Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blue Sky Love

Hello Friends.

I thought I'd show you some more photos of my adventure with my friends Baci, Logan, Sophie and Bert.  Remember we met up again at the Fort.  Just before you go into the Fort there are those scary baseball fields.  The ones I do not like being in because a while back a dog bit me in the eye there.  I told you about going there a couple of weeks ago HERE.  Several days ago we went back.  I was a little timid about going into the baseball field again, but not as scared as I was a couple weeks ago.  MOM talked to me and we walked real slow like around the field while my pals played ball.  Then soon they joined me walking around and encouraged me and before I knew it I was running and playing.  It sort of reminds me of a song that talks about "when your down and out and lost in doubt and you can't find your way or courage.  That life can be hard and you want to give up.  That when you need a reason to keep believing, let love be your blue sky."  The love of my MOM is my blue sky.  She never gives up on me, she is always there for me no matter what.  And my friends are my blue sky also, even on a gray and snowy day.  

Take it from me my friends  "The sunny days you are looking for is found in love."  


Monday, February 25, 2013

Tasty Balance

Hello Friends.

Oh the fun never ends at my house.  As I am sure you know it is Girl Scout Cookie time.  Several of my MOM's kids at church are Girl Scouts.  I was puzzled when MOM came home with several boxes cuz she really should not eat the yummy goodness of cookies.  Although this time of year she talks about how much she really like the Do-Si-Dos and remembers how yummy they are, then sighs.  So again I was surprised why she had a few boxes.  But MOM assured me that she was going to take them to St. Anne's Homeless Shelter for the children there.  But first...

She thought she would balance one on my nose.  (Please excuse the weird lighting she forgot to turn on the flash).  I have balanced things on my nose and head for a long time.  But never a Girl Scout cookie.  Then she remembered how cool Miss Sugar is when she balances all kinds of yumminess on her nose and head.  So she wanted to see what I could do.

THREE, that's right 3 yummy cookies balancing.  But wait... there is more.

That's right pups and kitties FOUR Do-Si-Dos balancing.

Check this out.  I can even balance them while they are leaning.  The leaning tower of Do-Si-Dos.  

I find the key to success is to hold your tongue just right.
Nothing like a balanced diet.  
"OK, enough MOM can I have one now?"

MOM did let me have not one BUTT two cookies.  It was sort of a role reversal for us.  While I ate my two cookies MOM drooled.  Bawhahhaha

Sunday, February 24, 2013

She Calls it Mischief

Hello Friends.

As you may know we got more snow, as many of you did.  MOM and I took off for and adventure.  We arrived at our destination just as the snow started to really come down hard.  But that's all apart of the adventure right?

See I am wearing that very cool coat EASY gave me.

There are some very interesting sniffs in here.

Oh wait what is over there?

I better go check it out.

Oh My Goodness!  Would you look at that!

No, not the ducks swimming around.  Look over to the left.

No, really Duckies I am not here for you.  You don't have to fly away.  I have my eye on something else.

I may have gotten here just in time.

A helpless stick is caught in the cold river.

I've got ya stick (MOM says it's a log not a stick).  Regardless, log, stick it was still freezing in the rushing river and I needed to do something.

MOM was all like, "Goose get out of the water.  Your going to get your coat all wet.  Goose get over here.  Leave the log alone.  Don't make me go in there and get you. (yea like that would happen.)  Goose get over here now."
Sheesh MOM it's not mischief, it's adventure.  
Special Note:  I have had to change my comment settings.  Seems that the anonymous comments are very annoying to my MOM and me.  So in order to leave a comment you can not be anonymous.  Grrrr to weird anonymous commetns.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Hello Friends.

I hardly know where to begin.  MOM picked me up from BERT'S place on Friday.  Her and Miss Vickie talked for a while and they looked at me and laughed.  WHAT?  MOM just smiled at me.  After a bit I said my goodbyes to Bert and my friends and we headed home.  On the drive MOM would look over at me occasionally and smile.  This is not unusual, she looks at me often and smiles.  But there was something different this time.  Had I done something?  Did she decided to bring a new dog or cat into our lives?  Were we moving?  Were we going backpacking?  Was there drool hanging from my lips?  Something was up, I just knew it.  But what?  Oh how I wish I had not asked.  Now because you all are my good friends, I am going to share something with you.  I know it will not go beyond us... right?  

Ya all know my good buddy BERT.  Yea, that handsome guy that is a retired Search and Rescue dog who does Hospital Therapy and reads to kids in schools.

That's him right up there.  I have always admired Bert for all the good stuffs he does.  How he makes sick people feel better, his endless love of the outdoors.  His good nature with all the dogs at the day care.  And really, we can't go anywhere with out all the girles wanting to hug on him.  I said once to MOM, "It would be cool to be Bert for a day."  Friends this was my big mistake.  MOM thought she would help me out with my wish.

This really is not what I had in mind MOM.


"Bert Want-to-Be"


"Fake Bert"  
(Although I think I do have the dopey look down pretty good)

"Beautiful Bert"

"Butt of jokes Bert"

Speaking of butts, "Bert's Butt"

Well you get the picture.

Friends come a little closer so I can tell you something.  Just be who you are.  Don't wish you were some other dog.  You are perfect just the way you are.  They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but, "You are beautifully and wonderfully made" Psalm 139:14.  No dog can be you and you can not be another dog.  And this is the very important part to my advise.  DON'T even joke about wishing you were like some other dog (no mater how wonderful he or she is).  Learn from my lesson friends.  Trust me on this, it is no laughing matter.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Treat Challenge

Hello Friends.

I love my treat ball.  Even though I have mastered it, I still love it.  I mean come on it involves treats what's not to love?  MOM videoed me with it.  I thought it might help a few of you out in getting the maximum treats out at once.  Enjoy.

Normally I kick it around for a while and get a few treats out.  But for demonstration purposes I just got right down to business.  I hope this was helpful.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello Friends.

It's only Thursday and I am one tired dog.  Life the past couple of months has been, well, exhausting.  At some point you just have to give into it.  
And find a comfy place to refresh, recharge and renew your spirit and strength.

Good thing I have a MOM to rest upon.

Wake me when it's time to go to bed.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello Friends,

Yesterday I was suppose to meet my friends Baci, Logan and Bert at the Fort.  More specifically at the baseball fields at the Fort.  OH NO not the baseball fields!  You may remember that several months ago at the baseball fields a dog bit my eye.  Ever since then I DO NOT like the fields (I still love going into the Fort however).  I shake and tremble and do not want to go in to the baseball field.  MOM thought since it was just my good friends and me I would be OK.  When we got out of the Blazer MOM decided to not hook my leash on in hopes that I would run to meet my friends.  Nope, I stood by the Blazer and wanted to get back in.  So she hooked me up and led, sort of pulled, me to the field.  I just stood there with her, stuck to her leg like glue.  Bert was not there yet and Baci and Logan's mom suggested that we walk around the outside of the fields to make me feel more comfortable.  It helped, I romped and played with Logan and Baci.  Then we saw Bert pull up and we headed back, TO THE FIELDS.

Maybe if I close my eyes it will all go away.

"Nooooo MOM, please don't make me go into the baseball field."

"Come on Goosie, I'll be right here with you.  It will be OK."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes.  We will take it slow."
"OK, I'll take a deep breath and trust you are right."

While I was taking it slow Logan and Bert were chasing that silly ball.  Logan just flies, his feet don't even touch the ground.  They don't seem to feel the fear.

The lovely Baci was running way far out in the scary field.  No fear in her either.

In the sky was this way cool Sun Dog. 

"OK MOM lets walk a little further out in the field.  But make sure you stay right next to me."
"Don't worry, I won't ever leave your side."
So we walked a little further out into the field.  Oh it was scary.  

I got out to about the 2nd base line and Baci came over to encourage me.

"Come on Goose chase me."
"Oh I don't know Baci."
"Trust me Goose it will help chase your fear away."

Just then Bert came skidding by to get the ball.

Miss Sheila kept Bert and Logan busy throwing that ball.  This is Bert on the take off.

And here is Logan.
MOM watched them for a little while and when she turned back to see how I was doing this is what she saw.

Me, RUNNING across the field!

"Hey MOM Baci was right.  I'm chasing  my fear away.

"Can I go play with my friends now?"
"Of course you can, enjoy."

Wooooo Hoooo.

Ha Ha!  I'm running in the scary field and I am OK.  I am even smilin'.  "Look out MOM I am headed right for you." hhehehe

I just had to show you this.  You all know that Bert is ball CRAZY. When Bert brings the ball back he has a hard time giving the ball up.  Even though he loves loves to chase the ball, for some reason he does not get it that he must release the ball in order for Miss Sheila or my MOM to throw it.  Do you see the death grip he has on the ball?

Bawahhaha.  Miss Vickie has to lift him up off the ball.  And STILL, he tries to grip it.  My buddy has issues.

"Thanks MOM for helping me with my fear."
"Gooseberry that's what love does."

"There is no fear in love, love casts out fear..." 1 John 4:18