Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's All a Buzz

Hello Friends.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  That my friends is a beautiful sound.  This past Saturday I went with MOM and the other bee peeps to do an inspection of the beehives.  Did you know that the month of May in the bee world is known as swarm month.  Those bees are, well... busy as bees in the month of May and a lot of activity takes place. Come along with me as we check out our beehives at me and MOM's church.

The sign makes it pretty clear.  We must use caution, stay calm, and be one with nature and the bees.  If you are wondering I do not wear a bee suit, I am very calm around the bees and this time my MOM didn't wear anything.   Ummmm I mean she did have on shorts and a t-shirt but no bee gear.   Hehehhhehe
{this is a serious note.  Sunday night I received word that my friend WEENIE walked into a beehive and got stung over 60 times and went into shock and is at the ER.  Please click on Weenie's name to send your support, prayers and POTP.  I am praying for you friend.  So again I will say, always, always use caution around beehives.  I don't know what kind of bees Weenie encountered, if they were honey bees or African bees (which don't care if you are calm and minding your own business a distance away.  They are angry critters and will attack without cause.)  In any case, be careful friends please.  I decided to continue this post as my MOM had already prepared it for me and I feel very strongly about the important role bees play in our lives, all of our lives.  We need to be careful.}  UPDATE- it is with a very said heart that I learned Monday night that Weenie crossed over the Bridge.  Please friends click on Weenies name to offer words of comfort to his sister Mona and his mom Sarah.

Here I am waiting for the Bee Peeps to come.  Yes the bees were buzzing about me, but they know me and just buzzed by to say, "Hey Goose, it's a Bee-U-T-Ful day."

OK, the first thing that needed to be done was we needed to create some smoke to calm the bees down.

Now this is embarrassing.  But my MOM thought this was an artsy shot of the smoker.  "Sheesh MOM, my friends read this."

That's Queen Bee Kristen, she is super good at getting the smoke started.  It's not just as easy as lighting some paper and sticks on fire or a cigar.  Nope, there is special way to do it and just the right ingredients to make the perfect bee smoke.

This is the top of one of the hives with the lid off.  If ya look close you can see some bees.  That liquid is a sugar water solution to help the bees get started.  They love the stuff.

OK the smoker is ready and we are about to lift off that sugar water feeder box thingy.

OH MY GOODNESS!  Would you look at all those bees!  Hard at work.

That's Mr. Allan giving the comb a good look over.  All looks real good.  They are making honey and LOTS of new bees are hatching (I don't know if that's what ya call it, but lots of new bees are coming to life.)

Is this cool or what?  Let me help you answer that... IT IS COOL.

MOM got in real close to take their picture.  The bees don't mind the paparazzi all up in their face.  They are pros and just keep working away.  Do you see that bee butt to the far right.  hahahha

Now this is really cool.  If you look center right you can see a Worker Bee that is emerging from it's cell.  Just a little bit ago this Worker Bee was just a larva and now it is eating away at the wax to get out of the cell so it can get to work.  

Can you see that bee with the red dot on it?  No?  Here let's get a bit closer.  Remember keep calm.

There she is.  That is the Queen Bee.  Look how all her loyal subjects surround her taking care of her every need.  Why the red dot?  That is so she can be easily identified.  Yep someone's job somewhere is to paint a red dot on Queen Bees.

OK Friends  it's time to move on to inspect the other hive.  All was well with the first one and soon, very soon, we will have honey and we will be adding another level on to each hive so all those bees have plenty of room.  Hope ya all enjoyed the Bee Tour.
Program Note: For the last several months my MOM has taken on something new, and boy does it take a lot of her time.  In addition to this something new (which we will tell you about at a later time) and her church job, and various other stuffs, not to mention that softball season has just started, I am afraid there is not a whole lot of time left in a day.  I talked it over with her and said it would be OK if she only helped me post 3 or 4 times a week.  I promise we will read each of your blogs each day, but commenting might be less than we normally do.  I feel badly, but if MOM does not get 4 or so hours of sleep each day she get real sick.  I hope you understand.  Butt we WILL be reading each of your post.


  1. Thanks for showing us your bees. That is just awful about Weenie. It probably wasn't honey bees he ran into, but more likely a type of wasp.

    We of course understand that personal time is more important than blogging or commenting. Sleep is good so we hope your mom gets all she needs.

    Millie & Walter

  2. Dude, that shot of the smoker through your butt was......sure "Artsy".....he he....
    we are gonna head over now ans see how Weenie is doing.
    stay calm....

  3. Hi Goose!
    Our mama started a new job and they are putting together the new Wal-Mart in town (a Supercenter) before she is allowed to do her "hired on" job which is as a cashier. She is learning a lot of new things, but she's tired a lot from the physical and mental drain...however, the paycheck to pay off bills at the end of every two weeks makes her feel a bit better but she feels all guilty leaving us from 7:40am-5:15pm every day. Wesa miss her and know that things will soon (June 12th is the Grand Opening of the new store) be calmer and less busy. Already, her university course she teaches had grade input on she does have a bit more time. But then...starting the first week of June she is taking a 6-week class. Wesa tell you are nutty...have they learned nothing from us'uns? Wesa sleep most of the day...when we aren't doing that we are playing, eating, and cuddling...they need to get away from the "worker bee" mentality. Great post our furiend! So sad about Weenie...wesa hope he recovers and feels better real soon'ums!!
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  4. Dear Goose,
    Moms is busy and wes knows yous is thinking about us, just as wes is thinking about yous! We is having trouble even getting 2 posts out a week! (well 4 if yous includes that darn Beary Good Stuff)
    We sends your Mommy strength and Love!

  5. Great Bee shots! But now I'm wondering who gets the job of painting red dots on Queen Bees? :)

  6. Wow that was cool Goose and I like seeing it through your calm eyes. I think I would get them going and that would not be good. The pictures are really really pawsome. I am off to visit Weenie now.

    Happy Memorial Day

    Loveys Sasha

  7. I sorry ur friend got stinged. Ur farm visit looks very much fun.

  8. That was very interesting Goose - specially HRM The Bee Queen with her red "crown" and the funny "smoker" picture hahaha. I will cross my paws for Weenie, over 60 "bullet holes" - that sounds dangerous. I understand that you and your mom are currently very busy and I will always wait for you and your posts. Have a great memorial monday.

  9. Wow Goose you are one cool dude. That is a pawsome account of your bees. We are praying Weenie will be OK. No worries to mum we see you when we see you. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Oh No poor Weenie, sending lots of healing prayers. That was great Goose seeing how the bee's are kept. You are brave :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Your mom is just a busy as those bees...but we keeps us busy. Thank you for the tour of the hives....I am sure they will make delishious honey for everyone to share.

  12. Goose things are all a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in your world for sure. We are so sorry about Weenie and will pop over to say hello.

    The beehive pictures are wonderful!! Your pictures are as close as we will ever get too..

    Spring and summer are busy busy busy...we hope you and Mom get lots of fun things done and her new project goes well
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  13. That was such an educational post Goose and Mom! Many of us would never get to see all of that taking place, so we thank you for this excellent post.

    We totally understand that there is much work to be done and that you can't post as often as you would like. We've slowed down too and totally understand.

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  14. Bee-yoo-tiful post about the bees! So sorry to hear your furriend got stunged so many times he got sick! Purrayers being sent to him. Have a great Monday and tell Mom not to worry about posting and visiting! Just let us know once in a while you are ok. XOXOXO

  15. Oh Goose...this was such an educating post and we loved it! Thanks... and here I thought all the time that bees were just out to bite us! BWHahahahaha

    We know what you mean about the time factor. We go through that all the time here too.

  16. We loved seeing the photos of the bees. I hope your friend is okay. I can't imagine being bit that many times.

  17. That is so cool and amazing but you have to be extra careful. Golden LOVE, Sugar

  18. Goose your AKA name should be Bob Hope, i laugh all the way through your post and always leave with a smile. so sorry to hear about the bees and Weenie, i pray now he will be healed and back home. those bee shots are truly amazing so Mom will be AKA photographer for Natl Geographic... bees are good for us but i am scared of them. Baby can lay under our humming bee tree, there is at least hundreds on it, and they ignore her, when ME or Jake get close they dive at us...Jake has been stung many times, he attacks one when he sees it... Baby never, she is like you, they never look at her.

  19. It is so interesting to learn all about what goes into making honey - it sure is a lot of hard work. Mom grilled some yummy veggies last night that she first marinated in a mix of honey, oil,and vinaigrette - she said they were so good and the honey was produced locally. We didn't get to taste them, but we had some of the steaks instead:)

    All paws crossed for little Weenie.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. This is so interesting. I hope there will be many more bee posts to come.

  21. Hari Om
    OMD Goose, you make sure mom gets allllll of that 4 hours - which is about the same as I get so I know how precious it is. Waiting for your posts will just be that bit sweeter for 'the parting'!!

    And well done for bee-ing so good at apiaristics; definitely C.O.O.L. I envy you that honey when it arrives. Do please be careful though - we don't need any more casualties. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xx

  22. Goose the Bee Whisperer! Please be careful. We totally understand about finding enough time in the day to do all we would like. Especially this time of year. Mom shoots for M-W-F posts and sometimes it is hard to comment on everybody. But we do read them. We always look forward to your post whenever you can
    Bailey, Hazel, Greta & Mom

  23. You two inspire so many but we do want Mom to get more than 4 hours of sleep a day!! Thanks for sharing and uplifting!

  24. Tell your mom not to worry and to please get more than four hours of sleep a night! She is an inspiration. LOVE YOUR BEE POST. We will pray for your friend and are going over to the other blog now.

    Lots of wags,

  25. Stay calm and buzz on!! What an interesting post,and who knew someone has the job of painting red dots on the queen bee.
    Totally understand the time thing, do what you need to do, we will be here for you. Hope your MOM can get more than 4 hours of rest/ sleep per night.

  26. "Now this is embarrassing. But my MOM thought this was an artsy shot of the smoker. "Sheesh MOM, my friends read this."

    ROFL!!!!! Goose... your mom cracks me up!!!!

  27. Wow, Goose, you are ONE with the bees! Dare I say, you are the bees knees! Ha roo roo roo!
    This is totally cool. You and your mom are incredible.
    We understand about time constraints. We've been really bad about leaving comments - we've got quite the backlog! No pressure, right?
    Play bows,

  28. Oh Goose those bees are FABulous!!! I sit for hours (okays, maybe not hours, butts I sit for a LONG time) watchin' MY bees buzz around this flowering ground cover we have, and I try and catch em' far I've only caught one, and Ma was not at all happy abouts it! BOL
    Oh, Goose, don't you worry abouts commenting everyday, we know your Moms is CRAZY busy, and has tons of stuffs to do, and frankly, she wears my Ma out just thinkin' abouts it!!! hehehe

  29. Wow, who would've thought that someone out there has "Painter of Red Dots on Queen Bees" on their resume.

    Your hives look wonderful and we can't wait to see what you'll be doing with that deeeelish honey once it's ready to be harvested.

  30. Wow, that is so neat. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  31. I have been watching Weenie blog all day, no word. if you hear anything will you do a short post so we can know what is happening. i know she doesn't have time to post. i read the story on her blog and it made me fighting mad to.

  32. We enjoyed this post but your mom does need a talking to about that one "personal" shot. Sheesh, we bet you were embarrassed! Our pawrents were going to talk to your mom yesterday but she was busy as a bee at church too! We saw the Queen Bee, was it Glory Bee? We look forward to tasting the honey!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  33. We are so used to bad bees (Africanized) that we forget there are good bees too.

    We will head over and send our love to Weenie.


  34. Oh what a cool bunch of bees doing all that work for honey. You are brave for getting so close. We are gonna stop by Weenie's!

  35. Hi Goose, Hunter and I are sending big wags to you and Mom, just cause we love you both! We are both fine; I'm a bit sore today but nothing broken so that is good. Wow, what a great bunch of bees; hope you get lots of honey from them and they pollinate your area well. Just remember to B-careful around them.
    Noreen & Hunter

  36. Sending POTP to your friend!
    But boy o boy Goose, you sure get up to some amazing adventures, looks like you bee-hived your self! hahaha.


  37. Thank you for your post. We heard what happened to Weenie and we think it is important that we learn safety with other creatures. what happened to Weenie was a terrible accident and maybe us learning about pees will help us stay safe. Lee and Phod

  38. Bees are fascinating creatures and I absolutely love the honey they produce!

    Critter Alley

  39. We love bees and boy do we have a lot this year. We are going to do a post about it soon. They work so hard to pollinate everything in our garden.
    We are SO sad to hear about Weenie. :(

    Wyatt and family

  40. Those bees are incredible and your photos are amazing. I just had to ask: is that pot smoke that you use to calm the bees? :) After all, I live in a state where that would be legal.

    I understand that thing about a limited number of hours in the day... I've been fighting it, and not getting enough sleep. I'm glad that your MOM is taking such good care of herself. Now, if only I could live on only 4 hrs of sleep per day!!!!!

  41. Those bees were very interesting. I am sorry about weenie.
    I wouldn't be very good to get close to them cuz I couldn't be that calm.

    Jazzi and Addi

  42. Those bees were absolutely incredible. I cannot believe those pictures. And someone's job being the dot painter of queen bees?!? How amazing.

    We totally understand your mom needing her rest. Rest is important to help for seeing and creating lots of beautiful throughout each day!

  43. Interesting about the bees. Not sure I would like to be around so many bees, even though I know they have an important job.

    Poor Weenie. :( What a sad outcome.

  44. You are far braver than I! There's nothing I love more than local honey, but no need to visit the bees.... ick!

  45. I am SO sorry to hear about Weenie. Very sad. But I must say that I love this post. My dad had hives when I was growing up and I LOVED the bees. I'd sit near the hives and they'd land on my arms. It was such fun to watch them pick their way over the hair on my arms. Very peaceful creatures when left alone. Not so with other stinging insects.