Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life is Good

What a great couple of days I have had.  On Friday I went to church with MOM.  I love it there.  I get to run and play in the fields and brush. 

This is me runnin’ across the field. To where you might ask.  To this.......

This is a pile of wood at the church.  They use it for a pig roast in the ground in August.

But when a pig is not roasting all kinds of critters live in there and I love to sniff them out.  Oh it is fun.

Then on Saturday my MOM had a wedding to do at 1pm.  I thought it would be a long day without her.  But NO.  Just before 11am we got in the car.  I thought we were going to Uncle Mike’s house but instead we met up with Bert, and Anne and Murphy and there peeps to run and play around a pond and in the river!
That's Me, Murphy and Anne.  Bert's off in the deep end.  That's his BIG splash to the left.

Man can that Anne swim!

I didn’t think this day would go this well.  It started off kind of scary with MOM slipping into one of her comas again.  But I was on it and help to get her back on her feet and feeling better.  After she was herself again I heard her say this prayer during her morning devotions.  I am sure she would not mind me sharing,
“Is it no wonder that I love you God.  You have granted me a security that I could never find among the things of this world.  You have erased from my life the fear of death. The traumatic experiences of life cannot destroy me.  You are never out of reach, but are ever aware of me.  How great you are, my God.  The shaking of the mountains, the blackness of night, the beauty of heaven, the lightning in the sky, the waters that lash against the banks, this and more bear witness to the majesty of my God.  You are the God who is concerned about me, who reaches in my life and heals me, who encompasses me with love, your love though friends and through my dog, I feel your presence through them and in your creation.  You abide with me in the midst of all that is my life.  Can there be any other God but you that I love.  You surround me with your strength and clothe me in your grace.  I celebrate your presence in my life and in the world.  I rejoice  in your love and concern for me.  I will sing, shout and serve in the joy of knowing you are my God.”
Yep life is good for this Goose.  And I am thankful for good friends to play with and a MOM who cares for me.  I'll say it again LIFE IS GOOD and all is well.


  1. Oh, how we would love to run like that, but sadly the Momster doesn't trust us off leash. What a great day you had, such fun to meet up with friends and have a swim together.

    We haven't been here long enough to know what happened to your Mom but we sure hope she is OK. Mom says the Lord will take good care of her.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. That is a beautiful prayer. I really love it. Goose, you are one special dog. I loved your videos, your tail was a wagging the entire time you were huntin'. Such a cutie you are. Hope your mom is better.

  3. Wow! Youc can run like the wind! Yous is almost as fast as Cinnamon. It sure looks like yous had fun with Bert and Annie and Murphy.
    Me loves the prayer. Your Mommy has a real way with words.

  4. have such an important job taking watch over her like that! What a day it turned out to be! Running wild and free. Singing with the Angels. (I saw Bert's blog post:)

  5. That water looks like lotsa fun! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  6. Gosh, hop your Mom is OK. Glad you helped her.

    Your field would be a great training field! Good running Goose.

    the 2 brown dawgs

  7. Goose, you are FLYING!!!
    Is your MOM ok? That's pretty scary what you said = but what a powerful prayer!!!
    We saw the pix over on Bert's blog and knew you had a fun outing with your friends! Were you leading the gang in Christmas carols in that one shot?
    Play bows,

  8. Goose Dude, just checking in to say....thanks so much for making my day so fun yesterday. You and your mom are great friends for me and My Vickie.

    And Guess what? My Vickie is going to make ti so we can come and hear your Sunday Service with Dogs next week. WE are very excited.

    Of course we will see you before that, but we just wnated to thank you for asking us. We are gonna see if Murphy and Annie and their humans want to come too.

    Going to Church with our humans. How cool is that.


  9. I do hope your Mom is all right. Such a scary thing. I'm glad that you (and God) are watching over her.

  10. I do hope that everything is ok! I'm a newcomer to the blog, so am still getting caught up on any backstory there. That is a wonderful prayer.

    Whereabouts are you located, Goose?

  11. Are you okay? I'm also new to the blog, and reading about a coma sounds scary to me! Praying for you.

  12. Howdy Goose, we don't know what is wrong with your mum but hope she's ok. You have a great place to run and sniff around and lucky you to have Bert for a friend. Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. Looks like you had fun running, sniffing out critters and playing with friends! Sure hope your mom is okay - my paws are crossed for her.

  14. Oh what fun you've had Goose. Your mom scared me with mention of a coma. I hope that she's okay.

    The beauty of our world is overwhelming sometimes. I agree that life is good.

  15. Love your video, the Weim nub shake is the BEST and always makes my mom smile. Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for Weim Weds for an update on sweet Luka. :)