Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The End Has Come

Hello Friends.

All good things must come to an end, and that time has come.  For everything there is a season.  MOM is sad about this, me too.  

See my sad face?  

It was the day that the garden needed to be pulled up and tilled up.

Bye Bye Tomatoes

The corn was gone a little while back.  But the pumpkins are everywhere.

Here are some of the squash, acorn, and what I call the alien pod squash.  And the pumpkins we will use in mid October for our big fundraiser for our local Veteran's Home.  We have a big Chili
Cook Off and a 5K run/1 Mile walk.  All kinds of fun stuff for little kids to do, including a big giant sling thing that the kids can fling small pumpkins and small bag of flour at targets out in the alfalfa field.  Oh and the blood truck comes and people willingly give up their blood to help others.  It is tons of fun!

There is Mr. Steve with his faithful tiller.  

This is the big pile that we will compost to make beautiful soil for next year.

I am taking a moment to give thanks for all this land provided to so many.  Not only the peeps at my church, but the hundreds of pounds of food for St. Annes Homeless Center and also lots and lots of veggies to a local retirement community.  Those senior ladies were so happy to get so much stuff that they could can.  MOM heard that they really missed canning but they did not have a garden for the veggies or the funds for the canning stuff.  So I told MOM we should help.  And we did.  We dropped off lots of the stuff from the garden along with all the canning supplies they needed.  They were all smiles, so were we.

Until next season beautiful garden.

After we were done MOM and I went home to our garden.  But we are going to keep our home garden up for a bit longer.  So what did we do you might ask.

We watched football.  Normally I sleep through most of a football game.

But my MOM was making such noise during this game I could not sleep.  The guys playing were Volunteers and Bulldogs.  I naturally thought we were cheering for the Bulldogs.  But MOM informed me that we were cheering for the Underdogs, which I guess were Volunteers.  I found this all very confusing.

Apparently that there is a Volunteer underdog, not a Bulldog.  And that is who we want to win.  Why?  I DO NOT KNOW.  I stopped asking questions and eventually I went to the couch, told MOM to wake me for dinner and then I put my head under a pillow and went to sleep.  

Later that night MOM and I had our own game of foot-ball.

I think this should be a holding call on MOM.


Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello friends.

Lets talk about sleep today shall we.  After all sleep is very important and so is how you do it.

Comfort is important.

Even at daycare you need to get some rest.  After all, waiting for MOM to come get me and all that playing with Bert and friends is very exasperating. 

Another important thing is that sometimes you must hide your head.

Because you know the flashy beast could come out at any time.

Being able to share is very important.  Whether on the bed.

Or on the couch.

There are times when you need to pull all your paws in close.

But equally important is to stretch it all out.

And every so often

You need to turn over.

And even though sleeping on MOM's bed is nice with a monkey.

And sleeping on my bed with Sneaky, Cheeto and Rex is comfy.

Snoozen with MOM is the best.

Make sure you are between the back of the couch and MOM.  It is oh so cozy.

And keep your paws in contact to let her know you how much you love her.  This is by far my favorite place to sleep.  And an added bonus is I get endless belly rubs sleeping like this.  Life is good.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

With Friends

Hello Friends.

On Thursday evening I got to spend part of my day with some of my friends: Logan, Baci, Bert, Murphy, Stanley, Tye, Tucker, Annie, Jess, and Cooper.  We went to a place we call The Pond.  From the pictures you would think we are somewhere in the hills.  But this place actually is in town, sort of.  Want to come along?  OK, let's go.

This is The Pond

Me and Baci and Logan at the river.

This seems to be the side of Bert likes to show the most lately.  

Baci and Logan.  They are the best of friends.

I found a stick

Logan is lightning fast in the water

Hey Zim over at Army of Four, look.  I even got to go on a Sunflower Safari.  I thought of you as I passed by each one.

Tye, Tucker and Jess

Stanley and Murphy.  They have their safety ropes on so they don't get swept down stream.  But they are GREAT swimmers and stick fetchers.

Another view of The Pond.  Oh, maybe I should get out of the way so you can see it better.

Beautiful isn't it?

This is my favorite.  You can see the reflection of the moon on the water.  Just brings a scene of peace.

Thanks for coming along with me and my friends.  I wish you all could actually be there with us.  My head spins just thinking of the time we would have.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chasing the Light

Hello friends.

One of my favorite things I love to do is chase the light.  Oh Dog is it Fun with a capital F.  It does not matter if I am tired, or don't feel well or if there is some grilled chicken waiting for me.  Just about every time I will choose to chase the light.  So I had MOM put together a video of me doing just that.  Normally we make it completely dark in the house, but for video purposes we had a light on so you could see me in action.  MOM wants me to say that it's not easy to work the laser light and the camera at the same time.  So if some things are out of focus or you don't see me, it's because she does not have four hands.  But I think you will get the idea.  It usually starts out the same way.  I go over to the the entertainment  center and put my nose to the drawer where the laser light is kept.  MOM goes to the stereo and cranks up some tunes, turns out the lights and the fun begins.

Oh how I love it!  And let me tell you it's even more fun when it is completely dark.  Even in the darkness the Light will always shine.
And let me tell you how much fun this is outside and then you add a snow covered ground...... pure joy!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a dark place.  But time and faith play a role in our finding the light.  We should not fear the dark...just keep walking or running or barking and what you will find is the light is seeking you.  And the gift we will receive is living with deep peace, beauty and joy.  May you be blessed with enough dark to move you to deeper faith.  May you be blessed with friends who nourish you in light and encourage you to grow.  May you be a blessing to others who are tripping in the dark, encouraging them with words, and licks, and hugs and acts of beauty and hope.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Guess Where I Am?

And for those of you missing Bert (because of his internet issues) I have a photo just for you of him.  As you may know my MOM does Pet Therapy with him at the hospital.  This week they visited a lady in ICU.  Because she had so many tubes attached to her he was not able to get on the bed with her (which he LOVES to do with the people).  So he sat in a chair next to her bed and laid his head on her while she petted him.  He is sooooo good at his job.  When it was time to leave Bert did not want to go.  So my MOM had to pull the chair away from the bed with him in it.  The following is the picture of him in his chair.

That's my buddy.  He just wants to make sick people feel better, and he does.  Way to go Bert, I am proud to call you my friend.


Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello Friends.

This past Saturday MOM had "Blessing of the Animals" at our church.  Most of you know that doggies are welcome at our church.  In fact every 3rd Sunday of the month we have "Bring your dog to worship".  But once a year all animals are invited to come and be blessed.  

I'm ready for everyone to arrive.

I start us off with a little singing.

This is my friend Annie.  Annie got heart worm and has not been able to play with me for a very long time.  But I hope she can in a couple of weeks.

This is Cole.  She is a sweet girl.

This is Dotty, she is just 16 weeks old.  Let the Awwww's begin.

MOM needed to take a little break.  I told her the tree was over there.  But she just gave me the "raised" eyebrow look.   So while she was gone I took over and put on her stole.

And here is Murphy.

And Stanley

There was even play time for the puppies.

Say hello to Odie

And Murry

This is Stella and George.  They just came from an agility thingy.  I hear they did pretty well.

This is Oskar and ummmm I forgot the others name.  But the cool thing about Oskar is while he is a friendly dog he DOES NOT like to be looked at in the eye and he does not like to be touched except by his mom.  Guess what?  He let my MOM pet him and pet him and they even looked right into each others eyes.  Oskar's parents were shocked.

This is Cindy and Sara.  They both were rescued from some very terrible situations.  But they have a loving forever home now and are a huge blessing to their parents.

This is Buddy.  He is a crazy lovable puppy.

There were a whole lot more doggies.  I'll try and show you more pictures later.  It was a great time and I was so happy to help my MOM with this.  Can't wait till next year.  But in the mean time if you are in our area remember you can come to my church and bring your people with you.