Thursday, May 30, 2013

Friday Frolic

Hello Friends.

It's a beautiful day for a frolic in the field.

Want to come join me?

Come on let's get going.  Follow me.

Know what we need to do now?

Cool off with a refreshing drink complete with a stick.

Remember it is very important to stay hydrated.

Shade is helpful too.

Now let's do it all again.  Woo Hoo!  Frolic is FUN!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Breakfast Just Got Interesting

Hello Friends.

I was going to make this picture my Wordless Wednesday Post.
Butt then something came in the mail Tuesday and I had to share it with you.

See this here box that I am so happy about?  It was addressed to my MOM and I knew where it came from, my snooter told me right away.  A little while back my sweet Nellie, from Cat from Hell's mom had a contest/drawing from her own blog/business.  It's called Beary Good Stuff, and you can click on that there name and see all the good stuff.  Anyway, I won.  And it was my special gift to my MOM for Mother's Day.

Lets take a look at what I go my MOM.  Ooooo I think I smell something extra in here.

Look at that.  I got my MOM some jams from Beary Good Stuff.  Three different kinds.  There is Margarita Jam, Pina Colada Jam, and Strawberry Darquri Jam.  All hand made my Nellie's mom.  Looks like breakfast just got more interesting at my house.

But "Goose" you say, "there is a fourth jar."

You are right.  Nellie told her mom to slip in some, are you ready for this?  BEER JAM!!!  I am not kidding.  Nellie knows me so well.  MOM says we are going to save that for our big backpacking and camping trip MOM and I are taking this summer with MOM's good friends and my gal pal Belle.

Thank you Thank You Nellie and your beautiful mom.  My MOM loves her gift and can't wait for Saturday morning to taste them.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Run Free Weenie

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that my friend Weenie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I sure am going to miss you my friend.

Please stop by Weenie and Mona's to offer your words of comfort to their mom Sarah.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's All a Buzz

Hello Friends.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  That my friends is a beautiful sound.  This past Saturday I went with MOM and the other bee peeps to do an inspection of the beehives.  Did you know that the month of May in the bee world is known as swarm month.  Those bees are, well... busy as bees in the month of May and a lot of activity takes place. Come along with me as we check out our beehives at me and MOM's church.

The sign makes it pretty clear.  We must use caution, stay calm, and be one with nature and the bees.  If you are wondering I do not wear a bee suit, I am very calm around the bees and this time my MOM didn't wear anything.   Ummmm I mean she did have on shorts and a t-shirt but no bee gear.   Hehehhhehe
{this is a serious note.  Sunday night I received word that my friend WEENIE walked into a beehive and got stung over 60 times and went into shock and is at the ER.  Please click on Weenie's name to send your support, prayers and POTP.  I am praying for you friend.  So again I will say, always, always use caution around beehives.  I don't know what kind of bees Weenie encountered, if they were honey bees or African bees (which don't care if you are calm and minding your own business a distance away.  They are angry critters and will attack without cause.)  In any case, be careful friends please.  I decided to continue this post as my MOM had already prepared it for me and I feel very strongly about the important role bees play in our lives, all of our lives.  We need to be careful.}  UPDATE- it is with a very said heart that I learned Monday night that Weenie crossed over the Bridge.  Please friends click on Weenies name to offer words of comfort to his sister Mona and his mom Sarah.

Here I am waiting for the Bee Peeps to come.  Yes the bees were buzzing about me, but they know me and just buzzed by to say, "Hey Goose, it's a Bee-U-T-Ful day."

OK, the first thing that needed to be done was we needed to create some smoke to calm the bees down.

Now this is embarrassing.  But my MOM thought this was an artsy shot of the smoker.  "Sheesh MOM, my friends read this."

That's Queen Bee Kristen, she is super good at getting the smoke started.  It's not just as easy as lighting some paper and sticks on fire or a cigar.  Nope, there is special way to do it and just the right ingredients to make the perfect bee smoke.

This is the top of one of the hives with the lid off.  If ya look close you can see some bees.  That liquid is a sugar water solution to help the bees get started.  They love the stuff.

OK the smoker is ready and we are about to lift off that sugar water feeder box thingy.

OH MY GOODNESS!  Would you look at all those bees!  Hard at work.

That's Mr. Allan giving the comb a good look over.  All looks real good.  They are making honey and LOTS of new bees are hatching (I don't know if that's what ya call it, but lots of new bees are coming to life.)

Is this cool or what?  Let me help you answer that... IT IS COOL.

MOM got in real close to take their picture.  The bees don't mind the paparazzi all up in their face.  They are pros and just keep working away.  Do you see that bee butt to the far right.  hahahha

Now this is really cool.  If you look center right you can see a Worker Bee that is emerging from it's cell.  Just a little bit ago this Worker Bee was just a larva and now it is eating away at the wax to get out of the cell so it can get to work.  

Can you see that bee with the red dot on it?  No?  Here let's get a bit closer.  Remember keep calm.

There she is.  That is the Queen Bee.  Look how all her loyal subjects surround her taking care of her every need.  Why the red dot?  That is so she can be easily identified.  Yep someone's job somewhere is to paint a red dot on Queen Bees.

OK Friends  it's time to move on to inspect the other hive.  All was well with the first one and soon, very soon, we will have honey and we will be adding another level on to each hive so all those bees have plenty of room.  Hope ya all enjoyed the Bee Tour.
Program Note: For the last several months my MOM has taken on something new, and boy does it take a lot of her time.  In addition to this something new (which we will tell you about at a later time) and her church job, and various other stuffs, not to mention that softball season has just started, I am afraid there is not a whole lot of time left in a day.  I talked it over with her and said it would be OK if she only helped me post 3 or 4 times a week.  I promise we will read each of your blogs each day, but commenting might be less than we normally do.  I feel badly, but if MOM does not get 4 or so hours of sleep each day she get real sick.  I hope you understand.  Butt we WILL be reading each of your post.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Poop is Yummy

Hello Friends.

Yes you read the title correctly, "poop is yummy".  I must tell you that I have never been a dog who likes to eat poop.  Nope, I just have never been attracted to it, not cat poop, or raccoon poop, or deer, moose, rabbit, goose, ducks, emu, goldfish, none of it.  Oh sure I've give a sniff or two, but always walk away.  That is until I discovered a poop that is like heaven.  

Oh my goodness.  Berry is pooping!

And he poops strawberries!

MOM are you seeing this?  

"Berry your the best strawberry pooping buddy a Goose could have."

"Now this won't hurt a bit.  MOM is just going to pick your poop."  hehehhehhe.  In any other context that would sound gross.  Bawhahhaha

"Come on MOM give me my strawberry."

Oh that's right, I first give thanks for this glorious strawberry poop.  Amen.

Can you see how much I love strawberry poop?  

Friends, always kiss the one that feeds you.  Or at least lick your drool off their leg.

Once again I have cracked myself up.  hehehhehe


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Goose by Any Other Name

Hello Friends.

Most of you know me as Goose.  Sure there are the other names, Gooseberry, Gooie, Bubba Goose, Honey Bunny (OK only my MOM calls me that last one).  But did you know that in the beginning, you know when I was born, I was know as...

Sir King Goose the III

Yep I come from a long line of Gooses.  My dad was a Sir King Goose the II and his dad was the original Sir King Goose.
Recently I had opportunity to embrace my "Royalness".  I got to sit on a throne, wear a crown and even got my very own steed.  It was cool and all, but...

at the heart of me, I really am just Goose.

OK,OK, I thought this was hilarious but MOM just raised an eyebrow.  OK here it is.  The above photo of me is my impersonation of Elvis.  Bawhahhaha.  Get it, Elvis was the king and he snarled his lip a lot.  Get it?  I'm wearing a crown and my lip is curled up.  Hahhaha Bawhahhhaha.  Oh I crack me up. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Humanitarian Bert

Hello Friends.

I am so glad you came back to hear about my buddy Bert.  I like to call him "Golden Boy".  I like to call him that when he gets a bit mischievous because as many of you know that Bert seems like the perfect dog, or Golden Boy.  He is a retired (mostly) Search and Rescue Dog and Cadaver Dog, he reads to children in the schools, he has helped us out at the homeless shelter, he does demonstrations to teach children (and adults) how to be safe in the wilderness and what to do if they do get lost, and he is a therapy dog bringing comfort and healing to those in need at the hospital and even nursing homes.

That's me with Golden Boy.

Here he is loven' on a little peep.

This is him at a demonstration to teach people how to be safe in the wilderness.

Bert at the homeless shelter.

Bert bring Christmas cheer to more children at the shelter.

Bert helping children read at school.

Bert is well loved.

The nurses and doctors love Bert at the hospital.

Oh and how those that are sick love love him!  (even if he takes over their bed).

So yea he does a lot of good stuffs.  But friends it is now official.  Are you ready for this?

What is Bert and Miss Vickie doing with this tall guy?

They received this from HCA (Hospital Corporation of America).  They own and operate hospitals all over the United States.  

The Frist Humanitarian Award is the companies highest honor an employee, physician, and volunteer can receive.  Since 1972 these awards have recognized special individuals who constantly go beyond the call of duty in serving patients and their local community.  The award is inspired by Dr. Thomas F. Frist Sr.

And to just put an exclamation point to all this; Bert and his Vickie received a lot of green papers as a part of this honor and you know what Bert is going to do with 1,000 of those green papers?  He is giving it to St. Anne's Homeless Shelter! 

There ya have it pups, kit kats and peeps.  
Bert is our Humanitarian of the year (and his Vickie is too)!
(He was one of the two finalist) 

I love ya buddy and you truly are a Golden Boy, and not just because of your golden furs.  It's because of your Golden Heart.