Saturday, January 30, 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Star is Born

Hey All.

I am sure most all ya all know that when my momma goes to work I go to Bert's place.  I love it there.  There are lots of other pups to play with, I even like Allred the Devil Cat.  What I like most is I get to be with my bestest pal Bert.  We romp and play, play ball together, just two crazy guys livin life.  But it's not all high energy antics.

This happens too.  After all that romping makes for some tired pups.  On this particular day I am making sure my pal Bert gets some rest because he has a BIG night ahead of him and he needs to be ready and fresh and rested.  Plus I have to say Bert makes the most fluffy and soft pillow ever.  You might wonder why my pal Bert needs to rest.  Well as you know Bert has a very lengthy resume.  He is a Therapy Dog, Search and Rescue Dog, Cadaver Dog, Comfort Dog at the airport, he reads to children in schools, he visits nursing homes and veteran's homes, he also teaches children and youth how to be safe in the wilderness.  And now he can add ACTOR to that impressive resume.

That's right my pal is an actor now.  This week Bert was co-staring in a play!  Here he is with one of the actors.  He did great.  And with The Sundance Film Festive in town it is only a matter of time before Hollywood takes notice of Bert.

He won the other actors over and the audience over as well.  Here's Bert on the last night of the performance.  My angel brother Goose would be very proud of his buddy Bert.  Seems on the last night Bert dragged a log off stage.  See Bert is to walks on stage and the actor on the left attaches Bert's leash to a log.  That did happen but then after a little big Bert decides to drag the log away.  Hahahhhahha.  I say he was improvising, a great sign of a great actor.  Goose would say "logs (sticks) are for dragging and chewing and rescuing not for being hook to."  Hehehhhehe.  That's the Bert we all know and love.  I have decided that Bert will need an agent and I have stepped up and will take on that roll.  Should not be to hard, all I really have to do is sit by the phone and wait for all those Hollywood types to call in asking for Bert. 


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Hey All.

Oh boy, oh boy.  I received the most beautiful package today. 

This beautiful message came from Frankie and Ernie.  Isn't it wonderful.  It is the perfect message that me and my momma really believe, "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful".  We just love love it.

We put it were we can see it each and everyday. 
Thank you F&E.  You sure made out day!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mischief and a Kiss

Hey All.

Today is the last day my friend Belle is with me at my house.  Her mom will be here anytime to take Belle home.  I'm a little sad about it.  I've had the bestest time with her.  Even though she is older Belle decided to start some mischief with me.  There I was laying next to her when she got up grabbed my Red Fox and started tossing it in my face.  I looked at my momma and momma said "OK, but be gentle".  Momma took some photos of us playing together, but most were so blurry (Belle is surprisingly swift and boy does that old girl have some moves).  But here are a couple only sort of blurry shots.

This is right after she whapped me with the Red Fox stuffie.  She just flung it at me and it hit me right up side my face!

I tried to grab Red Fox but she flipped it over her shoulder, spun around, did a little hop and flipped Red Fox in the air and then, and then..... She caught it!!!  I knew at that moment I would have to step up my game.

Finally I got the Red Fox, but as soon as I did Belle took it right back.  I was stunned at how fast she is. 

I think Belle felt a little sorry for me because she gave me Red Fox and went to my toy basket and got Sneaky Snake.  Stuffies were flying EVERYWHERE!  It was so much fun.  She sure taught me a thing or two.  You can bet I will be practicing my moves for next time when she comes and stays with me.

Right before she left I gave her a little kiss.



Saturday, January 23, 2016

Piles of Fur and Snow

Hey All.

Oh My Goodness!!  The fur was flying in my house.  Momma brushed Belle out and you will not believe the pile.

WOW!  If that was my furs I would be a naked Buddy.  I think I could make my own Bert dog from all of this fluff. 

Then Miss Belle went outside and started to roll and roll in the snow.

I decided to run zoomies around my friend.

Woooooooooo the snow was flyin'.

I don't understand this Golden thing of rolling in the snow, but hey Belle seems pretty happy about the whole thing.

Here is a sneak peak at Belle's photo shoot.  Miss Liz really captured Belle's joyfulness. 


Friday, January 22, 2016

Snuggle Saturday

Hey All

OK I'm just going to say it: I love Belle.  Yep I do, she has become one of my very good friends.  I can see why my angel brother Goose liked her so much.  I can't imagine what she was like in her "prime".  But I tell ya what she is super fantastic.  We don't have to romp and play hard, I just love being close to her.

As you can see she makes a great pillow.

I just love being close to her.

And she has the most beautiful eyes and smile.

I told you that Belle is unable to get on the couch with me so I decided that while she is here I will just lay on the floor with her, and I have.  I only have gotten on momma's bed once and that was only to let her know that it was 5AM and she was a half hour late in feeding us our breakfast.

I am sure going to miss Belle when she has to go home.  But for now I will just enjoy every moment with her. 

ps- Don't tell Belle but she has a surprise on Saturday.  The wonderful Liz from Liz Dranow Photography is going to do a photo shoot with Miss Belle.  Liz contacted my momma and said she just had to take some photos of Gooses gal pal, Belle.  I can't wait to show you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Buddy and Allred

Hey All

You know the scripture that says,

"The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,  and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat,  and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together;  and a little child shall lead them.Isaiah 11:6

Yea that one:  Well here ya go.  Read into it what you will.  Oh and Frankie and Ernie I am warning you to proceed with caution.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Together Tuesday

Hey All

This time that Belle is spending with me while her family is away has been super great.  Last night she even romped around with me for a while, AND she started it!  I'll show that later.  But as I may have told you Belle is, well lets just say she is in her golden years.  Yes she is a Golden but you know what I mean, sometimes it's  hard for her to get around.  At Belle's house she is not allowed on the furniture.  But that is OK because she has super cool and VERY comfy dog beds.  I on the other paw am allowed on the furniture at my house.  So the other night I was on the couch with my momma and beautiful Belle was on the floor with her head on my momma's knee.  I kept pawing Belle and whining a little.  I wanted her to come up on the couch with me.  But momma said that it's just to hard for Belle to get up on the couch and to get down.  I kept trying to convince her to come up.  Then Belle went and laid on my dog bed (I almost never use it) on the floor.  I whined.  So momma went and got my dog bed from the bedroom (I never use that one) and put it in the living room next to Belle.

I figured if Belle could not join me on the couch then I would join her on the floor.

I gave her a little goodnight smooch.

Then we fell fast asleep.

See that's what friends do for each other.  Oh sure I could have stayed all comfy cozy on the couch with my momma.  But the better thing to do, the beautiful thing to do was to be with my friend.  To go where she was when she could not be where I was.  I slept GREAT!  And you know what else?  That dog bed of mine is pretty darn comfy.  Oh don't get me wrong, soon as my friend Belle has to go home I'm right back on the couch and momma's bed.  But until then I'm sticking by my friends side.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Love Never Dies

Hey All.

I had a different post in mind on this day.  My angel brother Goose's gal pal Belle is staying with me for like 87 days.  Momma is still sick so we have not ventured out to much on little adventures.  But that's OK, Belle and I have been making our own fun.  Like I said I had something different in mind for my post but then this happened:

Momma was doing stuff on her laptop on the couch and when she looked up Miss Belle was laying in front of Gooses photo and ashes, just looking up at him.  Momma got a tear in her eye.  As many of you know Belle and Goose were the best of friends.  They had so many amazing and beautiful adventures together from hiking to camping, backpacking to play dates and sleep overs. 

Then both of momma's eyes got all leaky when Miss Belle sat up and touched her nose to the box that Gooses ashes are in.  Love never dies my friends and that is one of the most beautiful things of all.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

First Sleepover

Hey All.

Oooooooooo I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  I am having my first sleepover at my house!  And wait until you see who is sleeping over.

It is my angel brothers gal pal Belle!!

Yep she is staying with me for like 87 days!!  Momma says it's 10 days, but in dog days that is like 87 days.

See Goose is watching over us (photo on wall) and looking down from above.  I promised him I would be gentle with her and take good care of his gal pal while her family is away.  Stay tuned for "The Adventures of Belle and Buddy" with special guest appearance from everyone's pal, Bert. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Dr. Buddy

Hey All.

My momma is sick.  Well I would say very sick.  But she says she is just sick.  I heard a voice tell me that I must take care of her.  To not romp and play and especially to not grab your toy and fly through the air and land on MOM.

Of course I have come to know that voice as my angel brother Goose.  This picture was taken exactly one year ago when my momma was sick and my brother Goose took very good care of her. 

So I snuggled right in to make momma feel better.

I thought I could get closer, and I did. 

Gotta keep the momma warm and make sure she does not get up to do work stuff.  I admit I would loved to have played ball with her, or tag, or go on our walk.  But this was just more important.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

See Beautiful

Hey All.

Woo to the Hoo it is This Moment See Beautiful time hosted by none other than SUGAR.  Here is a little video of the beautiful in my world, keep in mind momma said I had to keep the video to a few minutes.  Sheesh I was all prepared with a mini series.  Enjoy.

Yep there is a whole lot of beautiful out there and you know what?  You my friends are apart of that beautiful, yes, yes you are.  Is there such a thing as a beautiful overload in this world?  Nope, you can never have to much of it.  When we choose to see beautiful in ourselves, in others and in this world life then becomes...... well, BEAUTIFUL.  And who wouldn't want to see that?  Stay beautiful my friends, create it, share it, SEE it!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Little Bert to Make You Smile

Hey All.

My pal Bert is just one of the very best dogs I know.  I love being with him and playing with him.  And I am not alone.  All doggies just love the guy.  Here are a couple of videos of my best pal.

He is really teaching me that snow can be fun.  And let me tell ya that's saying something from this Southern boy.  We played like this for over an hour.  And when we were done I went inside to find a sun puddle to lay in.  But that crazy Bert pal of mine laid in his Lazyboy recliner on the porch.  Keep in mind it was like 16 degrees outside.  I AM learning to like the snow and cold, BUT I sure am not going to lay outside in freezing temperatures and watch the world go by. 

And this is Desman.  Would you just look at Bert.  He is getting his ears pulled and tugged on and what does my pal do?????  He yawns!!!!!  He is so kind to all of us.  And this ear pulling is not just Desman, it seems many love to pull and tug on his ears.  I think it is because his ears taste like bacon.  Is it any wonder Bert is a therapy dog?  Nope no wonder at all.


Sunday, January 3, 2016


Hey All.

Do ya all have rules at your house?  I have a few rules here at my house.  I think I am pretty blessed that I DON'T have rules like, "No dogs on the furniture", "No dogs on the bed", "No dogs on laps".  I get to sleep on the bed and lay and sit on the couch and even sit on my momma's lap whenever I want.  Yea life is good.  Momma does have a few rules, like this one: "No chewing your dental bone (or any other bone) on the couch.

Technically I am not on the couch.   

Again I am not on the couch.  I thought I would give the momma that "I love you" look to see how far I could get with my dental bone.

"Buddy you are not supposed to chew your bone on the couch."

"Momma I am NOT chewing my bone on the couch.  I am "holding" my bone on your knee."
"Really Bud?  It's a fine line your trying to cross."

"Buddy are you chewing your bone on the...."
"No, no momma, I am..... I'm... I'm saying a little prayer for all the pups who don't have a bone to chew on."

"Don't ya think it is sad that there are pups and dogs out there who don't have a bone to chew on?  Ohhhhh it just makes me so sad. 
"Yes it is a sad thing Buddy Boo.  Oh and don't think I don't know you just dropped your bone on the floor.... where you should be chewing it."

If I close my eyes then she can't see me...right?

"Oh hi momma.  Is the arm of the couch apart of the "No Chew Zone"?

Ya know what friends?  I think rules are meant to be broken.  More importantly I think it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.  And after all it is my dental bone so really I am doing very important work to keep my teeths all clean and tarter free.  I mean if my momma can floss while on the couch then I can chew my dental bone.  When I told her that she just rolled her eyes.

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Addtion

Hey All.

About six weeks ago momma decided that we needed a new addition to our family.  So she contacted a very special person in England.  The only one who could help us out with our new addition.  Contact was made and a deal was struck and just like that we would have TWO new additions coming to our house, but only one would stay with us the other would be headed to Atlanta Georgia.  We waited and waited.  It was suppose to arrive BEFORE Christmas.  OH NO, did it get lost, did it fall off the ship across the pond?  We were worried and so was the nice lady in England.

We'd all but given up hope.  "Momma why isn't it here yet?"

"Momma should we send out a search party or just start drinking?"  But you know what they say.....

NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!  It came.  It's me, Buddy, made into a cartoon.  I was so excited I just had to kiss him.

Isn't he great?!  Know who made this for me and my momma?

The very same wonderful person who made my angel brother Goose into a cartoon, Mollie and Alfie/Gaylord's mom.  She has a cool little shop called Whimsical Whiskers , you should check it out.

Now I said we ordered two cartoon Buddy's.  One is going to stay here with me and the other we are sending to the wonderful people at Bullseye Rescue in Atlanta as a thank you for taking me in and caring for me until my momma adopted me.