Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Than Showing Up

So my MOM talked to her congregation today about “Showing Up is Just the Beginning”,  that being a Christian is more than just showing up on Sunday.  That got me thinking.  Just “showing up” and getting a dog or a cat or any pet really, might make you a “parent,” of that furry child, but it does not make you a house breaking, vet taking, training, hugs and kissing, walking, feeding, playing, grooming, loving, lifetime relationship MOM or DAD.

I Would also add bubble blowing. I LOVE to chase the bubbles my MOM blows for me. She will make as many bubbles as I can chase down, and trust me I can chase A LOT of bubbles.

"Companionship with a dog touches the broader issue of our relationship with all of creation and with the Creator."


1 comment:

  1. Well, well, we didn't know you were a bubble dog. Guess what My Vickie pulled out for day care tomorrow?

    You got it....The bubble machine.