Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

What's for Dinner?

Hello Friends.

So last night my MOM made sue-she for dinner.  SUE-SHE! 

"You made what?  Sue-She?
"It's called sushi."
"Yea like I said sue-she.  What is it?"
"Well, rice, raw salmon, seaweed, and a little cream cheese."
"Seaweed?  We're going to eat weeds from the sea?  BLECK"
"haha, well you don't have to have any.  More for me.  I also made crab and cream cheese wontons.  Guess you don't want those either."
"Now let's not get ahead of ourselves here.  Do I get my own beer with this fine meal?"
"Oh I see now you are interested."
"What's not to be interested in... rice, cheese, beer, fish, cheese, beer,....."
"And... weeds from the sea."
"Sniff, sniff.  Hummmm.  It smells OK.  Wish I had thumbs to hold my nose for the weeds from the sea however.  OK, here I go."
"Yum Yum Yum!!  Oh that is good friends.  I love sue-she!"  And incase you are wondering, my MOM did some research and found out seaweed is ok for dogs, just not buckets full of it.  Which is ok with me, while it was good I would not want to have buckets of it.  But I will take more fish and cheese and rice and beer."

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Mischief Other End

Hello Friends.

As you saw yesterday I found my MOM hiding in the snow.  Silly woman.  After giving her a big old kiss when I found her she asked me to help her out of the snow.

I said, "You got your self down there, I found you, now get yourself out.  I mean really MOM you had me very worried when I turned around and you were nowhere to be seen.  I'm just going to walk away and give you a moment to think about what you have done."
Parents!!  They can be trying at times.  She has no idea the anxiety I go through when I don't know where she is.  Butt at some point you have to walk away and let them help themselves.  Of course I kept looking back to make sure she made it to her feet.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finding MOM

Hello Friends.

MOM hid from me under some snow on our hike.

I found her.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Puzzle King

Hello Friends.

Almost a year ago my MOM got me this treat puzzle for my birthday.  I mastered it in like 20 seconds.  Then I went a step further and thought outside the box and found an even better way to get the treats out.  I still enjoy it even today.  I mean it gives me treats, and I might add, for very little work.

While I do not mind hard work, I have to say that the saying "Work smarter not harder" really applies here.  Why flip the flaps up to get the treat when you can just turn the whole thing over and get them all at once.  MOM says she is in search of a tougher puzzle for my birthday this year.  If you have any suggestions let her know.  I say "BRING IT ON!"  Butt she better hurry the day is almost here.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Scoop That Poop

Hello Friends.

I am joining with the beautiful SUGAR in this Scoop the Poop blog hop.  Do you know how I feel about those who do not scoop their dogs poops?

To them I say "PHFFFFTTTTT!"
I mean come on people it's not that hard to Scoop That Poop.  It is a frustrating thing to go on a walk or a hike and to see poop just laying there.  Or worse yet step in it.  Case in point.  When MOM and I went to the Pond for a little hike what is the first thing we see... POOP.  And this poop was right on the walking path that goes around the pond.  RIGHT ON THE PATH!!  What did we do?  Well my MOM scooped it up of course.
Then we headed off into the woods and along the river.  It was so beautiful.  Even when we are in the woods at the Pond my MOM always picks of my poop.  When we emerged to walk along the path again what did we see?
THIS!  This is just a foot off the path.  I pointed it out to my MOM right away.  What did she do?  She scooped that poop.  This time it was not so easy.  It must have been there overnight because it was FROZEN to the ground.  She just about needed a chisel to scoop it up.  Here is the kicker.  As my MOM was chiseling the poop off the snow a person walked by with a little dog and about 50 or 60 feet after they past us the little dog pooped, half on the path and half off.  Did they scoop?  NO!
What did we do?  Yep, you guessed it.  MOM scooped that one up too.  That's me up there inspecting the scoop and bag job my MOM did.  I tell ya what friends, my MOM is one fine poop scooper.
Good thing we carry plenty of poop bags on my leash.  Speaking of which I want to give a BIG thank you to Sugar for sending me my prize for last months poop poetry contest.  I won!  And for my beautiful poop poetry I received a Earth Rated Poop Bag dispenser with bags and some cool drool poop tattoos.  One of the cool features of this poop bag disperser is it has a clip on it that after you bag the poop and tie it off it will clip right to the dispenser, freeing up MOM's hands.
And this is what we do after we finish our hike or walk.  If there is a trash can available we toss these earth friendly bags right in the trash can.  Otherwise we toss it in our trash at home or on the compost pile.
I implore you my friends.  Please Scoop That Poop.  It makes for a much more beautiful world.  A world that would be open to more places where we can walk with our peeps. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Royal Encouragement

Hello Friends.

If it were Spring I would have more appropriate photos for you.  But as it is still Winter my bee friends are all snuggled away in their hive.  So please enjoy some photos of my walk with my MOM on Saturday.

“Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word.”

The dream of a new start, a fresh beginning, a blank slate is a big part of something known around the world as the “American dream.” The opportunity to take a new path, to get off old roads and out of deep ruts has brought hundreds of thousands of immigrants to this country.  They moved away from the familiar and into the unknown with optimism and hope.

In 1873 Dr. Brewster Higley published a poem entitled “My Home on the Range,” which a few years later was set to music and became the state song of Kansas: “Home, Home, on the Range.” It's a “cowboy song,” a ballad to be belted out beneath the stars while watching over the herds and smelling the smoke of campfire. But Higley’s song about the wildlife and wide-open spaces includes one very human-oriented note.

Plopped in the middle of Higley’s description of a beautiful, natural setting, he thought it was important to proclaim “seldom is heard a discouraging word.” That is a human thing my friends. Deer and antelope and us dog, all animals really don’t “discourage” one another. But for those early settlers, no “discouraging word” for miles and miles meant that there was no honking hierarchy, no toxic turbo tongues, no nit-picking establishment measuring your every move, no clucking tongues looking over your shoulder and registering their disapproval. No discouraging word meant freedom from a culture of complaint and criticism, and people with a nonjudgmental spirit. No discouraging word meant the opportunity to live day to day doing the best one could without being measured against others and found wanting.
Ideally it's in the midst of family and friends where one should most seldom hear a “discouraging word.” But as members of a family, we all know each other’s foibles and flaws all too well. As family and friends we know exactly where to nit, where to pick, when to throw a withering glance, just how much cold shoulder to turn.

In 1 Corinthians 1:1-9, Paul writes to the Corinthian church as his "family" in faith. Paul had personally founded that family, but it was now showing all the familiar signs of dysfunction junction. Discouraging words are not just being suggested, they are being slapped across each other’s faces.

As Paul opens his letter to this bickering band who are exhibiting about every “bad behavior” imaginable, his first words are words of encouragement, words of praise and words of thanksgiving for their ministry and mission. He reminds the Corinthian Christians that not only are they part of his spiritual family, but that they are “sanctified,” that they are among those who are “called to be saints.”
I would step out and dare to say if any of the peeps we know were writing this letter to such wayward and backward brothers and sisters, they'd start the letter with “What are you thinking?” “What planet are you living on?” “Where did you park your spaceship?” “Do you even remember one word I taught you?”

Not Paul. Paul offers not one “discouraging word” as he begins addressing this severely strained community. Instead he recalls for them how they have been deeply, eternally “enriched” through the gift of Christ Jesus. Despite the clubby infighting and failures of faith that he will later address, Paul first and foremost affirms that the Corinthian Christians are “not lacking in any spiritual gifts.” Paul calls them not just to strive for a life of faithfulness, but that they are to aspire to sainthood, as should be the goal of all those who follow Jesus and fellowship with each other.

Now that is an encouraging word. Paul doesn’t just say, “You can do better!” He affirms that they ARE better.  His love for his “family” is first and foremost in his heart and words.
Paul is feeding his feuding faith family an infusion of “royal jelly” in order to help them grow into the fullness of what God has intended for all God’s children.

In the world of the honey bee, “royal jelly” is an extra nutritious mixture that is fed to all bee larvae, “baby bees,” the first three days of their lives by their nurse bees. It's a “superfood” that is packed with B vitamins and a unique element known as “royalactin.” But after those first three days only the bee larvae that are destined to become queen bees continue to get the “royal jelly”. The other bee larvae, deprived of the royal jelly, develop into drones or workers. It takes the “special sauce” of royal jelly to create a new queen bee, a creature who can reproduce and eventually lead a new hive into the world.

The gift of encouragement is “royal jelly” for all of us. It’s life’s true “special sauce.” One encouraging word can transform a life—from drone to queen.

In his classic “Meditations of the Heart,” African-American theologian and educator Howard Thurman tells the story of a man who was walking along the sidewalk at the close of the day. Near the curb a group of birds was pecking away, trying to open a pink paper bag. They seemed to be quarreling as they pecked. The man walked over to the spot and the birds took flight, settling at a respectful distance, watching. With his foot, he turned the bag over, examined it with care, and then emptied the bag of its content of breadcrumbs. When he had done this he resumed his walk with never a backward glance. As soon as he disappeared, the birds returned to find that a miracle had taken place. Instead of a tightly closed bag, there was before them a full abundance for satisfying their needs.

Any careful scrutiny of our lives reveals that we have been in the birds’ predicament again and again. Some great need of our life may have stopped us or blocked us, but then an unexpected stranger or unknown writer, or a comment from a friend triggered a miracle.

Thurman concludes, “However self-sufficient we are, our strength is always being supplied by others unknown to us, whose paths led them down our street or by our house at the moment that we needed the light they could give us. We are, all of us, the birds, and we are, all of us, the man.
When is the last time you offered an unscripted word of encouragement to a friend, a co-worker, spouse, child, partner, parent? When did you last apply some royal jelly to a grievance or a wound? When criticism lashes out at you, red in tooth and claw, did you keep it red, but red in forgiveness and compassion and royal jelly?

Social families, biological families, workday “families” are as imperfect today as were the families of faith Paul wrote to in the first century. We all still need to offer, not a “discouraging word,” but words of encouragement. Not mindless “atta boy” platitudes and self-esteem lies, but big dabs of royal jelly.

Instead of a “discouraging word” offer an encouraging word.  Encourage someone to step forward alone.  Or Encourage someone to reach back for one left behind.  Encourage someone to take a plunge.  Or Encourage someone to step back from a dangerous edge.  Encourage someone to take a break. Or Encourage someone to make a break for it.  Encourage someone to hold on to their reality.  Or Encourage someone to reach out for a dream. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Review Part 2

Hello Friends.

Yesterday I gave you my review of Greenies that CHEWY sent me.  I had said that I was going to share some of my Greenies with my friends at Bert's place.  A few suggested in the comments that I 1- would not have any left to share, or 2- would not at all.  So did I share?  Let's take a look.

"Hey MOM can I get out my surprise in our bag?  Can I Can I??"
"Go ahead Goose.  Get out the Greenies."
OH they are going to be so so surprised!
Tadaaaaaa.  One bag of Greenies to share with my friends.
Oh how the pups lined up.
"Come on MOM open the bag so we can share!!"
"Yea Gooses MOM,  OPEN THE BAG!!"
Scrappy was a big fan of the Greenies.
Willa, Josie, Gracie, and Ellie loved loved them too.  Notice that Bert was hoping for seconds.  That is how much he loved them.
See how my buddy Bert is all giving my MOM those "Bert Eyes" so he can have another.  Notice how I am sitting all good like.  I have learned a thing or two from my friend Zim from Army of Four about mind melds.  I am doing that to my MOM.  It worked.  Bert and I got to split and extra one.
SOOOOO giving all the dogs who part took in the Geenies goodness from CHEWY.COM combined we all give Greenies and Chewy 36 paws up.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Review

Hello Friends.

You have probably wondering why I have called you here.  Well my friends I, Sir King Goose the III (yes that is my full name), have been asked by CHEWY.com to test and review a product.  Beneath my paw is said product.  I, like you, have know idea what is inside the box.  Let us open it and find out.
Hummm, it smells good.  That is a good sign.
I will say this: They sure know how to pack o box.
Oooooo look here it is a pack of Greenies!  The package says "#1 Vet Recommended Dental Chew.  Total Oral Health Solution.  The Original Smart Treat.  Fights Tartar and Plaque.  Freshens Breath.  Maintains Healthier Teeth and Gums.  Naturally Helps Clean Teeth."  That's all well and good, AND IT IS, butt will I enjoy it.  Well take a look.  (do not adjust your computer some photos may be out of focus.)
Hehehhe It looks like a little tooth brush.  I like that.
Gotta give it the lick test.  It passed.
"Come on MOM give it up.  Stop teasing me."
Stand back, taste test in progress.
If you can't tell from the look on my face I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Friends I highly recommend Greenies.  And the Chewy peeps can get you your very own right away.  That are super fast, delivered right to your door.  And while you are at CHEWY check out all the other stuffs they have, cuz they got a lot. 
I want you to know I was not paid to say any of this.  It is my honest opinion.  I was given that bag you see up there so I could try them out and give my opinion of what I thought.
Because I still have 11 of them left I am going to share them with my buddies at Bert's place.  I know they will love them as much as me.  OK there only might be 10 left cuz I am going to ask MOM for one more, maybe two.