Monday, July 9, 2012

Drumming Up Snakes

It was my churches annual Worship and Picnic in the Park this past Sunday.  For the worship part we did something called "Wellness Drumming".  It's a drum circle thingy.  It was fun.

The peeps really enjoyed drumming

They even sounded pretty good.
Remember I said "MY" church.  Well that's because us doggies are welcome to worship with our peeps.  Here are just a few of my friends that came Sunday.

It was tons of fun and inspirational and the picnic part was YUMMMMMY

Then the next day was "Flood the Yard Day".  

You know what happens sometimes when you flood the yard?

This.  It seems that Sneaky Snakes kin come out to cool off in the flooded yard.

"What's that Kin Snake?  Oh no, Sneaky can't come out to play, he's taking a nap."

This one was fast, he jumped out of the way of my paw and road the wave I left behind.

Maybe they come for an apple snack.  "No thank you Mr. Snake you keep that apple.  I seem to remember a story about one of you offering an apple to someone and then bad things happened."

"Hey MOM get over here."

There is something down there under the water.  I think it is an Anaconda.  

Oh it is just one of my sticks.

I wonder if all that drumming we did "drummed" up the snakes.  It's suppose to be over 100 today, and tomorrow, and the next day.  It just goes on and on.  Good thing the yard will be nice and damp for a while and under the big bush in the back will be cool mud for a few days to come.  That's where you will find me, lying in the mud.

Don't forget to send me your stick photos for the Olympics.  You can send them to me until July 19th.  My address is pastormichelle13(at)gmail(dot)com.  So far I have received 5 entries.  KEEP THEM COMING!


  1. Grrrrreat fur that drummin up stuffs. I would have liked to be there for that. BUTT not to see the snake ... nope.. no snakes fur this dachshund.

    I love the pics of how happy everybuddy is that their dawgs can attend with them. St. Francis would be very much proud.

    WOW you already have FOUR Athletes Registered. THAT is super cool. I hope that they are all "STICKin" to their training.

  2. I LOVE the idea of wellness drumming! I think I felt the rhythm and vibes all the way here across the country. Your mom must be one great pastor, Goose. Spreading wellness and love. Plus, she takes great photographs to go along with the narrative.

  3. Oh Wow! We wishes we could come to your church! But alas, the Sunday commute would takes too long. Playing in the water in your yard sure sounds like fun - for dogs!

  4. Mom says she has really enjoyed participating in drum circles before. Your post kind of made her miss it! I'm pretty sure that we'll be happy to leave the snakes over at your place. We finally got a break from the heat, but I am afraid it won't last long!


  5. I love that your church welcomes dogs. Not so keen on snakes in the yard, though.

    Critter Alley

  6. This is the coolest church
    Benny & Lily

  7. Oh wow Goose, I was afraid you were going to say you had to go to the vet after that last picture because Mr. Snake nibled on you. Be cafeful oh hypeallergenic friend, your Mommy needs you at your church;not at the Church triumphet.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  8. Wow! Gotta love a church that welcomes the quadpeds! Even though you didn't catch that snake, it looks like you had a grand time chasin' it!



  9. Your church is pawsome! Beatin on metal that is stuck in the ground makes the worms come up, so.... but that snake would have skeered our Mommy outta her skin! Happy Tuesday!

  10. I will have to respond, since Mommy is screaming from the snake picture. That church thing looked fun and I think there were a couple of doggies that look like me there.

    Loveys Sasha

    p.s. shes still screaming

  11. Ooooooh, scary snakes, snakes we dont like, althought we're impressed with that little surfing snake, cute.

    W wishe we could join you in some sun, we have loads and loads and loads of that water, it's falling from our summer skies every day here in England, we don't get any sun at the moment, none at all. Gloomy schnauzers as schnauzers also hate the rain, as well as snakes. Bet they'd have loved the drumming though, they'd have barked their lovely beardy heads off xxx

  12. Hey Goose! That drumming circle sounds pretty neat. You must have a lot of fun at church. Boy, I would be nervous if all Sneaky Snakes kin came around! Enjoy your mud and try to stay cool buddy! :)

  13. .,woof woof sounds that its been a great day..

    Dog Fence
    Dog Gate

  14. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I'm so afraid of snakes... (ok I like your personal green little monster with one eye...) but what a wonderful church you have where all animals are welcome!! Sealed with a kiss Charlotte

  15. Hi Goose we love it that you doglets are welcome at church , how cool.
    You always have fun. Have a lovely Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. We are scared of snakes here. You were very brave to get in the water with the snake. Fenris will be emailing you his stick carry entry today.

  17. Mum says she's sure churches over here would do a whole lot better if dogs were invited too! We think your little snake pal is great. Would you like to swap some weather?! Deccy x

  18. Ummm... we suggest you keep your drums to your side of the world. We don't wanna see any snakes in Kentucky. :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  19. Hi Goose! An anaconda - run away FAST!

    If I'd gone to a church like yours when I was a girl, I might be a different person today... You have fun - drumming, playing with dogs, picnics!!!! Wow - what a nice circle of friends you have.

    And, thank you for your prayers. I know that you truly mean it when you say that you're praying for us. K has a little spark back this morning. Maybe I get some more time with her! It's amazing how our wishes get smaller and smaller... I can honestly say that I've learned more about myself and life in the past 6 months than in almost any other time in my life.

  20. BOL!! Goose you are such a silly goose!


  21. BOL!! Goose I just saw your comment over at Molly the Waly's. You're too funny!


  22. Oh careful! We don't like snakes:( They terrify us!

  23. I only get to go to church on St. Francis of Assisi for the Blessing of the Animals. Then when they give the sign of the cross I get sooo confused ~ does that mean down or does that mean 360. So I do both and everybody laughts.
    Why do you flood your yard?? Where does the water come from??
    Sweet William The Scot

  24. HI there, I loved seeing this, it looked like such a wonderful time together worshipping. Hey Goose, I hope that snake was a garden snake and nothing poisonous. It reminds me of a rattler.
    Have a great day! Noreen & Hunter

  25. Me and Stanley are so mad that we didn't get to go but mom and dad just weren't thinking straight! Mom promised next time we will be there and drum with everyone.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  26. Goose, you have such a rockstar awesome life! I love to go anywhere sweet puppies are allowed - this day seems spectacular. Now, you do have to be real careful with the moving-by-themselves-sneaky-snakes. What kind of snake was that? Truth-be-told, when I see a snake, I run, you're B-R-A-V-E!

    Sending a few of our stick picture to you now. ;)

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  27. Woof to you Goose!!!! So glad to know that you have a cool spot to hand out in during the horrible heat. And please be careful around Sneaky Snake's kin .... I'm not so sure that they're as domesticated as he is. Much love to you - XXOO - Mazzie

  28. That is SO COOL that you and your friends get to go to worship. I especially liked the picture of the yellow puppy with his paw on his person's knee. Woo.
    My mom is not good with snakes. Except for your friend Sneaky Snake, there would be NO pix of me with snakes. They freak Mom out. She says it's Biblical - snakes are evil. I'm not so sure that's exactly how it goes ... but yeah, according to my mom: snakes are bad, but slap some legs on them and call them salamanders or lizards and she's just fine. Mom's kinda weird like that.
    Stay cool, buddy.

  29. i think it's wonderful that you go to a doggie church! hallelujah & amen.
    as for the evil serpent, i think i would turn and run away from it! you are very brave indeed.

  30. EEEEK Snakes- that is just terrifying Goose!

  31. We don't have those drum circles here, and we don't get to go to church either. We need to move to your place, don't you think?

    Wow, you have our hot weather too. We were supposed to be cooler here this week. Well, the temp is lower (94) but the humidity is higher - way higher. And now they say we will be back to the triple digits soon and it will last for days. We are going to sizzle again.

    Good luck with your stick fun. We can't wait to watch all the games.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  32. Worship and picnic in the park seems a fun way to do it.
    Goose, a snake wow I'm sure I would have flipped out with fear. Your so brave. Your mom sure gets some pretty good action pictures.

    The silvers and more

  33. Maybe all that drumming made the snakes come out. You never know. lol I am surprised that the doggies weren't worried about the drum sounds. Sure were a lot of cute doggies at the service.

  34. You know Goose Mom actually said she might actually go to your church! :O Mom is not a church goer. Just has her own basic beliefs about being kind to others and everything else will be okay :) Butt, she thinks your church is very special. Makes peeps and pups feel good! Wonderful! You and your Mom rock :D

    Waggin at ya,