will take very good care of your gal pal Belle.  Momma says the relationship you two shared was one of the most beautiful things she has seen. 

Blessings and Happy Seeing Beautiful my friends,

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Smilin' for Sugar

Hey All.

Today I am smiling and celebrating with all of Blogville Sugars 15th Barkday!!  Stop by her place and give her a smile.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sugar!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hiking with Momma

Hey All.

I put together a little video of me and my momma hiking Icebox Canyon.  Take a look.

Oh it was so much fun.  I just love this whole outdoor thing my momma loves.  For us hiking is good for the body and soul.  I hope you all have something in your life like that. 


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Buddy vs. Stick

Hey All.

Momma and I hiked Icebox Canyon this weekend.  I will show you some photos this week.  But for now here is a video of me and a stick (momma says it's a small tree that was still attached to the ground).  Butt hey I don't discriminate.

Just so you know I did get the "stick" released from the ground and safe and sound to the bank.  Bert's Miss Vickie asked my momma when she saw this video, "you sure that's not Goose in a Pit Bull costume?" 


Monday, August 1, 2016

Doing Life BIG

Hey All.

I thought I would share a video of all the fun fun time Bert and I had last week.

Like Bert and I always say, "If you're going to do life, then do it BIG!"  You know make the most of every moment.  Love BIG, Give BIG, Work BIG, Share BIG, Play BIG, Rest BIG, Go BIG or go home.  Dog oh Dog life is wonderfully beautiful.