Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So my MOM is a little incapacitated. She had surgery on her eye (it’s another diabetic thing-stupid diabetes). So I needed to step up and help her. When she got home from the surgery I knew that she needed to have dinner. I grabbed the car keys and thought I’d go get her something special. But guess what?
I HAVE NO THUMBS! Can’t turn the car on.

So I thought, “What’s better than take out? A home cooked meal.”
I foraged around in the fridg and pulled out a few of her favorites, veggies and fish.

Now to chop up the veggies…. But guess what? I HAVE NO THUMBS! I could not hold the knife.

Not all is lost, I still have the fish. Going pretty good now.
I’ve got it in the pan. But guess what?
I HAVE NO THUMBS! I can’t turn the fish over.

On to plan C. I poured her a bowl of my kibble with a carton of milk.
It looks good to me. And hey she can’t see anyway so… But wait there is a knock at the door.

And Angel come to save us. It’s our friend Jenni (she calls me Gooseberry) and she brought DINNER!

Yummy spaghetti squash, grilled chicken and cherry tomatoes!  Thanks Jenni!!

Then after Jenni left I thought I’d read a book to my MOM. One of my favorites, William Wegman’s “Polaroids”. It’s has tons and tons of photos of Weimaraners.

But guess what? I HAVE NO THUMBS!
I can’t turn the pages. And MOM frowns on me using my tongue.

But you know what, it doesn’t take thumbs to bring my MOM comfort, warmth and love. All it takes is me, cuddling with her.

I’m with you many hours a day, and never a word am I able to say.
But I can say more with a look or two, such as I Love You!
As you do your chores throughout the day, I’m by your side, every step of the way. When you stop to eat, you can bet I’m there, sitting of course, in my favorite chair.
Then as you lay down to sleep, I’m there by your side, my vigil to keep.
And I thank the Lord, in the heaven above, for my MOM and for God’s love.


  1. Goose Goose, We were so glad to see your mum up and around after her surgery. You two have a wonderful together day tomorrow. Take good care of her and thank her for the cookies for us. mmm good.

    Oh and please don't try to cook anymore

    Seriously Dude, I know your heart is good and you want to help but.....NOOOOO don't try it anymore.

    Love ya

  2. That is so precious!! And that bowl of kibble looks so delish!! With milk? Even better!

    Keep doing what you're doing and take good care of your mom.

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  3. It was the thought that counted Goose!

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Just found your blog :)...oh what a good giggle I had reading about your day!! You are such a good baby to offer your mum kibble and milk. I'll plan to check in on your adventures now that I found you!!
    Tell mum I hope she heals quickly.

  5. I'm late getting here, but I see that your Mom was okay, and you did a great job taking care of her, even if you didn't fix something to eat!!

    I hope all is well and getting back to 'normal!'

  6. Goose, all you have to do to make your MOM feel better is be YOU!!

  7. That no thumb can really be a hindrance, can't it? Glad all is going well. And dear Goose, I believe the meals are all worked out so you don't need to worry.