Monday, April 29, 2013

About that Hat

Hello Friends.

Yesterday I showed a funny hat I had on my head.

Yea I'm rockin' the hat.  But this is not how you are suppose to wear it.

This is how you are to wear it.  And there are some pretty smart pups out there.  You guessed right.  It is a bee hat.  The kind Bee Keepers wear.  So why am I wearing it?

Well my Friends, me and MOM's church are going to have two beehives!  This is me checking out where the bees are going to live.
I am going to show you a lot of photos of the whole process of getting the bees moved into their new home.  

We received 3 pounds of bees.  This is a pound and a half.  That is a lot of bees!

That's my MOM putting on her bee gloves.  Safety first.

MOM needs a little help getting the bee gloves over her biceps.   MOM opted to not wear the whole bee suit.  I guess MOM takes safety only so far.

MOM is giving me instructions on Bee Manners and safety.   

We are about to take the Queen Bee out of the travel box.  She is in that round can at the top of the box separated from all the other bees.

The Queen Bee is in that little box.  It has a plug in it.  MOM replaced the plug with a special plug that is made of bee type food.  In a couple of days, with the help of the other bees, they will eat the food and release her into her hive.

That is my MOM and the church Queen Bee, Kristian, hanging the Queen Bee in her new hive.  This is a very important step and must be done very carefully.

MOM waiting to place the bees in their hive.

MOM and Kristian putting the bees in their new home.  This is interesting.  There is a round hole at the bottom (where the Queen Bee was) and then you slam the bee box on the hive to make the bees fall out into the hive.

Then my MOM added the rest of the cone dividers.

Next MOM added that "feeder" box, careful not to squish any bees in the process.

Then you fill the feeder box with liquid bee food.

Then you sprinkle the bees with powder sugar.  This helps to keep parasites away and off the bees.

That my Friends is some happy happy bees.  I think they like their new home.  We will gradually add more levels to the hive in the coming weeks ahead.

And this is a happy MOM because I did so well around the bees.  I did not chase them, or try to bite them when they were flying all around me.  I did not bark or act all crazy.  Which is very important if you don't want to get stung.  I did get stung once when a bee flew into my mouth.  But I was OK, no worries.

And this is a happy Goose because these bees are going to bring so much beautiful into this world.

Did you know how important bees are to all of us?  I can say that our very existence depends on them.  It's true.  Of course they pollinate the flowers of plants and trees.  And when the bees do their thing we all get to eat.  Even if you are a meat lover you still need the bees cuz those yummy cows and such need the bees to care for the food they eat.  These under-appreciated workers pollinate 80% of the flowering crops with constitute over 1/3 of everything we eat.
A personal benefit I hope my MOM will enjoy is that when you (people and dogs) consume local raw honey it can reduce and even eliminate allergies!  MOM did not start the bee thing with herself in mind.  The whole bee thing at church started a year ago with just the idea of having beehives to help the environment,  the community and a way to help fund mission and outreach buy selling the honey.  MOM just found out about her allergy in the last week or so.  But now this has come full circle.  And to you, my doggie friends who have allergies, this just might help you.  Just have your peeps mix in a tablespoon of Local Raw Honey (very important it is local and raw) in your kibble or make treats with it.  What happens is that the pollen in the honey will help you with your allergies.  It's true.  I have a couple of friends who do and it has helped them a lot and even got rid of the allergies all together.

Bees are BEEutiful!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Allergy Mischief

Hello Friends.

Let's get right to it shall we?  Yesterday I told you that my MOM had developed an allergy and I gave you some clues as to what she seems to be allergic to.  Here was one of your clues:

So what is my MOM allergic to?  Lets take a closer look.

No, it's not my paw and it's not me.  It's grass.  Lovely green, soft, beautiful mischievous grass.  That's what's making her so miserable.  

I don't get it.  I stick my snooter in grass all the time and I am fine.  Well, other than it tickles my nose sometimes.

"MOM what are we going to do?  Just look at this beautiful grass.  Will we get rid of all our grass?  Will we?  That would be very sad.  I love our grass."

  "And I love running in grasses on our adventures."

"I love to race up grassy hills and stand in the grass and take in all the beauty."

"Oh and all that wonderful grass that grows along the river and around and under sticks.  I sure am going to miss going out in the grass.  But if it means you would feel better, then I would gladly give it up."
"Goosie we will not be digging up our lawn and we certainly will NOT give up our adventures in God's glorious creation together."
"But nothing.  It's all good.  We will find the right solution and medicines and life will go on uninterrupted, with lots and lots of green grass and adventures."
"Really, Really.  Now lets go outside and roll in the grass."
"Wooo Wooo Hooo!  But first I have one thing to do."

 Hey Friends isn't that great.  I get to keep my grass and adventures.  I am so so happy.  
Now if ya come back tomorrow you will find out why I am wearing this funny hat.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hello Friends.

My MOM has been on this earth for decades.  And in all that time she has not been allergic to anything.  Well except mosquitoes.  And even then over the years her reaction to a mosquitoes bite has lessened.  But now she has an allergy.  It sure makes her miserable, can't breath, sneezing, water eyes and just plain discomfort.  I feel so bad for her.  What to guess what she is allergic to?  Let me give you a hint:

There ya have it.  The source of my MOM's allergy's. 

I feel terrible.  Have you guessed what she is allergic to?

Here is another hint.  
Are you getting the picture yet?
Go ahead take a guess.  
I wonder what she is going to do about it.  I must say I am a little worried.
Tomorrow I will give you the answer, if you have not already guessed.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Park Day

Hello Friends.

We are joining in Park Day with our friends.  

I decided to take The Centennial Trail for Park Day.  This trail leads to several parks, including the Fort.  I also decided what better way to go park hopping than to invite my buddy Bert to join me.  Come along with us.

As you can see Bert and I got a little distracted along the way: Tree climbing, swimming, saving sticks, running and playing, bird watching, and the scenery was just so beautiful.  OK we may not have made it to the many different parks on the trail.  But we had oh so much fun at the Pond (which is a park).  We loved every moment of it!  Hope you did too.  Thank you Gismo and Finn our hosts for Park Day!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Foul Thursday

Hello Friends.

I am calling this Foul Thursday because of what I saw on my recent walk.  Let me show you.

And finally...
Me helping Bert up a tree.  I have a very strong snooter to let him stand on it.  He wanted to see what the birdies see from up there.  Later I will show you how far up he got.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Operation Rescue

Hello Friends.

It was an epic day of rescue here in my neck of the woods.  I enlisted the help of my buddy Bert because the task was so huge.

While I drag a stick from the water to the bank Bert swims them in from the middle of the river.

This guy watched us work.

He was soon joined by his girl.  But there was no time to admire them any longer.  There were sticks that were in need of rescue.

This big boy was heavy, but worth the effort.

When rescuing sticks you must pause to asses the situation for optimal success.  

And there are times when one must give mouth to stick resuscitation.  This one made it.

And it helps to have a partner in rescue operation.
"Hey Goose we have a situation over here."

"I'm on it Bert."

Woo, got it.

The rescuing was never ending.  This stick not only was drowning but it was stuck deep in the mud.

When a sticks life is on the line the adrenaline kicks in and I get super Goose strength.  Which enabled me to pull it from it's muddy, watery death.

But it was not over yet.  It need some critical attention.  

Another successful rescue operation.  I could not have done it without my buddy Bert.  Stick rescue was not all we did.  Tune in again to see what else happened.
Special note:  MOM and I have a lot of stuffs to get to and to be done.  While I might post each day I might not be able to leave comments on each of your blogs.  But I am pretty sure I will be able to read them all.