Monday, May 13, 2013

Berry Yummy and Thieving Birds

Hello Friends.

Back a few months ago my beautiful friends  Lydia, Lilly and Buddy, sent me a planter and I named him Berry.  In February MOM started some strawberries in the house.  Then in April she transplanted them in Berry.  And now Berry is out on our patio.
That's Berry and look the strawberries are coming on.  Any day now I will be enjoying a few strawberries every morning.

"Hey Berry you have a very important job.  That's right you are responsible for providing me my tasty strawberry yummies."

Oooo I just can't wait for the yummy strawberry goodness.

Then the next day I went outside and what did I see?


Some bird picked one of my strawberries and started to feast on it!

Well it still tasted good anyway, bird spit and all.

"Berry buddy, you really gotta not sleep on the job.  Those birds are going to keep coming."
"But Goose I can't bark to scare them away.  I can't even wag my tail."

Well it looks like I will be on guard all summer long.  I am just going to sit here to keep the birds away.


  1. How do you know it was a bird? What if it was a tree rat and you just ate tree rat cooties?!!!

    Millie & Walter

  2. You keep an eye out on those berries ok Goose?? You will love eating them soon.

    jazzi and addi

  3. We don't blame you, Goose! Best keep an eye on those berries, but who will rescue sticks?

  4. but it's not berry's fault. he probably couldn't see the bird coming becuz his eyes are covered by the leaves! hope you will give him another chance to redeem himself :)
    wags, bailey

  5. Hari Om
    Oh dear that's no good! I remember once my mother upturning an old laundry basket (the plastic kind with more holes than sides) to keep predators off her strawberries... would that be a possibility to help you? Or maybe you need to gather together some of your stick rescues, make a wigwam and drape a net curtain!

    Mind you -and I don't wish to create any rifts between friends, but - Berry appears to have a pair of incisors rather more like those of a rat than a canine... Just an observation. &*> (Naughty woman, go sit in a corner!) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. OMD Goose you better stay on guard duty and keep a track of your harvest as next it might those pesky squirrels. We have snow forecast today. The weather here is crazy. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. What a cute planter!! We just love that Berry will be growing your strawberries!! Lookin' good Goose! We just know that you and your MOM will enjoy eating strawberries all summer!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  8. Why hello Berry!!! Goose, it will be well worth the guarding to make sure you have that deliciousness every morning!

  9. Hmmmm maybe you need a scare crow buddy to keep those pesky birds away.

  10. Goose mom says she feels your pain and disgust. Many years ago my peeps had a strawberry bed. They had a terrible time keeping the birds from eating the berries too. They had netting covered by chicken wire. It worked ok but is was a lot of trouble to pick the berries.

    I wonder if the birds would leave it alone if you put a flag or something that flops in the breeze either in the pot or near it.?!
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS you are looking way too handsome today too

  11. We can see the disappointment in your face Goose, but don't worry.... We have a feeling there will be more strawberries coming real soon.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  12. Youz gotta look out for dem BERD'Z Goose, we haz a cherry tree and when the fruit starts coming, it's gonna be a race to see who gets it the quickest..Bawaahhwaaaaw xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  13. Oh no Berry hope the birds don't steal all of the yumminess. Goose you may have to help out and protect the berries!

  14. ha ha on the bird spit and the comment about rat cooties, but it could also have been squirrel spit/cooties... our squirrels do bad things to. that plant is really beautiful and with the plant in it a work of art. of course i know you are only in it for the berries.

  15. I'd guard a strawberry plant if I had one, too, Goose! I hope those strawberries turn out nice and sweet!


  16. Goose on the Job! So nice of you to help Berry guard the strawberries.

  17. It looks like you have a battle on your paws with those birds.

  18. looked like you were investigating that on the watch my friend...birds take everything....they took some sticks I like to play with.

  19. Great idea, now you're the "Berryguard"... like the guy in the movie with a similar name. I like things with bird spit too or better the whole bird . Have a great tuesday

  20. Berry has berries! BOL, that's grreat. I hope he learns to skeer those mean ol' birdies away.

  21. Ha HA Berryguard!! Them birds can be pesky for sure. Maybe you will have to bring Berry inside at night!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  22. numnumnumnumnum..crunch crunch crunch..yumyumyum........

  23. D'oh...those crazy birds! Goosie, you need me to come and help you chase those birds away? I am good at chasing them!!


  24. Hmmm, are you sure Lightning wasn't there visiting? Our little bipeds have a strawberry plant growing in a pot too - hope the birds don't get their berries.

    We hope you and Mom get lots and lots of yummy berries.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  25. Good luck guarding against those birdies - they can be pretty sneaky!

  26. Guess it's that or develop a taste for that bird spit!

  27. We think your friend Berry is rather adorable! We hope he keeps sharing his berries with you and not those pesky birds.

  28. HEY Berry Buddy.. It is nice to meet you.

    GOOSE... we KNOW how much you adore your Strawberries... Those DARNED Birds are BAD for having tried to STEAL YOUR BERRY!!!

  29. I love how you have your own strawberry plant. I can see it will be a lot of work to keep it safe but I bet it is all worth it.

    Loveys Sasha

  30. Oh Noes!!! I bets it was a crow Goose, they can be very mean. I'll help you keep guard! We can do it in shifts so no more of your precious strawberries disappear.
    Strawberry Patrol Officers: SPO will be on the job!!

  31. Goose, why I think you are going to have such a bumper crop that maybe you might just be able to share a few berries with the birds of the field. Bawheheheee
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  32. Goose! That is a furry col planter! Wes gots a ton of strawberry blooms - but NO berries yet! We also has a secret weapon to keeps our strawberries away from the birds, his name starts with K and ends with O!

  33. Good thing Berry's only responsibility is growing berries. Good thing he has you around Goose. It seems like a pretty good partnership - Berry grows the goods, you protect him and eat the goods.

    Seeing beautiful in Berry's and Goose!

  34. I think the birdie should have at least asked permission.
    Maybe you could get a scare crow like that dude in the Wizard of Oz so you don't have to stand guard all season long!

  35. Darn birds! We will watch out for that when we plant our strawberries

    Stop on by for a visit

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