Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Aloha Love

Hello Friends.

Want to know what Aloha Love is?  Well let me show you.
See this here box.  It came all the way from Hawaii from my friends Gracie and Schatize at My Girlz Got Paws
Let's just take a look at what we have here.  WOW it is jam packed!
Would you look at all this great stuff!!
Right over here we have boxes of Hawaiian chocolates.  MOM says these are not for me.  Butt she is really going to enjoy sharing them with her friends.
And over here we have a stuffie red bone and a bag of yummy Zuke's Treats.  These ARE for me, not for you MOM.  And yes indeed Schatize and Gracie I will be sharing these with my friends.  Are you reading this Bert?  I'm bringing over Zuke's Treats in the morning.
Butt friends here is the very best part.  See these here children's books?  These books will go into the children's library at St. Anne's Homeless Shelter.  You see for the month of February St. Anne's Children's library in See Beautiful's non-profit of the month.  Their goal is to get 10,000 children's books donated.  Why 10,000?  Well in 2013 my MOM made and served over 10,000 meals to children (over 78,000 to adults).  If you want to know more and how you can help please go to See Beautiful and see what wonderful things they are doing and how YOU can be apart of it. 
THANK YOU Gracie and Schatize and your mom to of course.  You all are beautiful, giving, generous and I think the world of you.  The children are going to be so so excited and I can't wait to read these books to them and for them to be able to take a book or two with them when they leave the Shelter for a place of their own.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sharing with Friends

Hello Friends.

CHEWY.com sent me a package and asked if I would tell them what I thought about what was inside.  I thought if my opinion was worth something then the opinion of a few of my friends would be even better. 
So I brought my CHEWY.com box to Bert's place.  As you can see Bert is very interested in it.

"Hey Goose buddy can you give me a paw opening this box?  What ever is in here smells sooooo good."
Of course I helped my pal out.  I mean we had a very important job to do.  Taste test something.  And he was right, it smelled wonderful.
"See Bert if you start on the corner you get a better grip for rippin' the box open."
"Goose you are a genius.  I can hardly wait." 
"Come on MOM.  Pull the yummy package out.  We all are waiting!"
Ooooo.  CEWY.com sent me some SOJO Big Dog Beef Stew Flavored treats.  They smell even better out of the box.  I know you can't tell, butt I am so excited. 
Ladies first.  That's Ellie getting a yummy yummy SOJO Treat.  And even though they say Big Dog treats all the little dogs, Willa, Josie, Oakley, Scrappy loved love loved them.  "Butt really MOM when do Bert and I get one?  I mean we are BIG dogs."
"OK OK, give one to Bert, hurry hurry.  Then me.....PLEASE."
Finally!!  Oh let me tell you puppers these SOJO Treats are fantastic!!  And they are all natural, no wheat or soy, good good stuff I tell you.  I can also tell you that I would recommend them, and so do my friends.  We all give it 28 paws up.  Go get ya some!!
Disclaimer:  CHEWY.com in no way paid me or bribe me or twisted my tail.  All they asked is that I give an honest review of SOJO Treats.  And I have.  I even left the remaining treats at my buddy Bert's place so his Vickie could share them with all the dogs staying their.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mischief Permission

Hello Friends.

You read the title right, permission to get into mischief.  I know I am just as shocked as you.  Butt here is the proof.
As you can see I am ready to get right to it.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hello Friends.

Me and my gal pal Belle.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fun with Dental Care

Hello Friends.

On Saturday I received a package from KONG.
Lets see what we got in here.
Time to stop lookin' and rip into it!
Well looky here.  I got a KONG Dental Stick and KONG Dental Chew.  Let's test this out shall we.
Oh yea working the upper and lover chomppers.
I can feel my dentals being care for right away.  MOM didn't even put any KONG squeeze cheese in the grooves or a treat in the hole down the middle.  I just loved loved chewing on it.  Good dental care is very important you know.  This is going to help me rescue sticks for a long time to come.  Because as you know good healthy teeth are an important part of stick rescue.
Pardon me while I work the other side of my teeth.  Very important to give each and every tooth a good workout.
Now you know this would not be complete without me giving a little thanks for my new KONG Dental Stick, and for having a MOM who cares so much about my well being that she has always cared for my teeth and every part of me.
So my friends I give KONG Dental Stick my full approval.  It is very durable, you can stuff it with treats on the inside or some squeeze stuff on the outside.  Or like me you can enjoy it without the foodable enticements.  Sorry there are no photos of me enjoying the Dental Chew bone.  I snatched it up right away and WAAAAAY enjoyed it.  Dental care was never so much fun.
Disclaimer: Goose was not paid in any way by KONG.  He was only asked to give his honest opinion about the above mentioned products.  He only received the Stick and Chew to test out and say what he thinks.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fun Mischief

Hello Friends.

You know what, mischief can be fun.  It may not be good clean fun, but it IS fun.

Bert, Belle and me headed off to find the fun and yes some mischief.

First stop a stream.  Bert has my stick down there.
"MOM Bert won't give me my stick!!"  Just look at that silly grin on Bert's face.  Can you here him snickering at me?
The mischief continues when we found a mud puddle.
Even my sweet Belle got down and dirty.
We could not get "Golden Boy" out of it.  I know some pigs who spend less time in a mud hole.
See what did I tell you?  Mischief can be good muddy fun.  And this "Golden Boy" is the poster boy for muddy mischief.
And just for good measure when we finished our hike and were back at the Blazer Bert had to park his butt in a puddle before the ride home.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hello Friends.

This weekend I was blessed to be able to go on a little hike with my buddy Bert AND I brought along my gal pal Belle.  It was a special time with friends.  Of course you know that I spend time each week at Bert's place.  I spend time with Belle too, butt not every week.  Belle and I have been friends for a long time, and a lot of our time has been spent camping, backpacking and hiking.  So to have my two Golden friends with me on my Birthday weekend was extra special.  As we hiked along it might have been cloudy butt now and then the light shined through and I saw the colors of the rocks and the surroundings that I think others might have just over looked thinking it just a gray overcast day.

What’s your favorite color? Is it more 450? Or do you tend towards 600? Maybe even 700?  In case those numbers don’t immediately mean anything to you, on the visible spectrum scale for light 450 nanometers means “blue,” 600 is yellow, and at 700 nanometers you are seeing red.

But we don’t “see” numbers, do we?  We see the beautiful, variable, illuminating colors that light takes on as it is refracted and reflected before our eyes. We don’t experience nanometers. We bask under a blue sky don't we? Or we bath in wonder at the beauty of a sunset that melts from orange to red to crimson and purple. Whether we catalogue light as 550 nanometers or perceive it as “green” is all a matter of perspective. Are we dissecting the idea of “light” into its most basic components (measured nanometers)? Or are we responding to the expression of that light as we experience it in the world (colors)?

In Matthew’s account of the “Sermon on the Mount,” immediately after Jesus lays out his “blessed be” Beatitudes, he lifts up two metaphors of how disciples of the kingdom will be known to this world. They will be the “salt of the earth,” they will be the light of the world,” a light that will “shine before others.” Salt sharpens flavors. Light sharpens both sight and insight. Jesus is calling would-be followers of the kingdom to sharpen lives by living on the sharp, the cutting edges, the places where new perspectives, new tastes, and new visions are embraced.

Light does not just banish darkness and illuminate corners and crevices. Light also works to provide a new perspective — to put our experiences and perceptions into “a new light.” To be a disciple of Jesus, of the kingdom of God, is not just to be a focused beam of light at some measurable nanometer with laser-like narrowness and intensity. To be the “light” that Jesus challenged his disciples to be also means to continually put a new light, a new perspective, on all the world, to willingly “change up” the “game plans,” the “paradigms,” that we are used to living by every day.

Jesus’ description of the kingdom of God, where the “blessed” are the poor in spirit, the mournful, the meek, the peacemakers, the persecuted, the child-like, shifts our focus and redirects our “light.” The Beatitudes force us to stop looking at some “big picture” of marketable success, a collective to be conquered, and instead look at others as singular and significant, an individual to be embraced.

This is what Jesus calls each of us to do: to see others as he sees them. This is the new perspective that Jesus-light gives disciples: we direct our thoughts and tasks, our compassion and love, to individuals with names, not institutions or instruments with numbers.

Jesus light helps us to see others as they really are.  That change in perspective changed everything. People who are hungry need to be fed. Kids who have no place to sleep need a safe place to lay their heads. Seeing the reality of what individuals are dealing with in their lives helps us focus the light of our faith on their immediate needs, not our own long-term goals.

The Jesus light also illumines new insights, puts a new light on old perceptions, but it also banishes old shadows and those blackened corners of our lives. The light of Jesus lets us see what we could be. What God is calling us to be. What is completely transformable in our lives. We are called to be a light for the world. We are also invited to immerse ourselves and transform ourselves in that new light, that new vision of possibilities and perspectives.

No child should have the blank pages of their life filled up with the forbidding text of a story that is over before it has begun, a book that opens only to shut, already weighted down to close by the burdens of birth, breeding and bias.

Jesus did not just want his disciple to see others as they really are — that was only the first step. The disciple who truly embraces Jesus light, who sees his new illumination on this world, is the person who sees others as Jesus saw them. Jesus never saw anyone as a sinner, only as a sufferer. Jesus never saw anyone as someone who had fallen short, but as someone who needed help to cross the finish line. Jesus did not condemn. Jesus cured.

The world would totally change, if this one beautiful thing were put into practice: if we would only see others as Jesus sees them. If we all saw each other as Jesus sees us, then we would see everyone we meet as a beloved child of God.

You are the light.  So shine.  Let your beautiful light shine, see others for who they are, for who they are created to be.  For they are light just like you.  They maybe a blue (450) and you maybe be red (700) butt it takes all those colors to make up a rainbow my friends, so shine shine shine.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

See Beautiful

Hello Friends.

On Wednesday I gave you a clue, well my MOM did, about this special day.  It is very true that the 14th is Valentines Day, and it's the Queen of Hearts ball and party in Blogville, and yes it is my 14th Birthday.  The hint on my MOM's shirt was "See Beautiful".  Oh yes my favorite time.  Every 2nd Friday of the month you are invited to share the ways you created, saw, experienced and enjoy all the beautiful that is around you and within you.  And this month it is even more beautiful and I will tell you why at the end of my video.

OH so much beautiful, don't you agree?  Now why this month is even MORE beautiful.  For everyone who joins this blog hope See Beautiful will donate a new children's book to St. Anne's Homeless Shelter for the children's library!!  How cool is that?  Way and Very, that's how cool and even more beautiful.  You know that St. Anne's in near and dear me and MOM's heart and oh how we love love the children there.  And they are going to love all the wonderful books headed their way.  If you want to see how See Beautiful is helping spread the Beautiful and love to these children I encourage you to go HERE.  So join the hop and spread and share the beautiful.  Thank you sweet Sugar and See Beautiful, our heart overflows with all the ways you ARE and share beautiful.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Know What Friday Is?

Hello Friends.

Do you know what Friday is? 
I know what some of you are thinking, "It's the Queen of Hearts Dance and Party in Blogville."  That's true, butt Friday is also something else.  Now your thinking, "Oh Goose it's your special day."  Also true, butt again, not what I am thinking.  I'll give you a hint.  Well actually my MOM is giving you a hint.  Do you see it?  Here let me get you a closer look.
Now do you know what Friday is?  I hope you all join us.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Mischief Monday...Bert Edtion

Hello Friends.

That's right the No Mischief Bert Edition. Many of you know I tease my buddy Bert and call him "Golden Boy", then tell you some of the ways that he gets into mischief and really not "golden" all the time.  Butt truth be told he really is a Golden Boy.  To recap: Bert has done Search and Rescue stuffs, he visit's our local hospital once a week to make those who don't feel so good feel better, he even visits our children's hospital in Salt Lake to love on the sick little peeps, recently he and our friends Annie and Miss Sophie roam around the Slat Lake International Airport to make passengers feel less stressed.  He also does this:

Yep he goes to an elementary school once a week to read to kids (and to be read to).  In fact Bert goes to the elementary school my MOM went to as a little peep.  Clearly here he is being read to.
Here he is lending a paw to help this guy read.  And know what is even cooler??  See that book Bert and this guy are reading?  That book was written by my good friends, Lilly and Buddy's mom, Miss Lydia from See Beautiful, it's called "The Listening Me.  I gave Bert that book to take with him when he helps the kid-o's read.  He told me they LOVE this book.  Clearly they do, I do too. 
Bert buddy I know I tease you now and then for your craziness, butt you really are a true Golden Boy and I am more than happy to call you my friend.