Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She's Leaveing

So the entry portion of the Blogville Olympic is CLOSED.  I can not accept any more entries.  I believe I have 57 entries in the STICKS Event.  Thanks everyone for entering.  Now I am ready to get started getting everything in order for the BIG day, AUGUST 2nd.  That's the day that all the STICK Athletes will show off their stuff.  There is so much to do.

First thing is to wear my official Olympic Host Bandanna.  Thanks Oskar I love it!  Don't ya think I look official?  Now on to the next thing.  But MOM said it would have to wait.  And she got out a suitcase.  WHAT?  MOM told me that the Olympic stuff would have to wait cuz she has a wedding to officiate this weekend.  I was confused.  Why the suitcase?  A wedding last and hour, add the reception, 3 hours tops.  Then MOM told me that this wedding was a THREE day event, and it was at Bear Lake!  Bear Lake, I love that place!  But then I was told I could not go cuz the place they booked for my MOM to stay does not allow dog.  What kind of low budge place is she staying at?  AND THEN panic set in.

And here's why.  Do you see it?

Here's a closer look.  Do you see those containers on the dryer?  They are empty!  Do you know what is suppose to be in the containers?

My yummys!  I started crying all over the dryer.  She is leaving me for 3 days AND I have NO treats.  What is a Goose to do?

But MOM put the suitcase aside and we rushed off the the store.

That was close.  I almost had to be without my MOM for 3 days and no yummy treats.  Now I only have one problem, MOM is still leaving.  I tried to use a little guilt on her.

I told her if she leaves me I would join a Doggie Biker Gang.  Can't you see me reeking havoc on the town riding my Hog?  Grrrrrrr

Mother's lock up your girls, Bad Dog Goose will soon be on the loose.  Is this the face of terror or what?  I'm a mean, lean, bandanna wearing, hog riding, Weimariner bad boy machine.  Grrrrrrrr

You know what my MOM did?  She laughed!  I am glad I can bring such humor into her life.  Oh well, who am I kidding?  While I may look the part of a Biker Dog, my paws won't reach the shifter on the motorcycle.  So while MOM is off to glorious Bear Lake, I will be staying with Bert.  I will be taking my bandanna to strike fear into Allred.

So if you don't here from me in the next little while, you'll know why.  Maybe Bert will let me use his computer so I can at least keep up with you all.  Or maybe I'll just sleep until MOM returns.


  1. Really! Mother's lock up your girls! Goose you are the most beautiful easy rider in the world! You make me laugh even in the early morning. Funny days with Bert my dear! Sealed with a kiss Charlotte

  2. Hi Goose,

    I am so disappointed because of my own procrastination. I have had this ideas for days of taking photos of piggies with our Rock Band drumsticks. It's supposed to be a joke cos you never specify what kinds of sticks, right. But now it is too late, so we can't enter. Well, blame it on the bipeds i.e. ME. It's OK, I don't think piggies can beat doggies when it comes to sticks, hehe.

    We'll be cheering for you all.


  3. Hi Goose
    I loved your "Bad Dog" look ! so funny !

  4. Hehehehehe...Oh Brudder Goose I believes you would make an excellent Bike ridin' Weimariner. But can you get one of those cute little side cars fur me? My peeps is leavin' me on monday to go away too. Just pick me up at my vet's office, dat is wheres they has my reservations.

    PS: Don't furget da Cheetos...and beer

  5. I am glad your containers got refilled! I am sure Momma will be back soon!!

  6. MAN!! I am glad that they got refilled. I hate it when they go away too but you will have a blast with Bert. I laughed at your cute pictures!! I could see you on your Hog!! Love the bandana look!!
    Have fun Goose!


  7. Oh Goose you now have plenty of treats , so go enjoy. Mum will be home soon. When the cats away , Goose will play!!! Have a happy Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Never mind mate! You got Bert, you got treats, you'll be fine! Deccy x

  9. Awww Goose, I hope that you will be ok while your Momma is away, you could be naughty and have a house Pawrty! Wahoo! Give me a call if this happens! I'm sure Bert will keep you company! I love the last photo of you cuddling up to go to sleep, I love that you have Mr Snake there with you too! Awww you are sooooo super cute Goose!

  10. LOL love the pictures with the bandana on your head. So glad you stocked up on necessary supplies!

  11. Goose,

    Have fun wif Bert while your sweet momma is away from you. We sure hopes her buys you a new stuffie or some yummy noms while her is gone. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  12. Goose, I love the biker dude look. Don't worry your mom will be back home before you know it.


  13. You make a TOTALLY COOL biker dude, Goose!
    Sorry your MOM has to go away for a couple days - but I'm glad that you get to stay with Bert and am really glad your MOM stocked up on your treats! Whew. Close one.
    Is Mr. Sneaky Snake going with you?
    Play bows,

  14. Well now GOOSE.... any post that includes YOU in your BIKER Duds.. and Allred.. MUST MEAN... HELL's ANGELS fur SURE. You are the ANGEL (of course) and need I explain where Allred fits in there???
    Oh Goose... this post just CRACKED me UP... TOTALLY.

    Now you have 57 Athletes??? When Sarge furst suggested this.. I was thinkin that there would be maybe 20 or so in each event... HOLY GWALK A MOLEY... So much fur MY Stinkin Thinkin.

  15. Hi Goose, Bear Lake-our family went there on vacation once and it was so pretty. But I know that you will have more fun at Bert's; just think instead of being cooped up, you'll be able to run, play, go on walks, swim(maybe)and get into all sort of mischief. Yes, I think yours sounds like more fun!
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  16. Oh no! The good thing is that your mom was kind enough to re-stock your yummies before she left but she should be concerned that you are thinking real hard about joining the biker gang. At least you have Bert to keep you company while she's gone though!
    Funny but sad post! Stay strong!

  17. I don't like it when Beth leaves me least you got lots of treats!

  18. Goose, we wish your mom could just sneak you in to this wedding. But you will have a great time with Bert! We also like the pic of you as a biker. Mom is still laughing over that one!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. A Bad Dog Biker? I don't know about that! I might like it if dad got a sidecar for me to ride in?
    Don't forget to take your treats with you to Berts house, while you two pig out I will be working out...the competition is just around the corner!

  20. There is nothing worse then empty teat jars - sure glad you got them filled before the Mom leaves - you will have a blast at Berts and maybe to can hit the highway together - just make sure you tell someone before you go - don't want an all points bulletin out for two biker dog dudes.

  21. Lightning thinks it would be really great to get together - you in your biker gear and him with his blue mohawk! Wouldn't that make a great photo?

    Hope Mom has a good and safe trip and we just know you will do very well at Bert's.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Don't worry, Goose, you'll have a great time with Bert. And, the two of you can gang up on Allred. I hope that your MOM has a great time.

    And, Goose, you are way too cute to be a biker dude.

  23. Oh boy...this post got Starr's heart beating fast. She said to tell you that you look SO cute in the bandanna and she is so proud of you for hosting one of the games. She said she can just picture you on the hog now and wants to know if you need a sexy call on the back of it with you? BOL (gosh my sister is so silly sometimes)

  24. Goose, your mom would have never left with out filling the treat jar, nope wouldn't happen. You also know she having the same hard time leaving you, but you get treats and Bert. That will be fun.
    Bad biker, that was so funny, love the bandanna on your head.

    The silvers and more

  25. O hai! I can't wait to see who wins. :)

  26. I do so love your blog, Goose. You always make me laugh and often give me very good things to think about.

  27. Goose - maybe you'll get a special pressie from your mom!

  28. Will you and Burt be having a big party? Could Hootie and I come to your party? We'll bring the livertinis. Please let us know when the party is starting.
    Sally Ann

  29. We are going nutty with entries. You must be going nuttier
    Bennyb& Lily

  30. Oh no Goose! Once my mommy went away for a week and I stayed in this pet hotel! I had loads of fun with other doggies!

  31. Goose, First, I am so relieved that you are no longer "treatless". I was just at Berts blog and you poor boy, I saw what Allred did to you. I hope you are ok and have calmed down. I am sorry you couldn't go with your Mommy, I would think that you would make a wonderful ring bearer, but what do I know? I hope you have fun with Bert as you always do and please watch your back,

    Loveys Sasha

  32. Dearest Goose
    You is the luckiest dog in the world! When your Mommmy goes away, yous gets to stay with Bert! Wish that could happen here!
    Before yous knows it, your Mommy will be home!

  33. That was a CLOSE CALL with your foodables containers........ do not let her do that to you again!! Mine always keeps BACK-UPS of my foodables....whew!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  34. Suitcase again! Oh you poor thing Goose! Well, at least you have lots of goodies to sustain you while she's gone. Oh yeah, the bad biker gang Goose persona, it's not working for ya buddy. Your just to darn sweet! :)

  35. Hey Dude,
    Have a great time wiff Bert this weekend! You had me scared, and hanging off da side of the chair, when I saw you treat containers empty butt I nose you mom wouldn't go away wiffout filling dem to da brim!
    Your Furiend,

  36. You make the coolest biker ever Goose!

  37. You are the "baddest" biker we know Goose!!! You are Rockin' that look! Have fun with Bert and your mom will be home soon!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  38. Woof to you Goose!!!! You are beyond handsome in your IAMS Blogville Olympics bandanna. My assistant and I can't wait to see all of the photos for the sticj contest!!!! I imagine you're having an amazing time with Bert and his Vickie. Much love to you - XXOO - Mazzie

  39. ....must laugh, Goose you looke like me on some pictures LOL

  40. Ha! Goose, even though the treat containers were empty, I saw beautiful sitting there. Did you? ;)