Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Stuff

Just thought I'd show you some random stuff from the last few days.

First I played some foot ball with MOM

I love this game

Then it was time for a little nap


Really MOM more pictures of me sleeping?

So I moved outside for some shut eye.  Sheesh, the lawn needs to be cut.  A guy could get lost out here, or at least a Puddles.

Hahahahha I crack me up

MOM is it time for dinner yet?  

Nothing like a nap after a good meal

Then of course there was some fun with Bert and Murphy.

Check out this cool place for romping

In all seriousness while I was sniffin' about, Bert and Murphy where working closer to the river to try to locate a 3 year old boy who fell in the river a couple of days ago.

I found this toy in the woods next to the river but I don't think it was the little boys.

When they finished working we all got to play together.  I am not winking in the photo above, just taking extra care with my eye.  But it is getting better, almost back to 100%.  Woo Hoo

While I found me a stick, buddy Bert was... well you know where he was.

Yes it is true, he has webbed feet

Murphy keeps an eye on Bert

Did I tell you I found a great stick?

Well that's about it.  If you wouldn't mind keeping the family of the little boy in your prayers.  And remind you peeps that when water runs high (and even if it's not high) keep a close eye on those little peeps.  This family was taking a family photo by the river and just like that he was in the water.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Me and Mr. Giggles

Remember when Bert's Vickie went to Florida?  When she came back she brought a gift for me!  Yea for me, not Bert, not MOM but for me.  Well she finally gave it to me.

Meet Mr. Giggles

This morning we shared a lovely breakfast on the patio.

I love him!  He makes me laugh and smile.  I have had a pretty busy day so far.  MOM has this big dinner thing at the church that she has to get ready for.  But she forgot she had scheduled a hair cut today.  So she took me along before we headed for the church.

That's Debbie, she cuts MOM's hair

Mr. Giggles thought I should get a few furs trimmed

A little off the top please

Then we headed for church so we could help get things set up for the dinner.  MOM said it is a Pacesetter Dinner to kick off the stewardship campaign.  

While MOM was in the kitchen preparing and cooking stuff me and Mr. Giggles hung out and chatted.  He has the most infectious laugh.

Then we headed outside to see whats on the grill.  No we are not grilling frog legs.  My friend Jack will be cookin' up Tri-Tips.  DROOOOOOOOOL.  Oh it is soooooo good.  Jack said I could help him.  He obviously has heard of my grilling skills.

Then it was time to head home before we have to come back to eat and have fun and there are going to be Hawaiian Dancers too.  It's going to be tons of fun.  You might be wondering why my new friend is named Mr. Giggles.  Take a look and listen and you will see.

See what I mean, he is a crack up!  Thanks Miss Vickie.  I love Mr. Giggles.  And we have had a great time together today.  Every time he giggles I will thank of you.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh No

Let me show you how my day started.  Please excuse the low quality photos.  MOM is OK with her camera but with the Android phone camera, well lets just say thank heaven she mostly uses her phone for calls and text.
This is me in MOM's office.  You may notice a tear coming out of my eye.   You might think I am crying because I was suppose to go with Bert to the Nature Center to watch him do a SAR demo for some kids.  Then we were going to play in the mountains.  And true I was pretty upset that in the morning MOM said we were not going.  THEN I heard the reason why.

Guess where I went instead?

Can you guess from this shot of my butt?

That's right I had to go see Doctor Eddie.  And it turns out I am old. WHAT?!  Am not.  

Me waiting in the exam room

Me checking to see if there are plenty of treats

Me trying to find the Blazer keys in MOM's purse

See the problem is MOM noticed my left eye sort of weeping and then there is the problem with my left front leg.  I'm limping.  MOM is such a worrier and so she canceled my fun day with Bert and made me go to the vet.  

That green stuff around my eye was so Dr. Eddie could tell what was wrong with my eye.
Turns out I might have gotten something poked in my eye and there is a little trauma.  Now MOM has to put drops in my eye 3 times a day.  Yea good luck with that MOM.
Listening to the Doc and MOM talk about my leg

Turns out I have a shoulder/joint issue.  I think I even heard the word "The beginning of Arthritis".  "Doctor Dude I am only 12, that can not be."  So now I will take for pill for that for a little while.  
But don't worry pups this is not going to stop me.  Soon as we got back to MOM's office I was off and running through the yard, flower beds and the fields.  Arthritis my foot.  I laugh, or is it run, in the face of this supposed diagnosis .  

This is not and will not slow me up.  I talked to MOM and we will still take our hikes like we always do.  I will still run and climb circles around my young buddy Bert.  Simply put I am still going to live this beautiful life I have to the fullest.  
When I came in from outside I helped MOM with stuff in the sanctuary of the church.

Then I relaxed by playing a cool set on the drums.

I have forgiven MOM for not letting me go with Bert today.  She just loves me, and she did what she thought was best.  Can't fault the old gal for that.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Best Friends

Last week some people from my MOM's church, our church, took a mission trip to this place in Kanb Utah.

They went to Best Friends Animal Society.  They did all kinds of things with all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to birds, horses, goats and more.

They walk them, fed them, cleaned them, and most importantly they LOVED them

One of the people who went on the mission trip even adopted a dog.

I told MOM she could say a few things as I show a few more photos of the mission trip to help and care for all the different animals at Best Friends.

For most, our connection to the creaturely world comes exclusively through the companionship of those animal friends we call our pets. For the more politically correct animal advocates, "animal companion" is the preferred term, as it takes away the connotation of ownership. After all, do we really "own" our pets or do they own us? From my own experience I would vote for the latter option. We' re responsible for their food, shelter and veterinary care -- and to that extent are their keepers -- but truth be told, they "keep" us just as surely as we keep them, but they keep us through bonds of unconditional affection. We keep them through care and they keep us by loyalty.

By their companionship and their extravagant giving of affection whether we particularly deserve it or not, our animal companions also call us to a more morally conscious position in the world. Living with a pet puts us a little bit closer to what Albert Schweitzer called "reverence for life."

When we allow the beauty of species other than our own to really touch us in a spiritual way, we will inevitably come to understand why Mahatma Gandhi once remarked that the measure of a society' s morality could be measured by how they treat their animals. If we embraced the Native American spiritual practice of regarding animals as our relations, interacting with them mindfully, compassionately, prudently and compassionately, we would have less reason to blush.

Thanks MOM for sharing a few words of what I think are wise, but hey I'm your boy so I know you do have your moments of wisdom.  Love ya MOM, and I am grateful for all those people who took a week off work, brought all kinds of donations the Best Friends (not just money but all kinds of needed supplies), all so they could care for all my animal friends.  You guys are the BEST.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Morning

You know how some days just don't seem as grand as others?  Yea you know what I mean.  The days where you just want to stay in bed and let it all pass by?  That was how the day started.  UGH!  But then my Buddy Bert emailed me and said, "Hey ya want to go with me and My Vickie to go water some plants at one of our clients house?"  "What, you want me to come pee on some plants?"  I thought.  "It will be fun",  Bert said.   "The house is high up in the mountains and after I will take you to my most favorite and special place even higher up.  It will make all the difference in your day.  Come on it will be a beautiful day."  So off we went.  And you know that Bert was so right.  It was a good morning as you will see.  We romped and played, we saw all kinds of wildlife, we even got to play in some snow and mud.

God's mercy is always new and beautiful with each rising sun.  It is good to be reminded of that.
From MOM:  I have no idea why YouTube cuts short the words Goose puts on some of the photos.  It looks fine on our computer, but once on YouTube... Sorry if you can't read some of them.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dogs in Worship

Last Sunday was Bring your Dog to Worship.  As some of you know every 3rd Sunday of the month people are welcome to bring their dogs to church with them to worship, sing and pray.  Because MOM had a very special guest preacher there that night she was able to get a few pictures of some of the pups who came to church.  She wishes she would have gotten more but she did not want to disrupt the service by taking so many pictures.  So here are a few of dogs who came to church.

This is the Rev. Jim Gulley our guest preacher that Sunday.  Pastor Jim was in Haiti when that big earthquake happened and he and some of is colleagues were trapped under the rubble of the Hotel Montana.  They had just entered the lobby when five floors came crashing down on them.  Burying them for 55 hours.  If ya have time and would like to read more about his story just click HERE.

Pastor Jim had never heard of a church who welcomes dogs in the worship service.  We quickly won him over.  I am so thankful my Pastor MOM started this.  She is now being asked if it can be every Sunday.  BOL!  What's that saying, "Going to the Dogs"?  hahhaha Well I guess our church is going to the dogs, and that isn't a bad thing.