Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Joy

Yesterday after MOM picked me up from Daycare, we went and visited a couple of people from her church.  I really like that, not just cuz I get loved on and there is the occasional yummie for me.  I just like visiting people and being with MOM.
We went home and MOM started making a pizza.  Oh boy Oh boy!  When it was done we got in the car and headed to church.  Double OH Boy!  We got there and triple OH BOY!  My gal pal was there, Belle.  We had a great time romping and playing.  Looking for mice and voles in the field.
Then MOM got in the car and drove off!  Wait, Wait, you forgot me!  But then MOM’s bro, Uncle Mike showed up and took me with him.  OK, that’s not too bad, I guess.  I like Uncle Mike and his dog Cooper.  But it got worse not better, as you will see below.
Could it get any worse?  As it turns out, yes.
MOM picked me up.  I was so happy.  Then I smelled it!  She was at Bert’s place!  Without me! And, And, I could smell she touched, no not just touched, but petted Allred the Devil Cat!  Woo is me.  She left me, to be decorated in holiday lights, and she touched the Devil cat, and she got to play with my friends at Doggie Day Care without me.  And where is the PIZZA?  What?  She left it with Bert and his Vickie! 
But ya know when we got home she loved on me, a lot, and made me a special treat.  AFTER she gave me a little talk about complaining.  And told me this “One joy scatters a hundred grief’s.” It’s a Chinese proverb.  She was right, that one joy of being loved scattered all my perceived grief.


  1. Oh Goose, and I must say that the PIZZA was great. My Vickie gave me a little bit last night adn we had the left overs for breakfast.

    pizza is good the next day too.

    my Vickie said to add that it was truly the best pizza she has ever had.

    Thanks thanks thanksa

  2. Oh Goose! Poor baby!!! No pizza for you, how sad. I must say you are a really good sport to wear all that Christmas decor. My heart really goes out to you, you looked so forlorn. But I bet you were just teasing us. You probably loved it. AND bad mom for going to Bert's place, bad mom!

  3. Oh Goose! The humiliation!! Glad the love made up for it!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. That IS a great proverb, especially these days with all the sadness in Blogville.

    We see you got to endure the antler treatment too. Lightning sends his sympathy.

    So did Bert save you a piece of that pizza?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Oh Goose, what an up and down day! My dogs send their condolence on having to be decorated like a Christmas tree, and having to smell Allred the evil cat on your mom!!!!!

    But, it's true - one joy can make up for many griefs. I feel that in my life all the time. I try to find at least one joy for myself and one for each of my family every day. That way, we all have some joy!!!! I wish you lots of joy, sweet Goose!

  6. Must be A LOT of love to make up for them decorating you like a glitter reindeer Goose. They put hats on us one time (or tried) and I tell you it cost them A LOT of love. ;)

    the 2 brown dawgs

  7. Howdy Goose, sorry about the antlers. We had to suffer the same too. Actually we thought it was fun cause mum and dad were running around trying to take photos and we had a good ole laugh. Hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. All in all it seems like you had a pretty good day, Goose. Even the decorating and cat petting stuff aren't so bad when you think of the number of pups who no one cares enough about to fuss over for photos or the kitties who live on the street receiving kicks instead of pets. Be joyful, my friend, for you are blessed.

  9. Dear Goose,
    First mes wants to thanks yous for your Wooful Prayers! They worked! My Daddy is home and he feels great! Me also wants to tells yous that somedays everything does not go the way wes likes. Me is sorry that yous gots decorated (even thoughs yous looked marvelous) and that yous missed going to Bert's (Bert's house is so much fun) and that your Mommy touched Allred! Just for that, Kozmo and me shall cover yous with head butts and kitty kisses

  10. Well, yeah. I guess we have to look at what's right ... right? And being with Mom beats EVERYTHING!!!! That is the BEST!!!
    PS: You do look really good in the antlers.

  11. Oh, I love that saying. Reminds me to think more like my dogs. Oh so sorry that your mom is making friends with that Satan Devil Cat.

  12. How could she go to Bert's AND take the pizza? NO fair. :(