Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What Doesn't Belong

Hello Friends.

Yesterday I ask if you could pick out what did not belong in this photo:

Some guessed the phone, some said the map, some even suggested it was ME!!  I'll now show you what does not belong.....
It's the phone.
There are a lot of smart pups out there.  There also a few of you who I think might have been sampling the Cat Nip.  No way am I the one that does not belong.  When MOM breaks out this stuff I know an adventure is just around the corner.  Early Thursday morning MOM and I are headed for Wyoming!
We will be hiking, camping and backpacking along Greys River.
Several years ago this was a great adventure and we have always wanted to go back.  So that's what we will do.  For 5 or 6 glorious days we will be hoofing it through the wilds of Wyoming.
There will be fishing.
And discovering the wonder and beautiful that sounds us.
More fishing
More hiking and reflecting, relaxing, renewing.  Just soaking up all of God's beautiful work. 
Often on these adventures we happen upon a little slice of heaven that we just know that no one has seen.  Well, that's how it feels.
My gal pal Belle gets to come with me!!!  Can you say, "Happy Goose?" 
So my friends I will be away until at least Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will miss you, butt I gotta say I am SOOOOO excited to get out in the back county with my MOM and Belle.  Hiking, napping, fishing, kicking back, gazing at the night sky as we fall asleep wishing on a falling star.  You know what I would wish for???  I'd wish that all of you could join me.  Oh Dog we would have the time of our life.  So until I return make sure you have an adventure of your own with those you love. 
I'll take LOTS of pictures for all of you.  Thank you again ZOOPERSON for making that part of my adventure a reality!!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Grace and a Game

Hello Friends

Lets start with Grace shall we.  As some of you know my MOM's much loved camera took a turn for the worse and in the end did not make it.  What to do?   I suggested that MOM could sketch our adventures.  I mean I have seen her sketches of scenery and they are not bad.  Unfortunately the skill in scenery does not transform over to live action or me.  Here take a look.

That is suppose to be me in my backyard.  Is it me or do I look a bit thin?
Anywho, with the laptop getting all sick and the back window of the Blazer being all smashed out and the camera in the ICU and looking like it was not going to make it, MOM had to make some decisions.  We didn't tell you about these decisions but we would have to choose what item(s) we would get first.  The camera came in last place.  After all MOM had her phone to take pictures.  Then out of the blue MOM gets an email from someone who likes my blog.  This is what it said:
I have followed you and Goose for a while now and love, love, love that dog of yours.  May I add that when you write something like the Road to Bethlehem it never fails to make me think deeper. Also thanks for all you do for  the  St. Anne's shelter --both animal and peeps.
I was sorry to hear about your camera's demise and if you would like another one (I found a Lumic FZ35 on Amazon) I would be pleased to make a gift of it to you.  Or, if you have another camera in mind, just let me know and I will  get that one.  It is not good to be long without a camera when you have the photographic opportunities (and subject) you do.  :  )
You can imagine our surprise and gratefulness for this gracious offer.  And if you know my MOM at all, you know she does not always practice what she preaches.  In that I mean she has advised people in somewhat similar circumstances to accept "it" for the gift that it is.  So MOM said a big thank you but she could not accept.  Then came another email from the same person about the lesson she learned from her mom about tithing and helping those doing the Lord's work.  WOW, imagine me, Goose, doing the Lord's work, who knew.  She said doing the Lord's work could mean anything from playing the piano, to mission work, to fixing a tractor.  Well, long beautiful story short, my MOM sucked up her pride and said yes.  And friends that is why I am able to post beautiful photos on my blog once again because someone followed their calling to lend a hand.  My friends that is grace in the form of beautiful generosity.  Words can not express how grateful and blessed me and my MOM are.  She is just so overwhelmed by it all.   So from the tip of my nose to the end of my tail to the depths of my heart, thank you dear friend. 
MOM says some of you may remember a show called Sesame Street.  And a little game they use to play called "Which One Does Not Belong".  Ready to play?
Take a look at all the items I have in front of me.  Can use guess which one does not belong?
Here is a closer look.  We have a phone, backpack and sleeping bag.

And here is a fishing pole and trekking poles.
And here we have hiking boots, tent, and a topographical map of Wyoming.
Can you guess which does not belong?  The answer tomorrow.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm Back Baby!

Hello Friends

I just want to shout it out: I'M BACK!!
There are still a few bugs to work out, butt I'm back and I am so happy.  MOM got a new laptop and the funny thing is that a guy at Hershey's thought he could fix the old laptop (which isn't really that old).  And guess what?  He DID!  I know what you are thinking.  Hershey's?  The candy company?  Yep friends that's right.  Seems all that was needed was to insert some peanut butter cups and twizzlers. Go figure.  Now all he has to do is replace the screen and it will be like new.  Good thing because Windows 8 is driving MOM a bit crazy, butt she is still trying to learn all the weirdness of it.  The smashed in back window of my Blazer will soon be fixed too.  MOM got a new back window a little bit ago butt has not had time to install it.  And as for the camera, well as I said it did not make it.  Butt tomorrow I will tell you a beautiful story of generosity and grace about the camera.

So what else has been going on?  Well kick back grab a cool drink and I will show you. 

I got a package in the mail.
Let me open it to show you what's inside.
Oh I think I know what this is.
Almost got it.

It's the Mischief Master Class book!

I was the highest bidder at the auction and I got this GREAT book.  The best part, as you may already know, is all the proceeds go to help our friend Benny with his Chemo treatments.  I bet I will ace this class.
You see this beautiful girl?  This is Bert's big sister, Abby.  I am sorry to say that this past week Abby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  As you can imagine Miss Vickie is just heart sick over their loss.  Abby was the peaceful, calming presence at Bert's place.  In a world at Canine Country Club (Bert's Place) where sometimes it can get a bit hectic, and loud, and rambunctious, she was that calmness that soothed the hearts and minds of dogs and peeps alike.  She was a good friend and I will miss her dearly.
I've been playing with my friends at the river.
Of course there have been many stick rescuing.
And taking many walks with my MOM to bring smiles and peace to both of us.
This here photo is for my beautiful friend Cam-a-Roo.  When MOM and I were walking and I saw this I could not help butt think of her.  We thought of many of you as we took our walks.
Check this out!  I call this Dinner!
Lord I am so thankful for all this bounty. 
The garden is doing wonderfully.  And the best part is that we pick all kinds of veggies twice a week.  On Sunday we pick loads and loads of the stuff and the peeps at church get to take home as much as they want.  I mean we fill wheelbarrows FULL of this yummy stuff and wheel it into the church.  Butt wait there is more.  On Wednesday we pick even MORE and we take it to St. Anne's Homeless Shelter where my MOM uses it to create nutritious and yummy meals for the people they feed there.  On a daily basis they feed over 200 people for lunch each day and there is more than enough veggies to do that.  AND even more beautiful part of this is that some of the folks from church come each Wednesday to help my MOM.
Of course we get to enjoy some of this at home as well.  Ooooo tear drop tomatoes.  I love those.
And over here we have cucumbers and squash.  Nom Nom.
And what do we have here?  My taste buds tells me they are beans.  Ya gotta love that.  Not to mention the peppers, big tomatoes and white flesh peaches.  Not pictured (because there was not room on the table) carrots, chilies, okra, onions, greens.
You are looking at one hap happy dog. 
I am back in Blogville, MOM is doing better, my cup runs over with the abundance of the earth, I am loved beyond measure, and I have the bestest friends any dog could even hope for.  Yep this is the face of a happy and blessed dog.
Did you notice the bright, vivid, life like color of the veggie photos?  You did?  Well friends that is apart of that generosity grace story I will tell you about tomorrow. 


Saturday, August 24, 2013

B&W Sunday

Hello Friends.

Oh dog has it been a bumpy road lately.  Butt we are getting there.

As you can see I am doing my very best to provide comfort, encouragement, help, and moisture.  hehehhe.
Seriously, it's all coming together.  I have so much to share with ya all.  AND I hope to begin on Monday (if that mischief does not get in the way). 
For those of you needing a Bert fix here ya go.
Take Off
And the landing
And just for fun a shot of our team work effort with stick rescue.
Until tomorrow my friends.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Almost Back


It seems like 87,000 days since I was able to get on the computer.  Butt... I am almost ready to get back to posting.  Just a short update for now.  The camera did not make it, RIP faithful friend.  Butt MOM tells me that something wonderful will happen tomorrow as far as that is concerned.  The photos I put on here were taken with her phone (except the last one).  It has not been easy to do all this stuff (blogging, commenting, FB, research, work, and other stuffs) from MOM's phone.  Butt as I said we are on the road to being back.  MOM has a new laptop now.  She is getting use to it.  Windows 8 is proving to be a bit (ok ALOT) frustrating for her.  And as you already know she does not do frustration well.  Butt then again she is taking it in stride and says that learning new things is a good thing, even if it is causing her to have more gray hair. 

Some of you asked about the fires in my area.  It seems I am surrounded by them.  In the last few day in just the last few days there have been over 7 fires started and there are others burning in our surrounding area.  Butt we are OK.

This is what the moon looks like right now where I live because of the fires.  There is even beauty to be found in the midst of the fires.  That my friends is a good lesson for other things in life.
I have been doing a bit of this while MOM works out the stuff that has happened recently.  It may seem like I am not doing much, but you would be wrong.  I know that when MOM is working on stuff while she doesn't feel well and when that frustration monster creeps in, I know that all she has to do is look over at me and a smile comes across her face and she puts things aside, comes and rubs my belly.  Yep works every time.
And here I am helping out while MOM catches up on the ironing.  See all these little glitches we have had has given way to other things being accomplished, ironing, extra walks, writing by hand instead of by computer, extra time to get a very special project done, and more. 
And I have been keeping up with my stick saving job.  This one was a difficult task.
Butt nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Whewww, Got it.
Little mouth to stick resuscitation and another stick is ready to resume a normal life.

So with a little hope, faith, and stick-to-itness I will be back real soon on a regular basis.  For now I need to help my MOM with that special project.  Thanks for sticking with me friends and thank you for all you comments and emails wishing us well. 
You know the sunshine you sometimes see during a rain storm?  Well friends, that what you are.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Down for the Count

Hello friends.

As my post yestersay indicated, MOM's camera (for those who asked,it's a Lumix FZ35) is in the ICU or it's headed there, I think.  When MOM returned from church Sunday night I asked if we could try to post something from the photos we had of me and my friends on Saturday that she managed to salvage from the wounded camera.  "Of course" she said.  Then she lifted the lid of the laptop and this is what she saw.

That's the laptop screen.  It's like there is a flower of some sort growing in the screen.  I have to tell ya my MOM is pretty even tempered.   Butt frustration is an emotion that she just does not like and that makes her more frustrated.  And that is what she is feeling right now.  First the camera and now the laptop and to top it off she is not feeling well.  

I'm doing my best to keep her smilin'.  "Come on MOM let's go outside and find a place to bury my bone."

"That's right MOM, put your feet up, relax and worry about stuffs tomorrow."
So friends until the MOM gets somethings straitened out I think I will be MIA for a little while.  Butt she says she will read your blogs to me each day and maybe comment, but she will have to do this from her phone and she is not sure how that will go as it took her 3 times as long to make this post as it normally would.  Hope ya see me soon.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hello Friends.

This is me comforting my MOM.  Why you ask?  Well it seems that her beloved camera is sick.  We are hoping it will get better butt it is not looking good.  I tell her, "Hey we have all kinds of pencils and paper you could sketch our adventures."  Then she gave me that "look".  I am pretty sure it was the look of "Oh Goose you are so smart, that's what I will do."  I am all to happy to help.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Smilin' Birthday

Hello Friends.

Know what today is?  It's Sugar's Birthday!  She is a beautiful 12 years old and boy oh boy she does not look a day over 6.  Make sure you stop by her place to wish her a Hap Happy Birthday and give her your bestest Birthday smile.  

Your sweet smile always brightens my day.