Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gutairest for Hire

Hey All

I've taken up a new thang.  Momma says I am very musical when I sing to her.  So I thought I would take my singing ability to the next level, you know take it up a notch.

If you know a band that needs a lead guitar dog let me know. 
I was having a hard time coming up with a name for this new side of me, then my friends Frankie and Ernie helped a rockin' brother out.

You can call me Buddy HOWLY. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Me, Momma, and Gooses Rock

Hey All,

In between swim lessons from Bert, momma and I took a stroll to Gooses rock.

Headed to Gooses Rock.

Taken a moment.

Momma lovin' on me, her Buddy, her Joy.
Thanks angle brother Goose for raising such a great momma for me to love.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Lessons From the Giant Golden Beaver

Hey All.

Some of you know that I am still real new to this whole swimming thing.  My best pal, Bert, LOVES to swim.  Often when we hang out we are around lakes, rivers and ponds.  I really do like to get in the water, butt my swimming skills are nowhere near what Bert's are.  Bert is also known as The Giant Golden Beaver.  A few days ago Bert continued my lessons.  My momma insisted I wear my life jacket, Bert agreed.

Everydog should have a best pal like Bert.  I am one blessed pup that is for sure.


Thursday, June 23, 2016


Hey All

My momma is home now.  She had a great time volunteering with her kids at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  I'll show you more about that later.  When momma got home I was so so happy to see her.  And she was happy to see me and missed me so much so she took me and Bert up to Gooses Rock area.  I'll show you more about that later too.  Butt I had to share this one with ya from our "Welcome Home" outing.

Me and my pal Bert.
Momma calls this: "Branch Manager and Brach Assistant Manager."
My question is, who is who?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

See Beautiful

Hey My Beautiful Friends!!

Let's look at the calendar shall we.....  OH, well would you look at that, it's the 2nd Friday of the month and that means it's This Moment See Beautiful hosted by the ever so beautiful SUGAR!!!!!  Here is a little video of just a glimpse of some beautiful in my life.

Yep just a glimpse of my beautiful life.  Playing in my back yard with a few of my friends.  Bert at the airport bring beautiful to the passengers.  Bert also was there for the send off of many of our Veterans.  It's called Honor Flight.  People raise money to send these men and woman to Washington DC to see the WWII memorial.  All those brave men and woman you saw have never seen it.  Bert told me he was so humbled and honored just to meet them.  You may be wondering why and how momma and I see/saw beautiful in her recent hands surgery.  Well let me tell you my friends, my momma has been losing use of her hands for years.  And with this surgery (which went very well) it will help her with that.  Momma uses her hands ALOT, one of those ways is she cooks and feeds the homeless and those in need.  And believe me when you make about 400 meals a day it involves a lot of use of her hands.  Of course another way momma uses her hands is to love me, hug me, gives me belly rubs, takes me on walks and hikes. So I See Beautiful in the hope of new and improved hands and in the amazing doctors who can make this happen.  Of course there was tons of beautiful in the Poppy fields in the mountains, just growing wild and free.  There is beautiful in playing with toys in my living room and back yard in my forever and ever home.  Taking walks with the cutest little girl who loves animals, all animals, and who has to stop and talk to each and every one, even if it's a snail or ant.  Is there such a thing as "Beautiful Overload"?  I don't think so. 
I can't wait until I get to show you next months See Beautiful.  My momma is going to a special place on Monday, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  I don't get to go with her (I'll be at Bert's place) but she is taking 16 teenagers to Best Friends and they are going to help and love on all kinds of animals, dogs, cats, horses, birds, pigs, turtles, you name it momma and her kids are going to help.  So if you don't see any post from me next week don't worry, I'll be kicking back at Bert's and momma will be helping animals in need, and that my beautiful friends is a BEAUTIFUL thing.


Monday, June 6, 2016

Playing in Poppies

Hey All

This weekend my momma and Miss Vickie took me and Bert to a place I had never been.  And I tell ya what it was so beautiful.  A whole hillside off Poppies.  Momma said we were about a week to early for the FULL bloom (only about a 1/4 were in bloom) but it was still GREAT.  Here let me show you.

That there is a Poppy, but wait there is more.

Dog oh Dog they are tall.  Sometimes momma could not see me when I was running through them.  But every now and then I would strike a pose for her.

They are soooo big and beautiful.

Bert and I chased around all the Poppies.

I even stopped to smell them.

Bert and I got super hot running around all the flowers.

So Bert found us a cool spring to cool off in.

You can always count on Bert to find water.

Then it was time to head back to the Poppies.

I just know Bert is over there somewhere, I just can't see him over all the flowers.  This is a great place to play hide and seek.

We had a super great time.

In a week all that green you see will be a sea of red when all the Poppies are in full bloom.  I asked momma if we could go back this weekend but sadly she said we couldn't.  Today my momma is having surgery on both her hands so she will not be able to drive, or hold my leash, or do much of anything that involves doing stuffs with her hands.  She says she will be A-OK in no time.  No need to worry friends I will be her to help her.