Sunday, August 31, 2014

Everyone Wins

Hello Friends.

As you know MOM and I were cheering for two different football teams.  I was cheering on The Tennessee Volunteers and MOM was going for The Utah State Aggies. 

MOM had a friendly wager with my friend Jack's Momma.  I thought I would make things interesting and help cheer on my buddy Jack's team, The VOLS. 

Any guesses who won?  Hehehehe.  The VOLS!  I was reenacting a tackle during the game.  Oh football is so much FUN.  Tackling is FUN FUN FUN! 

The thing is that everyone wins.  MOM and Jack's Momma both win because they both will be making a donation to a local animal shelter, so the shelter dogs win too.  AND my MOM wins again cuz I gave her a big smooch at the end of the game, after I tackled her (again).  I think they should make that a rule in football; after you tackle someone you have to give them a smooch.  Bawhahahha, now that would make the game even more interesting and fun I think. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Game Day

Hello Friends.

Today is game day.  I'm talking football.  Utah State University vs. The University of Tennessee.  My house has for a long time been a Utah State house.  Butt for this game there has been a switch.  See I have a good friend named Jack.

That's my friend Jack-a-roo. 

Like my buddy Bert, Jack does therapy stuffs and makes lots of peoples feel better.  Must be a Golden thing.

He's a silly guy with a great smile.  Guess where my friend Jack lives...... Tennessee.  So I thought I would cheer on The Volunteers in today's game.  {gasp} Much to my MOM's dismay.

Alright Jack-a-roo I'm ready for the game.  Go Volunteers!!!

Of course my MOM is sticking with the Aggies.  And to make the game more interesting my MOM and Jack's Momma have a friendly little wager on the game.  If I heard right, who ever loses has to donate a bag of kibble to a local shelter and the winner has to donate a bag of kibble to a local shelter.  I am not sure this is how betting is done butt if homeless doggies are being fed then it's the best way to bet on a game.
Don't worry Utah State after todays game I am Aggies all the way.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Funny Friday

Hello Friends.

We all go through it, training.  Sit, stay, down, retrieve, fetch, wait, heel, roll over, get me a beer.  Yea we have all been there, mom's and dad's training us to be the best we can be.  BUTT what the parents don't know is we really are training them.  Oh sure we follow their commands and directions.  Without a us barking a word we have trained them to do what we want.  Case in point: While at my buddy Bert's house, Bert's ball went under some furniture where he could not get his Golden butt under there to get it back.  What were we to do.  Enter my very well trained MOM.

"That's right MOM it's right under there."
"Goose you have a very well trained mom."

"Bert buddy I have been training her my whole life."
"Dude we didn't even have to ask her to get my ball, she just got down here."

"The key, Bert my friend, is constant reinforcement.  Well that and lots of love, kisses and cuddles.  It is VERY important to have a well trained MOM."
"True that Goose."
Friends I would like to point out that there are TWO balls totally in reach for Bert and me right behind Bert.  Yet that is not the ball we wanted.  A well trained MOM knows this and will retrieve the one we want.

As you can see MOM got Bert his ball.  Now she is making sure there is not a wayward stick under there for me.  Hehehhe.  So friends go ahead let them think they are "training" us.  We know the real truth.  Gotta go now, MOM needs a beer.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Giving Me

Hello Friends.

Oh My Dog did I just read the BEST book.  It is so good I just have to share it with you.  MOM and I received it yesterday.  It's called "The Giving Me" and it's written by my good friends Lilly and Buddy's mom, Lydia.  Some of you may know Lydia, she is the See Beautiful lady, and we just love her and how she spreads, creates, and shares so so much BEAUTIFUL.  And this wonderful book is no exception. 

MOM and I settled right in and she read it to me.  It is wonderful!  AND it's inspired by a wonderful person named  Trey Lefler who was a big time giver his whole life.  We could not help butt be touch and inspired by his story.
This book is so good I had MOM read it to me again.  Yea it's that great.
Then I wanted to read it to MOM and Jeremiah and Billy.  They LOVED it.
Want to know what I love?  I love when I read to my MOM she holds my paw.  And if a word is to hard for me she helps me.  Friends if you have any little peeps in your life this book is a MUST.  If your mom and or dad have little peeps in their lives, children, grandchildren, neighbors, church peeps, any kind of little peeps, I would encourage you to get a copy of "The Giving Me."

I give "The Giving Me" FOUR paws up plus a tail.  You can click HERE to order yourself a copy or two. 
AND you know what makes this even more beautiful???  Lydia is giving 100% of all sales the author receives from The Giving Me will be donated to one of  Trey's giving initiativesWhen you order your copy tell Lydia in the comment section that GOOSE sent you.  Happy reading friends!
DISCLAIMER: I have not received anything in return for giving my opinion about The Giving Me.  In fact Miss Lydia doesn't even know I did this.  I just loved this book so much I wanted to share.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Little Mischief

Hello Friends.

Sit right back and let me tell you a tail.  It started with a phone call from my buddy Bert.  "Hey Goose do you want to go for a walk?"  "Sure I do, butt I thought you had work to do at your place."  "Yea I do butt the BOMB SQUAD said we have to leave."  "WHAT?!!, bomb squad?"

"Yep.  Fire guys are here and they are telling us we have to leave."

"And the police people are waiting for the Bomb Squad to show up.  So I figure if I gotta leave I might as well take a walk.  And who better to walk with than you."
And so that's what we did friends.  The bomb was not at Bert's place butt at the storage units next to Bert's.  Actually it was a storage unit full of explosives!
So we walked.  Look how we are in perfect stride.

I found a stick.

Bert found a rock.

I was going after a stick floating in the water, Bert is looking for rocks on the bottom for the river.

Gotta say my buddy Bert really holds nothing back when he searches for rocks.  The only thing he holds is his breath.

THEN he came along and tried to steal MY stick!

Butt I held on real tight.

And I pulled with all my might.  I did get it back and gave Bert that look like, "Dude I don't steal your rocks."  He just laughed.  So I gave chase.

He ran and leaped into the river. 

He tried to hide under the water.  "I see your Golden Butt dude."

And behind a little tree.  "Oh yea like I don't see you there."

He then hugged the bank on the opposite side of me.  Butt nothing can hide that snooter of his.

He came back on shore, said he was sorry and we romped and played. 
When the police gave the all clear we went back to his place.

That's when I stole his BALL!!!!  There is a saying my friends at Army of Four said to me, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."  In my case what is good for Bert is good for the Goose.  Hehhehhehhe

Saturday, August 23, 2014

B&W Sunday

Hello Friends.

Just a few shots of me and my buddy Bert.


And finally my friends it is with a sad heart that I found out my taco loving friend Jazzi has crossed the rainbow bridge.  She was just the best and I will never ever eat a taco without thinking about her.  I'll miss you my friend.  And when we meet again I'll bring 87 tacos with me to share with you.

Friday, August 22, 2014

MOM and the Moose

Hello Friends.

Earlier I promised to show you some pictures of my Crazy MOM and the moose she came upon, actually it was 3 moose, 2 bulls and one teenager moose.  She also stumbled upon some deer and ducks.
I did not go with her on this outing.  Even though I have Moose Manners I do not have Deer Manners.  Bert and I chilled at his place and watched a movie.  Here are some of the animal pictures my MOM took including the mooses.

Did you see how close she was to that moose?!!  Some of those photos were taken without the zoom.  I am not kidding.  SHE IS CRAZY!  She said she scoped out the situation and had a plan, "Just in case".  If you ask me MOM needs Moose Manner training.  MOM wants to say that no one should try to get this close.  She knows it is dangerous.  Some who have seen her pictures do not believe that she was that close and she DID use the zoom.  I can understand that.  BUTT I have video evidence that she was indeed that close.

There you have it friends, my CRAZY MOM and Bullwinkle and his buddies.  Miss Vickie took this video and said she was standing about 40 yards away, and even then she felt uneasy being that close.  And in the video my MOM is not lecturing the moose as she is pointing at it, she is counting how many points are on the moose.  There were 12 on one side and 10 or 11 on the other side.  It was a very big moose. Again friends, DO NOT try this at home.  And feel free to let my MOM know that she shouldn't either.  Sheeeeesh, who is the grown up in our relationship.
When she got home I tried to put my paw down about the situation.  Butt MOM said my face said, "Let's play."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hello Friends.

I am thankful.  I hear this is Thankful Thursday.  Butt really shouldn't everyday be a thankful day?  I think it should, so on this Thursday I am thankful.  Thankful for so much, for the many blessings I have and even for the difficulties, they teach us so much about ourselves and about those around us with kind hearts.  We might overlook those with kind hearts if we just sailed through life with no bumpy waves.  Anyway, last night I realized yet one more thing I am thankful for.

I'm thankful for a mom that lets me sleep in her bed.  I go to bed before she does so she lets me pick whatever spot I want and she just squeezes in wherever she can.  In the above photo I let her have a whole 1/4 of the bed.  My MOM doesn't even care if I decide to sleep upside down on the bed, she just puts her feet on the pillow instead of her head so she does not disturb me.  I'm also thankful for such good friends, Buddy and Lilly who gave me Billy the Moose who I sleep with every night whether on the bed, or couch or one of my dog bed, Billy is always with me.  He is a treasured stuffie from treasured friends.  Sleeping on MOM's bed and holding on to Billy might seem like small things butt being thankful for even the little things makes the heart sing and the soul soar.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MOM's Youth Retreat

Hello Friends.

As you know my MOM took some of the youth from our church on their annual Summer retreat.  They went to Soda Springs Idaho.  I did not go, bummer I know.  Butt I had a real nice time at Bert's place.

MOM and the youth did all sorts of stuffs.  Devotions and fun Bible things, boating.  They rode in a tube real FAST.  Even my MOM did it, of course.  She really is a kid at heart.  And yes in the video right after my MOM's picture is her crash and burn... or is it crash and wet.  They drove to Lava Hot Springs and played at a cool drool water park.  They tubed down a river, cooled off in the lake, played fun games like water balloon volleyball, roasted tube steaks, went on a snipe hunt.  There was all kinds of wildlife everywhere, beautiful scenery and much much more.  Oh and there were dogs there.  Misty is a little dog that lives at a cabin down the road and she really liked hanging out with the kids and they loved playing with her.  AND Otti and Bella were there.  Otti and Bella stay at Bert's place when their parents go out of town.  But this time their parents took them to the Blackfoot forest.  They LOVE swimming with their dad in the lake.  I put together a little video of the fun, fellowship and faith building that happened on my MOM's trip with her kids.

Everyone had a GREAT time!  Like the song says "I want to do life big", and that is what they did.  They seized every moment and enjoyed it to the fullest, discovering more about themselves, each other and growing deeper in their relationship with God. 
You saw all those moose in the video my MOM saw right?  Well in my next post I will show you more moose my MOM saw here at home and how totally CRAZY she was in getting them to pose for a picture. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm Back

Hello Friends

My MOM is back from her trip with the youth to Soda Springs Idaho.  They had a great time.  I'll share more with you about that soon.

This is what my MOM did yesterday.  I tell her, "MOM there is a zoom on your camera you know."  Butt does she listen?  NO! This photo was taken without a zoom.  Crazy woman.  I'll have more on this also.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Safty Week-Pet First Aid

Hello Friends.
I am not a Dogtor or Doctor, butt for purpose of this Safety Week post I will play one today.

I am here to tell you about Pet First Aid.  Let me tell you it is a whole lot more than just a Scooby Do band aid.  It’s important that your mom or dad read this.  So I will wait while you go get them…… OK everyone here?  Good, let’s begin.  Oh before we begin I will tell you that this is a bit longer post than I normally do, butt it is VERY important.
Knowing Dog First Aid can reduce your pet's pain, suffering and perhaps even save his or her life.  First Aid for pets, just like first aid for humans, is a combination of knowledge, supplies and skills.
Before an emergency happens it is important to know what to do.  Of course prevention is an important key to the health and well being of your pet.
Pet proof your home!  We dog, and I am told cats, are inquisitive.  We like to know what is going on, what stuff is around, and we WILL check any and everything out.  We can be poisoned by all sorts of things including cleaning products, household and garden plants.  Or there is the stuff we find interesting and chew on (just ask my buddy Bert, he has had to have surgery several times to remove tennis balls and rocks from his stomach.)  We chew, especially young pets.  So safe guard your house.
There is so much I could tell you.  So I am going to touch on some common things and hope that you pick up a Pet First Aid book.
I know seeing one’s own pet in distress is painful to you mom’s and dad’s too. But we pets depend on you to help us out when we are injured and you must be calm and ready to act wisely.
Number 1 rule of caring for your pet in an emergency is do not panic! If something happens to your pet, you're going to be very distressed, but you're no use to him/her like this. Take deep breaths and think, and you'll be able to do so much more to help him/her.

Number 2 rule is use a soft muzzle on your dog. Although your pet knows you, and you know he/she is a gentle pet who would never bite, he/she is hurting and he/she is frightened. The last thing you need is both of you injured. You can use a slip leash or a soft stocking, gauze or panty hose around his/her muzzle to prevent him/her snapping at you in pain.

Pet Wounds and Bleeding
Pets cut and scratch their skin often, and even though the wound may not be deep, it can still bleed. The initial first aid for pets when they have a bleeding wound is pressure. Fold a clean cloth or handkerchief into a pad and press it over the wound.
If the wound hasn't gone through the full thickness of skin, you can usually treat it at home. When the bleeding has stopped, gently clean the wound with a gentle antiseptic such as iodine solution. If the wound is going to weep, or if your pet looks like he/she may lick it or irritate it, wrap a clean bandage around it for 24 hours, then have another look. If you're concerned at all, have the wound checked by your vet; it's worth it for your peace of mind.
More serious wounds and full thickness skin cuts need to be examined by your vet, as they may need sutures. Keep the pressure on the wound as you drive to the clinic. If the pad becomes soaked with blood, don't take it off, or you'll disturb the clot. Just put another pad on top, and keep pressing down.
You may have heard about using a tourniquet to stop bleeding. This involves tying a tight strip or cloth or piece of cord around the leg above the source of the bleeding, and pulling it tight. It does work to stop bleeding but it also cuts off the blood supply to healthy tissues in the leg. Because that can cause quite severe damage to the leg, you should only use a tourniquet if your pet's bleeding is life threatening. That means only if there is red arterial blood pumping from a wound. You'll need to release the tourniquet every 20 minutes, only for around 15 seconds, just to allow blood flow to the rest of the leg. In spite of this, using a tourniquet may result in permanent damage to his/her leg.

Penetrating Injuries
This type of injury results in a deep hole in the skin or even into a body cavity. Common causes include playing with sticks and bite wounds.
If your pet has been bitten by another pet, his/her wounds may bleed quite a lot. Although the puncture wounds are usually small, there is often very painful muscle damage underneath the skin, and your pet really does need pain relief and antibiotics.
First aid involves muzzling your pet, and trying to keep the injured area as still as possible while you transport him/her to your vet. If there is a stick or other foreign body sticking out of your pet's skin, don't ever try and pull it out yourself. You can trim it until it's only about five inches long, but leave it up to your vet to remove it.

Treating Pet Fractures
Pets with fractures are also frequently presented to emergency vets. There are many causes, but one of the most common would be a motor vehicle accident where a pet has been hit by a car. A pet with a broken bone in a limb won't use the leg at all, and will carry it all the time. He/she may cry when the leg is moved, but many pets are very stoic and tolerate quite a lot of pain in silence.
If you are worried your pet has a broken leg, don't try to splint it. He/she will be in a lot of pain and moving the broken bones will hurt even more. Don't try to wash any wounds either, just cover them with a clean cloth and use a blanket or board to carry your pet to the car for the trip to your vet.

Pet Heat Stroke
This dangerous condition can occur if a pet is left in a hot car, or if he/she exercises too much in hot weather conditions. Recent research has shown that cars can become hot death traps even on a cool day.
If your pet has a temperature over 105 degrees F, it means he/she is in serious trouble. A high body temperature can affect every organ in the body and it can be fatal.
Symptoms of heat stroke are easy to recognize. Your pet will pant heavily, and will want to lie down all the time. He/she may even appear to be dizzy. These symptoms, plus a warm environment, will usually lead you to the right diagnosis.
The first thing to do is to get your pet away from the source of heat. That means move him/her out of the car, or if you're playing outdoors, take him/her under a shady tree. It's very important that you take immediate steps to get your pet's body temperature down as quickly as possible.
The most logical first aid for pets suffering from heat stroke isn't necessarily the right one. Most people think that if they wash their pet down with iced water, it's better because it will cool them quicker. In fact, the opposite is true. Iced water will cause the blood vessels in your pet's skin to contract, and slow the circulation of cooled blood around his/her body. It's much more effective to use tepid or tap water. You can hose his/her body, and put cool wet towels in his/her armpit, groin and on his/her neck. That's where the body's largest veins are closest to the surface. Take your pet to your vet immediately for care. Even if your dog looks okay, there can be damage to internal organs that needs further treatment.

Eye and Nose Injuries
Pets get nose bleeds just like humans do, often after a bump to the face. Treatment is very straightforward; keep your pet as calm as you can so his/her heart rate eases and the bleeding slows. Then put an icepack on the top of his/her nose. Don't try and stick cotton balls or anything similar up his/her nose because it will probably make him/her sneeze and will dislodge any clot that has formed.
This treatment is usually very effective but if the bleeding happens regularly, have your dog checked by your vet.
It's important to treat eye emergencies quickly to give your pet the best chance of making a full recovery. Some breeds of dogs, such as Pekingese and Chihuahuas have very shallow eye sockets, and their eye may pop out if there is any tension on the fur over their head and neck! If this happens, keep the eye moist with water and go immediately to your vet.
If you're concerned about a splinter in your pet's eye, or if he/she is constantly squinting and pawing at his/her eye, place a moist cloth over his/her eye and take him/her to your vet to have it checked.

First Aid for Choking
It's terrifying to see a pet choke. Fortunately, this doesn't happen very often. Many pets who appear to be choking actually have a respiratory infection that is making them gag and retch. If you're not sure, make an appointment with your vet to have your dog checked out, just for your peace of mind.
If your pet really does have something stuck in his/her throat, you can try what is called a finger sweep. This is when you use a finger and slide it along the inside of his/her cheek to the back of his/her mouth. Move it towards the center of his throat, and try to dislodge anything that is stuck there. This isn't hard to do if your pet is unconscious but may be dangerous if he/she is awake. Don't ever try a finger sweep if there is any chance your dog could bite you.
You can also compress his/her chest to try and use the air in his/her lungs to force the object out of his/her windpipe. Depending on the size of your pet, you can press firmly on his/her chest, or you can perform the Heimlich maneuver if you have a larger pet. This involves putting both fists together just underneath his/her breastbone and suddenly pushing upwards towards his/her chest.
If neither of these are successful, start artificial respiration and race him/her to your veterinarian.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
It's a great idea to learn how to give your pet cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as artificial breathing. Yes, it means you have to put your mouth to your pet's nose, but it may save his/her life.
It's much easier if you have help from a second person; they can perform chest compressions while you breathe into your pet's nose.
Stretch out your pet's neck until it is straight, and pull his/her tongue forward. Cup your hands around his/her mouth so they seal his/her lips, and make sure the corners of his/her mouth are tightly closed. Blow into his/her nose until you see his/her chest expand. You can continue this at a rate of around 20 breaths per minute.
If your pet doesn't have a pulse, you'll have to perform chest compressions to keep blood circulating around his/her body. Use the flat of your hand on the widest part of your pet's chest, and press firmly down until the chest wall compresses by a few inches. If you have a tiny pet, wrap both hands around his/her chest and squeeze. You'll need to do this around 80 to 100 times per minute. Ideally, give your pet two breaths after every 12 compressions of his/her chest.
You can see that performing CPR on a pet can be physically tiring. It's important that you keep going until your pet shows signs of responding, or until you get him/her to your veterinarian.

Transporting Your Injured Pet
If your pet is injured, you will need to be very careful in transporting him/her to your veterinarian to avoid making the injuries worse. Unless you need to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation or you need to stem excessive bleeding, it's more important to get your dog to the clinic quickly rather than splint legs or check for other injuries.
If he/she is unable to walk, a blanket or large flat piece of cardboard will make it easy to lift him/her. Slide him/her carefully onto it, and try as best you can to keep his/her back straight and his/her head in a normal position as you lift him/her into your car. Cover him/her with a blanket and keep the heater on as you drive to the clinic; pets with shock often feel very cold.

Do you have a Pet First Aid Kit?


You should.  Here is what a well stocked Pet First Aid Kit would include (butt not limited to) because accidents will happen.  And it will give your pet a fighting chance until you get him/her to the vet.

My MOM has two types of kits: 1 for our few hours’ adventure and one for when we are gone for several days on a trip.  Don't forget two very important items.  A book on pet first aid is vital. You can't know everything that can happen to your pet, or how to treat it.  Make sure the First Aid book you get is small enough to fit in your kit.  And read it, Before you need it!

The second important item to have with your dog first aid supplies is clean water. Your pet will need fluids to help him/her survive.

First Aid Cleaning products: Saline eye wash to flush injured eyes.
Sterile saline to bathe skin wounds. Antiseptic skin cleanser e.g. iodine or chlorhexidine scrub.
Dressings: Conforming bandage in case of snake bite. Gauze pads. Adhesive tape to hold swabs in place. Self-adhering bandage such as vet wrap to put pressure on bleeding wounds on legs or tail. Sterile non-stick pads Ace bandage (self adhering) New Skin liquid bandage or "Mole Skin" (to quickly repair splits in pads) Cotton balls and swabs Small bottle of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.
Dog Medications: Benadryl - an antihistamine - used for allergic reactions to insect stings. Speak to your vet about dosage, but guideline is 0.5 to 2 mg per pound (1 to 4 mg/kg) given by mouth two to three times daily.
Antiseptic wound dressing ointment such as iodine for abrasions and wounds.
3% Hydrogen Peroxide - if your pet eats something toxic, giving one teaspoon (5ml) per 10 pounds of body weight which will make him/her vomit it up. do not use if your dog has ingested acids, alkalis, or petroleum products.
And a supply of your pets prescriptions (make sure you rotate these out).

(Even MOM's need first aid.  I am her Dogtor and she will be just fine)

Other Items for Your Pet First Aid Kit: Your dog's medical history in case you need to visit an emergency vet. Vet's phone number, emergency clinic phone number, poisons information phone number. Small blunt end scissors Oral syringe (3 cc) for administering liquid oral medicines, or for getting an ear drying solution into your dog's ears. Eye dropper (instead of the syringe). Oral syringe (10 cc) for cleaning and flushing wounds. Safety pins in several sizes. Small empty containers for pain pills and medications. Rubber gloves. Instant ice compress. Washcloth. Small jar of Vaseline. Styptic Powder. Anti-gas tablets (for digestive problems). Imodium tablets or generic brand (for diarrhea). Pepto Bismol tablets or liquid (for digestive trouble). Tweezers to remove splinters or other foreign bodies. Blanket to keep your dog warm, or could be used as a stretcher. Disposable gloves. Flashlight - accidents happen in the dark too. Syringes to flush wounds. A towel and a blanket or "Space" blanket or other heat-reflective blanket.

These items will help you relieve your dog's pain or allergy symptoms.
Buffered aspirin or ascriptin (5 grain, use a child's dose). Benadryl 25 mg tabs or generic brand (for allergic reactions; use a child's dose).

Use only aspirin for relieving your dog's pain. Aspirin can cause stomach ulcers in your pet, so watch him/her closely for signs of stomach upset. Use buffered aspirin or ascriptin to minimize these stomach problems.

Keep safe out there friends.  And please check out all the other venues available to you during Safety Week.  Remember a safe pup, kit kat, goat, lama, snail, or whatever is a happy pet.

 PS- I'll be gone for awhile.  Well I'll be around butt my MOM is taking the youth at our church on their annual Summer retreat.  Their going to Idaho, I'll be kicking it with Bert.  I'll be back in Blogville on Monday. 


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