Monday, June 30, 2014

Frankie Furter the Mighty Pirate King

Hello Friends.

Today we celebrate the one and only Frankie Furter.  The Frankie we all know and love.  The Frankie who is a friend to everyone.  The Frankie who makes wearing tightie whities look good.  The Frankie who was Blogvilles first mayor.  And the Frankie Furter who is the mighty Pirate King.  And it is of this last distinction that we of Blogville celebrate. 

In honor of our Pirate King Frankie Furter I offer you this little poem.

Frankie is the Pirate King,
He welcomes us all aboard,
Check out his cool pirate hat,
And his shiny metal sword.
We sail off on his ship,
And find a distant land,
That’s always very sunny,
And covered with lots of sand.
We wonder down the beach,
To see what we could see,
And Frankie pulls out his pirate map,
Under the Milk Bone tree.
He finds a buried treasure,
Using mighty paws as a spade,
He quickly digs it up,
And carries it to the shade.
Frankie opens up the box,
To see what he has won,
A million tasty bones,
As golden as the sun.
Then we all sit out on the beach,
And look out at the sea,
Because Frankie is the Mighty Pirate King,
And he’s as happy as can be.
Goose and Bert

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mail, Mail, Mail

Hello Friends.

What a week I have had.  The mail just keeps coming, and not for my MOM, but for me.  Let me show you the wonderful things I received.

First I received this wonderful Mini Goose from Mollie and Gaylord.  It seems there was an auction to help me feel better when I was sick and out of that came this one of a kind, handmade Mini Me. 

I mean how cool is this?!!!!  I love it.  AND the tag on Mini Me's collar has and "SB" on it and you know what that stands for.... SEE BEAUTIFUL.  My MOM was blown away, we were and are so overwhelmed by this beautiful gift.  And did you know you can get your very own MINI YOU?  Just click here and Mollie and Gaylord can help you out.

Mini Goose now has a place of honor on the entertainment center next to my See Beautiful doggie friends, Buddy and Lilly, and behind mini me is my gal pal Belle and of course over there to the right is the one and only Puddles.  Butt wait there is more.

The next day I received a package from Mr. Pip's mom.  It is the book I bid on in the recent auction for Mable Lou.  It's Mr. Pip's book, "Keeping It Real".  OMD is this a wonderful book.

I had to read it right away and let me tell you it is GREAT.  I sure do miss Mr. Pip, butt having his book is like having him right here with me.  He was so wise and funny and there is no better combination than that.  Not to mention he was one of the very best friends that anyone of us could have.

I loved this book so much I got Mini Goose down and read "Keeping It Real" to him.  He was in awe of the wonderful words and the stunning photo's of Mr. Pip.

I tell you what my friends if you do not have a copy of this book you better go out and get one or two.  Read it, share it, and read it again.  In fact I am going to read it again right now.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fuel the Cure

Hello Friends.

Today I am participating in our  buddy Oz's blog hop to support Zuke's Fuel The Cure campaign.  For every entry, Zuke's will donate $5 to The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund. We are supposed to make a post showing me loving life.  You know I love every moment of life and it sure was hard to decide to show you just one thing.  Butt this morning I did something that I just love that life has to offer.

Here is one of my loves of life, strawberries.  I love them, and my MOM loves me so she plants my very own strawberry plants.

"Ooooo these look ready to eat."

Butt first I always give thanks for my blessings in this life, which one is having strawberries to eat.  And on this day I also pray for all my friends who are on a tuff journey battling the dreadful cancer.  It has hit close to home for my MOM and me.  I also give thanks for pals like Oz who is stepping up with Zukes to find a cure, who are fighting the good fight. 

Here I am loving life with my yummy strawberries. 

I thought MOM was going to hand  feed me, butt she likes to tease me.  Putting them on my paw and asking me to wait. 

They smell so wonderful.

YUMMMMMMMMMM.  That is just one of the ways I enjoy loving life.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's Not All Play

Hello Friends.

Oh sure you might think that when I am at Bert's place it's just all fun and games and play play play.  As you can see from the photo above, it is not.  It is my JOB to make sure no doggies sit in Miss Vickie's chair.  It is an exhausting job.  You would not believe how many dogs want to plant their butt in her chair.  While it is a non-stop job I am always up for the challenge. 
Oh sure I sacrifice some play time, and running around time butt if I don't do this important job then there would be chaos at Canine County Club.  I do my job so well that not even Miss Vickie gets to sit in her chair.  Hey, I'm a professional what can I say.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Rest of the Story

Hello Friends.

If you were with me yesterday you know my MOM got into a bit of some mischief at my buddy Bert's expense.  As I said yesterday, once a week we flood our yard.  To answer a question some of you had about that:  We do this once a week.  Instead of sprinklers to water our yard we have flood irrigation.  That means once every 7 1/2 days we get to open the ditch gate and flood our yard to water it for about 3 hours. 

You may remember that my MOM thought it would be funny to through Bert's ball in one of the concrete pipes.  He totally went nuts trying to get it out.  So did he?  Lets take a look.

There is me and Bert, and my MOM putting Bert's precious ball in the pipe.
Me guarding one end of the pipe in hopes that it will flow out.  Bert losing his mind trying to get the ball from the other end.
Hahahaa.  Does this not look like the beginnings of a watery football game? 
Bert finally just laid down and just kept watch.  It was a sad sight my friends.  Sad sight indeed.
The sadness must have gotten to my MOM because she broke out the little rake and push the ball out to Bert.
And he's got it!!  Butt now he is worried my MOM might try this little trick again.
So I stood guard over my buddy.  "Don't worry Bert I won't let my MOM take your ball.  I've got your back.  Dude, seriously you do not have to hold your ball under water.  You are not a fish, you need air."
Under that mighty paw is Bert's ball.  He is not sure if he wants to give it up.
Butt he does.  He just can't resist the........

It was a great day spent with my friends.  Butt soon Miss Vickie, Bert, Willa, and Scrappy had to go home.  Butt then some other friends dropped by for a swim.
Do you see my friends that stopped by for a swim?
This is Fred and Betty.
They fly on over when the yard gets all pond like.  They love it.
They waddle around the yard.  I love to watch them.  Never chase them.  My good friend Zim taught me that.  I always think of Zim when Fred and Betty stop by.
They bring a smile to my MOM's face too.  We just hang out for hours enjoying each others company.
And when they are tired from swimming they settle in under the big cherry tree.
Yep just another BEAUTIFUL day at my place.

MOM Mischief

Hello Friends.

Over the weekend my buddy Bert came to my house.  It was flood the yard day so Bert was so very excited to run and chase down balls through all the water that covered my yard.  Then my MOM got a bit mischievous.  She tossed Bert's ball into the pipe.

Hey Goose do you see it?
Not yet Buddy.
Why is your MOM just standing there watching us?
Who knows Bert.  You would think she would help us.
I'm going in Goose.
Not a good idea Bert.  I mean the ball went in there and it is not coming out.
But but but my BALL is in there!
It's not worth it dude.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mischief Monday

Hello Friends

Only mischief can come from this. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Golden Love in a Box

Hello Friends.

Friday when MOM got home from work and we got out of the Blazer I headed for my back yard.  All of the sudden as I passed the side garage door I skidded to a stop, pushed open the door and saw a box with my name on it.

This Box right here.

It's from my beautiful friend Sugar.
Oh Dog I wanted in that box sooooooo bad.
I began to open the box right away.
The box tried to slip away, but I was quick with the paw and jaw.
Seeing my problem with the box slipping away I put two paws on the box and began to open it.
Now lets just see what smells so good in here.
OMD!  You are not going to believe what is in here!!!!!
LOOK AT ALL THIS WONDERFUL STUFF.  I am going into sensory overload. 
Oooooo this one looks and smells so yummy.
Yep this is the one I want right now.
I'm out of here!  Later MOM.
Oh Sugar you sure made my day.  Your generosity, thoughtfulness and caring have overwhelmed this old Wiem's heart.  I am feeling much better and can't thank you enough for your Golden Kindness.