Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Egg Head

Hello Friends.

I know this time of year for many of us we must wear the bunny ears, right?  Butt I think my MOM may have taken it toooooo far.

Now not only do I have to wear the ears, I have egg on my face.

"OK, OK MOM you have had your fun." 
Butt noooooo, there was more.

Really?!!!! Two eggs.

Yes it's true, I have eggs on my face.  Sheesh, when will it end?

Oh come on now, THREE eggs?!!

A Goose could go cross-eyed if this continues.  Good thing my snooter isn't any longer.  If it were I think she would have tried to stick a whole dozen on my nose.  Butt then she had a "Brilliant" idea.....

Raw, uncooked, squishy on the inside egg on my head, on my bed in the living room!  This woman really trust me. 

"MOM this is about as much a smile as your going to get at this point." 
I'm lucky, we only had one raw egg in the house.  Butt you know what my friends?  That MOM of mine then cooked this egg for me as a nice little treat for putting up with the whole balance an egg (or two or three) on your head and she added a side of homemade salmon treats. 
{sorry for some of the blurry photos MOM seemed to forget to clean the lens and she may have touched it a time or two during taking the pictures.}

Monday, March 30, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Reading with MOM

Hello Friends.

Does not matter what the book, here MOM is reading her daily devotion.

Or here she is reading to me from William Wegman's ABC book.  We always read together.  When MOM holds my paw while reading I like to snuggle in close to her and give her a little nuzzle.  Makes reading even better.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Power of Suggestion

Hello Friends.

Over the years I have mastered the power of suggestion.  For example....

There I was laying on my bed.  MOM was on the couch reading.  I wanted her to come and be with me.  Sure I could have gotten up and got on the couch with her.  Butt why?  So first I give her that look, yea that one right up there.  Then, and this is important, I let out a little sigh. 

And just like that the MOM is on the floor with me. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Diving for Beer

Hello Friends.

On Saturday my buddy Bert figured out a way for me to join our Pack friends for our walk. 

Bert and Miss Vickie found a spot where we could park and it would not be as far of a walk to get to the really nice spot that we all love to go to.  Including me there were 14 of us dogs.  We all have a great time.  Butt Bert and I had the best time of us all.

You might think that Bert is farting under water (well maybe he is) butt that is not what he is doing. 

"Did you get it Bert?"
"Oh I got it buddy, I got it."
You might think he brought me a stick, butt you would be wrong.

Bert found us some beer at the bottom of the river.  I tell you what his search and rescue skills are unmatched my friends. 

"Come on Bert I think there is more over there."
"OK Goose, let me just look and see if My Vickie is watching."

My buddy Bert is the bestest of friends.  First he finds a way for me to join the Pack Walk, then he provides refreshments.

Friday, March 20, 2015

First Day of Spring

Hello Friends.

I don't know about the rest of you, butt my first day of Spring was just about perfect.

 My MOM had to mow the yard, HAD to!!  We have had an extremely mild winter, especially for an area that is known to have "The Greatest Snow on Earth". 
Of course this make MOM and me a little worried about the water situation this summer, butt for now I am really enjoying the blue sky's, warm sun, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

"Smell that Billy, that's the smell of Spring."

Another amazing thing about Spring around my home is this.  This is an old tree stump in my yard.  MOM was going to remove it a few years ago until we discovered the birds use it to crack open nuts.

I tell you what, those birdies sure are smart.  Crazy thing is we do not have a nut tree in my yard.  I don't know where the birds get these nuts butt this is the place they choose to dine, on my old tree stump.

Here is another sure fire was to tell that Spring is here.  No it's not the freshly cut grass behind me.

It's this chair.  When MOM pulls this out I know that the days are growing longer, the sun shines more, and the birds are singing in the tree.

My MOM has had this chair since she was in her early 20's!  It's old, falling apart, and every year MOM "fixes" it by taking off the old brittle duct tape from the previous year and puts on new and more duct tape.  I mean seriously look at it, I can stick my head through it no problem.  Butt she loves this chair.  Oh sure we have a small patio table and chairs.  Butt it's this chair that MOM will choose every time to sit in and watch the world go by.  It's little things like that that makes me love her so.  Just because it's old and needs some help in keeping it together she still keeps it and loves it all the more.

Yep Spring is here and I thank the Lord above for the beginning of a new season.

Monday, March 16, 2015

For Every.........

Mora na maidine dhuit. (Top O the Morning to You),

For every wound, a balm.

For every sorrow, a cheer.

For every storm, a calm.

For every thirst, a beer.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's Not a Dream

Hello Friends.

These are the mountains that I LOVE to hike through and backpack and camp.  Since I was a young pup I have been doing that with my MOM almost on a weekly bases.  As you know for the last several months I really am unable to do it, do to age and muscle loss, and joint problems.  And as you know it has made me very sad.  Oh don't get me wrong I am enjoying this new phase in my life, butt I do long for the trail and hiking adventure.  Well friends I thought I was dreaming when MOM and I loaded up in the Subaru and headed for a favorite hiking spot.  Thanks to KB's advise, Shyla and R's momma, we found a way for me to still enjoy the mountains I love.

You are seeing right friends, that is me starting out on an adventure, all be it at a much slower pace.

Even thought it is slower I still lead the way.

"Come on MOM adventure awaits just up the river."

Sure I can't splash and romp though the waters like before, butt just standing out here is miracle.

And what is this I've found?

A STICK in need of rescue!

And snow!  That's a happy smile on my face.

Normally MOM and I would cross this river and go sit on that big rock.  Butt instead we sat here on the other side to take a break and rest and we marveled at the beauty of it all.

Then it was back to walking along the river.

Ooooooo a STICK!  MOM said it was a log, butt hey, I don't discriminate, stick/log it's all the same to me.  However MOM thought it best I leave this one be, as it was big and in a deep part of the river.  She was concerned about me.  Well as they say mom's know best.  So I did as she asked and left it.

It was a hard thing to do, butt I am sure it will be OK.

We took another break and rest in the shade of this tree.

Those brakes really helped to keep me going.

Going to where you ask?

To a special spot for me and MOM, and as fate would have it there were some submerged sticks in desperate need.  What you may not be able to see is between me and those two sticks is a drop off.  Again MOM said I could not go get the sticks.  So I stood there and whined a little.  You know what a little whining gets you?  A MOM who waded out in to the cold river to get the sticks for me.

Believe me there were plenty of sticks on dry ground that needed a little help.

Normally MOM and I would hike to the top of that big rock.

Butt on this day we just sat back and admired it from afar. 

Then on our way back I found this.

I really don't know what it is, butt it was rather cool sitting way out here.

"Hey MOM what is this?"

Oh the mountains I love.  Sure this was not like our other hikes.  We took it slow, we rested a lot, I could not do or go to some of the places I once did, and it is true that MOM had to carry me the last 100 to 125 yards back to the Subaru (not all at once, she's tuff butt not that tuff).  Butt it was a beautiful dream come true.  And you want to know the best part?

THIS!!  Just sittin' with my MOM in the place we love.  Just being together.  If you can't tell that is a big smile on my face and a huge smile on my heart.