Saturday, March 31, 2012


I asked MOM if I could PLEASE go play with my friends this morning.  She said, "I don't know, you didn't eat hardly any breakfast today.  So maybe we should go another day." 
Guess I'll just lay out here, by myself while my friends have fun.

I gave MOM the "look" then went outside and laid in the grass.  It was more than MOM could take.  hehhehe So off we went to the Fort to meet my friends. Here are a couple of photos from the day followed by a foolish message.
Look how deep in the water I am

Watching Bert do what he does best

That's right, making a big splash

Me and Bert having a tug on a stick

And now today' Foolish message with a few Photos:
There is no better day for Palm Sunday to fall upon than April Fool’s Day. Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is a classic “April Fool's” experience.
First, the two disciples Jesus chose to go “borrow” that colt must have been waiting for Jesus to say “April Fool's.” But he doesn’t. Instead Jesus seriously instructs his disciples to go and commit the first-century equivalent of “grand theft auto.”
Jesus’ suggested “get out of jail free” card sounds like another “April Fool's” — just say, “The Lord needs it.” Yeah. Right. That will work. But . . . it does!

After playing with my friends I helped MOM get the church ready 

The disciples and many in the crowds bared their arms and back, they lay their cloaks, the garments that most physically identify who they are, down upon the roadway, creating a cushioned path for the skittish young animal bearing their master. What April Fool’s was this, what April Fool’s were they for stripping down and looking undignified and under-dressed, in order to honor a scriptural image of the messiah.
Jesus never flinched from playing “the fool” in order to fulfill God’s will. He directed and rode in a pilgrimage parade to the tune of “Hosanna” into Jerusalem. Then he left it all to plod a dusty path back to Bethany. His disciples were not scholars or star students. They were fishermen and tax collectors, nobodies and less than desirables. His “foolish” path took him into Jerusalem to the chants of “Blessed be” and had him driven out of Jerusalem with a cross beam strapped to his back on his way to Golgotha.
How willing are you to become an “April Fool” for Christ? Are you willing to admit that you are part of a truly “foolish” family?

I'm willing to be a fool

Throughout the two thousand one hundred years of Christianity the faithful have stepped forward form the safety of anonymity or the security of a well-heeled position to embrace . . . foolishness, nakedness, a Palm Sunday parade mentality . . . in order to proclaim Christ.

MOM leading Rosie and Jesus in the church last year

If we get all “dressed up” on Easter Sunday, then Palm Sunday should be the time we get “dressed down,” the time we “get naked.” Wave palm fronds in the parking lot — even when cars are driving by. Take a risk at caring about someone who is truly risky. Go out on a limb. Take the path usually not taken. Don’t cross the street or room to avoid an undesirable encounter. Don’t’ be afraid to be naked. To be on parade. To be different.
To be a follower of the One who never flinched when it came to being a fool for God, is to be an April Fool for Christ.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Not Quite Back Yet

Just when ya think you are getting better, then you don't.  It's weird.  I went to work with MOM today.  I love it there (I know, I know, I have said that before, like 87 thousand times).  But I do.  I get so excited, even when I am sick.  The plan was for me to just lay in MOM's office and rest.  But I had other ideas.  MOM could not resist my mesmerizing eyes.  So she took me outside so I could walk around.  I just could not walk.  Now I did not run full speed but it was a pretty good pace.

Just taken in the wonderful Spring air

I can help but run to my MOM

Then I climbed a big hill

I was pretty tired after only 20 minutes so I took a nap in MOM's office.  

Yea those are plants MOM is growing for the community garden at our church.  Last year we were able to give the local shelter a couple 1000 pounds of fresh produce plus all the veggies that were given to others who needed or wanted it.
After a nap, well really I was still napping, when I heard a voice calling my name over and over again.  It was not MOM, and it was not Jesus.  hehhehhee (cuz I am so sick, get it?).  Oh come on!  You have to have a sense of humor pups.  Anyway, it was....

This guy, "L".  He is the son of my MOM's dear friend.  I love little "L".  And he brought me a get well card he made and he taped a Milk Bone to the card!

He is so much fun.  Can you read the card I am holding down with my back paw.  "L" really likes my tail.

He gives me the best hugs.  Makes me feel better.

Then we played follow the leader

Then we played on the playground.  

We are about ready to slide down the slide.  Yes I slide with him.

Then it was time for "L" to go home.  Do you know who he gets to go home too?  My gal pal Belle. That's right my favorite little guy's dog is sweet Belle.   Boy I was a really tired when he left.

So tired.  

I wish I could say I felt good, but I don't.  I am still sick.  But on the bright side it's been almost 24 hours since I last puked.  I still don't want to eat, but MOM keeps at it and I am eating a little.  I get more medicine tomorrow and on Monday I will go back to the vet and we'll see what happens from there.
I sure hope MOM lets me go play with some of my friends tomorrow at the Fort.  She said we will talk about it in the morning.  I guess if I am going to convince her I am well enough to go I better go to bed and get some rest.  Have a beautiful weekend.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Doing My Job

It's still a mystery why I am sick.  But I think I am getting better.  And I am still doing my job, which is to take care of MOM.  This is an important job and I take it seriously and no sickness will make me stop doing that.  You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Still sick, but resting

Last night I had a difficult time taking my medicine.  MOM kept at it and finally I did take my meds.  Then she tried to get me to eat.  She tried to give me canned dog food (something I almost never get) no go, then she tried the chicken and rice, nope, scrambled eggs, pee-u, yogurt, I thought about it, but no.  Then she tried multi grain bread, hummm, OK I'll have a little of that.  So I ate some bread and then I finally ate a little chicken and rice, hand fed of course.  Then I went and laid on the couch with MOM.

Being taken care of

With me being so sick MOM has put on hold doing some of the things she needs to do.  She says, "First things first.  And you are first Goose."  That's sweet huh?  Since I was sleeping she thought she would try and get caught up on some stuff, like homework, sermon, homeless shelter stuff, ironing.  With all that I guess she forgot to eat her own dinner, and I think she might have forgotten to take her medicines.  She's not sure if she forgot, she can't remember if she did or didn't.   Around a quarter to 1AM she went to bed, I went too.

Sleepy time

Then somewhere in the 3 o'clock hour I sprung into action.  MOM was not doing so well.  Even though she was asleep I knew she was slipping into that kind of sleep that is BAD, the kind you don't wake up from.  So I got off the bed and went to her side and started to whine and push her side with my nose.  I got very little response.  So then I barked and pulled on her hand.  Still not much response.  Then I jumped back on the bed and barked and put my paw on her chest and sort of pushed.  Finally I laid on her chest and got my face right into her face.  I licked her face.  Then I got real serious and I barked right into her face.  This is what I said, "Hey woman!" (I have to get tough like that, but I mean it with all the love in the world.)  "Hey Woman if you don't get up and take whatever it is you take to help you out of these coma things, then I am going to PUKE right in your face.  Don't think I won't do it.  You know I know how to puke and I am not afraid to do it, so GET UP NOW!"

This is my "GET UP NOW" look

That must have done the trick, cuz she stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom (with my help) and she found the stuff she needed.  Took it and crawled back to bed.  Don't think my job ended there.  No sir.  I lay on her and kept my head close to her face and lick her every so often until I knew she was back to normal.  This is nothing new for me.  I have been helping MOM in this way for many years.  I just know when she needs help.  MOM may have rescued me 12 years ago, but she always says I rescued her.  You know what I think...... It was and is God's will and desire for us to be together.  

Whewwww what a night.  At 5AM MOM was up getting ready for work, then she noticed I DID NOT puke anywhere!  yea!  Then she gave me my medicine, put it in bread and I ate it.  Then she tried to get me to eat some canned dog food.  I said no.  Then she thought of something.  She put the dog food on a paper plate and then she warmed it up in the microwave.  You see for me I think if anything comes on a paper plate it must be super good.  After all, all that yummy food from church potlucks comes on paper plates.  Know what happened???  I ATE it!

See what I mean.  Look at all that yummy food on paper plates.  This was a church picnic potluck and worship in the park

I think I might be getting better.  Wish I could say I was 100%, but hopefully soon.  The doctor still has no idea what is wrong.  But he is working real hard to find out.  All my test so far have come back normal.

Look what my friend Robin brought for me today.  Flowers.  Beautiful huh?  I can't wait til I feel good enough to help MOM plant them in our flower beds.

Thanks for all the good vibes, thoughtful thoughts, and uplifting prayers.  I now they are making me stronger.  And I do feel the comfort you are giving.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm still sick.  I was still not eating on Monday.  On Tuesday I did swallow my meds and I ate a small treat.  MOM took me to Bert's Vickie's place so she could go to work.  As far as church goes this is a rather busy time with Palm Sunday this Sunday followed by Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Egg Hunt and then Easter.  To add to it two of MOM's parishioners died, one on Sunday and one on Monday. 
I didn't mind going to daycare, cuz Miss Vickie and Bert take real good care of me.  Vickie even got me to eat some bread and a little bit of hamburger meat.  Of course MOM called and e-mail Miss Vickie like 87 times to see how I was.  I keep reminding MOM of Matthew 6:25-34.  It is a scripture my MOM really tries to live by.  And she does a pretty good job of doing that... except when it comes to me.  She just can't help but worry.  Mom's ya gotta love em'.   For me I don't gotta, I just can't help myself.
MOM picked me up early instead of going to the gym.  When we got home she loved on me a lot.  Then after a bit I threw up again.  Dang it.  She called the vet, but he had left at noon (he does that on Tuesdays).  But the nice person said she would give him the message when he came in in the morning.  Not 2 minutes later the doctor called MOM!  I think we have found a keeper for a vet.  He told MOM what to do until I go back in.  So MOM did what he said then she cooked me some dinner.  Chicken and rice.

I gave it a sniff.  MOM's a good cook.  But I just didn't feel like eating.  Puking will do that to ya.

Even though I never get to eat in the living room.  MOM thought it would help me.  But as you can see I am not interested.

Then MOM held a piece of chicken for me.  And that helped and I ate a few pieces.  But I still would not eat out of the bowl.

So MOM scooped up the chicken and rice in the palm of her hand and I did eat it from her hand.  Now if I can just keep it down.  

When there was just a few grains of rice left I did try to lick the bowl out, but only if MOM held the bowl.

Then I went and laid on the couch.  I am soooo tired.

MOM put her blanket on me and I snuggled in to rest and hopefully keep my dinner inside of me, at least until it comes out the right end.  hehehhhehe

You all have been so kind with your well wishes and I am a grateful dog for your kindness. MOM is overwhelmed with your thoughtfulness.  And if we could ask for anything it's just that you pray for my comfort.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Surprising Changes and the V Word

Me on Saturday morning.

So as you read in my last post I had a great time in the woods and helping the SAR dogs.  It was fantastic.  Oh what a difference just a few moments can make.  When we got home I didn't feel so good.  In fact I threw up twice.  Then I would not eat.  Yea I know ME not eat, unheard of. 

I don't feel so good.

On Sunday things were not better.  MOM didn't know what to do.  But I told her I would be fine and she needed to go to church cuz, well, she is the pastor and she sort of needed to be there.  So she dropped me off at Uncle Mike's house at 6AM.  Around 2:30 she picked me up but I was still not feeling it.  By "it" I mean good.  

MOM laying with me. This is how she worries.

MOM still had to go back to church for the evening worship service so Bert's Vickie said to bring me to her house and her and Bert would keep an eye on me.  I did not like not being with my MOM.  And MOM most defiantly did not like having to leave me.  Around 7:30PM she picked me up and I was very happy to see her.  In fact when I got in the Blazer I looked at her with that "can I have a yummie" look.  So she gave me a small treat.  She was happy I ate it cuz I had not eaten since Saturday morning.  We got home and I drank a ton of water and went outside.  After a while I came in and MOM started to study.  Then she came to check on me in the bedroom and there it was, I threw up again, a ton of grass and that little treat.  I was miserable.

I sleep better if MOM sleeps with me.

First thing on Monday MOM made an appointment with the VET.  OH NO!  We had already decided to switch vets a little while ago (that's another story).  So in the morning she made the appointment with Bert's doctor (we heard great thing about him).  MOM was so excited when I did eat about a tablespoon of egg.  Then we went to our old vet to get my records.  Surprise he retired and did not let us know.  The place is a chiropractor clinic.  WHAT?  I have gone there for 12 years and MOM has gone there for over 25 years and he could not let us know he was shutting the whole place down.

So off to the new guy.  Half way there I jumped from the front seat to the back area and I threw up all over the place.  Yep it was the little bit of egg and a lot of slimy yellow stuff.

Sorry MOM.  :(

I got checked over real good.  And the Doc is real nice.  We are still not sure what the problem is.  The test came back pretty good.  And he said I have great muscle tone and of course I am very handsome.  I got some meds to help with the throwing up.  Then I will go back in to check other things.   I have no idea what "other" things means and at this point I really don't want to know.  I am still not eating (well I did try a nibble of some soft food the Doc gave me).  But I am keeping it down so far.  MOM worries too much.  Silly woman.  

MOM gave me her favorite blanket that means a lot to her because of who gave it to her.

So there ya have it friends.  One day you are romping in the woods and having a great time the next thing you know, you only want to sleep and throw up.

Me and my monkey.  

I want to give a BIG thank you to Bert's Vickie for all her help.  MOM was less crazy about this and you brought her some comfort and me too.  And I really like Bert's vet, thanks for sharing him.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Spring Day

Well Spring is here.  I know because MOM's favorite flower is blooming, the violet.  Those tiny little blue/purple flower that find their home in flower beds, in the lawn, along paths.  Knowing that they are my MOM's favorite I decided to show her the one's in our yard.

These are for you MOM.  Come closer so you can see them real good.

Let's just stay here a moment or two longer and enjoy their beauty.

Then it was time to leave and go meet up with our friends at the fort.  Bert was going to be there and he was going to be allowed to be off leash.  And MOM and I had a special assignment.  We were to get our selves lost so a SAR dog in training could find us.  We've done this before and we LOVE it.  And this time my friend Shasta was going to join us.

This my friend Shasta

While we waited to be found I did a little exploring

Miss Lydia (from See Beautiful) this photo is for you

I hope they find us

Then Shasta and her mom headed to the river to go play with the other doggies while MOM and I stayed lost so we could be found

It was hard for me to watch Miss Brenda and Shasta leave us

Wait what is that?  It's the SAR dog.  She found us.  We are rescued!

What a great Spring day.  Make sure you get out with your peeps and enjoy the sights, sounds, and beauty of Spring.  And give thanks to God for these special moments.