Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mountain Paradise with Friends

My buddy Bert and I decided to take my gal pal Belle to Bert's Mountain Paradise and I thought you'd like to come along too.  We had such a great time running, swimming, playing, exploring.  My MOM took so many pictures I asked her to put them in a video for me.  I must say that some of the captions I wrote for some of the pics only flash by.  So if you want to read them you may have to press pause.  I don't know why it does this.  The video looks good on the laptop, but once it makes it to You Tube it's not the same.  ANYWAY........ let's take a little romp in the mountains.

My friends are like stars that twinkle and glow, or maybe like a river that gently flows.  My friends are like a stick that you should treasure and take care of forever and ever.  My friends are like angles that are there to guide you, my friends are someone I can trust.  My friends are more that one in a million, they are one in 87 ca-zillion. 


Monday, May 28, 2012

I Have No Title

Have you ever done something by mistake then your peep thinks she has a great and funny idea afterwords?  That is exactly what happened to me.  You see there I was minding my own business, barking with my gal pal Belle.  MOM was in the bathroom blow drying her hair. I went in the bathroom cuz I really like to be blow dried.  I like that warm air rushing across my face and body.  It does not matter that I am not wet, I just like it.  After I was done I walked out and BY MISTAKE I knocked off some of MOM's clothes off the back of a chair.  No big deal right?  WRONG!  It so happened that a certain item fell on my head.  Still not a big deal right?  Again...WRONG.  MOM laughed so hard she had to dry the tears coming out of her eyes with the blow drier... When she was done she came and found me.  I was relaxing with Belle on the patio.  She called me into the house.  What you are about to see may be disturbing to some viewers.
Maybe you should take a trip outside first before I show you
I am so embarrassed.  She is still laughing.  Then Belle started to giggle.  "MOM Belle is laughing at me!"

It's all fun and games right Belle?  Until YOU have to wear the thing.

Oh friends I hope this does not happen to you.  After the "funny" photo op Belle and I spent most of the rest of the day outside.  We found something to keep us occupied.
"There is something up there Belle.  Can you sniff it?"

"You hold your position here I'll go to the other side."

"OK, now we wait."

After the whole "head gear" thing earlier in the day we decided MOM would have to sleep on the couch.  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rainy Day

 What to do on a rainy day:

You do this

And this

Belle knows what to do

Of course you need to change it up a bit

Change is good

And when the rain lets up a bit you go out and do this

A little vole patrol

The rain returns, and your back to this

Make sure you keep a bone snack with you.  You never know how long the rain will last

MOM made short ribs for dinner.  Crazy woman standing in the rain to grill them up.  But Belle and I get the bones, so it's all good

I try to keep it light by showing Belle my best PUDDLES impersonation of how she laughs.  I think I nailed it.

So friends I hope I have learned ya real good about what to do on a rainy, cool day.  Find a good friend, curl up and just wait it out.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Great Day

Belle and I had another great day.  It started with flooding the yard.  Doing some more vole patrol at church and ended with a walk with my friends.
But first let me answer a question many of you had about Voles.  They are mouse like creatures that have long front bottom teeth that are kind of scary looking.
They make under ground tails in your lawn and LOVE to eat bulbs and flowers and roots.  In the winter you do not notice the trails because they are under the snow.  But once the snow melts it's like a winding race track across your lawn and in your flower beds.  Imagine being in a helicopter above a big city freeway system with all the road going every which way.  That's what a yard can look like if you have voles.
This is a small example of a vole highway.

And now on to the great day.

What are Belle and I looking at?

A Cat

The stock is under way

I think I have pretty good form

No cat was harmed in the chase

Belle kept a close eye on this guy.  He kept stealing our Cheetos

Then it was off to the fort with my friends
(Click on this photo to see all my friends wonderful faces closer)

Belle, like Bert, loves the water.  She is not crazy loco about it like him, but still she enjoys it

Do I even have to say it?  Oh ok, STICK

I can always count on Murphy to join in the stick chewing while the other pups jump and splash in the pond

That is until Bert decided he wants Murphy's stick

Belle kept us all safe as we chewed sticks and played in the water.  There is NO WAY a squirrel will fly in from above to disrupt our fun. Belle is the squirrel eradicater  supreme

  The group shot.  Can you tell I am ready to GO?

And go I did, with my favorite gal pal down the woods path

Belle: "Goose this has been a wonderful day, thank you."  
Goose: "Belle you are so welcome.  It's always a better and more beautiful day if I get to share it with you.  Tomorrow lets just kick back and see what comes our way."


Frainke Day

Today is a very special day.  So special that I have cut short my previous post to pay well deserved honor to Mayor Frankie.  For today is Mayor Frankie Furter Day.  A day that will be celebrated all over the world.  While I am rather new to the Blogville community I know Frankie to be kind, honorable, caring, fair, upstanding, and always welcoming.  I (Goose) could not live and play in a better community.  Frankie you simply are the best, something no dog could deny.  Today I honor you my friend.  In whatever I do today it will be done in your honor.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vole Patrol

Today Belle and I were on Vole Patrol at church.  We are very good at this.  Working as a team we have eradicated countless voles.  They don't stand a chance.  Once we killed 4 at one shot.  We put our nose under the thingys that the water drains onto from the down spout, then we flipped them up and at the same time we each caught one in our mouth and Belle stomped one with her foot and I stomped two.  So here are a couple of shots of us on duty.

Ready to start

Surveying the area

We even get them in the field area around the church.  Even more challenging becasue the alfalfa is taller than us.

Belle goes left, I go right

Back to the flower beds.  Belle has her eye on one.  She got it

Now I got one and of course Belle is backing me up.

This is from last year when we got the four at one time.

All total today we got rid of 13 voles.  Well 13 that MOM saw.  I can tell you there was more.  And in case you are wondering, NO we do not eat them, just crush them.  And let me tell you Vole Patrol pays very well.  The people at church give us tons of hugs, belly rubs, lots of love and we get tasty treats and stuffies.  

After a day of vole patrol and playing at Bert's place it is time for some much needed shut eye.  Tonight we decided to let MOM have her own bed and we took the couches.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She's a Stick Girl

My gal pal Belle appreciates a good stick

When we went for a walk today I brought this stick back for her.  Carried it for 3/4 of a mile.  I think she likes it.

Belle even let me nibble on it for a while.  Sharing is the best.

Then I showed her the trench I helped MOM dig out the other day.

She thought I did a good job

It's great having a friend over that you can share your stuff with.  She brought me a (Don't read this part Bert).  She brought me a Tennis Ball

Gotta love a girl who knows how to handle a stick.

Can't wait to see what we do tomorrow.  

Maybe we'll just lay on our backs and watch the sky.