Thursday, March 29, 2012

Doing My Job

It's still a mystery why I am sick.  But I think I am getting better.  And I am still doing my job, which is to take care of MOM.  This is an important job and I take it seriously and no sickness will make me stop doing that.  You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Still sick, but resting

Last night I had a difficult time taking my medicine.  MOM kept at it and finally I did take my meds.  Then she tried to get me to eat.  She tried to give me canned dog food (something I almost never get) no go, then she tried the chicken and rice, nope, scrambled eggs, pee-u, yogurt, I thought about it, but no.  Then she tried multi grain bread, hummm, OK I'll have a little of that.  So I ate some bread and then I finally ate a little chicken and rice, hand fed of course.  Then I went and laid on the couch with MOM.

Being taken care of

With me being so sick MOM has put on hold doing some of the things she needs to do.  She says, "First things first.  And you are first Goose."  That's sweet huh?  Since I was sleeping she thought she would try and get caught up on some stuff, like homework, sermon, homeless shelter stuff, ironing.  With all that I guess she forgot to eat her own dinner, and I think she might have forgotten to take her medicines.  She's not sure if she forgot, she can't remember if she did or didn't.   Around a quarter to 1AM she went to bed, I went too.

Sleepy time

Then somewhere in the 3 o'clock hour I sprung into action.  MOM was not doing so well.  Even though she was asleep I knew she was slipping into that kind of sleep that is BAD, the kind you don't wake up from.  So I got off the bed and went to her side and started to whine and push her side with my nose.  I got very little response.  So then I barked and pulled on her hand.  Still not much response.  Then I jumped back on the bed and barked and put my paw on her chest and sort of pushed.  Finally I laid on her chest and got my face right into her face.  I licked her face.  Then I got real serious and I barked right into her face.  This is what I said, "Hey woman!" (I have to get tough like that, but I mean it with all the love in the world.)  "Hey Woman if you don't get up and take whatever it is you take to help you out of these coma things, then I am going to PUKE right in your face.  Don't think I won't do it.  You know I know how to puke and I am not afraid to do it, so GET UP NOW!"

This is my "GET UP NOW" look

That must have done the trick, cuz she stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom (with my help) and she found the stuff she needed.  Took it and crawled back to bed.  Don't think my job ended there.  No sir.  I lay on her and kept my head close to her face and lick her every so often until I knew she was back to normal.  This is nothing new for me.  I have been helping MOM in this way for many years.  I just know when she needs help.  MOM may have rescued me 12 years ago, but she always says I rescued her.  You know what I think...... It was and is God's will and desire for us to be together.  

Whewwww what a night.  At 5AM MOM was up getting ready for work, then she noticed I DID NOT puke anywhere!  yea!  Then she gave me my medicine, put it in bread and I ate it.  Then she tried to get me to eat some canned dog food.  I said no.  Then she thought of something.  She put the dog food on a paper plate and then she warmed it up in the microwave.  You see for me I think if anything comes on a paper plate it must be super good.  After all, all that yummy food from church potlucks comes on paper plates.  Know what happened???  I ATE it!

See what I mean.  Look at all that yummy food on paper plates.  This was a church picnic potluck and worship in the park

I think I might be getting better.  Wish I could say I was 100%, but hopefully soon.  The doctor still has no idea what is wrong.  But he is working real hard to find out.  All my test so far have come back normal.

Look what my friend Robin brought for me today.  Flowers.  Beautiful huh?  I can't wait til I feel good enough to help MOM plant them in our flower beds.

Thanks for all the good vibes, thoughtful thoughts, and uplifting prayers.  I now they are making me stronger.  And I do feel the comfort you are giving.


  1. You are a hero Goose - sometimes people don't realize just how much we have to take care of our peoples - especially Mom's. They tend to worry about everyone else first and forget about themselves. Hmmm isn't there a saying about "the lord helps those that help themselves" These Mom's of ours need to remember that if they let themselves get sickies - they won't be able to help others at all. We hope you are both feeling much better today

  2. Oh Goos, I am so proud of you!!! Saving your Moms life!! Dogs-- God in reverse!! You are so special!!! I am so so so happy you are feeling better!!! You eat good food that helps!!!
    Hope you just keep getting better and better!!!

  3. Wow, what a night! I hope you are both feeling better today!

  4. Hi Goose, I'm so glad you are feeling better-you should tell mom that I would give Reggie baby food and he seemed to like it-but I think you are going to be eating like normal now. I was so worried about your mom and what happened last night-does she have a condition? I'm so glad you stayed faithful to your job and kept after her to wake up. I'll be praying for both of you. Thank you for always being so encouraging and loving. High fives to you today.

  5. Goose you are a treasure. Hope you are 100 percent soon and glad to hear that your mom is doing OK.

  6. We are still purraying and purring hard fur you, Goose. We hope you are on the road to recovery. It is so special that you were able to take care of your Mom even while being sick. We thinks that you two are a purrfect example of Divine intervention! xoxo

  7. What a good dog you are! I hope you and your mom are feeling better very soon.

  8. Whew! You and your Momma are quite the pair! I do think you two were meant to be together for sure! Your Momma's there for you and thank goodness you are there for her. I'm glad to hear that even while sick you helped her. Now as for you, keep eating buddy and hopefully you will be well soon!

  9. Goose are one amazing chap. You and your Mom were meant for each other. Well done on keeping your Mom safe. We are so relieved to hear you are feeling a bit better. Make sure your Mom eats and takes her meds! Sending lots of positive healing vibes.
    You and your Mom make a terrfic team!

    Extra Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  10. Wow, God really knew that you two needed to be together!! (HE's great that way:) Glad you are feeling a little better and I pray that it continues. Please tell your mom to take care of herself. I know it's a busy time for her, but she needs to eat and get some rest too, oh and don't forget to take the meds, make sure she does Goose! :)

  11. I'm so sorry to read that you're still not 100%, but am glad there's some improvement. I have to admit to being a little worried about you. Please know that we're keeping you both in our prayers for your health and strength and your appetite to fully return!!

  12. Goose we humans will try anything to fool you into eating sometimes. Glad to hear you were able to eat and hopefully keep it down. You are a hero for saving your mom like that. She is so lucky to have you.


  13. Goose! You saved your mama's LIFE!!! God definitely brought the two of you together - you are the best duo EVER!!!
    Glad to hear you're improving a bit. You've gotta build your strength up so you can go on such cool adventures with your MOM and Bert and his Vickie and everyone!!!
    Heal, buddy! We'll keep praying for you!
    Play bows,

  14. Goose, you and your mum totally ROCK! We're sorry your mum got sick but what an amazing dog you are to wake her up and make her get better. We hope you both feel better and keep on getting better. Take care and hugs to all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  15. Goose,
    We are so glad that you feel some what better, take it one day at a time and we are sure you will be fine. You are so right, you Mom may have rescued you, but you also rescued your Mom. So glad to know that you are there when she really needs you.
    God Bless you both, we enjoy your blog so very much, we wish you all the best.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie &
    Mom & Dad
    Sheila & Bob

  16. Bruuuuder Gooooose, You is a real bonafide HERO! like fur reals saved your MOM's life. Just think back to dat magical day hers brought you home, there was a reason fur it. Oh dis is such an inspirin' fur da books. I always hears bout these things on da teevee but has nevers known a doggie fur real dat has helped there hooman likes dis. I hope your Mom and you is doin' better. Please send her our love...and our love goes to you too. I am just so thankful and grateful you was theres fur her.
    ANYTHING is good on a paper plate and I knows dis cuz mum makes everybuddy eats on them so hers don't has to dirty up da dishes;)

    We is still thinkin of you Goose and hopes you is back to your self very very very soon.


  17. Goose Buddy, I know that sometimes I get a lot of attention for my work but you are my hero. Taking care of your mom like that is incredible. You know some people have to pay around 40,000.00 for a trained dog with the very same skills that you have learned to use naturally.

    Yesterday we met a really cute little girl that needs a dog like you and the family can't afford to get one for her. Your mom and you are meant for each other and me and My Vickie feel proud to call you both our friends.

  18. Hi Y'all,

    Hey Goose! That was awesome, what you did for your Human!

    Hope today you start feeling 100%!

    Paw power from me to you! Prayers from my Humans to your Mom!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  19. WOW, Goose!! You are a hero dog! You and your mom are savin' each other. Good deal! Hope you're both feeling better.

    -Bart and Ruby

  20. Goose, what a special boy you are indeed. We pray God touches you and your mommy so you both can continue doing what you do best: being a blessing to others!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  21. Goose - you are a real life hero!!! Awesome work, pal. Now can you please feel better for all of us? Hope tomorrow is your day of full recovery.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Good job, Goose! We seem to know when our dad has low blood sugar in his sleep too. Our Dad is also a type one diabetic, like his brother. Even though he is in good control and on an insulin pump, he occasionally has a low in the night (especially if he has been working hard that day). We make a big fuss and bark and carry on! Mom gets the glucose and makes it all better.
    Keep up the good work, Goose!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  23. Goose, you do come first! You're amazing. Through feeling crummy you're still seeing and creating so much beautful. Reading that you're holding down food was the BEST news! I hope it makes you feel so much better to have something in your stomach. We continue to pray for you and send see BEAUTFUL thoughts your way! So much love to you and MOM!

  24. Brando, Humphrey, Ziggy and CoCo are sending lots of puppy prayers and smoochies for you and your mom. We're thinking of you both.

  25. Michelle, I'm so grateful Goose is there with you. I worry about you. I'm so glad he knows you as well as he does and takes care of you. What a miracle!

    I worry about the two of you and will keep you both in my thoughts and in my heart. Get well soon!

  26. Hope you feel all better soon, Goose... and tell your Momma she needs to take care of herself so's she can take care of you!


  27. Goose, we hope you are getting better because your mom really needs you! Try to eat something, even if you don't feel like it, and it will help you get stronger faster. Get well buddy!



  28. Dear Goose,
    Yous the bestest! Me thinks yous deserves a award for taking care of your Mom and your Mom should gets one for all the good work she does too! Me loves yous Goose (and Mommy) Keeps taking care of each other.

  29. Wow, that was scary! I am so glad you were there for MOM. You two are a perfect team--working together and helping each other and sharing all of the ups and both have been blessed.

    Continue to feel better,Goose. We are still sending White Dog healing energies. MOM PLEASE do not scare us like that again,! We know you have lots to do but you need to take care...hope you are fine now. Positive thoughts to you both.

  30. Hi Goose,
    Heard from Bert that you're not feeling good. Hope the doctor finds out what's bugging your tummy.
    Take care.

  31. Now Mom YOU cannot ALSO be sick!! Thankfully Goose saved the day (or night).

    Glad Goose ate some food & hope & pray he will be fine very soon.

  32. Wow, Goose! You're a rescue doggie, too! We're glad you were able to rouse your mom and things worked out well. We are also glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you're on the road to rapid recovery now.

    Jed & Abby

  33. Oh Goose!! I don't visit for a few days and you go and get yourself sickie. :( I'm so sorry, my friend!! Nala and I will send lotsa woofies and huggies for you -- you need to get better! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  34. You are a hero, Goose ! I'm so glad you are feeling better ! and please tell your Mom she cannot forget her medicines....hope she is fine now !
    Love & kisses for you and your Mom

  35. Ohmydogness Goose! You and your mom are Amazing! You both are da inspiration for me! Your post today brought da tears to my momma's eyes .....her was so touched. Of course, her had to look at me, after reading it, and said "Hhmmph! You prolly wouldn't do that for me....". Sigh

    Hope you are feeling betters and betters...we are gonna keep sending up those Verticles for you, absent your mom

  36. Woof to you Goose!!!! Your "Get Up Now" look means business. If you ever gave me that look, I would most definitely take you seriously. My mom and I are very grateful that despite being very under the weather, you still managed to muster up the strength to help you MOM. We had no idea that you had such a special gift. YOU ARE AN AMAZING BOY. Get well soon!!!! XXOO - Mazzie

  37. amazing amazing story. i could not stop reading until the end. what a wonderful dog you are to help your mommy like that. so happy she is ok and that you are eating better.

  38. I'm glad you and your mom are both there to take care of each other! Treat used to be like that with Mom. She made sure Mom kept breathing at night when she had pneumonia and bronchitis, which she used to get a lot. She also kept a very close eye on Mom after she had her surgery. Fortunately, she hasn't been quite as sick when I've been here, but I try to keep a close eye on her, too! I hope you're feeling lots better soon!


  39. Oh, dear Goose. I am still worried about you. I'm praying things will get better soon. And tell your mom she has to take care of herself or she won't be able to tend her flock or you. Here's hoping for improvement in both of you.

  40. I agree with your mom- you rescued her! I'm so glad you two found each other.