Friday, June 29, 2012


sympathetic : characterized by, proceeding from, exhibiting, or feeling sympathy; sympathizing; compassionate.

That's what I have.  MOM took me to Dr. Eddie because she was worried about my left eye.  She thought maybe something poked it, or something was stuck in my eye.  But none of that turned out to be what it was.  I have Horner's Syndrome, other wise know as Sympathetic Eye.  Take a look.

Here is the medical stuff about it.  

Horner's syndrome is a common neurological disorder of the eye and facial muscles. The condition usually occurs suddenly. The most common clinical signs of Horner's syndrome are:
·         Drooping of the eyelids on the affected side (ptosis)
·         The pupil of the affected eye will be constricted (miosis)
·         The affected eye often appears sunken (enophthalmos)
·         The third eyelid of the affected eye may appear red and raised (prolapse of the third eyelid, injunctival hyperemia). 
Horner's syndrome is due to a dysfunction of the sympathetic nerves of the eyes and  surrounding facial muscles. This is part of the autonomic nervous system, which helps  to control normal functions such as blinking, muscle tone, etc.  Horner's syndrome is  often classified as idiopathic, which means it is without known cause.

MOM is all 87 kinds of worried.  "Sheesh" MOM I said, "You know I am a sympathetic and compassionate dog.  Now it shows in my eye."  "I'm alright"  I said.  "Let's go play with my friends."  So we did.

We met up with Boci and Logan

Tye and Tucker

Would ya look at Stanley.  He is a great water dog.  Bert was there and Big Murphy and little Murphy and a friend of Tye and Tucker.

Would ya look at that Logan.  He is real good at jumping.  This was his first try.  I think he has a future in fence jumping.

While my friends jumped the fences I explored the hillside.

See MOM I am just fine.  Romping and running.

MOM took this picture of this beautiful flower along the stream.  That's not a black backdrop, she used the flash cuz it was getting dark and the flash made the water look black. I like it.
Don't worry about my eye, I'm OK and I can see.  In fact I think I am seeing things in a new light and you know what, it's beautiful too.  MOM says I am still as handsome as ever and she is starting to be more at ease with it.  And now MOM and I have something in common cuz she has a lot of nerve damage and each day she has more and more damage (all though meds are helping to slow the damage).  And I don't think it slows her down.  And my Sympathetic Eye will not slow me down either.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bandanna Squirrel

Before I get to the squirrel some of you have asked about our fires.  It's true that we have several, last check we have 10 wild fires going on right now.  So far this year we have had 405 fires and of that 390 have been human caused.  Some bigger than others.  Some are further away from me than others.  But there have been two fires recently at a place that me and my friends like to play, the Fort.  Here is what some of the Fort looks like.
Don't let my happy face fool you I am very said about this, especially since this was caused by carelessness and foolishness.

Now to happier things------------------------>

So there I was minding my own business.  Just kicked back taken a little snooze when who should walk up to me?  A squirrel!  That's right friends, a squirrel.  And not just any squirrel, but a big, red, bandanna wearing squirrel.  

So I just pretended to be asleep, all the while plotting my next move.  Then BAM!  

Got ya.  Ya Bret Michael's want-a-be squirrel.

Let me show you what you do to a bandanna wearing squirrel.  Pay attention now.

First give him your "you'll be sorry you walk into my living room" snarl.

Then go for the ear.

Then rip his freaky yellow furs from his head

Make sure you always keep his nose pinned to the ground

And keep giving him the snarl and growl.  Grrrrrrrrrrr

Finally find a stick and start a fire, it's shish kabob time!

Dinner is at 7.  BYOB&C (Beer and Cheetos).  


Had to Share

I was just over visiting Miss Lydia at See Beautiful and I just had to share this.  Get ready to smile.

I see you smilin'.  And if you are not, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Splish Splash

"Hey MOM you know what today is?"
"A good day?"
"Yea a good day, let's go outside and I'll show you how good!"

It's flood the yard day.   And I get to train for the Blogville Olympics in the water.  That means I get to train in a low impact way and have fun doing it.  I start with doing water sprints across the flooded yard. 

Note from MOM: Some of you have asked if this flooding is because of rain.  No it is not.  We desperately need rain.  We currently have 10 wild fires burning and it is very dry.  This flooding happens once a week.  Where you might have a sprinkler to water your yard, we have flood irrigation.  Once every 7 1/2 days the water comes down the ditch and we open a gate to our yard and flood our yard for 3 1/2 hours.  Now back to Goose.

And practice my jumping across stuff.

Of course I must keep hydrated even though I'm training in water.

Many events will require me to leap.  Weeeeee, this is less like training and more like fun.

Look Bert I am up to my elbows in the H2O.  I really should have invited him over.

Look MOM your boys a "Tree Huger".  Bawhahhahaa

This is my training partner, Shadow Goose.

"Hey MOM you know what time it is?"
"What time is it Goosey?"
"Dinner time.  An athlete must get the proper nutrition."

Hope you all are training for the Olympics.  I'm hosting the STICK event.  That includes Singles Stick Carry (you and a stick) and Team Stick Carry (you a stick and your friends).  You can start sending your entry beginning JULY 9th.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Love Me Some Veggies

Today I helped MOM in the garden.  I really enjoy being in the garden.  More than that I love to eat what is in and comes out of the garden.  MOM and I have a small garden at our home.  But we also have a really big garden at our church.  The Community Garden is where we where today.  This garden not only offers veggies to our church family but it also supplies hundred and hundreds of pounds of veggies to St. Anne's Homeless Center where MOM serves on the board and volunteers.  Let me show you how the garden is coming along.

I'm standing in the garden looking back at my church.

Here are just a FEW of the tomatoes.  There are about eight different varieties.

Here are some peppers.  Several different Bell peppers and all kinds of those hot types too.

These are squash.  I think there are four different types,

Onions.  I am not allowed to eat these.

Here we have some beans.

Look the corn is now taller than me.

You know lettuce is pretty soft to sit on.  Probably should wash it before we eat it.  hehheehe

Can ya see me way down there by the beans?

I'm checking out the ditch that supplies the water for the garden.  Raccoon's like to live in here and feast on the garden.  No coons today.  

A few of you asked me if I really do eat strawberries (from my last post).  Yep I sure do.  I even pick them myself.  The strawberries you saw me eating from are mine.  My MOM planted them in a big old pot just for me.  I can go out and eat whatever and whenever I want.  MOM is amazed that I only pick and eat the ripe ones.  Hope you enjoyed my little garden tour.  I sort of feel like Wyatt today.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Easy Peezee Day

Some days are just easy peezee.  Relaxed and serene.  Today was one of those days.

First get a few strawberries to go with my breakfast.

MOM's watching me isn't she?  "Yumm hey MOM, would you like me to get a few berries for you this morning?"  Yea she bought it.

Then I spent some time at Bert's place.  No photos, but trust me it was relaxing.

Back at home just kicking back in the grass.

Is life really this good?  Yes, yes it is.

Then it was time for some evening fun with MOM and my ball.

But ya gotta take a break every now and then.

But not for long.  "Got ya red ball!"

Give MOM a raspberry

Hehhehe.  Just kidding MOM, you know I love ya.

Then ya end the day kicked back on the patio with MOM watching the sun set.  Days like today are.... well they are just beautiful. Wouldn't you agree?  Make sure you get you some days like this.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just a Reminder

Hey friends I just wanted to remind you of the Blogville Olympics coming up real soon.  I hope you are planning to participate in as many events as you can.  I am hosting the STICK event.  There are two categories of STICKS, singles and team.  All ya have to do is send me a picture of you and a stick or you and a friend or several friends with a stick.  
Stick size does not matter.

Small Stick

Medium Stick

Large Stick

You can start sending me your Stick photos starting July 9th.  Make sure you have it to me by July 18th.  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.  You can send the stick photos to my email: Pastormichelle13 (at) gmail (dot) com.  But don't send them until JULY 9th.
There are so many events you can participate in:
Jazzi's Window Nose Art/Snot Smears
Sarges Swimming
Oscar's Crazy Sleeping Singles & Synchronized Sleepers
Bertie's Bouncing... Narrative style
WHN's Cross Neighborhood Walkabout and Catch Me If You Can
Benny & Lily's Beach Ball
Madi's Gymnastics
Lily Bell & Muffin's Couch Potato Peeling
Mona Mi's Tongue Curling/aka the Raspberry
Weenie's Critter Stalking
Mr. Pip's DISCUS/Frisbee
Bert's Pole Jumping
Murphy and Stanley's Marathon Chewing
Puddles Digging
Declan's Tuneful Farting
Casey's Keep Away
Rubie & Poots's Equestrian
Mayzie's Camera Avoidance Tai Kwon Do
Shata & Shiloh's Synchronized Peeing
Ruthies DE-Stuffing
 Susie & Sidebite's Free Style Zoomies
Ruby and Penny's Roaching and Rolling
Biley & Katy's Squirrel Hurdles
Indigo's Draw your People
Lulu's Snack Race
Sasha's Boxing
Frank the Tank's Extreame Weather Sports
Max's Turbo Track
Luna and Cynder's Snoopendous Sniffathon
Mollie Jo's The Great Tennis Ball Tournament
Uji & Izzy's Bathtub Wrestling

So friends get training, there is something for every dog, bird, donkey, cat, crab, ostrich, emu, whatever.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MOM is Crazy

My MOM and Miss Vickie went to the mountains.  Seems that Miss Vickie needed to see a Moose.  Bert and I did not go.  That's OK.  For me I needed some much needed rest, I'm still recovering from my MOM being gone for like 87 days.  Bert hung out at his place and I spent some snooze time with my Uncle Mike.  When MOM came home she showed me some pictures of what she saw and did.  Let me take ya on a little tour.

One of our favorite spots

MOM loves turkeys.  She says it's easier to sneak up on them when I am not there. I don't know what she means.

One of our favorite things to do is walk through the Aspens.

And sometimes when you do you come across a young Buck.  MOM also said it is easier to do when I am not there.  Again I don't know what she means.

These are Kill Deer eggs.  We have been watching them for a couple months.  The momma bird refuses to leave them even though they will never hatch.  She stood just a few feet away while MOM took the picture.  And when MOM walked away she flew right back and sat on the nest.

All I have to say is good thing for this squirrel I was not there.  Next time evil squirrel.

When MOM was up on a ridge she looked down and saw what she thought were two deer.  But NO!  They are some sort of giant bird.  I said they were Emu's.  But MOM said they were not but could not tell me what they were.  So until she does, they are Emu's.

Then they found a couple of Moose brothers.  

These two guys were having their dinner.
Now some of you have asked if my MOM uses the zoom on her camera to get these close shots.  Well not really.  I know that can be hard to believe.  So I offer the following photo as proof.

And now you know why I titled this post "MOM is Crazy!"  
When MOM was teaching me Moose manners one of the thing she said was I could not get close to them.  Now I am wondering what her definition of "close" is.

Who does she think she is, "The Moose Whisper"?  

Then it was time to come home to me.

This is how I spent my time while MOM was talking to some Moose.    I'm all rested up now and ready to go find that pesky evil squirrel.