Friday, October 7, 2011

A Little About Me

 I thought since I am new to the Blog world I should let you know a little about me.  I was born February 14th 2000. Yep a Valentine Boy. In the first 6 months of my life I was abandoned twice. I was in Pet Smart with New Hope Foundation as a part of an effort to adopt homeless cats and dogs. There I stood in a cage that was to small for me (my tail stuck out of the cage). Then she came in. She was not looking for me, she was getting some rocks for some lizards. And, she had vowed she was not going to have another dog, not after her companion of 14 years, Pete, had gone to play in heaven. That's him below, 140lbs of of love and devotion.

But I believe that God intended us to be together. As she walked by I gave her that look and she tried to look the other way, but... Well lets just say fate would have none of that. That afternoon I went to my forever home with my MOM. And what a cool home I got to live in. It was a church! Not a old church that was turned into a home but a real church with and old bell and everything. Yep the hand of God was all over this. See my MOM is a pastor. And she LOVES animals, every year she blesses the all kinds of animals at church.

AND on Palm Sunday my MOM leads a donkey (OK it's a mule, her name is Rosie) into the church and not just into the church but leads him around in the sanctuary!!

I was my MOM's constant companion, at work, at play, at church. We were always together. I even got a job at the church, I now was head of security (see the old church we lived in was in a very scary part of town). And let me tell you there was more than a few times that I had to be the very tough Goose to protect my MOM and the other employees.  See below, that's my squint eyed Clint Eastwood look, it says, "go ahead try and mess with the ones I love."

Well 3 1/2 years ago our church built a new faculty and we moved into a regular home and that is when my MOM decided that I needed to learn to stay at home. I can tell you I did not like this idea, I mean who would take care of her, who would protect her, who would eat the crust from her sandwich from lunch. Well one cold and snowy February day MOM came home to find me outside in the falling snow. She felt real bad because she thought she had left me outside when she left for work. But that was not the case.

You see in my attempt to be with my MOM I busted through the front door, that's right, I ran right through a door. Left a hole in the door that was 2x3 feet. Was my mom mad? Well maybe a little, at first. But then she hugged me and loved me and set out to find the perfect loving place for me to be while she is at work. And that's when I came to Canine County Club. Oh at first I was not to sure about the whole idea. But I got to tell you, that Vickie and all her furry friends and guest made me feel so welcome and safe and cared for. Now when my mom takes me there I can hardly contain my self. I start barking and barking right in my MOM's ear when we get about a mile away from CCC. I love it there.  And you know what, I still go to the church with my MOM on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I have the best of both worlds! I am a blessed dog and I am so thankful my MOM listened to her heart and God's nudging to look in my eyes all those years ago.

That's part of my story. My hope and prayer is that all of you are as blessed as I am.


  1. Ah Goose, we are so glad you two were led to be with each other too.

    We are also glad to welcome you to blog land and know you will lift our spirits often.

    You known what, I just saw your mom at the VA home and she said Hi....Now I think I'll come out and play with you....


  2. Ha roo, Goose! Bert sent us over! Welcome to the blogosphere!
    God has an amazing way of putting us all where He knows we need to be, doesn't He?
    Play bows,

  3. Hi Goose, Bert told us about you and we just had to come to say hello. We picked the perfect day to come because we learned a lot about you. We all wish we lived where you are so we could go to that same camp - it always sounds like so much fun. We also think you picked yourself a wonderful Mom.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Hi Goose! It's very nice to meet you! Bert told us about your cool homeless shelter project and we're very glad you have started your very own blog. We hope you come visit us sometime!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  5. Hello Goose!! It's nice to meet you!! I loved getting to know you, and reading part of your story. We have a house full of (mostly) rescued Golden Retrievers. Some of them we chose, some chose us, but however we found one another, it's such a blessing to be together, as you have found!

    I'll look forward to reading your words of wisdom and getting to know you!

  6. Goose, I popped over from Bert's blog to welcome you to the blogger world. Your story is an interesting one and I am so glad that you and your mom got together. I think both of you are blessed.

  7. Welcome to the Blogosphere, Goose. It can get mighty interesting out here and you're bound to meet all sorts of people you never would have come in contact with otherwise. My own four years of blogging have brought me closer to an amazing group of people, who, even though I have never met in person, I consider friends, like your friend Bert and his Vickie. I hope the same goes for you, that you reap all the blessings and benefits of sharing your story with us. Duncan, my Golden Retriever, and I certainly have and we are better because of it.


  8. Hi Goose, We just found your Blog and are so happy we did. We love all animals and are big into Golden Retriever Rescue.
    We have two Goldens now Hamish who is 9 and Sophie (who is our first rescue but will not be our last) is 8.
    We have been owned and loved by Goldens for over 40 years.
    Religion is a very big part of our lives and your blog struck a chord with us.
    Looking forward to reading your posts and to get to know you.

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish & Sophie