Saturday, October 31, 2015

My BF Bert

Hey All

You know I could not have asked for a better friend than Bert.  I love spending time with him.  We play ball together, he gives me good lessons about life, he is teaching me to swim, and he is always such a good sport.

"Hey Bert did ya hear the one about the Therapy Dog who went into a Catnip Bar and ordered the happy hour special?"  Heehehhehe.  "Yea, yea he made a face just like that!"  Hahahhahha

"I Love ya Dawg"


Friday, October 30, 2015

I've Been Carved

Hey All.

Momma carved me up. 

Have a safe Halloween.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gooses Rock

Hey All.

First I have a message from Bert and his Vickie.  They want to thank you all for you loving and comforting words at the passing of Bert's momma.  Your words, thoughts and prayers have brought them much comfort.  I have to say this Blogville place is so amazing, all the support and love...WOW.  I am so glad I am apart of this community.

I know that many of you know about Gooses Rock.
This was my momma's and Gooses very special spot.  I had only heard about it, never been there.  On Monday my momma thought it was time that I go there.  Oh My Goodness!  I have seen some amazing places since I came to live with my momma, but this place, this place is so incredible and very special.

We started off first driving some mountain roads.  Miss Vickie was the driver.  Sadly my friend Bert could not come because he has just been washed, dried and polished because in the morning he had to go work at the hospital visiting sick people and making them feel better.  Seem that you can not do that if you smell like pond water and deer poop.

On our drive we spotted a moose.  Actually there were two moose.  This was my first moose sighting.  Oh My Goodness!  Did you know that moose are HUGE!  Remember that face cuz this young moose comes into play at the end of our adventure. 

Soon enough we arrived at this very special place called Gooses Rock.  My momma let me be off leash the whole time we walked and hiked around.  Do ya all know what it is like to run free in the wild?  It is so great. 

Behind me is where momma and Goose and Bert would hike the moose trials along that marshy area.

We did not hike down there this time but moma said there is no doubt that hiking it is in my future.

This is the trail that leads to Gooses Rock.  Can you see the rock just behind me?  Momma had to pause a moment before she continued on.  She said I was such a good boy to just stand and wait for her.

The we continued on.  Miss Vickie was on the other side of the pond taking pictures of us.

"Momma is this brother Gooses rock?"  "Yes my sweet Buddy, this is it."

I can't tell ya all how special this was for me.  I walked the trails my brother Gooses walked and I sat in the very same spot were he always sat with my momma.  I am dog enough to tell you that I got a tear in my eye.
"Momma will you tell me another story about my brother Goose?"

Momma and I sat there for a while just soaking in all of God's wonderful beauty.  And being very thankful that we are together.

But then it was time to head off to see what else we could see. 

We ended up at the Giant Golden Beavers Pond.  For those of you who do not know the Giant Golden Beaver is also known as Bert.

Right in front of me is a beaver dam.  Do you know what a beaver dam is made of?  STICKS!!!!!  lots and lots of sticks.

Momma and I walked around and around the beaver pond.  We also did something called "training".  Momma says that it is very important for me to learn to always be with her when we are out in the wild.  So sometimes she would throw a stick far away and I would go get it and when I realized she was not with me and I could not see her I was suppose to find her.  Momma was very tricky cuz soon as I went after the stick momma would run in a different direction and hide in thick brush.  But guess what?  I found her every time.  I do not like not being with her.  We did this training a lot and not once did my momma have to call for me, I always went and found her.  She was very proud of me.

Once we heard a big splash in the water at the beaver pond.  Put as you can see I was protecting my momma from whatever was splashing around.

Then I thought I better take a closer look at what might be in the water.  Yea that's my crazy momma getting right down there with me.  Ya gotta love that momma of mine.

Then we frolicked in the trees.

And yep we continued to "training".  One time momma let me get 30 yards ahead.  She told me to go to Miss Vickie.  Soon as I got to Miss Vickie I realized my momma was not with me.  So I started back to find my momma.  Miss Vickie said I was just like a Search and Rescue Dog.  Cuz I started back into the trees the way momma and I went in, BUT THEN I stuck my nose in the air and I smelled my momma's scent and I changed my course and ran as fast as I could and found my momma laying in thick brush.  You would not believe how many kisses and hugs I got.  I like this training thing.

I even saw some deer, but I did not chase.  But I was very curious.

Now back to the moose.  On our way home, back down the mountain we saw this moose in the trees.  Miss Vickie stopped the car so my momma could take a picture.  Then my momma heard a snort behind her just off the road and down the bank a little bit.  Momma looked and there was another moose just RIGHT THERE.  Momma walked back to the car.

This was the young moose momma heard snort at her.

Want to see what happened next?  Hold on to your furs.


Bye Bye moose.  I hope to see you again.
WOW!!  What a great time I had.  I think I am going to love this hiking/adventure life.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Momma goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Hey All.

I had planned on telling ya all about Bert teaching me how to swim.  But my heart is heavy for my dear friend Bert and his Vickie.  And I would like to take this moment to honor Bert's momma.  This morning (Monday) Bert's momma crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Beautiful Momma
Bert's momma came to live with her son and Miss Vickie four years ago.  Miss Vickie found out that the people who had her were giving her up (she was no longer useful).  So Miss Vickie rushed right over and said she would take her to live with Bert and her.  I can tell you that my momma told me that Bert's momma was never happier than when she was with Miss Vickie and her boy Bert.  She was such a love.  And all she wanted was to be petted and loved.  And she got so much love with Miss Vickie.  I only knew her a very short time but I tell you what, she was always so sweet to me.  We all will miss you so very much momma.  My momma and I will light a candle for you and think of you with smiles in our heart and tears in our eyes.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Buddy meets Satan

Hey All.

I know that is a scary title, but it is Halloween time after all.  Momma says I need to warn F&E that they may want to hold on to their furs and close their eyes.  On Friday I was at Bert's place, I normally don't go there on Friday's but momma had some stuffs to do and I could not go with her.  Of course I am all to happy to go to Bert's place, I love it there. 

So there I was in the main house with Bert and his siblings and his momma, just minding my own business checking out this leaf I brought into the house.  When I got a funny feeling, a strange feeling, a feeling I was being watched.  Then I heard "The Voice".  "Be careful little brother, you are about to encounter something that is beyond explanation, something not of this world."  The "Voice" I have come to know as my angel brother, Goose.  But what could he mean?

Insert some really creepy, un-nerving music here.  I felt it, that feeling "The Voice" warned me about.

"This is Allred little brother.  He is also know as Satan, Beelzebub, Destroyer of Dogs.  Tread lightly little brother, tread lightly.  Keep a WIDE birth from this one less you become his latest victim". 

What on earth is angel Goose talking about.  It's just a cat.  I like cats.  Cats like me.  The air must be thin at the Rainbow Bridge and making my angel brother light in the head.

I went in for a closer look at this "Satan".  Bert just laid there in fear. 

Why this is no "Destroyer of Dogs".  Allred rub up against my nose, I think I even heard him purrrrr.  Last time I checked Satan does not purrrrrr. 

I then tried to return the favor and give him a little nose rub too.  By now Bert has left the building.  I don't get it.  What is all the scary fuss about with this sweet kitty cat.

THEN something happened. 

Right before my eyes, it was like the world started to spin real fast, I swear there was flashes of lightening. 

I was frozen with fear!  What was this??!!!!!!  I wanted to move but I couldn't.  It had a frightening hold on me.

"I told you little brother" the 'Voice' said.  "Get out of there as fast as you can". 

Oh My Good Lord!!!!  "BERTTTTTTT!  Help me!"  Help did not come.  Bert just looked on from the door outside.  He said something about ALWAYS listen to the 'Voice'.  I did make it outside safe and sound.  Well mostly sound.  Bert just said, "Dude welcome to my world, I live with that every single day." 

Then my momma came to get me.  I told her all about Allred, Satan, Destroyer of Dogs.  And like all good mommas she held me and told me it was all going to be ok.  That Allred was just misunderstood.  And she told me stories about back in the day when Allred was just a young Satan....errrr she meant young kit cat.  WHAT????  He was scarier than this?????  Momma asked if he hurt me.  Well no he didn't.  Just scared me.  And the truth is he did punch me in the face a couple of times, BUT he did not have his claws of death out.  He just batted me a few times with NO claws.  And he did after all let me sniff him.  Maybe he IS just misunderstood.  He is after all a cat living with 30 or more dogs, that can't be easy.  Hummmmmm there sure is a lot of things to think about here. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

And Now Back to Our Story

Hey All.

Sunday I showed you a little teaser photo of me and my friend Bert.

This is how it began.

"Awe come on Bert let me play with your ball."


He finally let me chase him while he had his ball.

I tried to sneak in a grab.  But that Bert just would not let go.

It did finally slip his super strong grip, or he was just teasing me and let it drop.

But I always say, "Seize the opportunity."  And I sprinted my fastest.

For a big fluffy guy Bert is super fast and he got to the ball first.  But I kept trying.

Oh so close, yet so very far away.

Oh My Goodness!!!  I'm in the lead!  I just might get this thing.  Paws don't fail me now.

It is a It's a photo finish.  Who got to the ball first???????  Place your bet friends. 

ME!!!!  I got it, I got it!  There are so many to thank for this moment.  My momma for taking me to Bert's,  Bert's Vickie for letting Bert play with me, all the other pups standing around cheering me on, and my never give up attitude.  What I learned in all this is that if you want something, if you believe in something if you have a passion for something NEVER GIVE UP.  Oh sure Bert beat me to the ball 9 out of 10 times.  And each of those 9 times he did I learned something and it made my desire for the ball all the more stronger. 

And when you get that "ball" then you start all over again with more confidence and belief in yourself.  Thanks Bert for being such a good friend to me and teaching me a thing or two.  You really are a Golden Boy in every way.