Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jingle Goose

Oh No, OH No, OH NO!  What is that sound and why is MOM laughing?  This can't be good.  Last night I sent her out with my shopping list for my friends.  Three hours later she comes back.  Everything looks good, she got what was on the list and I am so excited.  She even got me my favorite bone and said I could have it in just a minute.  So I went and sat on the couch like a good boy and waited.  Then the laughing started and then that sound....  She walked in the living room with her hand behind her back.  Somehow I don't think it was my bone, bones don't sound like that.

Are you kidding me?!! A Jingle collar.  I am not happy as you can see.  But if this means I get my bone then let the humiliation begin.

Then this morning I'm going about my day when I hear, "Look what's in the bottom of the bag."  I come a runnin to see what all the excitement was about.  Oh gracious Lord, NOOOOO.


Why, why why.  Santa are you watching this? To clarify, I'm the nice one for letting MOM do this.  MOM is the naughty one for doing this.  This is why I think we should have a tree.  She could decorate it and not me.

Could I look more ridicules?  No I will not go outside like this for our walk.  I think MOM's new medication is making her crazy.  Now, where are my treats?!  She said after the video.  I said no, NOW.  We compromised and I got the treats during the video.  So get your laughs in boys and girls, you could be next.

At least I got a couple of treats out of it.  I think I may have inspired my MOM because her sermon this Sunday is entitled "Jingle Bells at a Funeral."  I hope my doggie friends enjoy it because it's the 3rd Sunday of the month and you know what that means... Bring Your Dog to Worship with you.  I just hope she doesn't make my friends where these bells.



  1. Dude, Honestly. HOw can you show your face in public now.

    I mean, please tell me you are not bringing those silly bells on our walk today.

    OH the shame....the friend, your mom is really losing it.

    Please please please, don't let her give any ideas to My Vickie.

    See ya in a bit


  2. Oh Bert Brother I am most definitely sharing the joy of the bells with you today.
    Get ready to JINGLE all the way.

  3. Oh my....Goose, I'm thinking there should be extra bones in your stocking for this one....crazy mum you got there :) Thanks for the giggle--I mean jingle!!

  4. Hey Goose, I've got to admit that you look so cute with all the bells on but I know Reggie would not be happy if I did that to him, so I understand. Humor your mom though, she only wants the best from you. Hope the treats are worth it!
    xxxNoreen & Reggie-dog

  5. Oh Goose.... the humiliation... But you SOUND really good!!

  6. Hi Goose... Buddy..I gotta say that your tail "decoratons" sorta leave me Speechless.

    Butt what I really wanted to say is that I appreciate all the Pawsitive comments you leave fur everybuddy... esp. RIGHT NOW.

  7. hi Goose, just dropping by from the blog hop... ya look awkward and funny with those bells jingling on ya...i hope Santa reads yar plea...anyway, i know how ya feel cuz EJ did a similar thing to me a week ago; he tied a ball to my tail...and after watching yar video, i'm thinkin' of raising my TF (treat fee) -- Vanilla Bean

  8. Dear Goose,
    Yous needs to has the "Claws of Death" like me has. Then nobody can gets bells on yous. Me feels your shame.

  9. Goose, we have all decided that we will not share this post with Mom - we are certain she will want to do that to our fluffy tails too. How could your Mom do that? We must admit, though, we did sort of giggle:0

    You are a good sport, Goose.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. pleas dear Goose - spare Bert with this jingle bells :-)
    seales with a kiss, Charlotte

  11. Wow! That's a lot of "jingle bells" goose! It does look pretty cute.

  12. Hi Goose! This is the first time visiting your site. You are very very cute! I love your Christmas photos! Happy Holidays!

  13. Goose, even though it was funny, we think if your mum keeps this type of thing up, she will be getting a lump of coal for Christmas! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  14. Oh, Goose, what a good boy you are for putting up with that humiliation! We're sure there will be extra special pressies for you from Santa for going along with this. We've noticed an epidemic lately of peeps 'decorating' their pups - reindeer antlers, Santa hats, now bells! We would be happy to join you and others in a protest or petition against this kind of behaviour. Just tell us where to sign!

    The Road Dogs

  15. Hi Goose - Nice to find you! Oh dear - I got the same collar

    but managed to convince my human to cut the bells off apart from one (which I have been working to get off myself)! bad luck buddy - heehee..Greetings from Zola in France (on holiday in England at the moment!)

  16. Oh, Goose! No. She didn't. Did she? Tell me this is just some kind of nightmare! This is your MOM! Your MOM who loves you! She wouldn't! She couldn't! She .... why is my mom saying "Hmm...."?!?!?!
    I might need to find a hiding place.
    Play bows,

  17. Well, Goose. Those bells sound merry in that short (and very cute) video. But I'm going to hazard a guess that your Mom will become a bit tired of them after a while and you will be freed from them. Just a guess but it might help if you do a lot of running around and jingling when she is working on a sermon.

  18. Oh poor Goose. The tail ones are too much! Our dogs wear bells all the time so that the bears and cougars hear us before they see us. But, my dogs' bells are on their collars, not their tails!!!!!

    I agree - your mom needs a Christmas tree!!!!

  19. Those are some loud bells goose! Some hunting dawgs wear bells, but I think yours would scare the birds away. lol

    the 2 brown dawgs

  20. OMG. I can't stop laughing! Those are REALLY LOUD bells. They sound like something the cows wear. LOL!
    We had to come visit after Bert's teaser on his blog.

  21. Goose, I am ashamed to say that my mom watched this and laughed like a loon! She even read it to Dad! I am SO sorry. Here's what I think, though. I think you should ask Santa for something REALLY good this year, because you deserve it!


  22. Oh my goshies! How silly!! I hope MY mommy doesn't get any ideas -- I don't think I could stand for bells on my tail! Teehee!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  23. The tail? Thats just mean

    Stop on by for a visit

  24. Oh that's mean! BOL
    Dachshund Nola

  25. BOL, you sure are jingly my friend. I have seen the one around the neck before but I must admit the one on the tail is a new one for me. :)