Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Taking Time

Hello Friends

No matter what life throws at you, you have to take time to stop and smell the roses.

Or in my case the Tulip.

Oh yea that nice.

Life is such a puzzle at times to us,
So many thing it poses.
Don't race through life so fast,
Stop and smell the Roses, errr, I mean Tulips.
Smell the sweet beautiful sent in the air,
Happily pause for a while.
All your cares will fly away,
And you will begin to smile.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Greeeeeeen Grass

Hello Friends.

I'm sure ya know I LOVE grass, green green grass.  Last evening MOM left the back door open so I could lay at the open door and watch the birdies at the bird feeder.  After a while she went to check on me and I was gone.  MOM's heart sank a little until she found me under my favorite bush/ tree, the one my birdie friends love so much. 

So what does a MOM do when she finds her Goose?  Hugs me of course, then goes and gets her camera.

Nothing like green grass.  It smells heavenly.

A little raspberry to make MOM smile and laugh.

"Beauty is an all-pervading presence.  It unfolds and waves in the numberless blades of grass.  And not only in these blades of green.  Butt in the mountains, ocean, clouds, stars, the rising and setting sun, all overflow with beauty."

"All those who are alive to it can not lift their eyes without feeling themselves encompassed with beauty on every side."

Today my friends has been a good day.  A beautiful day.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hello Friends

Hello Friends.

Well friends here I am.  Guess ya can't keep a Goose dog down.  Don't get me wrong I still have my problem with the tumor squishing my intestines and spline, and it of course will grow and it will get squishier.  MOM just looks at me in amazement.  She was sure that Wednesday was the day I was going to take my trip to the Rainbow Bridge.  Butt it seems I missed the train to the Bridge.  hehehhe. 
I do sleep a lot, and I will only eat eggs and chicken.  Which came first, "The chicken or the egg?"  In my case the egg comes in the morning and the chicken in the evening.  Mystery solved.  Don't know why people have been arguing over that for 87,000 years.  Sheesh.  MOM has been trying to slip in some meds in to my meals.  Butt I know they are there.  YUCK!  If she does that then I won't eat after I taste it.  Eggs and chicken should not be bitter!  How does she fix that???  Ketchup.  Just a wee little squirt. 
I am hoping to have my buddy Bert over on Sunday.  My MOM took Sunday off so she can spend the whole day with me.  MOM almost NEVER takes a Sunday off.  So I thought why not have Bert come over so he can run and play in my big yard.  I can kick back and watch him.  Then I thought, "Bert should bring his siblings: Momma, Willa, Josie, and Scrappy."  If it all works out I'll be sure to share the fun they all have.
Thank you again my friends from the bottom of my heart for all your thoughts, prayers, POTP, good vibes.  Again I am one Blessed, Blessed, Blessed pup to have you all as my friends.  I wish you all could come over and romp and play in my yard.  How cool would that be?  VERY COOL!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Still Seeing...

Hello Friends.

I'm still here my friends.  MOM helped me outside and we wanted to send you all a message.  We are indeed still seeing beautiful in our time together.  I was going to head to that Bridge on Wednesday.  Butt I looked at my MOM and said, "Not today MOM, not today."  Thank you for all of your wonderful messages to me and my MOM.  She has read every single one of them to me.  And I am indeed feeling the comfort prayers you have been sending.  I am comfortable.  You all are the best, you ALL are beautiful.  I am sending you all nose pokes and big heart felt thank you.

I agree with Goose.  I can't thank you enough.  Here is an update on Goose.  Not much has changed.  He is still on that road to the Bridge.  He was going to cross over on Wednesday.  On Tuesday night Goose and I talked and I told him it was OK and not to worry about me.  On Wednesday I had an early morning appointment and when I was done I picked Goose up at Bert's place.  He greeted me with a little more liveliness and when Bert came over to me with his ball to play Goose barked at him.  He also ate a piece of bread that Miss Vickie gave him.  (He had not eaten since Sunday).  He even got in the car a little easier.  In all his actions he seemed to be saying "Not yet".  So we drove passed Dr. Eddies.  I know as Dr. Eddie said, it is close to Gooses time.  But for now we are still together, for how long I don't know.  I really feel that Goose will let me know.  He is comfortable.  He is eating as long as it is chicken I cook him or small piece of bread.  He will not take his medicines no matter how I try to get him to take it.  And I have decided that is OK.  We are living moment to moment and a enjoy our time together.  I will return to work at the shelter today.  But he will be in good hands with Bert's Vickie.  I'll keep you all updated.  And thank you again for all the love and prayers and POTP you are sending.  I know Goose and I preach Seeing Beautiful all the time and you all have really showed us that there is indeed beautiful in all things, even in the most difficult times of life.

Goose and Michelle

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Last Adventure

Hello Friends.

On Sundays post I promised I would share with you my last adventure with you.  So lets get started and then I will tell you how I am doing.  Sit back, grab some snacks (might I suggest Cheetos), a beverage of your choice cuz I have a lot of photos to share with you.

We begin on the path that my buddy Bert found for me so I could continue going on pack walks with my friends.  On this walk the pack was going to meet at 9AM, butt me and MOM got there at 8AM and started out.

Of course you can't keep me on a groomed trail or paved path. I must take the path less traveled.

Oh look over there, DUCKS!  I love ducks.  I just love to watch them swim about.  I don't chase them.  My friend Zim taught me that.  Whenever I see ducks or geese I channel my inner Zim.  Do you see my ducky friends?

Here follow me I'll get ya in closer.  Butt no barking, we don't want to scare them.

Just right over here a little further.

"Hey Mr. and Mrs. Mallord.  Must be something tasty your are snacking on."

I could just watch them all day.

I think I see some more friends over there.

Just beyond the bridge.  Lets head that way.  Going under the bridge not over it of course.

Isn't she beautiful?

Me and this guy were having a conversation.  Little mind waves being sent through the air.  He even quacked at me a few times.  Butt I just sent him a message through my tail wag.

Now what adventure would be complete with out saving a stick or two.  That would be no adventure at all.

Look here is another one.  What could be better, ducks, sticks and time spent with just me and MOM.  I bet heaven feels and looks a lot like this.

"Bye bye ducky friends.  Don't worry about that stick, I'll make sure it is OK."  Look at those cute butts.  I can not lie, I am a duck butt kind of guy.  Yea I said it, and not ashamed one bit about it.

MOM thought we should head back butt I gave her that look that I wanted just a bit more.  I mean I already have muddy paws and there is a section of this river that we have never been and I want to see it.

WOW!  This is so beautiful.  And you know what I am looking at?  A beaver swimming across the way.  AND then guess what came by?

More ducks.  You thought I was going to say sticks didn't you?

Hey MOM they are swimming right towards the beaver.  That sounds like the start of a funny joke: "Two duck meet a beaver in the river......"  Oh the punch lines are endless. hehehhe

And of course there were more sticks.  I was particularly fond and worried about this one.

"MOM this here stick is in need of home care."  MOM knew I was serious cuz I put on my serious face.

So I am taking it back to my place so it can get the care it needs.  And I did too, carried all the way back to the car.

When MOM and I got back to where we started we looked across the river to the parking area and there were my pack friends getting started on the walk.  While I LOVE walking with my pack friends I have to say that for whatever reason my MOM felt compelled to start our walk early I am glad she did in light of what is happening to me now.

Here is the low down.  On Sunday I stopped eating.  I would not even eat my MOM's salmon treats she makes for me.  Monday I went to Bert's place while my MOM went to work at the shelter.  A few hours later Miss Vickie contacted my MOM and said I had bloody diarrhea but I seemed to be doing OK otherwise.  MOM picked me up that evening.  I still would not eat and I will admit I felt a bit lifeless.  MOM started to worry.  Later in the evening she noticed blood was coming out of my pooper shooter.  She stayed awake with me all night.  I wanted to go outside every 30 minuets or so. When the light of day started to break we went to Dr. Eddies.  Dr. Eddie looked me over real good and then he carried me to the back.  MOM went to the reception area and there was Miss Vickie.  I am glad she was there for my MOM.  A while later Dr. Eddie had my MOM come to the back and showed her pictures of my insides.  Here is the deal my friends.  On my stomach area I have a very large mass, a tumor.  It is very big.  So big that it has pushed my intestines towards my butt.  And on the other side the tumor is squishing my spline, which is restricting blood flow.  And one more thing the picture also showed, my heart is smaller than it should be.  MOM said that my heart maybe small physically but it is as big as all our adventures combined.  Is there something that can be done to fix me?  Well no there isn't.  I could have surgery to removed the tumor butt the truth is my friends I would not survive the surgery.  My age is a big factor as well as a few other things.  MOM said I am worth WAY more that the 5,000 green papers for the surgery butt the outcome would be grim.  Dr. Eddie said (and I know this is hard to hear) that MOM did not have to send me to the Rainbow Bridge right that moment.  Butt the truth is Dr. Eddie said it would come very soon.  So, Dr. Eddie is rehydrating me and helping me to feel better.  Feel better so MOM can take me home and in his words "enjoy these last moments with each other".  MOM and I love and appreciate Dr. Eddie and his honesty and his compassion.  He is doing all he can to help me and my MOM have a bit more time together.  So my friends there you have it.  I can't thank each and everyone of you for your thoughts, prayers, emails, texts.  It means the world to both of us.  We welcome your prayers.  Pray for my comfort during this time and for peace that surpasses all understanding for my MOM.

You all have blessed and enriched our lives beyond what words can say.
Goose and Michelle

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is There Nothing He Can't Do

Hello Friends.

Ya all know my buddy Bert.  He is well accomplished.  Search and Rescue Dog, Therapy Dog, Comfort Dog, Cadaver Dog, Reads to Children at schools and libraries, Water and Wilderness Dog, Visits Nursing Homes as well as the Airport.   

And if that is not enough he can now add Preacher to his resume!  That's right Preacher Bert.  Every 3rd Sunday at me and MOM's church is "Paws in the Pews".  The peeps get to bring us pups to church with them.  This past Sunday my MOM asked Bert if he would like to be the Guest Preacher, or as I like to call him, Guest Barker.  He was a natural.  We all we captivated by his message.  Is there nothing this Bert can't do?

Well there is one thing... He can't get his ball away from me.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Adventure & Flying Bert

Hello Friends.

MOM took me on a little adventure Saturday.  Here's a little sneak peek.  I'll show you more in the coming days. 

After our little adventure we stopped by Bert's place.  Check this out!  My MOM is holding Bert up with one arm!!!!!
Hahahha, just kidding.  Actually Bert is leaping for the stick my MOM is holding while me and Bert's momma are watching.  Holy leaping Goldens can that Bert get some air.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Is the End Near?

Hello Friends.

I would like to start out with a WARNING.  Especially for my good friends Frankie and ErnieWARNING some images may (will) be disturbing and frightening.  I would suggest that you take a moment to go out and water a bush or put on a diaper if you don't want to pee your furs.

This my friends, is the face of evil.  Some of you know him as Allred the Devil Cat. 

Allred came to live at my buddy Bert's place years ago.  He just walked into the place and never left.

And if that was not enough, just moving right in, Allred then began to scare to poop out of all of us.  He would sit on the other side of the doggie door and when we would walk in (especially Bert) Allred would WHAP us on the butt!!!

Then he would laugh his evil laugh.  I shutter just thinking about it.  And my poor buddy Bert now slowly pokes his snooter in the doggie door afraid to come in.  And you know what Allred would do???  Smack Bert on the snooter!
Oh you better believe we all respected, FEARED, Allred.  And with good reason.  Even me.  Even though I have a somewhat strong prey drive (I chase cats, squirrels, voles, raccoons, rabbits, porcupines, skunks... you get the idea) I would still give Allred a wide birth and just stare him down.  He IS scary!!  Well my friends as I said I think the end is near.  Strange things have been happening, VERY strange.

This is NOT photo shopped.  Allred is napping with one of the guest at Bert's place.  Butt it does not end there.

Here he is cuddled up with Scrappy and BERT!!

Here is a close up.
He Shares the crate with Bert's mom.

DON'T OPEN YOUR EYES BERT!!!!  The Devil Cat is laying on you.  Is this all a bad dream?  Is the end near?!

And say it isn't so........ Allred, the Devil Cats is touching my butt.  The end must be near.  Do you need more proof?  OK, just take a look at the following video.  F&E you may want to leave the room for this.

Surly this is a sign of the times, the end of time.  I mean doesn't it say somewhere that all kinds of strange things will happen when the end is near?????  Allred, the Devil Cat, giving Bert's mom a message , A MESSAGE!!!  I think that qualifies as STRANGE, Bizarre, not to mention scary.  I don't know about you my friends butt I plan on living life to the FULLEST from this moment forward.   I suggest you do the same.  God save us all. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Balancing Act

Hello Friends.

That's right...

It's a goose egg. 
Want to know a good thing about a goose egg.... It taste GREAT!!!!