Sunday, May 19, 2013

Famine 2013

Hello Friends.

As promised I am going to show you more from the 40 Hour Famine 2013.  My MOM has been doing this with her kids for almost 20 years.  We partner with World Vision to help put an end to hunger.  While World Vision does the 30 Hour Famine, MOM's kids have always wanted to do more, so they go without food for 40 hours.  The last couple of years they have added no electronics for the 40 hours.  During these 40 hours MOM and the kids do more than just not eat, they play games related to hunger, pray, do a service project, learn about hunger and all the effects it has on people (especially children) and all the other things hunger causes.  

I joined them this year.  I did get to eat, but I was helpful in motivating them and entertaining them.  Those kids are great.  They played a form of soccer that the kids in refugee camps play.  I was real good at stealing the hand made ball from them.  I got to eat some of the toast art they made.  The girls put up my ears in a cool fur-do.  (I went to MOM's office when they brought out the nail polish).  I was their wake up alarm and gave them great advise on their service project (they scraped and sanded a lady's porch and windows that was in terrible need of repair.  Some adults from our church were coming the next day to paint the whole thing).  The kids divided up into Tribes that represented children from Ethiopia, The DRC, Our local area, and Columbia.  Throughout the Famine the kids assumed the actual identity of a child in one of these areas. The kids raised lots of green papers that will help with all kinds of hunger issues as well as help to build wells so people can have access to clean accessible water.  Plus they brought a lot of awareness about hunger.

I put together a video of just a little bit of what they did.  Enjoy.

Like MOM's old Famine CD says, "One loving heart can end the suffering."  So true, so true.  It just take one loving heart to make a beautiful difference.  And you know what that leads to?  MORE loving hearts joining in.  Not much is more beautiful than all those hearts coming together.



  1. Goose you did a great job helping your mom with those kids. Looks like you all had a lot of fun.

    Millie & Walter

  2. Dearest Goose, Mom and all the wonderful young folks at your church.....
    Mom and I are truly speechless (and that rarely happens). Your video of the smiling faces and happy giving hearts touched us deeply.

    Goose my handsome friend you are blessed and surrounded by a lot of hands to pet you too.
    Hugs and thank you for this beautiful video
    Madi your BFFF and Mom

  3. Goose you are such a great guy we know you helped motivate everyone. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Goose, I'm sure all the kids enjoyed having you there.

  5. Goose, you sure were such a great addition to that gathering and what a great thing to do. That is really something to go without eating for 40 hours. But what a good thing to do. Take care.

  6. What a wonderful thing to raise awareness. Looks like you all had fun too.

  7. What a cool event! I'm glad you were there to help motivate them. I hope it was a really successful fundraiser for them!


  8. they couldn't of done it without your support Goose.....we know you cheered them along the whole time.

  9. WE are so glad to be friends with two such generous and giving souls who teach the world of Love.

  10. Goose,

    You are an inspiration to everyone.

    Pees. You got a sticker on your behind. bol

    xo Cinnamon

  11. What a great group of young people. Goose...I know you helped motivate them to complete and experience this valuable lesson. Loved watching the video.

  12. Thanks for your wonderful video ! Mom would like to join in your girl -power group - she is obseesed for DIY-things. You look great with your "toast-muzzler" and the headband - think I should wear this style too :o)

  13. Great video, Goose. It is so wonderful to see young people sacrificing for the good of others. Mom says scraping all that ironworks must have been tough work, plus all the ceilings and windows. Kudos to Mom, the kids, and you!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. We really enjoyed your video, what a great job you did, we liked the saying about one loving heart also.
    stella rose

  15. We just don't think they could have done it without you Goose. Now what is this we hear about you having a boat load of Frosty paws? Didn't you share with them?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. U and your mom r so inspiring
    Urban hounds

  17. Hari Om
    What a tremendous time you had and am loving the 'cool dude' look with the bandana. But the important thing is the help and the message. May it stretch well beyond the 40 hours!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xx

  18. Goose! What a marvelous thing to does! Me is sure yous was the bestest encourager!

  19. goose...God's blessings two yur mom N familee N all de kids who particapted... and two ewe az well.....

    we wuz knot abe bull ta see yur mewvie :(

  20. Oh Goose buddy, you make our hearts swell up watching your video.
    YOu and your MOM are soo pawsome. Looks like the young peeps had a great time diong this wonderful project.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  21. Goose, YOU and your wonderful mom are just the BEST... No wonder you are so ♥'ed in Blogville.

  22. Hey Goose!
    Wow, what a pawesme event! Looks like all of the two-leggers had a great time and you were obviously a very important part of the fun. Congrats on a successful and important event!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  23. Goose, that is an amazing project with your amazing Mom!! I am so proud to know my sweet pal. You set a bar we should all be reaching for.

    Loveys Sasha

  24. my goodness! it looks like everyone was having so much fun and it looks like you were having just as much fun as the kids! you are such a good sport, goose. i don't think i would have tolerated the fur-do, though you my friend, rocked it.
    wags, bailey

  25. Warms my heart through and through. Kudos to your MOM and to all the kids.

  26. Goose-
    That is SO Pawesome! Very Inspiring :D

    Wyatt and Family

  27. So awesome Goose! Well worth the work.
    Benny & Lily

  28. Well, Goose. You know my favorite part of your video, right? Yep. You hugging your MOM. Sigh. I'm into that kinda thing.
    Did you search everyone's bags for food?