Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Long and Short of It

Hello Friends.

Since Belle arrived to stay with us my MOM every night gets out this little rake thing and rakes Belle.  I don't see any leaves on her so I do not understand this.  MOM never does that to me.  And even though Belle might have girl cooties I don't mind.  I like that she is a girl and if she wants to share her cooties with me I am OK with that.

See that strange thing?  I have never seen anything like it.  I gave it a good sniff.

You might think Belle does not like it, but that's just not true, she loves to be raked.

And when my MOM is done raking Belle and stops, Belle puts a paw on my MOM to keep going.  Again I say, if this is so great why has my MOM never done this to me?  MOM then explained that because I have short furs I do not need to be "raked".  But Belle's beautiful long furs need to be.

Holy Dog would you look at that!  That is Belles furs!!  I'm not sure if I even have that much fur on my whole body.  Still I wanted to have MOM rake me.  I mean Belle enjoys it so much I wanted to give it a try.  So MOM did.  Want to see my pile of furs afterwards?

There it is right there.  You don't see it?  Look right at the end of my nose.  That is my pile of furs after MOM raked me.
You know what my gal pal Belle told me?  She said if I ever lost my furs she would gladly give me some of hers.  How sweet is that?  

After Belle said that I ran to MOM's office and got this great book.  It's called "The Long and Short of It."  My good friend Lydia from SEE BEAUTIFUL wrote this children's book.  I told Belle this book helps teaches little peeps about giving and fear, courage and patience.

I love this book.  I have read it several times to lots of little peeps, and sometimes they read it to me.  I highly recommend this book if you have a little peep in your life.  Belle was very excited for us to read it together.

You know whats cool, fun, beautiful, and enjoyable?  Reading a good book together.

And to top it off after we read the book (twice) we stepped outside to this beautiful rainbow.  This one was to the North of us.

And this one, through the trees, was to the East.



  1. That reminds me that I need to rake all my dogs...

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Boy Goose, those are some beautiful rainbows. I guess me and My Vickie missed them all together.

    I surelike the picture of you and Belle reading Miss Lydias book.

    What a nice way to spend your Sunday afternoon.


  3. Oh we can so relate to this post...Gracie loves to be raked and Schatzie is also known as a German Shedder!! So glad you are feeling better and it appears you are having a wonderful time with your gal pal Belle. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. OMD! Thats alot of furs Belle! You sure do looks like you are in puppy heaven having your furs raked.
    That book sounds just great. I'm askin' Ma to put it on her list!
    Oh, those rainbows are amazin' guys. It made me thinks of all the beautiful furends that have crossed over lately. Especially Samba and Sky. I said a little prayer for them.


  5. Wow you would be bald if you had a fur pile like Belle
    Benny & Lily

  6. Wow! There was enough fur there in that pile for your Mom to knit a whole Cat! And that much everyday! WOW!
    Me LOVES the rainbows!

  7. That is a great illustration about the differences in furs. I think you both look adorable reading together. Now that's friendship...sharing a rake and sharing a book.

  8. Woof! Woof! Oh my I do the same thing with my paw after getting raked. Must be a Golden Thing. So cute that you are reading together. More FUN now in your household. So Belle goes to church too? LOVE the rainbow photos. Happy Monday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. That sure was a lot of fur your mom got out of Belle. You two are so cute reading that book together too.


  10. How wonderful to share a good read, then go outside and see not one, but two rainbows! Sounds like another great day with your gal pal, Belle. You two have a great Monday. XOXO

  11. Oh man, you could totally make another Freckles with all of Belle's excess furs!! I hate being brushed, so not sure about her enthusiasm :-/ hmmm...

    That book of yours looks pretty awesome, that was really nice of you to share it! And your double rainbows were gorgeous, say Hi to Baby if you see him up on them!!

  12. Wow that's a lot of fur there, we are rather glad our lovely schnauzers are like you & don't have all that fur to lose :)

  13. Hey you could knit another dog with Belle's fur! Deccy x

  14. The ways of women! I cannot tell you, it is a secret code. :) You two have a good time!

  15. Goose it so nice to see you having such a nice time with Belle. You two look so good together. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. Have you seen the pot of gold under the rainbow? Your mom could knit a nice sweater with Belle's hair :o)

  17. Awwww Goose, such a sweet post, I love that Belle would share her furs if you ever were cold! She has some really long lovely furs and I cant believe that after being raked she had so much and that you had so little! I have a small brush for my furs because they fall out sooooo much, after a bath Mum and I enjoy some hot towel cuddles and then she brushes me after I'm dry, but my furs are like you so its nice to know that maybe I could find a furiend like belle who would share their furs???
    I like the look for the book you both read, it looks like you are both really enjoying it and learning from it!
    I love the rainbow photos, rainbows are beautiful and such an amazing sign that God is with us all the time!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxx

  18. GOOSE
    You crack us up...a rake that was too funny!!

    OMDs You are right beautiful Belle could certainly give me a good deal on furs! I think you could make a small stuffie out of Belle's most golden furs. I love being raked too.. sometimes it overstimulates me. Cats are funny that way.
    Hugs to you and Belle
    from Madi your BFFF

  19. Goose you are such a sweetie! We think you're the best because you don't mind sharing girl cooties. You can see from the look on Belle's face that she REALLY loves being raked. We get raked too even tho we're short hair doxie's. We could lay there for hours on end having it done. Like you, we can hardly see our tiny little hair. But it feels good just the same.

    We love how you are having story time together. That books sounds very nice.

    You had a very special day seeing those two rainbows yesterday. Beautiful my furend.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  20. We have lots of those fur bunnies at our house too both when mom rakes us and oddly we get them appearing all by themselves in odd little corners they seem to like to hide. That sounds like a great book to read

  21. Oh Brudder Goose, raking is da bestest thing on earth!!!! I has no hairs eithers but I LOOOOOVES to be raked. And tells Belle to feels free to knit me a sweater out of her leftovers.

    I just loves fur My Girl to read to me. Her always finds time to do dat fur me.

    PS: Sorry we has been MIA, Kerazy Lady's back went out. Her be fallin' apart. I may needs to send her to a retirement home.

  22. Wow...just look at Belle's pile of leaves there. That's enough to make another dog!!!!

    And you were surrounded by rainbows. That's because you're very special!

  23. I think it's MUCH nicer to have short furs. Wash and wear, no maintenance!

  24. U can has some of mah furs if u want. :)

  25. I love Caseys comment..BOL, I hate the rake, as I has beautiful fur'z like Belle, dayz got to be looked after but I dont like it..We had a rainbow the other day :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  26. Love the pic of you both reading the sounds like a good one....I will have to check it out! Beautiful rainbow....thank you for sharing!

  27. We need to be raked but we don't like it too much. Mom uses a rubber brush on me and it kinda feels like getting a massage! That looks like a very good book, how nice to be reading it with such a good friend

    love and hugs
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  28. I love rainbows and lollipops.


    Hey Goose... you're not getting all mushy and gaga over a girl, are you?

  29. We noticed Belle's hair was very soft when mom petted her at church last night but we never guessed she had that many sheds! WOW! We only lose 1 hair every 3 days so that was amazing. Butt, we cannot hold it against her because she is beautiful inside and out. And, ahem . . . Goose, we gotta say we might have noticed that you seem to be really sweet on her. Is she your girlfriend???

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  30. How funny that your friend, Belle, loves to be raked! I have seen rakes when I visit the pet store with my mom but she never bought one b/c I have short hair like you, Goose!

  31. Wow! Belle sure does have a lot of fur to rake. You should keep some of that fur so when she goes home it will seem like she is still there with you. hehehe Your teeny tiny pile of fur was cute Goose. That is a great book you share with the little peeps and brought out to share with Belle. I'm sure she enjoyed it. How wonderful to see not one but two rainbows!!

  32. Goose, you finally proved to us something. Yes you are a manly big hnadsome guy, but your are just a puddle of mush around the gals. Heeheehee

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  33. Hi Goose, I love seeing you and Belle together! I think your mom could weave a blanket from Belle's fur and that way you'd have a bit of her after she leaves. What do you think? Like your mom doesn't already have enough to do. I love that the good Lord made all of us different. Hope you two have a wonderful day!
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  34. Oh, Goose! How beautiful! Seeing you and Belle enjoy each other's company, reading together, the rainbows, the Belle Starter Kit (we refer to piles of our floof as "Puppy Starter Kits" - ha woo), it's all just wonderful! I like being brushed/raked/combed -- whatever you want to call it, just so long as my mom is touching me. You know how that goes, am I right, my brother? Woo.

  35. Smiles and laughter and The Long and Short of IT! I am so honored that you two and your MOM enjoyed the book. It is such a gift to see it shared here. I must say, Belle, you're looking GOOD reading that book! You must feel so much better now that you're the Belle of the Ball and all. Goose, your hair on the floor was hysterical. It is my favorite laugh of the day. Oh, and I plan on reread this post to laugh again as well. Thank you.

    Happy seeing (and reading) beautful!

  36. Gosh Belle has lots of hairs! No wonder she needs a special brush! I have hairs like you Goose, which are nice for keeping clean, but not very good for keeping warm...

    I am glad that you and Belle are having so much fun together!

  37. OH funny Bella sure has a lot of furs. It's so pretty though, your pile of furs,that was really funny. Were not laughing at you Goose were laughing with you as we boys got the same kinda furs you do.Love that you 2 read the book.

    The silvers and more

  38. Goose, we have lots of those rakes here, AND we don't like them - do you think Belle could use a few? BOL Mom thinks they do the best job on our furs because they don't break the hairs. We would much prefer she let the wind blow our furs off instead.

    We think Belle is really enjoying her stay with you and MOm.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  39. Morgan and Kuster get Furminated, but Blueberry and I are more like you, Goose! Viva la difference! I bet you saved Belle's fur so you could sniff her later after she goes back home after her visit.


  40. Goose, I don't like being raked at all. I am glad that Belle does, she is really beautiful. The last pictures are amazing.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Loveys Sasha

  41. We used to have to rake out golden retriever too. Chessies don't need raking either Goose. Beautiful rainbow pictures.

  42. There is a whole dog there with the extra fur. My mom uses the rake on Starr just so she doesn't feel left out when mom brushes me and Bokeh out. BOL