Monday, August 31, 2015

Are You Coming?


A few have asked how I got the photo below.  Quiet simple really.  Bert and I are hiking along a moose trail along side a marshy area.  Fairly ruff going as the ground next to the water area is soft and when you follow a moose trail along there are holes, extra soft spots, mud, mud, mud.  After trekking a ways I thought, and Bert was certain, that we should cross to the other side of the marshy area and see what was over there.  The problem with that is it's a THICK area with brush, bushes, mud, mud, mud.  But nothing ventured nothing gained, right?  So we set out.  Bert just busted through the stuff with the greatest of ease.  Me however....

"Hey what's taking you so long?"
"Well jeeeez Bert, I don't know.  Maybe a little things like all the brush and branches.  The squishy ground and the mud."
"Hummmm.  Really, I did not seem to notice.  I didn't have much problem at all."
"So I see."
"Come on Come on.  Nothing to it, just follow me."
"You see those four things attached to your body that you are standing on?"
"Yea, my legs, what of it?"
"Well my Golden Friend, you have four of them, I only have two and I'm higher off the ground than you." 
"Yea, and your point is?"
"My point, Goldie Locks is that while you are in four wheel drive all the time I have to get on my hands and knees in order to get through."
"OK, OK I get it. But I see you are in four wheel drive now, so what's the hold up."
"The hold up, my oh so inquisitive pup is, you are standing on my hand!"


Friday, August 28, 2015

Gooses Rock with Bert


On Thursday evening I went to Gooses Rock.  That special place where Gooses and I had many wonderful adventures and created so many beautiful memories, memories that fill my heart every day.  On Thursday Bert joined me.  We had a wonderful time together.  We spent time at Gooses rock, I talked to Bert about some of my great times there with Goose.  Bert seemed to listen intently.  And when I shed a few tears Bert leaped over Gooses rock nuzzled my face and licked my cheek.  I think Bert understands.  Then it was time to get up and hike.  My favorite hikes are the ones that are off the trail.  And that is what we did.  There was no trail, human at least.  We followed the path that many moose take below that pond.  It is in part a marshy area as the moose love to nibble on the fresh tender greenery growing along the "stream".  With that said following a moose trail on soggy ground is tuff going.  But I LOVE it and Bert seemed to enjoy it as well.  Of course it helps that there was water all along the way for Bert to frolic in.  There were even points where to get through I had to crawl on my hands and knees, but again I love it and Bert is a champ like Goose was and bursting through the thick stuff.  I know the music with the video may not seem to go together but I love the song (First) and it really speaks to me.  I do try to live my life seeking God first above all else.  And when I take hikes like this it helps me put life in perspective, keeps me grounded and focused and renews my spirit.  So now I present Gooses Rock with Bert.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Special Place Shared


On Thursday evening I took a hike to Gooses Rock.

It's a beautiful things that Bert was able to come to share this special place with me.  Thanks Bert for making me smile and laugh today.

I'll have more photos of our hike soon as I go through all 534! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Muddy Mischief Monday


As promised some scenes from my hike with Bert in Ice Box Canyon.

By this point in our hike we had already hiked a couple of miles and Bert just knew with a name like Ice Box great things lay ahead.

We both were all smiles at just the thought of what might lay ahead.

Along the way Bert found a small pocket of water to cool his paws off.  Of course the pocket of water surrounded by rocks was a bonus for him.

Of course we all know when you have a wet Bert and dirt trails a happy Bert is bound to get some dirty paws and tummy. 

But no need to worry because this Golden Boy knows how to find the wet stuff, even if it meant I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the waters edge.

That my friends is the face of true bliss.

Bert just begging me to throw a rock for him. 

Then he led the way up the trail.  Love how he stops to check to see if I am still coming.  A reminder of my sweet Goose who would always make sure he kept me in his sight.

No surprise that Bert led us to another beautiful spot along this creek.

Bet you can't guess what the Golden Boy is doing......

Yep that is a rock.

It was so much fun the first time......

he had to get another. 

I've been around Bert enough to know that look on his face and what is about to happen.

Mix one part wet Bert, one part trail dirt and what you get is.....

Is a muddy Golden Mess. 

And just for some added fun lets mix in some leaves, twigs, and possible deer poop.

You may think this post is about the mischief of a muddy Bert.  But in reality it is really a mischief post about me.  See the beauty of all this fun fun fun is I drive Bert back to his place, walk him in, give him hugs and kisses and throw his ball a few times.  Then I, well I just leave, promising him that we will do it again real soon.  I figure that Bert's Vickie would not know what a great time he had if I polished him all up before I brought him back home.

Thanks Bert for being such a great hiking buddy.  Can't wait until we do it again.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

BW Sunday


Saturday Bert and I took an amazing hike in Icebox Canyon.  I will post more later on this week.  But for now...


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

See Beautiful


It is a See Beautiful Friday.  In reality everyday is a See Beautiful day!  Thank you Sugar for being our beautiful host for this monthly blog hop.  You can join in to.  Just post how you see, shared, saw, created beautiful.  Here is a video of yet another snip-it of how BEAUTIFUL is in my life, around me, and in me. 


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday


When I got home from work on Wednesday I received the most thoughtful note in the mail.  I should tell you that since Goose crossed the Rainbow Bridge the time I spend at work (between the homeless shelter and church) has increased.  I have always worked a lot of hours but recently it has increased a great deal, working 14 to 17 hours a day.  I don't say that as a "woe is me", I love what I do.  Just without my Goose I find myself working more.  The last two weeks have been especially intense as we have moved out of the old shelter and into the new facility.  This is a HUGE endeavor.  Have you ever moved a homeless shelter without skipping a beat as far as feeding and sheltering people and pets?  Of course as the kitchen manager/chef it is my responsibility to get the kitchen and all it contains moved to the new facility all the while still feeding everyone each day.  But by the grace of God it has all gone well.

With that said, when I get home I am beyond tired and sometime frustrated.  When Goose was with me he was my comfort on days like that.  Always there to listen to me, snuggle with me or make sure I get out and take a walk and just relax.  I really needed something like that on Wednesday.  So as I said when I got home there was a special card from a very especial guy and his staff.  Of course I'm talking about Gooses brother EASY from across the pond (France). 

Look at that Beautiful card!  That is Lavender that EASY gathered himself with his own paws.  EASY I cannot tell you how it lifted my spirits. I even put aside the work I brought home with me and held your card as I took a walk.  I'll say it again, Blogville and it's citizens are the very best.  Could you imagine this world if it were more like Blogville?  I can and it would be perfectly beautiful.  Hugs to you Easy and your staff.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Forever in Concrete


On Friday as we finish the final touches on our new shelter, Lantern House (formally St. Anne's Homeless Shelter), our director saved a small section of walkway to be done last.  The reason is she wanted all of the employees to put our hand print and initials in the concrete.  As we finished putting our hand print and initials in the concrete someone said, "What about Goose?"  I got a tear in my eye thinking how much I wanted him here to see the new shelter and Pet Area that really he was so much apart of.  Then all of my fellow employees agreed that Goose should be apart of this concrete moment.  So Justine drew a dog paw like a child would and wrote his name under it. 

I don't mind telling you that I had to walk away because I just broke down.  Yes out of heartbreak because my Goosie is not with me, but also because of the love of my fellow employees in thinking that Goose is/was just as much apart of making our new shelter a reality.

Love and miss you Goose and thank you for touching so many lives.  IN part because of you those in need and their pets have a safe, warm, place to call home while they get back on their feet and paws.  As my BEAUTIFUL friend said to me today, "He has cemented himself in so many lives."


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hiking with Bert


On Sunday I took a hike with Bert.  It was wonderful.  Lots of sights, sounds, adventure, and even a scary moment.  When you get to the part of the video you will see Bert running back to me with a worried look on his face.  Prior to that I heard Bert make a sound.  It was not a bark or a yelp, it was a sound I had not heard him make before.  When he got to me he stood behind me shaking.  I did check him to see if he was injured.  He was not.  Then I thought, "I wonder if..."  So I headed the short distance from where he came.  Bert WOULD NOT come with me, he just stood there shaking, watching me.  I proceeded with caution.  What I found was a Great Basin Rattlesnake!  I took it's picture, from a safe distance and returned to Bert.  This really is great news.  You may remember that a couple of years ago Goose and Bert took Snake Aversion Training together.  I know that it worked for Goose as three times in our hiking we came across a Rattlesnake and Goose each time alerted me to the snake and he avoided it.  Well it seems that Bert paid attention in class as well.  So come along with me on a beautiful Sunday hike.