Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Cuddle and Snuggle

I am dog. I cuddle and snuggle. I get close. I snuggle into your body, under your chin and arms, into your lap, between your feet.
I snuggle into your bed, into your eyes, into your presence.

I cuddle into your your voice, into your favorite chair, behind your pillow, beneath your book.

I wrap myself around your heart. I am created to be close to you, with you, of you. I cuddle so when I move, you move. I sleep when you sleep. You wake when I wake. You stretch, I stretch.

I snuggle to stay near when we are apart. You are more near than far. I feel your cuddles when you are away. I am absolutely love. I am dog.


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  1. Yeah, I just figured out how to leave comments on your blog. I love the blog and can't wait to get more and more wisdom from the two of you.

    The Gospel of Goose is the perfect title for this.

    Love the pictures too.

    Hope Goose is doin ok tonight. It was a cold wet day for all of us.