Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Floating Away

Today's Olympic events are sure to prove to be a thrill a minute.  Head on over to Mr. Pip's for some Frisbee action.  A short stroll from there is Weenie and Mona's Critter stalking.  Make sure you keep hydrated out there by stopping by the snack area.  I hear Puddles is buying rounds for everyone.

I am so excited.  Tomorrow, the 2nd of August, is the Olympic event that I am hosting... STICKS!

All I can do is just dream about it.  Even the heat cannot stop my day dreams about it.  Then I looked over and saw my STICKS floating away.  What the Cheetos?!

Oh No!  It's flood the yard day and all the Olympic STICKS are floating away.

OK, take a deep breath, I'm going in.

Got it.  Must get the STICKS to higher ground.

One STICK for dogkind, eighty seven to go for the Blogville Olympics.

Hey come a little closer.  I have something very important I want to tell you.  I want you to go over to Big Stinky Dog and meet my new friend Mason.  He is having a contest to see if by August 20th he can get 50 followers.  I told him that will be easy peesy.  I bet by the 20th he will have 87, at least.  

This is Mason.  Got love a dog with a sense of humor.  So come on friends go check out Mason, become his friend and enter his contest.  I promise you won't regret it.  If you do I will give you a bag of Cheetos for your troubles.

Oh Guess what?

 The smoke from the fire from yesterday, it's almost gone.  I can see my mountains again.  Woo Hoo.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Cool Package Recieved

Hello Friends!  Lets begin with making sure you get to the right Blogville Olympic Events.  Today's Events are Couch Potato Peeling  hosted by Lily Belle and Muffin followed by Gymnastics hosted by Madi.  Today should be very exciting.  Make sure you leave early, reports are that traffic is a nightmare.

Today when MOM went to the mail box she came back with, guess what?  A PACKAGE FOR ME!  I am becoming quiet popular with our postal carrier.  He's a great guy.  If I am home and he delivers the mail we RACE each other down the length of the front of my property.  It starts with a stare down.  Then he revs his engine, grips the wheel, gives me the nod.  And we are off!  Someday I'll get MOM to get a video of that.  But for now lets take a look at what I got.

It's from my friend Jazzi!!

A little while a go Jazzi had a contest to guess how much she weighed.  I know you should never guess how much a lovely lady weighs, but she asked.  And I guessed right.  Whewww, it could have been disastrous.  

Oh My Dog!  You are not going to believe it!


Nom Nom.  Oh this is just perfect!  Thank you so much Jazzi!  It is so hot here and it is just the refreshment I need.

Can you see my beautiful mountains to the East through the thick smoke?  Yep, we have another wildfire.  It's about 45 or 50 miles away from us.

The smoke is so thick I just might have to start wearing a mask to filter out all the smoke.

But even with the "ugliness" of the smoke, it gives us a beautiful sunset to the East.

But that's like life sometimes isn't it?  Out of the unpleasant and even destructive things, beauty emerges.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday Mischief

Before we get to the mischief of this day let me make sure you all head over to the Olympic stadium for today's events.  First we have Benny and Lily hosting Beach Ball.  Next up is Corbin's Cross Neighborhood Walkabout.  Third on the day's event is from out kitty friends at House Cat Confidential with HIDING.  And last but not least for another feline friend we have Competitive Napping hosted by Huffle Mawson.   Each day just gets better and better.  Make sure you don't miss out on a single moment.

And now for the mischief part of this day.  And I am not the one who is the cause of mischief... It's my MOM.  Let me tell you about it.  See twice a week MOM mows the yard.  My self appointed job is to walk beside her every step of the way.  It takes between 2 and 2 1/2 hours to mow our yard.  Good thing I was there this last time.  

Do you see it?  Right there in front of the mower!  STOP!  MOM STOP!

It's one of my beloved Beaver Sticks!  Risking life and paw I ran in front of the mower to save my Stick.  Sheesh MOM!  Lucky I got to it just in time and no Stick was harmed.  MOM "says" she saw it and was just kidding when she got so close to killing my Stick.  Yea right.  I can tell you this is not the first time I have saved a Stick from the mower.  This is why I walk every step with MOM while she mows.  I have rescued countless sticks in my life time.

After a hard and HOT day of rescuing sticks and cuttin' grass we kicked back for a cool beverage (that's my special Puddles beer) and a snack.  I get the tomato and MOM gets the cucumber, we ran out of Cheetos so these are the next best thing.  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Walk in the Garden

Hello friends.  I thought today I would take you through another walk through the garden.  It sure has grown up since I last showed you.  Are ya ready?  Lets go.

Our garden starts with some Gladiolas, I think that's what they are.

Check out how big our tomatoes are.  We have about 6 or 7 varieties.  Oh how I love tomatoes. nom nom

 Between the yummie tomatoes we have several different kinds of peppers.

Here we have 2 different kinds of squash.

Here are some beans.  Yellow ones and purple and green.  Variety is the spice of life.

This is eggplant.  This whole time I thought eggs came from chickens.  Who knew?

Here I am in the pumpkin patch.

Check out how tall the corn is!  We've already had some.  yum yum

What ya have here is carrots, broccoli, and kale

 The strawberry patch.  I munched a few while MOM weeded.

Last year MOM craved a pumpkin that looked like my buddy Bert and one like me.  I think this one will be perfect for Bert this year.  Just has to get bigger (gotta fit his snooter on it). hehhe

A bee enjoying the sunflower.  I hope you liked taking a walk through our garden.  But the best part about this garden is that it helps feed so many hungry and homeless people.  Yea I like that part best, even better than eating strawberries and tomatoes.

Day 3 of our Blogville Olympics is upon us.  And today there are 3 events:  Bertie is hosting Bouncing.  And Oskar is hosting Crazy Sleeping Single AND Synchronized Snoozing.  Just click on their names and you will be whisked away to the Olympic Area to watch all the committed athletes strut their stuff.


Friday, July 27, 2012

An evening in a parking Lot

Why, you might ask, am I sitting on a hot parking lot behind my Blazer.  I'm going to tell ya.  But first I will show you just a few photos (there would be more but it has to do with the parking lot and the Blazer why there are not more).

Met up with Baci (above) and Logan and Bert and big Murphy and little Murphy and Stanley at the Fort for out Friday night walk.  

Before we head in to the Fort area with the woods and river we play in the ball field first.  Then we head off.  But something happened as we started our walk.  But I'll get to that in a moment.

I chased sticks floating down the river.

Got it!  This is my new thing now that I am not afraid of the water anymore.

Then I'd give the sticks to my pal big Murphy.

But we had to cut our walk way short because my MOM locked the keys to the Blazer in the Blazer!  That's why not so many pictures, MOM was UGHing over the fact that she locked us out of our vehicle.  Lucky for us Murphy and Stanley's mom and dad have Triple A (whatever that is).  They made a phone call and we headed back to the ball field to wait for AAA to come.

It got dark.  But you know what?  I have the bestest friends.  They all waited with me and MOM, in the dark, till the Triple A guy came.

While we waited Baci and Logan got groomed.  Well mostly Logan cuz he got a head FULL of little burrs on our short walk.

Murphy and Stanley hung out with me too.  Thanks guys for sending the AAA dude.  I am sure MOM would have broken a window if it wasn't for you guys.

Big Murphy and Bert and their peeps hung out and waited also.  Even though we spent most of our adventure time waiting in a parking lot, it still was an adventure.  Like life, it's all what you make of it.  And we made the most of it.

Don't forget to go over to Sarge's for the Swimming Event in the Blogville Olympics.  AND head over to Jazzi's for Window Nose Art.  Yep I am entered in both.  These Olympics are Great!!

OK I am off now to make sure MOM get some spare keys made.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Are You Ready

Are you ready friends?  It is here, the Blogville Olympics!  Gather your family and friends, set out the water dish and snacks and sit back and enjoy the beauty of the games and it's athletes.

I've gathered a few of my friends and we are ready for the Opening Extravaganza.  You know Mayor Frankie is going to give a stirring, inspiring, and moving speech.

Then settle in for the The Parade of Athletes!  You won't want to miss a single moment of the heart pounding excitement that is The Blogville Olympics.  We are just getting started with a whole lot of exciting events going all the way to August 12th!  Take your potty break now, cuz you won't want to miss anything.  I'm ready, are you?  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Morning with Bert

Today I had a great morning.  I met my buddy Bert at the river and we had tons and tons of fun.  I put a few pictures together in a video if you'd like to take a look.  If you want to read the text on some of the pictures you may have to pause to video to read the whole thing.  I don't know why YouTube messes with me like this but it does.  So enjoy the video and pause it if you want to read my comments.  Enjoy.

Can you believe how many Sticks almost drowned?  Can you believe I SWAM??!!  It was a Great Great morning!
Now go over to Bert's Blog to see what happened to Bert later that day.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Apple Sticks

Today I thought I would share my joy of sticks with my friends, Sneaky Snake and Rex the Dragon.  

I gathered Sneaky and Rex outside and showed them what a good stick looks like.  These are my two beaver sticks MOM hauled back for me from way up in the mountains.

Before we begin we need to give thanks for these sticks.

I am showing Rex how to take on a stick.  He was a natural.  Sneaky on the other paw thought sticks were just for wrapping around and sunning himself.

While I was teaching Rex and Sneaky how to chew a stick.  MOM went and picked apples from our trees.  She came back with a couple bucket fulls.  I love apples.  And I could not help myself, I took one out of the bucket and brought it back to my friends.

Rex was more interested in the stick than the apple.

Sneaky on the other paw was very interested in the apple.

I showed Sneaky how to gulp one up in one bite.  I know, I am a dog of many skills.

Nom nom.  Ya gotta love apples and sticks.

Another fun thing to do is "Apple Toss".  Come on MOM toss me another one.  A fast apple right down the middle.

This Goose does not need a glove to catch a fast apple.  Woo Hoo!

Whatever your "Sticks" or "Apples" are, I hope you enjoy them and share them with your friends.