Thursday, March 31, 2016

Unexpected Outing

Hey All.

Thursday momma had some plans, maybe not fun plans but it had to be done.  But then an unexpected thing happened and she had to cancel the plan and take care of an urgent matter.  Now she has to reschedule what she had scheduled.  She is not looking forward to that.  Anyway on our way home after she picked me up from Bert's momma got an email on her phone.  She thought it was important so we pulled over and she read her email, it was from Bert.  He wanted to know if I could meet him at the pond for a little stroll.  Before momma could respond I was waggin' my tail so hard it created a wind tunnel in the car.  So she called Miss Vickie and said we would love to go.  Here is a little video of our unexpected outing.

Even though momma's day did not go as expected, it did turn out wonderful, beautiful even.  I reminded momma that in every situation, in all things there is beautiful.  She really tries to live by that, but like all humans sometimes she needs to be reminded.  Yep even in the unexpected there is beautiful.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Land Shark

Hey All.

Do you believe in Land Sharks?  I was a skeptic at first.

I was still a skeptic even after momma showed me photos of Angle Brother Goose next to Land Shark Bert.  I mean Bert is MANY things, but a Land Shark?????  (On a side note: I sure hope Angle Brother Goose took that penguin outfit with him the Rainbow Bridge.)  But then my friends I saw this....... (make sure you turn up the sound)

Not only is Bert also known as The Giant Golden Beaver, but it's true he really is a Land Shark, a real honest to goodness Land Shark.

[This is just part of a video Bert and his Vickie made for Ogden Regional Hospital.  It is a training video for the Therapy Dogs and handlers.]

Monday, March 28, 2016

Good Dog Down

Hey All.

Turns out you can keep a good dog down.  Hehehhhehe

Speaking of my personal Golden butt cushion.  This is my pal Bert on Monday night.  Guess who has to go to the hospital on Tuesday morning?   hahhahhhha.  I hope Miss Vickie stops at a car wash before he enters the doors and beds of people at the hospital. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

Hey All.

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!  In my house Easter is a big deal.  We are believers in the Risen Christ. 

This is me and momma's church.  I know some of you may already know this, see all those grocery bags with the flowers coming out of them?  Those bags are filled with food.  Normally churches fill the altar area with Easter Lilies in honor or memory of someone on Easter.  But several years ago momma thought we should fill the church with food bags that will go to help feed hungry people and families.  So that's what we do, people still sponsor a food bag like they did Easter Lilies, but now those in need are helped.

Hahahha!!  That's my momma with balloon Jesus.  It's Jesus made completely from balloons.  Gives new meaning to "He Is Risen!!"

But just because momma and I celebrate our Risen Christ on Easter does not mean we don't love the Bunny and all those colorful eggs.  I did not know however, it also means I have to wear bunny ears.  Do ya all have to do that too?  Here's how all that went down at my place.

"I gotta wear what?"

"Bunny ears Buddy, you have to wear bunny ears."
"Oh man.  All my friends are going to see this."
"You look so cute Buddy Bo Bo."

"Hey what's in here?"

"Can I have this egg momma?"
"No Buddy I still need to get a few more shots of you with your ears."

"How about this shot with the ears?"
"Not what I had in mine Bud."

"Oh.... What about this shot with the ears?"
"Buddy..... "

"OK OK, what about this?"
"Buddy come on be serious."

"OK momma I'll be serious."  hehehhe

Despite the "seriousness" of the photo taking.  Momma gave me two Easter gifts.  A Lamb and a Bunny.  Here is a short video of me with my new Easter friends.

From our house to yours:  HAPPY EASTER!


Friday, March 25, 2016

Pay it Forward

Hey All.

You know I love this guy right? 

My best pal Bert.

When I came to live with my momma this guy took me under his paw.  And in a very short time we became the very best pals.

He taught me how to swim. 

He showed me the art of my Angle Brother Gooses passion.....Sticks.

He even helped me in my new venture of harvesting sticks.

He showed me that freezing temperatures and snow can be so much fun.  Being a Southern Georgia boy I was not sure about it at first, but my best pal would not steer me wrong and he was right.  I LOVE snow.

I just love to hang on to him, he is just the best.  And I know ya all know he has worn and wears many hats: Search and Rescue Dog, Therapy Dog, Bed Bug Finder Dog, Visits people in Veterans Homes and children in schools, he recently was and actor in a play, and he also is a Pilot Pup at the Salt Lake International Airport.  I get exhausted just listing all my pal does.  Well guess what????  Others have recognized how amazing my pal Bert is and his Vickie. 
Please click on this link to see what I am talking about.  I'll wait right here.
Isn't that just wonderful and beautiful?  It's such well deserved recognition.  Bert and his Vickie have done and continue to do so much good and beautiful in this world. 

It has however created a bit of a frenzy around Bert.  He has always been mobbed by adoring fans but now, Oh My Goodness.  People just drive his place to see if they can get a look at him.  And the fan mail is breaking the postman's back.  So I decided I would lend a paw to my friend, I mean he always has helped me.

I am now Bert's Agent.  I keep him safe while he naps.  Being a super star is very exhausting and he needs his sleep to keep doing all the wonderful things he does.  But I must admit this is a job that is bigger than me with all the adoring fans wanting his autograph.  So I have had to hire some help.

This is Scrappy.  While I make sure Bert gets his rest, Scrappy stands guard over us.  But don't worry my dear friends, I know how important you the citizens of Blogville are to Bert and ya all can have access to Bert anytime you want. 


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cat Slapped.

Hey All.

Yesterday I was at Bert's place while my momma was at work.  There is a saying: "It's all fun and games until somepup gets cat slapped."  And that's what happened.  Remember a week or so ago I introduced you to little Ruby, the 10 week old Beagle pup?  She is just the cutest thing.  And remember I told you I have taken her under my paw to show her a few things?  Well some lessons are hard ones to learn.

There I was taking a little nap, when I felt a presence, I shuttered a bit.  I have felt that feeling once before, and believe me once is enough.  Then I saw little Ruby nose to nose with The Devil Cat, Allred.  "NO RUBY NO!!!!!"

But I was to late.  Ruby got cat slapped by The Devil cat.  I was so scared I could hardly move.  But I promised to help little Ruby through life, and that if that means I must protect her from Allred, well I guess that's what I must do.

"Come here little Ruby, I'll keep you safe.  And you Allred, you back off!"

"Buddy he is still there.  I am so scared."
"You just stay right her Ruby, I'll cover you and make your fears disappear.  See Allred is walking away."

"Buddy what was that?"
"That Ruby was Allred, The Devil Cat.  The one to stay clear of."
"But he seemed so so, well so fluffy and nice."
"We all think that at first, but then...."
"Even you Buddy?"
"Oh yes little one, even me."
"And Bert, Bert too?"
"Yep even Bert.  Bert has had to endure Allred longer than any of us.  Oh and the stories he can tell you.  But you're to young to hear those stories just yet Ruby."
"Where is Bert anyway?"
"My guess he's in that hole he dug by the big tree.  Just sitting there with his eyes wide open."

"Ruby you just curl up here with me, I won't let anything happen to you."
"Promise Buddy?"
"I promise Ruby.  Now you just sleep little one and dream sweet dreams.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slip Slip Sliding Away

Hey All.

Oh how I love to run.  And even better than racing a friend is...

Racing up and down a steep hill.  This is one of my favorite hills. 

Race back up to the top and do it all over again.

OH YEA!!!!  If ya can't tell by the smile on my face I am having the time of my life.  But I discovered another fun thing to do on a hill.

You get a runnin' start and slide down on your belly.

Wooooo Hoooo.  Belly sliding is so much fun.  Momma says I'm a bit nuts.  There is only one problem with belly sliding.....

Sometimes you go so fast that it takes a tree to stop you.  Hehehehhe


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Scerene Sunday

Hey All.

I'm taking a page out of my friends, Cam and Mags book over at Army of Four.

I'm getting my serene on. 
Wanta join me?  Come on over there is plenty of room on the "Only furniture I am not allowed on in the house."  Have a Serene Sunday my friends.


Thursday, March 17, 2016


Hey All.

When you use the words "I can't" you have already preordained yourself to that destiny.  Oh sure there are times when you push past those words, "I can't" and try something and not make it.  But at least you tried and did not set yourself up right from the beginning to fail with the words "I can't".  And there are even sayings out there that help you believe those words "I can't".  Sayings like oh I don't know let's say sayings like: "Dogs can't climb tress.  Cats climb trees, not dogs." 

Hummmmm.  Dogs can't what?  I believed I could.  I did not let "Can't" stand in my way.  I didn't let "Can't" determine what I can and can't do.
Incase you have not guessed, this applies to oh so much more than a dog climbing a tree.


PS from my momma:  Buddy is about 15 to 18 feet up a tree.  He climbed up there all by himself.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Look at Me Now

Hey All.

Yesterday you saw how Bert and I harvest sticks.  After we finished Bert told me that another adventure waited just around the corner.  With Bert you never really know what that means.  But Bert's my best pal so I followed.

Well surprise surprise, Bert's adventure is swimming.  But I have to admit, I sure would like to do that. 

I would love to swim out and get my own sticks instead of having Bert always bringing them back and me taking them from him.

"Come on Buddy I'll help you.  Just follow me, we'll take it slow."
"OK Bert, you won't leave me will you?"
"I'll be right by your side Buddy."

"BERT! BERT!  I think I'm going to drown!!"
"You got this Bud, just hold on to me until you get your rhythm."

"That's it Buddy.  Just keep in the shallow end until you get a feel for it."
"This is not to bad Bert."
"Just remember Bud to use all your paws, not just the front ones."

Oh how I wanted that stick out there.  But it was just out of my reach.

"Come on Buddy come on out.  There are a lot of great sticks out here.  You can do it!!"

I went out for the stick, but I started to sink. 

That's when Bert came out and lent a paw to get me back to shore.

"Hop on Buddy and we'll start again.  You're going to get it don't worry."

"Come on Bud get the stick.  Come on get it."
You see what my smart friend did there.  He had me focused on the stick and not worried about the deep water.

So I went for it.  I just took that leap of faith and went for the stick.  Of course it helped that Bert believed in me.

"Bert!!  I think I am going down!!!" (Bert was on shore watching me and shouting encouragement).
"You can do it Bud.  Keep paddling,"


At this point I was thinking to my self 'Why did I go for such a BIG stick'.

"Bert I got it!!!  I got it!!!  Did ya see me? I got it!!  I swam and I got it!"
"You sure did Bud, I knew you could do it."
And now here is a video of me swimming.

I can't wait to go to Bert's special place high in the mountains, where Gooses Rock is and swim in the ponds where the beaver and moose play.