Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm still sick.  I was still not eating on Monday.  On Tuesday I did swallow my meds and I ate a small treat.  MOM took me to Bert's Vickie's place so she could go to work.  As far as church goes this is a rather busy time with Palm Sunday this Sunday followed by Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Egg Hunt and then Easter.  To add to it two of MOM's parishioners died, one on Sunday and one on Monday. 
I didn't mind going to daycare, cuz Miss Vickie and Bert take real good care of me.  Vickie even got me to eat some bread and a little bit of hamburger meat.  Of course MOM called and e-mail Miss Vickie like 87 times to see how I was.  I keep reminding MOM of Matthew 6:25-34.  It is a scripture my MOM really tries to live by.  And she does a pretty good job of doing that... except when it comes to me.  She just can't help but worry.  Mom's ya gotta love em'.   For me I don't gotta, I just can't help myself.
MOM picked me up early instead of going to the gym.  When we got home she loved on me a lot.  Then after a bit I threw up again.  Dang it.  She called the vet, but he had left at noon (he does that on Tuesdays).  But the nice person said she would give him the message when he came in in the morning.  Not 2 minutes later the doctor called MOM!  I think we have found a keeper for a vet.  He told MOM what to do until I go back in.  So MOM did what he said then she cooked me some dinner.  Chicken and rice.

I gave it a sniff.  MOM's a good cook.  But I just didn't feel like eating.  Puking will do that to ya.

Even though I never get to eat in the living room.  MOM thought it would help me.  But as you can see I am not interested.

Then MOM held a piece of chicken for me.  And that helped and I ate a few pieces.  But I still would not eat out of the bowl.

So MOM scooped up the chicken and rice in the palm of her hand and I did eat it from her hand.  Now if I can just keep it down.  

When there was just a few grains of rice left I did try to lick the bowl out, but only if MOM held the bowl.

Then I went and laid on the couch.  I am soooo tired.

MOM put her blanket on me and I snuggled in to rest and hopefully keep my dinner inside of me, at least until it comes out the right end.  hehehhhehe

You all have been so kind with your well wishes and I am a grateful dog for your kindness. MOM is overwhelmed with your thoughtfulness.  And if we could ask for anything it's just that you pray for my comfort.  


  1. Purrayin fur your comfort and your Mom's peace of mind. Purrayin fur fast recovery too. Looks like you are gettin lots of special attention. XOXO

  2. Oh, Goose, we are so sorry you are sick. We're keeping our paws crossed for you.

    Wonder if you ate something on Saturday during your outing that has upset your insides. Rottrover's Ruby had a similar illness not too long ago that was apparently caused by some weeds she ate during a nature hike. Jed's being going through some tummy upsets, too, and mama thinks it's from eating weeds in our yard. He's been living on chicken and hard boiled egg for a few days, but he's just nauseated without the throwing up part.

    We sure hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you've found a good vet to partner with your mom until they figure it out.

    Jed & Abby

  3. Goose, I'm really worried about you. I hope the VET can figure out what's going on and make you better.

  4. I have a bit of sensitive tummy and the chicken and rice diet usually helps settle things down. I sure hope it does the trick for you, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Dearest Goose,
    Me is sending yous lots f healing thoughts and me is purraying for yous! Me is also dreaming me is sleeping right beside yous tonight to keeps yous warm and comfy. me will snuggle under your chin and purr gently in your ears. Lots of gentle kitty kisses and purrayers. Get well soon sweet friend.
    Nellie, and Kozmo and the hairy slobbery sisters Bob and Cinnamon and Mommy and Daddy

  6. I sure hope the vet will be able to help you. We will be thinking of you.

    love & wags,

  7. You look so sad in your pictures Goose. I hope they can figure out what the problem is and get you feeling better. It sounds a lot like what Remington had a while ago. It went away with time and lots of TLC. Feel better soon!


  8. Please get better Goose. You look so sad with those red eyes.

    You are bringing me to tears. Please eat & keep your food down. Meanwhile we will include you in our prayers & we know how much your Mom worries.

  9. I am still praying for your recovery Goose. I know you're in the best hands. xxx

  10. You don't look like you are feeling very well, Goose, and we are worried about you. We will add you to our prayers and hope that you will feel better today.
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  11. Oh Goose, you look so sad ! I'm worried about you ! I hope you feel better soon! Mom is praying for you .
    Lots of love and kisses

  12. Bruuuuuudder Goooooose, Oh my goodness, I goes away fur one day and come back to sees you is sick and I wasn't theres fur you. I am a terrible furiend. Oh me, oh my, I am very worried bouts you.
    Please, please gets better like super fast or NOW would be nice too;)

    I is sendin' you my bestest healin' vibes and prayers to you and your MOM and if you needs anything you just lets da Puddles know, and you can email us, we is heres fur ya'll.
    Oh and we send our hugs too.

    Puddles...and mum

  13. Oh My Dear Brother.....My Vickie and I said prayers for you last night and she is just sitting around this morning waiting for it to Not So EArly so we can call and see how your night went.

    You took such good care of me while I was sick. I'll take care of you too when you are here...


  14. OH GOOSE... You look so Sad and Sickie. I am sooooo very much sorry that you are not feelin well. I HOPE that YOU didn't eat a tennis ball. That Chicken and Rice stuff really does help so be sure you try to eat as much as you dare. Ernie and I have our Paws Crossed fur you to have a speedy quick recovery.
    VIBES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

  15. We were so hoping you would be so much better by now, Goose. Keep trying to eat a little - paws crossed here for you.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Has the vet checked your kidney function Goose? Our older Golden had the same issue due to a kidney problem (which can often times happen with an older dog). We sure hope you are feeling better soon and make sure you drink water so you don't become dehydrated.

    the brown dawgs

  17. i do hope the rice did the trick and it stayed down for you. tell your mom i will say a prayer for you and for her. hope you feel better today. let us know if you go to the vet again. he does sound like a keeper. your face is soooo beautiful.

  18. We will keep praying for you Goose, hope you can keep some food down and get some rest (for your momma too!)
    Hugs sent your way.

  19. Oh Goose - Us Beaglebratz r sooooooo furry much sorry u iz sick - we did not know til'we wuz over at Bert's blog an'he wuz talkin'boutz it. We iz sendin'u LOTZ of Kansas Beagle warm healin'vibez an'prayerz. You b a good boy now an'du what the good DOG-tor sez an'help your mom help u git better now. LOTZA hugz - Shiloh'n Shasta

  20. Goose, we are steadfastly praying for your comfort, healing, and ability to keep food down. Sweet friend, if we could sit with you and comfort you, we would do it in a heartbeat, but it gives us incredible comfort to know that God has wrapped His loving, healing arms around you and pets you through this right now.

    Please know we're praying for your and sending see beautful thoughts your way.

  21. We are keeping our paws crossed for you! Hope your feeling better soon!!!

  22. Dear Goose,

    I have been reading your blog and enjoy it so much. Get to feeling better soon!

  23. Oh Goose! I feel so bad that you are still not feeling well. If you were close, I would give you some of my homemade chicken soup! I sure hope you kept your dinner down last night and that you soon can feel better! Your poor Momma, when it rains it pours! My thoughts are with you both!

  24. Goose,
    Praying for your speedy recovery! My parents fed me chicken and rice too when my tummy was upset. Try to eat, it will help you get your strength back.

  25. Please feel better, Goose! And when your MOM has a sec or two, please have her look at this photo of our mom's: http://flic.kr/p/bqbQUn
    We hope it helps. You are both in our prayers!

  26. Sorry you're not feeling so good. We sending the "Power of the Paw" and lots of paw prayers your way. Love ya, Baci and Logan

  27. Oh Goose, I hate that you are feeling so sickly! I hope that you get to feeling better really soon! My paws are crossed and prayers are being said for you!


  28. Me and Stanley are praying for you Goose. We know your Mom and new doctor are taking the best care of you. We hope you were able to keep the chicken and rice down and it gave you some strength.



  29. Goose we are seeing every bit of airezen and healing vibes we can to help you feel better!
    Chicken rice and scrambled egg do the trick for us. Also natural pro biotic yogurt.

    Get well soon Goosie.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  30. Hope you are feeling better real soon Goose! Thinking about you :)

  31. Oh Goose, that pitiful look on your face almost brought me to tears. I am praying for your speedy recovery and that they find out what caused it. Please take care. P.S. Praying for mom too that she can feel her peace through all this.

  32. All our prayers for woo & yours Goose,

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  33. Oh Goose, I feel terrible that I missed something earlier! We have our paws crossed that you feel better soon. My brother Hawk used to have tummy troubles a lot, and when boiled rice and hamburger didn't work for him, jars of baby food in the meat flavors did. Feel better soon!


  34. We're just visiting again to let you know we're still praying for you and thinking about you, Goose. xoxo

  35. I have been out of town and just read this news about you! Goose, I hope you are feeling better just keep eating the rice and chicken, that is what helped Winston when he had the Nasty Pancreatitis!

    Winston and Mom Shawn

  36. Get well prayers coming from North Carolina. Hope all is better soon.

  37. We are so sorry you are still feeling icky, Goose. Sending White Dog healing energy and positive thoughts that things start staying inside and that you get back to your best self. We send MOM hugs for strength and to remind her that we are all sending good vibes.

  38. Woof to you Goose!!!! Many thanks to you and your MOM for giving us all an update. Hang in there - my mother and I are continuing to send you and your MOM lots of good thoughts and prayers all the way from New York City!

    It sounds like you found a really good vet who is on top of everything, which was great news. He seems to really care and I think he will use all of his smarts to get to the bottom of what's ailing you. And you are SO VERY lucky that Bert and Vickie are able to keep an eye on you with everything that your MOM has going on.

    And please try to eat a little bit of chicken and rice. I know how hard it can be to eat when you're afraid you're going to throw up, but I would be so happy if you would continue to try.

    Much love - XXOO - Mazzie

  39. Goose, I have been worried about you. Your mom is worried too! One little hint if you haven't figured it out yet is that you can train your mom to feed you in the living room all the time now that you've got it started -- you simply refuse to eat any other place, even after you feel better. The dog brother I used to have trained the people who boarded us to feed him with a spoon because he wouldn't eat any other way. Some good may come out of this yet -- and yes, I am praying for you. Hope you're back to your lively self real soon!
    Miss you,

  40. Oh my gosh and goodness. Goose we have only just heard about you being sick. We are sending you all our best hugs and smoochies till you get better. You are in our thoughts mate. No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

  41. Hi Goose....we are stopping back by to see how you are feeling today! Sure hope that you are a little better tonight. Sending you love and hugs!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  42. We are praying for you and your Mom!...You both are an inspiration to the rest of us!
    Jennifer (Vesta's Mom).... found you through "See Beautiful" and have so enjoyed your blog.
    God Bless You and Mom

  43. Hi Goose....Remington here. I heard you weren't feeling well....sorry to hear that. I had the same type of thing a few weeks ago....NO FUN! BTW -- I am going to follow you....no, not around your living room....just in Blogland....I hope we can be great friends and I hope you are feeling better very soon....

  44. Hi Goose! How are you today ?
    I hope you feel better very soon.
    lots of love & kisses

  45. Oh dear, Goose! I am filled with da worriedness about you sickies. We are gonna 'send up a Verticle' just for you!