Sunday, December 27, 2015

Snow Play

Hey All.

On Sunday my momma decided to take me on a hike.  AND we stopped by to pick up my pal Bert.  With Miss Vickie still recovering from her knee surgery Bert sort of has cabin fever and he really need to get out to stretch his legs.  The thing is in the last week it has snowed several feet.  Here is a little bit of a video of the fun we had. 

The snow was so deep it was deeper than I am tall.  Sometimes as my momma trudged through the white stuff it was up to her mid thigh.  But I had tons of fun.  And Bert showed me how to make snow doggie angels.  What a great time we had, I'm still worn out from all the fun.


Which One

Hey All.

You know on that show Sesame Street they play a game called "Which One of These Things Don't Belong"?  You know you see a group of things and one thing doesn't belong with the others.  Lets play that game.  Look at the photo below and see if you can guess.

Can you guess?  No?  Here a hint.  This is a photo of Therapy Dogs.  Now can you guess?  OK last hint.  Look at the middle of the photo.  Do you see it?  Yep it's me!!  This here is a photo of all my wonderful friends who are therapy dogs.  Yep each and every one of them.  Now to say I don't belong might be a bit harsh.  I get to romp and play with them, and I even get to be with them when they do their continued training.  Bert says I am an important part of their training and I am indeed apart of their group.  I tip my paw to this amazing group of friends for all the work they do at the hospital, airport, schools, library, senior centers.  They bring so much joy and smiles to so many.  I'm a blessed pup to be their friend.

Friday, December 25, 2015

My Secret Santa Paws

Hey All.

Guess who my secret Santa Paw was?????  It was SARGE!!!  And oh dog did he hook me up.  Let me show you.

Momma told me this came for me a couple of weeks ago, but she kept it hidden so I wouldn't open it before Christmas.

Look at all this wonderfulness!

It even gets better after all the wrapping is off.

Oh yea GIVE the Buddy a Milk Bone.

And a BALL!!!!

You know I love me a ball.  And it matches my bandana.

PLUS there was this yummy chew that is good for my teeth.  Sarge you are the BEST, I love love it all. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Momma's in Love

Hey All.

It happened Friday night.  Momma went to the staff Christmas party for The Lantern House Homeless Shelter she works for.  All the employees met at a restaurant with gifts in hand.  Everyone had a secret Santa.  Guess what my momma's secret Santa gave her? 

No not the kiss.  Momma's boss, Jeni was her secret Santa.  And Miss Jeni gave my momma this awesome art piece of a Pit Bull.  How cool is that?!  My momma loves it so much.  So much in fact that after momma opened it she gave Jeni a BIG hug (momma is not much of a hugger sort of person, well except with me).

I was blown over by it too. 

Let me tell you one more beautiful thing.  See Miss Jeni is not a Pit Bull fan, nope not at all.  Can you believe that?  But guess what?  It seems that I have changed her mind.  When I met Miss Jeni right after I came to live with my momma, I just rolled right over on my back on Miss Jeni's feet.  "Go ahead rub my belly" I told her.  "But be careful because I just might kiss ya to death Miss Jeni."  That was the beginning of showing someone who had "reservations" about my breed that us Pit Bulls are just like other dogs, we just want to be loved and more importantly we want to GIVE love. 
Thanks Miss Jeni for giving my momma such a wonderful gift, she is in love with it.  And thank you for letting me show you I am nothing but a big love bug.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Special Gift

Hey All.

On Monday it was, as my momma said, "A very trying day".  Poor Momma, it started at 2:08 in the morning and did not end until 7:30pm.  I won't "bore" you with details but just know it was trying.  As momma and I drove home after she picked me up from Bert's place I could tell she was feeling drained.  She knew when we got home she had stuff to do, church stuff, puss it snowed almost a foot so there was the big driveway to shovel, oh and let me not forget the insurance nightmare she had to deal with and fix before midnight and it went on and on all the stuff that still needed to be done.  Oh I tried to comfort her and she smiled at me several times on the way home, but still.  BUT  when we began to pull into the drive way what did we see?  Someone had cleared our big driveway of all that snow, ALL OF IT!  Then went we walk to the back door that same sweet soul had cleared out patio and wrote a sweet note in the snow dust on the patio about how much they loved my momma and that they also left some bean soup for her just inside the door.  As my momma says, she has the most beautiful friends in the world.  Then she grabbed the snow shovel to clear the sidewalk to the front door and what should she find?  A package all the way from South Carolina for her.  Who could it be from, she could not recall knowing anyone who lived there.  When she opened it it was from someone who loved my angel brother Goose, someone who followed this blog.  Want to see what was in the box?

It was a beautiful picture of my brother Goose being held by an angel.

Here is a close up. 

Momma's eyes teared up and you know what?  All the yuk stuff of a very long day just melted away.  Oh sure all that yuk stuff was still lingering around but at that moment and for moments after that it all didn't matter.  Momma says she is overwhelming blessed to have such wonderfully beautiful friends who live near us and love us so much and beautiful friends far away that we have never met who make this life we live so beautiful.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Counting Cards

Hey All.

Yep just sitting here in front of all these beautiful cards.  I don't even mind wearing the hat. 

"Hey momma how many cards do I have?"
"Hey momma how many cards do you have?"
"I've lost count."
"I'll count for you."
"That's ok Buddy, you don't need to do that.  I am sure we are close, you might have a few more, but it's close.  How about I get you a little treat for being so helpful."
"Oh if I am going to get a treat I better do something for it.  Lets see, 1,2,3,4......."

Card Count: Buddy -36, Momma -4, Together -4

"Hey momma your right it's real close, neck and neck.  Now where is that treat?"


Friday, December 11, 2015

See Beautiful

Hey All.

Guess what?  It's time for This Moment See Beautiful.  I know I normally show you a short video of all the ways I See Beautiful but this month I want to tell you a See Beautiful Story.  See back in September/October my momma's kids (that's the youth at our church) did something beautiful.  They saw on the See Beautiful blog a thingy about the "Fight to Live Woman" in Rwanda.  These are 48 woman who came together to support one another because of the terrible things that has happened there.  They all have kids and things were bleak and they not only worried about themselves but worried about the care and future of their children. 

So these woman came together and bought a piece of land and wanted to start a coffee farm to ensure their survival but the hope for the future of their kids by providing a reliable income.  And income that would provide their kids an education so that their future would be brighter and filled with hope.  But these woman needed help in getting coffee trees to plant.  That's where Kula Project came in to lend a hand.  And through Kula project they could get help in buying 1,000 coffee trees which with hard work would provide them with a sustainable income.  And that's where my momma's kids come in.  The kids spend over a month raising awareness and money to send them so they could buy the trees.  Momma's kid worked so hard and did all kinds of stuff to raise that awareness and money.  The kids just fell in love with those 48 Fight to Live woman.  Momma was so proud of her kids.  And they raised a lot of green papers to help.  Those green papers were sent to Kula Project along with beautiful hand made cards and posters the kids made to encourage these woman.  And all that was hand delivered by Kula Project and by none other than Miss Lydia from See Beautiful.  Momma's kids have not stopped there.  They continue to pray for these woman and their children and they continue to raise awareness about their fight.  Just last week momma received a very special gift from Kula Project and from these woman and here it is.

It is a BEAUTIFUL Peace Basket

WOW!  See when you see beautiful, then share beautiful, beautiful just comes right back around right to you.  And the world is becoming more and more beautiful.  Come on and join in seeing, sharing, and creating beautiful.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

She Never Saw it Coming

Hey All.

Last post I showed you how I greet my momma when she picks me up from Bert's place.  I just can't help it I love love her so much and I miss her when I am not with her.  And to answer Murphy and Stanly's question:  NO I do not do this to anyone else.  momma says that jumping on people, especially into their arms is not nice.  Any way I am not the only pup at Bert's place who loves my momma.  All the doggies greet her with enthusiasm, each in their own way.

Momma always gives me a big hug when she walks in.

Then she gets on the floor to play with all of us.

Everyone wants to play with her.

She hugs and kisses all the doggies.  And of course she just loves Mr. Bert

And when she plays hide the ball with Bert I spring into action to help my pal Bert.  She never saw this coming.  Just give me a cape and call me Super Buddy.


Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey All.

Last night Miss Vickie (Bert's Vickie) made a little video of how I greet my momma when she comes to pick me up.

I just can't help myself.  I love my momma.  And whenever she comes to pick me up from Bert's place I just can't help but jump into her arms. 


Card Count: Momma- 2, Buddy- 25, Together-2

P.S.- Also I would very much appreciate it if all of ya all would send your good vibes, prayers and healing thoughts to Miss Vickie..  Last Wednesday she had knee replacement.  She came home on Sunday and has a few weeks recovery.  I am not sure if you can imagine what a few weeks of recovery would look like when you run a doggy daycare and extended stay.  She is trying to take it easy, but well Miss Vickie just can't take it to easy with 30 or more dogs to take care of.  So I know she would really appreciate all the goodness you can send her.  And trust me, me and Bert are being very gentle with her and are on our bestest behavior so we don't hit her knee or trip her.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Card Count

Hey All.

WOW!! I just can't believe this whole receiving card thing. 
Momma hung up this card holding thing she made for my angel brother Goose, then she started hanging all my cards on it.
"Really momma I'm going to get so many cards that the ribbons will be all covered up?"  She said from her experience with Goose that the ribbons won't even hold all the cards I'll get.  So far I have 14 cards and 4 e-cards!!  I was so excited, then this happened.....

She put a Christmas sweater on me.

My reindeer Christmas sweater.  Well I guess it's not so bad.  It keeps me warm and it is the holiday season after all, so I guess wearing it will be ok.  But then.....

She put this on my head!

And then this!!!!!!!  All this just because I have more cards than her.  Not fair.  I mean look at me, I am wearing a Christmas sweater and have lights or a reindeer on MY HEAD.  Momma is all kinds of crazy.

Soon I fell asleep dreaming of when Santapaws will come to my house.
OFFICIAL CARD COUNT: Buddy-18   Momma-0


Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hey All.

So there I was this weekend just chillin'.  It was a very busy, long weekend for my momma with Thanksgiving and all.  You know feeding all those hungry people who came the homeless shelter.

When I heard a rumbling.  It was my tummy.  So I went and got my treat ball.  But to the horror of my rumblin' tummy......

My treat ball was empty.  "Please momma can you fill my treat ball?"

A full tummy is a happy tummy.
Ahhh life is good.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lending a Helping Paw

Hey All.

I think my momma works hard.  Sometimes I think she works to much.  Luckily she has me to make sure she knows when enough is enough.

After momma works at the homeless shelter she often has to do her church type work.  I like that she gets to do some of that at home....but.....  Sometimes a Buddy has to let his momma know she needs to stop and rub a belly. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hey All.

Yesterday I told you about my new friend Atticus.  He is a great guy.  A few weeks ago I was invited to go to therapy dog training.  Now I am not a therapy dog, although momma says I'm her therapy.  And I am not really training to be a therapy dog.  But my best bud, Bert, is a therapy dog (among other things).  And I have other therapy dog friends.  They meet on most Saturday morning for training.  Even though they are already therapy dogs they still have to train to keep sharp.  Like I said they invited me to join them.  I train right along with them.  Some of the other doggies mommies say I would make a great therapy dog.  Momma says maybe someday when there are more hours in a day, but for now I just train along side these amazing dogs.  Anyway after the training we all get to just be dogs, we run, play, chase, play ball, just have a great time.  It is so much FUN!  While Bert is still my best bud there is another dog, Atticus, who I just love playing with.  What joy it is to run and play with him.  He is new to therapy and he is a natural.  I put together a little video of all of us playing.  The first photo is all the therapy dogs (they had to have their picture taken for the hospitals Christmas publications.  While they did that I drove Bert nuts standing behind him playing with a ball. hehehhehe)  Hope you enjoy my little video.

Is that great or what.  I LOVE MY LIFE!

When I got home this is how I spent the next few hours, helping momma finish writing her sermon for Sunday.  Did I mention how much I LOVE MY LIFE?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My New Friend

Hey All.

I have a new friend.

His name is Atticus.  And we have the best time together.

He's a bright spot in my life.  I will tell you more about him soon.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hide and Seek

Hey All.

Hahahhaa.  So last night I had a little fun with my momma.  Hehehehe.  We went outside and my momma had to go into the garage.  When she came out she could not see me.  She call me and called me.  But I was nowhere to be found, or so she thought.  She went in the house and called me again.  Nope I was not in the bedroom or kitchen.  Where could I be.

Hehhehhe, I was cleverly hiding on the couch in the living room.

Shhhhhhhhhh don't tell her where I am.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Helping Paw

Hey All.

Living here in Blogville it is very hard for me to understand what humans do to each other out there in the big world.  I am so saddened by the recent events in France, that is where my brother EASY lives.  My heart hurts for him and for all those affected by those mean, crazy people.  See us dogs are not like that.  Sure we may disagree about stuff.  Like I just can't see how Bert loves water so much, does not make since to me.  And he does not understand why I like climbing trees like a cat.  But that's OK.  But when one of us hurts we are there for each other.  We stand together and try to help each other.  Know what I mean.  Let me give you a recent example.  Yesterday Bert invited me to come to a therapy dog training session.  I'm not a therapy dog, but my friend Bert thought I might like it.  So I said "sure, lets see what this therapy stuff is about and what it takes to be a therapy dog."

There I am with all my therapy dog friends.  They are an impressive group.  They let me join right in with them practicing sit/stays, walk byes, weaving in and out of the dogs and handlers and all sorts of stuff.  They sure do have to work hard at being a good therapy dog.  Bert told me that was just some of the stuff they have to do perfect every time. I tip my ear to each and everyone of them.  After we were done training it was time for play.

Unfortunately for my friend Bert he had to put his cone back on after training.  See Bert has an ouchy on his hip that he needs to leave alone.  It's very sad. 
Momma said all we needed to do is add a giant olive and Bert would be a Golden Martini.  hehehhe.

While Bert just sat there I made a new friend.  This is Atikas.

Oh boy did we have fun.

We ran around in circles over and over and over again.  He is very fast.  He is also the latest therapy dog in the group.

I wanted him to feel welcome, so I played with him a lot.  I remember what it's like to be the new kid on the block.  Ya know, wondering if anyone will like you.  We all like Atikas.

Then I noticed my friend Bert.  Oh he was one sad looking pup with that cone on his head.
There he was like an Ostrich with his head stuck in the sand.

So I found a ball and took it to him.  But he could not see I had a ball.  So my momma had to tell me that if she had the ball she could hold it up so Bert could see it.  But Bert wanted to do more than see the ball, he wanted to chase the ball.  Have you ever tried to chase a ball with a big cone on your head?  It is not a pretty sight.  Oh sad sad broken hearted Bert.  But I had a plan to help my pal Bert after everyone left.

I grabbed my Frisbee and gave it to him.  But still it was so hard for him to play with it with that cone of shame.

So I decided to take matters into my own paws and help my pal out.

I grab ahold of the cone that was causing my friend so much grief and gave it a pull.
I almost got it.  Bert was so happy I was trying to free him.  "Come on Buddy give it one more try!"

"OK Bert, if I pull and you pull then I think we can do this together.  PULLLLLLLLL!"

Wooooooooo Hooooooooooo I got it off!  Oh Bert was so happy.  Sure I could have just jumped in the car and headed home to play with all my cool stuff and romp in my yard.  But my friend was in need.  I just had to help.  That's what we do for one another, we help, we care, we love, we sacrifice.  When one hurts we help however we can.  When one feels joy we rejoice with them.  That's the way it should be.  Are you listening world?  And I have to say I have seen and heard some beautiful things that have come out of this horrific tragedy in Paris.  People coming together, from around the world even, to care for one another, and support one another, to strengthen one another.  That gives me hope. 
(side note: momma says I must have an inner elephant within me if my shadow is any indicator.)

My hope is that the world will one day be like the Pit Bull and the Golden sitting together with the device of shame laying on the ground replaced with the Frisbee of friendship.