Tuesday, June 27, 2017

From Mud to Crystal Clear

Hey All.

Let me apologize for being gone for a while.  Several things came up that momma had to take care of.  One of the things is a special project with her kids.  See a new and exciting thing is happening just 3 miles from where I live.  When my momma told the kids in her youth group they just begged her to see if they could help.  I am so excited about this.  There are to woman who are building their dream.  It's called Furever Friends Animal Oasis!  It is a non-profit no kill animal sanctuary.  It will be much like Best Friends in Kanab but a little smaller.  But there is much work to be done to get it ready, a lot of HARD work in the blazing sun.  But momma and her kids are committed to helping these to ladies get up and running.  For the next 8 weeks or so they will be working their tails off with the hope of them opening a section by the end of August.  Then after that momma and her kids will go there once a week to help out.  I can't wait to show you the place.

The other thing that happened is.... well momma says it was not my fault.  But still I felt bad.  See when I was outside in my yard with my momma I was so excited and I was dancing around momma and wigglin' and waggin' my tail.  And then, and then, well all of the sudden my tail hit the lens of momma's camera and I kid you not, my tail sheared off the lends of the camera.  I am not kidding.  It went sailing into the yard!  Oh I felt bad.  Momma kept saying it was not my fault and that it would be ok.  With my recent tooth surgery we would have to wait a few months before momma could get a new camera.  Boy did she love that camera.  Did I tell you how bad I felt?  The just yesterday when momma came home from work there was a package in the garage.  The note inside said, "A life without pictures of Buddy is a less beautiful life."  And you know what was in the box?  A CAMERA!  NOt just any camera but the exact same model as my momma's beloved camera.  We have no idea who sent it.  My momma was over whelmed. 

No on to mud to clear.  Last we met I was in mud from my tail to my nose.  Oh that was fun.  But you know what else is fun?  And new thing I am into.  My pal Bert has been doing it for a long time and now I know why.  When we had no camera Bert asked me to come to the river (lucky Miss Vickie had her camera so I can show you the fun I had.)  Ready.

Momma walking me and my best pal Bert to the river.

It was a hot day and momma joined me and Bert in the cool cool river.

That there is Bert.  And he LOVES getting rocks off the bottom of the river.  Don't worry he does not go for the little rocks.  Nope not my pal Bert.  He grabs rocks that are BIGGER than his head.  It's crazy I tell you.  Well that's what I thought.

Then I thought, "If Bert does it, it MUST be fun."  And off I went.

Oh my goodness, look at me.  Bert was right this is not crazy, it's CRAZY FUN!

You would be surprised how long I can hold my breath.

Momma had to check to see if I had gills.

So So SO much fun!  Almost as much fun as getting all muddy.  Momma says we are going back sometime the end of the week.  I can hardly wait!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Beautiul Comes in Many Forms

Hey All.

First thank you for the thoughtful comments about my friend Belle.  Her mom was overwhelmed by how Blogville has shown the love.

As promised I will tell you the tail of this.....
One of the best days EVER!

On the last day of my momma's birthday weekend me and Bert took her and Bert's Vickie to a special place in the mountains where there are wild Poppie fields. 

Bert and I had a blast running through these beautiful flowers.

The flowers are so tall that I had to stand on a log to see Bert coming.

Then we played leap log.

My pal Bert has great form doesn't he?  But after all that runnin' and chasein' Bert and I got thirsty, so.......

I found a cool spot to quench our thirst and wet our furs.

Bert finds muddy H2O refreshing.

And I find muddy water BEAUTIFUL!  My tag says "See Beautiful.. We Do"

And we do, even in mud.

Momma and Miss Vickie could not help but smile and laugh at us.  So you see we made others See Beautiful.

Do you see it?

Beautiful flowers and beautiful muddy me.

Before we went home I washed off my face in this cool mountain stream.

Then we went back to the Poppie fields to play and dry off.

So you see my friends Beautiful is all around.  Sure it's easy to see standing in a glorious field full of beautiful flowers. 

But trust me Beautiful is right here too. Two best pals having a great time, who also make our humans laugh until they cry.  And you know what?  Without all that glorious wet mud from that awesome muddy stream those beautiful flowers would not exsits.  Yea, think about that.

Buddy and my Muddy Pal Bert.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Goose and Belle Together Again

Hey All.

I know I said I would tell you the tail of all that muddy mischief Bert and I got into.  But my heart is heavy and I need to tell you that my Angel Brother Gooses gal pal Belle has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. 
I know many of you knew Belle from the many many adventures Goose and Belle had over many years.  I was one blessed pup that when I came to my forever home, I was able to go on a few adventures with her and a few times she stayed at my house when her parents were out of town. 
Belle was just the sweetest, most beautiful friend a guy could have.  Beautiful Belle hiked more miles than any dog I know.  She even hiked King's Peak, that's over 13,500, it's the 7th highest peak in the US, and her parents will tell you that she hiked 3 times as many miles on that trail as they did as she traversed from the group ahead to the group behind.
Momma and I took a look back at all the wonderful times we had with Belle.  It was hard for momma to just select a few photos, especially when it came to ones with her and Goose, so please forgive us if there is more than a few photos but nowhere near the 1000's we have. 

This is the first time I met Belle.


Whenever Belle came to stay at my house she would always touch Gooses box with her nose and then lay on his old dog bed and look up at his box and picture.

Me walking the trail with Belle.
The same trail she walked with Goose headed to Gooses Rock.

Belle with Goose at Gooses Rock.

The Three Amigos, Goose, Belle and Bert. 


Run free Beautiful Belle.  I know your Goose welcomed you with open paws and is showing you all the best swimming holes and trails that heaven has to offer.  You will be missed dearly, but our memories of you will always make us smile.  A little piece of you will always be with me and my momma.  And thank you for giving a young pup like me a chance and for accepting me and for teaching me restraint and patience, and, well for loving me.