Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Howling Good Time

Hello Friends.

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween.  Mine was pretty good.  

My MOM carved me a pumpkin.  Then she made me yummy pumpkin treats from the insides.  YUMMM

Here's my pumpkin all spooky.  Oooooooo

Remember all that candy my MOM got donated?  Well yesterday was the day we got to give it all away at the Marriott-Slatterville Trick or Trunk.  There were hundreds and hundreds of kids.  And doggies too.  I had my MOM put together a little video of the happenings.

Everyone and every dog had a howling good time.  There was one dog there that my MOM just loved.  Can you guess which one?
This is Koda.  Holy dog he is BIG!  My MOM has always had a soft spot for Great Danes.  I'm not jealous.  Ya want to see who is the Song of Her Heart.

I'm off to see how many bones I got.  No tricks for me, nothing but treats.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hello Friends.

Apparently I had a big decision to make yesterday.  I didn't even know such decisions needed to be made!  

There I was looking through my toy basket trying to decided what toy I wanted to play with.  When MOM came in and said something about sorting through all my toys AND I had to decided what to keep and what to give away!  WHAT?

So she moved all my toys to the living room.

Then she spread them all out.  I love my toys.  There is a story behind just about every one.

Here is my pile of stuffies.  Sure some are missing parts, but I still love each one.  It does not matter to me that "Want to be Bret Michaels" Squirrel's head is detached.

Here are my ball and rope collection.

And see this blue ball with all the teeth marks in it?  I have had this ball since the day I came to live with my MOM over 12 years ago.

And here is my collection of squeekies and miscellaneous other fun toys.  It is now that I am suppose to decided what I want to keep.  
MOM why do I have to do this?
Because Gooseberry, you have a lot of toys and while I do not mind that they over flow your toy basket I thought it would be nice to give some of them to some doggies who don't have any at the rescue place and shelter.
There are doggies that don't have any toys?
There are.
Oh.  Yum, well I guess I do have a lot.  I get to pick what I keep and what I give away?
Yes you do, they are your toys.
OK, lets do this.

After what felt like 87  hours this is what I decided to keep.  I know it looks like a lot, but what I am giving away is even more, plus I threw in two BIG containers of yummy jerky.  Can't believe there are doggies that don't have any toys.

Then MOM put all my toys back in my basket in the office.

Hey MOM do you think those other doggies will like the toys we are going to give them?
I know they will.
You know what?  Giving stuff away, especially stuff you really like,  is really cool.  And my heart feels all warm and fuzzy.
You know what Goosie?  You make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy all the time.
Who knew that giving and sharing could make you feel so good.  It also made me feel very blessed for all I have.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Miss Ladybug

Hello friends.

So yesterday it was a pretty nice day outside so I helped my MOM put away the patio furniture (except that ratty lawn chair that she uses in the winter, I'll tell ya more about that at a later date.).  We trimmed back the roses and other Fall flowers.  We cleaned the gutters, again.  We raked up leaves, turned over the compose pile, and on and on it went.  Then we came inside to do some weatherization.  Winter is coming you know.  While my MOM was insulating windows and pipes a little friend came to visit me, just came right in the back door.  Meet Miss Ladybug.

 Little Miss Ladybug dressed all in red, I'm so glad to see you resting on my head.

Little Miss Ladybug strolling along, are you quietly thinking or singing a song?

Little Miss Ladybug where are your wings?  Are they neatly folded and ready to spring?

Little Miss Ladybug where will you go, when the ground is frozen and covered in snow?

Little Miss Ladybug hide yourself well.  I want to keep you and protect your beautiful shell.


Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hello Friends.

As you know I am finally off my restrictions and I'm allowed to resume running, playing, jumping, just being who I am.  So for the first time in two weeks I got to go to the Fort and test out the leg.  My friend Bert joined me.

First MOM kept me on lead, so I wouldn't just spring out of the gate.  She said it was best to ease back into these things.

But I just had to be free to run through the leaves.  
Twice last week we had two real good snow storms that helped the trees release their hold on their leaves.  Then a day after the last storm it warmed up to 40 and a lot of the snow melted, leaving my part of the world covered in a layer of soft leaves. 

Wooo Hoooo.  Oh yea this is what I have been waiting for!

"Come on Bert catch up!"

Zoomies between the trees.

It was such a beautiful night.

Bert has fallin' and can't get up.  But I rush in to give him a paw.

We cooled off in the snow.

Then we raced off again.  Bert is a great friend, even if he does have a fluffy butt.  But I gotta say it works for him.

Heaven was displaying all it's glory and smilin' down on us.

And what adventure is not complete without finding a stick.  Bert helped me hold this one down so I could get my chew on.  Told you he was a good friend.

As we headed back to the Blazer, walking through all the leaves, I was reminded of this:  
A single leaf is an ancient symbol of happiness.  Pointed leaves symbolize a strong and lasting friendship.  This association is derived from it's ability to stay attached to a rocky surface in even the most inhospitable conditions.  The best friends are the ones who withstand the good and the bad, and all the in between. 

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."  Proverbs 17:17


Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Thursday Day

Hello Friends.

Today I would like to share with you how my Thursday went.  First MOM and I got up at 4:30 in the morning.  As you may already know, MOM and I spend part of our morning together on the patio greeting the day with a cup of coffee (for MOM) some strawberries for me.  We do a devotional together and then reflect.  We went outside

To this.

"MOM I think we should do our thing inside today."

Then it was off to MOM's office before I had to be at the vets.  MOM has these two boxes in her office.  Want to see what we put in them?

Candy!  The city our church is in has one of those Trick or Trunk things for kids on Halloween as a safe alternative to door to door stuff, and they asked my MOM if she could help.  So MOM went to talk to a candy company to see if they would give her a donation.  She was already going to talk to them about a donation for St. Anne's Homeless Center.  And holy dog did she get load of candy.  What you see in the photo above is just for the Trick or Trunk, about 80lbs worth.  She got an equal amount for St. Anne's.  Thank you candy company you are very generous.  
Then it was time to go to the vet.

Remember this.  I got an owie while in the mountains with my MOM on October 10th.  Dr. Eddie stapled my leg back up to heal.

Here is my owie now.  Not bad huh?  I'll have a little scar, but as MOM's good friend once told her "Scars are beautiful."  I think she is right.

Then I went to daycare at Bert's place.  Before MOM lets me in with Bert we all have a song together.

It kept snowing off and on all day.  But in the late afternoon MOM came to pick me up from Bert's and she brought a friend.

This is Monster Max.  Him and MOM are going to do something for the kids at church on Sunday so they thought they would practice their routine on us.

Max loves petting Bert, even if he is wet from the snow.  I kept saying, "Me next, me next.  I want to be petted too."

And this is a new girl at daycare, she likes Max too.

Bert even let Max play with his ball.

Goosie kisses for Max.  
Then it was time to head home.  MOM had a ton of work to still do.

So while MOM read and wrote and other kinds of work stuff I kept her warm and comfortable.  All and all it was a pretty good day.  Any day that ends and begins with my MOM is always good.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hello Friends.

It has been 14 days since I had to have my leg stapled to close the gash I got while hiking around in the mountains.  And for 14 days I have been pretty good at being calm and not running around, and not jumping and not playing and not chewing gum.  But last night I said to MOM "enough is a enough I gotta play...PLEASE!"  We had a long talk, like for 87 hours, then she finally decided since I am suppose to get my staples out on Thursday morning I could play.  BUT I could not choose to play with my laser light.  Apparently I go too crazy and she did not want me doing back flips and stuff.  Sheesh.  But I was not going to push my luck, so I said I wanted to play with bubbles.  I mean how much harm can a bubble do?  They are soft and light and they tickle my nose.  She said OK!  Only one problem, it is so cold outside that the bubbles might freeze and then I might break a tooth.  So she said I had to choose something else.  NO WAY!  I wanted bubbles.  After giving her my best Goosie Eyes she said OK and she let me play bubbles in the house!!  I have the coolest MOM EVER.  Below is a short video of me playing with my bubbles.  The first few photos are of me showing the bubble gun who is boss.

Oh Dog was that FUN!  And I did not hurt myself or damage anything in the house.  MOM said I should not get use to playing with bubbles in the house.  I just smiled and said "yea, ok, I won't."  As I went off to go to sleep practicing my best Goosie Eyes.  hehehe


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Word

Hello Friends and that word is...


Remember my Autumn photo from yesterday?  Well here is that same photo today.

My friend Judy came to see my MOM at her office and this is how much snow was on her car.  

With this turn of weather maybe you can help me make a decision. See, with the snow that means cooler or colder temps.  And a Goose needs to keep warm.  This is not so much an issue, except my MOM does not turn the thermostat up past 60 degrees.  So, of the following winter attire which do you think would be best?






I am sure that most of this winter wonderland will be gone by Saturday, except in the high mountains, so I have time to get my winter look together.

I'm going to try and ship this off to my friends Dave and Zim and my buddies at the OP Pack.  

"He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes."
 Psalm 147:16