Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adventure Part 4- Relax

Hello Friends

Well here we are, part 4 of my adventure in Bridger National Forest with my MOM and Belle.  If you have been reading the last few days you have seen that we have hiked and hiked miles and miles.  We have fished a lot.  There has been squirrel chasing and stick saving.  We sure did a lot.  You might wonder how we kept up this pace. 

Let me share with you the secret of how you can keep going and going strong.
It's resting in between.
And it is good to take a break while you are in the midst of romping.
When you do a lot of this...
You need to do some of this.
Butt you should make sure while you are resting these crawling things don't bug you.   
I have been trying to tell my MOM for a long long time that she needs to follow my example of the right balance of romping and resting.
So on this adventure she brought a long this special project she has been working on.
I tried to show her by example how to restShe said that hiking, backpacking, fishing is resting.  Butt, as I tell her, you need to close your eyes so when morning comes you are ready to greet the new day and whatever comes your way.
Butt she insisted that doing this cross stich thing was resting.  Can you believe that she packed in this cross stitch stuff? 
Do you see what I see?  Horses!  Here's the story about them.  One of you asked if we saw any other people.  Yes we did, butt they were people we were expecting to see.  All over this wonderful land we live in there are Forest Service cabins.  The Forest Service does not use them like they once did back "in the day".  So you know what they do?  They rent them out.  Now when I say cabin I mean very rustic cabins, no electricity, or plumbing, or heaters.  Mostly they are a basic structure that have a few bunk beds in them and a table and they are in remote and very remote areas (all cabins offer different stuffs).  My gal pal Belle's family rented one in the forest we were in and yep we met up with them.  If this sounds like fun for you, you can go to and see all the Forest Service cabins and book one for yourself.  This particular cabin happened to have a barn also.  And one late afternoon I saw these horses.  They are Forest Service horses and they happen to keep them in this location and they roam around the mountains and come to the barn each afternoon/evening.  Want to meet a few of them?
This here is Diamond D
"What about me Goose?"
"Oh I could not forget you."  Friends this is Smilin' Jack.
I really liked this guy.  He was so funny!  And I liked his tattoo on his butt.  It said US.  MOM said it was not a tattoo butt a brand.  He is a US Forest Service horse.  All I know was he cracked me up and made my MOM laugh out loud.
Even here Belle was on squirrel/chipmunk watch.  That gal pal of mine is so dedicated.  I swear that she did not breathe for 87 minutes while she kept an eye on this fella.  I am not kidding she sat there for over 40 minutes making sure this chipmunk did not cause any mischief.
Mean while I was keeping my eye on this little lady.
Look BERT I am SWIMMING and swimming in some rapids.  My paws didn't even touch the bottom. 
So friends the secret of being able to run the mountains, fish and hike all day long is...

To get some rest.  I believe it is what has helped keep me young and going strong at 13 and a 1/2.  Well that, and lots and lots of love and care from my MOM.

This is me and Belle on our way home after one of the best adventures we have had together.  And a really cool thing happened while we were asleep...
We were dreaming of the same thing.
Well Friends I know I did not show you all 589 photos my MOM took, butt I think you get the idea of what we did.  And of course this coming Friday is "This Moment See Beautiful" and you know I will be including more photos on that day.



  1. Goose that was just the best adventure ever. We love your hunting.....resting......saving sticks and all that you get up to. We could so be there with you. It would be so swell to be out of the city but with ancient Pip we are grounded. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly


  3. It looks like such a good time. If there was a hotel there our Lady said she would go. She is mean and won't take us camping . . . Hailey and Zaphod

  4. WOW BUDDY Horses and Lady Bugs and Chipmunks and Fishing and Swimming and Stick Saving... really is FUN butt NAPPING is impawtant too.

    What a BUNCH of Wonderful Memories!! We love it all. You and Belle will NEVER furget this good time.

  5. this is a true adventure for all of you.. smiling jack made me smile to... trees and water and paths and horses... oh my... you look so sweet sleeping in the tent and in the car the two of you look worn out and happy

  6. Goodness Goose we sure enjoyed your adventure !
    We love these type of outing too !!
    Jayda is showing off some of hers today at our blog if ya feel like peeking at her..
    Bark on .
    From Willows dogs, Jayda, Cricket and Gabby T. Terrier

  7. Oh that was great, Goose! While reading I saw me together with you and Belle on this wonderful place! How bad that the squirrel guy was on the wrong side of the tree, hope Belle will get one the next time. Thanks for inviting me to this great adventure and thanks for showing me some good friends like the Smilin' Jack!

  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! Gosh, Goose, thank you for taking us on your adventure with you! That sure is a Most Beautiful place. Maybe someday we can take our Shall-Ay up there. It sure does look like there's lots of fun things to do AND I agree with you that RESTING between the fun stuff is Most Impawtant. Humans aren't nearly as good at that as we are. Poor humans.

    Oh, and guess what? I have a cuzin named Bridger! My Auntie K worked up in Yellowstone one summer and fell in luvs with that part of the country and so she named her doggie Bridger in honor of all the great adventures she had up there.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. totally wonderful adventure - Goose and Belle's Most excellent adventure even

  10. Hari OM
    Oh Goose, you have that work-life balance soooo right!!! Do you know, it was on the tip of my fingers yesterday to type that I thought you were going strong and aging well for precisely the reasons you stated here today!!! All these photos have been 'fabby' - it must have been some job for Mom to decide what to include!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us all. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  11. What a gorgeous trip. Your advice is spot on as always
    Urban hounds

  12. Goose and Belle I know you didn't plan this as Date Day but DANG Goose you and Belle had a wonderful week long date and your pictures have been astounding.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. What an amazing time! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure!

  14. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure with all of us.

    Millie & Walter

  15. Just a totally amazing time you had Goose and Belle and Mom

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  16. Aww Goose, we just love ya sooo much. We're a bit behind butt will go back and look at your other photos. You sure are a healthy fella. We loved the squirrel photo and the horse photos. What a smile Smilin' Jack had. Just the best! Take care. NO worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  17. It was such a beautiful trip, Goose. Your horse photos are awesome! I bet you can still close your eyes and go back there, whenever you want.

    Many of us (including me) should take your advice about resting, with our eyes closed :) Maybe we can have beautiful dreams like yours.

  18. We thought for sure we were gonna see you ride a horse! I bet you didn't know that our dad is a wonderful cross stitcher. He did a BIG Last Supper and it is beautiful!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. Hi Y'all!

    What lucky horses!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  20. This has been so exciting I feel like I went on the adventure with ya all.
    Being out in nature is so relaxing. Glad you had a beautiful vacation.

    xo Cinnamon

  21. Oh Goose, those were AMAZIN' pics my furiend!!! You really gots to gets your Moms to lay down with you and gets some zzzzz's! BOL
    Now, those horsies were just the CUTEST! I thinks they would be pawsome to do some zoomies with!!
    Oh, that Belle! She is one cool chick!!
    Ruby ♥

  22. Wow, Goose, what an amazing adventure! I can tell you are having a most excellent time. That creek is gorgeous and the horses are so much fun. I like Smilin Jack too. BOL OMD YOU HAVE A LADY BUG HITCHING A RIDE ON YOUR SNOOTER! OH, BWAR HAR HAR!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  23. Goose and Mom, I have been missing your blog--AGAIN!!--and this is what happens when I do, I miss your amazing and beautiful adventures. What an amazing place to go and relax and get away, I'm so jealous!!

  24. Dude, that is the best adventure of the year. I sure wish My Vickie had let me go along.....My Vickie wants me to tell you what a cool new camera your mom got and how much she likes the pictures you are taking with it. VEry Cool
    see ya ina few days

  25. Wow, that is the weirdest looking bug. A tired Weim is a good Weim is what mom always says. :) Those horses sure look like they would be fun to hang with. :)

  26. Thank you for sharing your beautiful amazing journey. Sounds amazing! You impart such wisdom and love. Hope you have a beautiful Sabbath day. Much love

  27. Thanks so much for sharing these Goose. Dad used to travel and he has been in maybe 30+ states on camping trips by Motorcycle. He sure misses that.

  28. What a beautiful series Goose! So glad ya'll had a good time!!!

  29. What a beautiful post, Goose! I really like that Smilin' Jack horse! He did make all of us smile!
    You're right - it's important to get rest, even if you love what you're doing. You and Belle and your MOM must have had the very best time together! What a wonderful thing that you were able to go together!
    I feel so relaxed and happy after reading this!

  30. fantastic photo's you keep telling Mom the rules of being able to keep going, she sure over dose it Goose.. Play and chill, Play and chill xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  31. What a beautiful place. You are a great hiker Goose. Very good for an older doggie!

  32. What an incredible adventure you all have had. These photos are beautiful. I can only imagine the beauty you all saw and helped create. You're right, resting is key. Your MOM was cross stitching? It's a beautiful way to rest...I may have to pack some on my next hike through the forest.